Last chapter of the Triple Update~

This one's a bit short, and I thought it would be some nice funny fluff.

Title: A Few Special Words

Kyouya was awakened by the shifting and stirring of the boy next to him. He felt Tamaki cuddle close to him and lay his head across his chest, his fingers gripping the dark-haired teen's shirt. They had started sleeping in the same bed whenever they would spend the night at each other's homes a little while after they'd begun dating, but Kyouya always insisted on them both wearing pajamas, much to Tamaki's annoyance. Tamaki was positive that nothing would happen if they just slept in boxers like normal. Kyouya wasn't so sure.

He was about to drift back to sleep when he heard mumbling from the sleeping blonde. Kyouya raised an eyebrow, wondering if the boy talked in his sleep. Staying silent, he held his breath to see if Tamaki would say something else.


The teen froze. Was Tamaki having a dream about him?

"Kyouya…I love…"

His dark eyes widened. Was he saying what he thought he was saying?

"I…love y-y…"

Kyouya couldn't believe his ears. They had been dating for a few weeks, but neither of them had said, "I love you", yet. Although he was a bit miffed that the teen had only said it in his sleep, he was very happy to know how much Tamaki cared for him.

"I love y-your glasses….c-cute…"

Kyouya felt his heart drop into his stomach. This whole time, Tamaki had been talking about his damn glasses? Seriously? The teen considered pushing the other off of him in annoyance, but stopped when he felt Tamaki snuggle a bit closer to him. He sighed and pressed a kiss to the peacefully sleeping blonde's forehead.

"You're going to get it when you wake up." he warned in a whisper. Kyouya then settled into the soft bed and went to sleep as well, but not before saying a few special words to him.

"I love you, Tamaki."

Aww, I love fluff. Anyways, I know this update is way overdue, but my FF account has been on hold until recently. I hope to be updating regularly from now on~