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Three…two…one…now. Three short pops and one large ka-boom later, the 1-A classroom had colored chalk dust covering the teacher's desk and the expansive windows facing the courtyard of Ouran Academy. A few students were a little shaken and the teacher was in a state of shock for at least five minutes. Only two students had any idea had had happened.

"Hikaru, Kaoru!" the teacher seemed to have recovered from the chalk induced shock, "What is the meaning of this? I thought we had made it clear that there were to be no more shenanigans in class."

"Hey, it wasn't us this time." Hikaru and Kaoru said in unison.

It was fun to watch everyone blame the twins. No one suspected her. No not her, the shy girl in the back of the class that barely even existed at the edge of everyone's conscious. Only one person looked Kali's way.

Kali made eye contact with the only person who actually knew her, her best friend Kimi. Kimi sent her a questioning look which she replied to with a small smirk, confirming her friend's suspicion.

After the twins were sent into the hall to "think about what they had done", the rest of class went by normally and soon the bell rang for lunch. Kali trailed behind the rest of the students so she could talk to Kimi without others hearing.

"That was a step up in the flashy department." Kimi commented as they walked down the hall to the cafeteria.

"With the twins around if I hadn't the reaction wouldn't have been as good." she replied thinking back to when simple things like whoopee cushions and fake spiders had been enough to result in a satisfying reaction.

"Just be careful. I don't want to think of what the twins would do if they found out that you're the culprit of these pranks."

"They won't. If you don't remember, not many people even know who I am."Actually very few people knew Kali's name, much less what she did in her personal time. Kimi had been the only soul brave enough to talk to and befriend the shy looking girl in the back of the class. Kali just seemed scare most people off before they even got a chance to know her, which was fine with her. If they weren't willing to get past that first small step, then she didn't really want to know them.

"Yeah, but still be careful. Not everyone is as dense as you think."

"Come on," Kali said, allowing a small smirk to cross her lips, "how would they ever find out?"

Irony is such a funny thing.

The two friends didn't notice the two pairs of golden eyes that watched them from the shadows as they entered the busy cafeteria.

"Hmmm. That was quite an interesting conversation we just heard, wasn't it Kaoru?" one set asked the other.

"Yes it was. The question now is what are we to do about it?" questioned the other pair as they turned to their twin golden orbs.


"Of course."

The golden orbs grew identical evil grins as their plotting began.

School wasn't the worst thing in the world for Kali. In fact the classes were a breeze, the teachers practically handed out answers for tests. Actually, not being home was the hardest part. Kali wasn't a native of Japan, she had grown up in the United States. She had come to Japan in a program that was meant to (as the flyer said) "give the American commoner a chance to experience the wonders of Japanese life". The program would allow Kali to attend Ouran High School and Ouran University with no tuition or boarding costs if she kept her grades and behavior up. This had been a great opportunity for Kali because although her family wasn't poor, the money that would have been used for college could definitely be put to good use else where. Thus Kali had ended up half way around the world from her family, in a foreign school, and living on her own in a well furnished medium sized dorm room with a small living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchenette.

As Kali entered said living arrangements she planned her evening. 'Step one, make dinner. Step two, do homework. Step three, shower. Step four, devise new trick idea to blame on the twins.' Completing three of the four steps with ease, Kali was working diligently on step four two hours later. 'Give that class period a break and go to fifth….no no, last period and on a Friday so the room can be fumigated over the weekend.' Her new plan was on a horizon that she had yet to explore, live insects. Her plan was to release a horde of cockroaches on her unsuspecting peers. She had a box that would hold about 100 cockroaches. She would put it near Hikaru and Kaoru's desks, making it look like someone forgot it from the previous class. Sometime during class they would become bored enough to open it. This plan relied mainly on the twin's curiosity and complete lack of respect for other people's possessions, but if it worked it would look like the twins had let loose a swarm of cockroaches in class. She already had the box of cockroaches (the things you can find on the internet!) she just had to wait till Friday to put the plan into action.

She reclined in her swivel chair at her desk and sighed. The twins would be blamed and no one would notice her, once again. It was odd that the kids at Ouran hadn't noticed her, not that she really expected them to go gaga over her, but she had expected to make a few more friends than the current one she had now. No complaints about Kimi, she was Kali's best friend and she wouldn't replace her for the world, but it had been nice to be part of her small group of friends back in America. Even there she had taken awhile to make friends. As stated before, there was just something about Kali that people knew to stay away from, even though she looked pretty normal. She was of normal height and stature with straight brown hair that ended at her shoulder blades. Her eyes were the only thing really even a little unique about her appearance. They were a nice shade of blue that slightly resembled the sky when in the right light. Her skin tone was a very light tan color that mixed well in a crowd. Nothing particularly foreboding there. Maybe it was just the way she acted around people she didn't know. Kali could be extremely wild and crazy once you knew her, she even had a temper, but if she you were a stranger then you just weren't worth her time. Maybe that was it, people stayed away from Kali because they felt that she didn't want to know them. 'Oh, well. I have Kimi. I don't need any more friends.'

At that point Kali's phone beeped, informing her that she had a message. She pulled it out and looked at the screen. It was Kimi.

Hey how's the scheming?

Good. I just finished my plan for this Friday.

Oh? What is it? :D

You don't want to be surprised?

Just emotionally preparing myself. :P

It wouldn't hurt to tell her. Actually she should have told her before so she could plan to leave anything she didn't want roaches on at home.

I'm going to make it look like the twins were trying to let a box of roaches loose during last period. J

AH! Thanks for the warning. I'll be sure to take heed. What's the box look like?

A blue box with sliver clasps and a silver handle…why?

So I can avoid it like the plague! Alright I'll see you tomorrow then.

'Hmmm. Interesting.' Kimi didn't usually ask about her plans, she preferred to have deniability, and Kali was fine with that. She didn't want Kimi to get in trouble on her account. 'Eh, she does have those strange waves of curiosity.' With that Kali dismissed any concern she had and prepared her things for bed.

As the clock changed from 11:59 to 12 two forms dressed in black jimmied the door to Kali's dorm apartment open. Using the soft glow of cell phone light the twin shadows looked around for a blue box with silver clasps and a handle. Locating the box in the bathroom, they proceeded to sprinkle the contents of the box around the living room. Then they continued to a door that presumably led to the bedroom. Stepping with the silence of a ghost they continued to disperse the box's cargo around the room. Before exiting the room the box was placed on a convenient nightstand. Suppressing their laughs the red haired shadows left the apartment, the only sigh of their presence an opened box and its contents littering the floor.

For some reason Kali was groggy when she woke up the next morning. Usually she had no problem sleeping, but it seemed that she just hadn't been able to sleep. She had been tossing and turning most of the night. She sighed, 'I'll wake up in five more minutes.'

However that plan didn't work out as she had hoped. At the three minute mark Kali felt something tickling her face. She went to brush off what she thought was a piece of hair. When her hand came in contact with the tickling menace, she froze. 'That's not hair.' Immediately her eyes flew open and she looked at the object that was now occupying her hand.

Now Kali wasn't the type to scream, but given the circumstances, it seamed appropriate. Kali flicked the cockroach off her hand, jumped out of bed, ran straight to the bathroom, and jumped in the shower pajamas and all. Anything to make sure that none of the roaches were on her.

After checking to make sure that no cockroaches were on her Kali grabbed a dry towel, checking it as well, and wrapped it around herself before going to see the damage done.

It was worse than she thought. The bugs were scattered around her room and there were even a few in her bed. Continuing to the living room she saw the same results.

'Damn. I'm going to have to get an exterminator.' she thought to herself. However the real problem was going to be explaining this to the school. Turning back to look into to her room she saw the empty box on the nightstand. 'I don't recall leaving that there.' However the beginning of Kali's revelation was cut short when she saw the clock. 'Crap. I'll have to report it later. I'm going to be late for school.' Looking in her closet she was pleased to see that the little buggers hadn't managed to get into her hideous uniform. The first time she had seen the yellow monstrosity Kali thought it had been some sort of cruel initiation joke. Shaking out the dress for extra measure, Kali quickly got dressed and headed to her first class. Due to sleep deprivation, a rude awakening, and the fear of being late Kali didn't even notice that the door was unlocked.

On her way to class Kali caught sight of Kimi.

"Hey." Kali said catching up to her friend.

"Hey, what happened to you? You look terrible." Kimi said once she got a look at her friend.

"Gee what a good friend you are." the sarcasm dripping from her voice, "The little surprise I told you about last night mysteriously escaped from their box."

"What surprise?" Kimi asked giving her friend a confused look.

"The box with the cockroaches in it. Remember you asked about my plans last night and I told you I was going to release cockroaches in class and blame the twins."

"Hmmm. No. I didn't text you last night. I lost my phone after lunch. Oh, I have to go, I need help with this chemistry homework. I'll talk to you later." With that Kimi rushed off.

'If it wasn't Kimi, then….' Kali's train of thought was broken as she entered the classroom. Even though she was later than usual she had run from her dorm to the class and was still there before many of the students. Kali observed the room, there were three or four kids gossiping in the corner and Hikaru and Kaoru were at their desks by the window. When Kali entered they looked up at her. This in itself was a surprise because usually she could enter the room unnoticed. However what was more unusual was the look on their faces. She couldn't quiet place it but it looked, smug…satisfied…devious…? No none of hose words seemed to fit. Maybe a combination of all three? Deep in thought, Kali walked to her desk and began getting her stuff ready for class. Just as she was pulling out her notes, she sensed someone on either side of her. Looking up she was surprised to see a smirking twin standing on either side of her.

"Wow Kali-san you don't look so good," the twin on her right said, she thought it might be Hikaru.

"Yeah. Did you not get enough sleep last night?" the left twin asked.

"Why do you care?" she asked indignantly, she wasn't in the mood to pretend to be nice.

"Can't we be concerned for a fellow classmate?" Kaoru, no maybe Hikaru, asked. 'Hell, no.' Sighing Kali figured they would go away faster if she just gave them an answer.

"I had a rude awakening this morning when I found that my dorm was more of a mess than I thought. See? No reason to worry." She wasn't lying, but there was no way she was going to tell them about the mess.

"Gee," said the left twin, Kaoru maybe, "I would worry too if I had to clean up one hundred roaches. Wouldn't you agree Hikaru?"

Kali froze. How did he know?

"Yes I do Kaoru. I'd also buy a better lock for my room. You know one that can't be jimmied open." Replied Hikaru with a smirk.

Kali thought back to this morning and now realized that her door had been unlocked. "How the…?" Was the only thing Kali could think to say, she was to shocked to add the final word.

Both twins leaned in speaking in perfect unison. "Because not everyone is as dense as you think."

Kali tried not to react to their comment. 'Damn, they knew.'

"You know Kali-san, if you wanted you could stay with us while you room is fumigated." one twin, she thought it was Kaoru, said. People were starting to enter the classroom now. Kali wanted to be rid of the twins before they brought to much attention to her.

"Oh no, Kaoru-san," she said, trying to put forth her best innocent eyes, "I couldn't impose on you like that."

What she was really thinking was more along the lines of 'I'd rather die.'

"Oh but we insist Kali-san." Hikaru replied.

"Unless, you feel that our company isn't good enough for you." Kaoru continued.

Leaning in Hikaru whispered in her ear, "We wouldn't want people to think that would we?" True to his comment people were starting to gather around and whisper noisily.

"Wow, I didn't think she was that stuck up…"

"To think rejecting their kind offer like that…"

"Just because she's a commoner doesn't mean she shouldn't have manners…"

Kali could care less what the student population thought of her, but if rumors spread she could get in trouble, and that would not be good for her scholarship. The Hittachins had won. "Fine." she said grudgingly, "I'll stay at your house."

"Good," both twins stood up and gave her smiles that she knew were fake, "meet us in Music Room 3 after Club hours and we'll be glad to escort you home. Don't worry about your stuff, we'll send someone to get it for you." With that they walked to their seats just as the bell rang.

This unexpected twist in her day threw Kali off so much that she barely paid attention to the class. When class finally ended and the passing period began, Kali waited till the twins had left and tried to hide in a group of exiting students. This plan didn't work out well. Just when Kali thought she was home free she felt a hand press on each of her shoulders. 'So close.'

"Hey Kali-san why don't we walk to class together." the left side said.

"Yeah it will be fun." complimented the right.

"No, I think I can walk by myself thanks." she said, trying to break free from their grasp. The twins didn't move their hands. "As in let me go, now." Kali said, trying her hardest not to yell at them. Instead of doing as she wanted the twins linked their arms with hers. "Nope. You're coming with us." they said in unison. With that they proceeded to class, ignoring her protests the entire way. This process of hiding, finding, and dragging continued until the bell rang for lunch. This time Kali tried leaving first and making an escape before the big crowds blocked the hallway. This method served its purpose of loosing the twins in the crowd very well. She raced down the hall, making sure that the twins couldn't follow. As she ran she caught sight of Kimi. Barely stopping Kali grabbed Kimi's wrist and pulled her along down the corridor.

"What the- Kali what are you doing?"

"I'll explain later, just keep running." Kali replied as she steered them in the direction of the school's gardens.

When Kali finally allowed them to stop they were in a rarely used part of the gardens. It was a nice meadow type area with a tree, a small artificial pond, and a bench.

"Can…you…tell…me…now?" Kimi panted.

Taking several long deep breaths Kali answered. "The twins heard us yesterday. They know I'm the one whose been pulling all the pranks and they have decided to get me back."

"What? How are they going to do that?" Kimi asked, truly worried for her friend's safety.

"They snuck into my dorm and emptied a box of cockroaches, that I was going to use to prank them, all around my apartment. Then they blackmailed me into accepting an invitation to stay at their house until my place has been cleaned." Kali said, wishing that she knew what they had planned.

"Okay how did they even know about this roach plot? You're usually very careful with your tricks." Kimi asked, trying to help her friend in any way she could.

"I don't know! I only told you the plot over phone. But when I got to school you didn't know anything about…" Kali trailed off, thinking of what could have transpired.

"Oh, crap. They stole your phone and texted me on it." Kali said, the realization hitting her like a ton of bricks. "Now they're escorting me to all my classes. I just escaped." her stomach chose this moment to growl.

"And your hungry, lets get something to eat and talk about this over lunch."

Kali sighed in frustration. "I can't, I'm sure they'll be waiting for me in the cafeteria. I know they'll kidnap me again when I get to class but I was hoping to escape during lunch."

"I'll just buy two lunches and bring them back here." Kimi offered.

"Oh my goodness, I love you! Thank you!" Kali exclaimed bear hugging her friend.

"Yeah, yeah. Now get off of me." Kimi said trying to get her friend to detach.

Kimi quickly and quietly entered the cafeteria. She knew the twins weren't targeting her, but if they had heard yesterday's conversation then they knew that she and Kali were friends and would probably sit together during lunch. Kimi ordered two lunches and was able to get out of the cafeteria without incident. She returned to the little meadow to find Kali sitting on a low branch of the tree which, considering the uniform, was a pretty amazing feat.

"You gonna stay up there or come down and get your food?" she asked, holding up the tray.

"Food!" Kali yelled as she jumped down from the branch and landed on the soft grass with a thud.

"Now what to do about your predicament." Kimi said as she settled down at the base of the tree and handed Kali her lunch. "I don't suppose you can get out of staying with them can you?"

"No, I'm afraid they have insisted." Kali answered with a sigh. "Why do you suppose they invited me anyway? I mean, wouldn't the meaner thing be to leave me without a place to stay?"

"No, they probably know that I would have offered you a place at my house. But your right, why would they want to spend time with you if they don't like you and want to take revenge?"

Kali's face blanched. "Hell."

"What?" Kimi asked.

"They're moving the battle to their turf."

"Again, what?"

"At their house there won't be any witnesses to any pranks that they pull on me. They can act the way they want with no repercussions because their reputation wouldn't be at stake."

"Couldn't you just tell people what they do?"

"No. One, who would believe me, it'd be two against one and people have known them longer. Two, it'd look like I'm just being an ungrateful commoner."

"Oh, man. Their good."

The bell rang, signaling the end of lunch and the beginning of Kali's next torture session. "Good luck my friend." Kimi said as she got up to leave.

"Thanks." Kali said as she started walking away.

"Hay Kali?' called Kimi.


"If you die, can I have your laptop?"

"Its so nice to know where your concern lies." Kali answered with light sarcasm.

"Hey, I had to ask."

The two left the meadow that had become their private sanctuary away from twin madness.

Kali braced herself as she approached her classroom. Surprisingly she made it into the classroom and to her desk without seeing the twins. 'Maybe they went home early.' she thought to herself. She felt two pairs of arms surround her shoulders. I girl could home right? "Kali-san, where were you during lunch?" asked the twin on the right.

"Yeah we were so worried for you." the left continued, barely hiding the sarcasm in his voice.

"I was eating outside." Kali replied rudely, hoping they'd take the hint to bug off.

"Oh but Kali-san, we missed you so much." said the right, slightly rubbing his cheek against hers.

"From now on you shall eat lunch with us." they said together.

Why did she have a feeling that, that was a demand and not a request.

"Why the hell would I…" Kali was cut short by the tightening of their arms.

"Because we would want rumors going around about how a certain commoner thinks she's to good to eat lunch with us." they said together.

'Damn.' If rumors started about any misbehavior her scholarship would be jeopardized, she sighed, "Fine."

The twins smiled and went back to their seats. Kali was beginning to understand their little game. If she tried to resist, they would only come back stronger. 'I can't wait for my apartment to be cleaned.'