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Unknown P.O.V.

"Hello?" came Cloud's voice over the phone, he sounded like he was in a bit of a hurry.

"Good afternoon...Soldier, or should I say Ex-Soldier." I smirked practically hearing him stiffen from shock through the phone.

"Who is this?" hissed Cloud, the confusion and defensive anger bleeding through his words, "I swear if you hurt Tifa or any of the others I'll kill you."

Hmm, very interesting, he's just like Ilena, stubborn, hard-headed, and a "hero" even through the phone. I chuckled, "Fortunately for the both of us, someone who's been given orders to help you."

"I don't need help from someone I don't know." He said in a way that hinted he was about to hang up. Darn, I was hoping to play with him a little more, oh well.

"You're looking for Ilena, right?" It was more of a statement than a question, but it got his attention. "I know where she might be, pending if they've kept her alive or not."

The other end of the line suddenly got very quiet, pondering whether or not I was telling the truth. "Where?" his voice had suddenly from frustrated to on the verge of tears in a matter of seconds.

"You really think I'd tell you, not a chance. If you want to find her meet me at the entrance to the old subway main in Midgar, by the way you may want to bring your emo friend,…I believe his name is Vincent, trust me you're going to need his help where we're going. That is if you actually trust me enough to come. If by chance you do come be no earlier than 7:00 am and no later than 7:30 at that point you'll be a trespasser and all trespassers will be shot."

"Fine, but if you're lying I will kill you." And with that he hung up.

Michael, what have you done? You don't even know for sure if she's there or not. And right now is not a good time to be making more enemies, but if she is there…I can finally repay my debt. "Ilena, I'm coming for you, just hold on." I said as I traced the scars on my arms remembering the last time I saw her. Before I realize I have let my emotions get the better of me and I'm crying. Clenching my fists, I tell myself it's to many years too late to cry over my mistakes I can only hope to try and make up for them.

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