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Meikyuu Butterfly (Don't Own)

Don't stare at it, don't grab it,

It's just a drifting butterfly.

The prayer clad into the flying invisible wing,

Are you hiding it deep within your heart?

Utau ended her song, staring out at the crowd of screaming fans. Utau walked off the stage after a few moments, leaving Ikuto the stage. Regretfully, her manager tricked her into opening for Ikuto.

"Now let's give it up to Tsukiyomi Ikuto who will be singing 'Long Enough to See'," The announcer yelled with a bunch of cheers following after him, walking off the stage.

Long Enough to See- Tai (Don't Own)

It was February 14th,

That's when I asked you out

Then happy from that moment baby

Uh ohh

You got me singing in my room, oh yeah

Ikuto stayed emotionless throughout the whole song. No one could ever see through that face of his, only with several exceptions.

I just can't breathe without you

Still can't believe that you're mine

From the day I met you

You never gave up on me, no

& I just wanna tell you that

Oh, I

Two of those exceptions were Fujisaki Nagihiko and Souma Kukai, his best friends.

I wanna stay with you & I will never treat you wrong

If you don't believe me remember I will stay long enough to see

Long enough to see, yeah

But hey now, darlin`

But there's gonna be some rainy days (days)

But I promise that the most of your life will have the sun

Yeah, you stick with me & I will always be there

He never cared who listened to his music. He only wanted that one person to listen to his music.

Cause' I just can't breathe without you

Still can't believe that you're mine

From the day i met you

You never gave up on me, no

So I just wanna tell you that

That I, oh I

I wanna stay with you & I will never treat you wrong

If you don't believe me remember I will stay long enough to see

Long enough to see, yeah

That person was Hinamori Amu.

Long enough to see

Throughout the whole audience was utter silence and stillness. After the final chord, Ikuto immediately walked back stage. The awed audience stayed in silence until they noticed it had been over. After they realized it was done, the whole building erupted in screams, yells, and cheers with a few faints, causing the entire place to shake.

If you looked really close at Ikuto's eyes, you could see him glance around for a certain pinkette that we all know.

Ikuto's Dressing Room

There was a desk with mirror and a black chair in one corner. Two black, leather couches were in the other corner and were arranged to form a weird L with a black coffee table. The door was in front of one of the couches. There were refreshments on the coffee table. The whole room was filled with roses and letters that even the couch Ikuto was laying on had a few unread letters.

"Finally," Ikuto placed a pillow on his face, sighing. After a second, Utau slammed the door yelling," Ikuto, you're a traitor!"

"What now?" Ikuto growled, taking the pillow off his face and looking at the doorway.

"Is that the tone you use for against a lady?" Utau hissed, grabbing Ikuto's collar. She didn't care if she stepped on flowers or notes.

"What lady? I don't see one," Ikuto smirked. Utau was more enraged than she was already and threw her brother back onto the poor couch.

"I don't want to hear that from a traitor who cheated on his innocent girlfriend! Amu did no-" Utau fumed, rambling on about the lecture she gave him every time they would meet.

"I don't care about your friendship with Amu, but you're still friends so quit lecturing me," Ikuto complained, sighing at his sister.

"I regret ever introducing you to Amu. I thought you needed her to take you out of this womanizing streak you have, but I guess Amu was too much for you to handle. YOU NEVER DESERVED HER!" Utau stormed out, still mumbling about the subject.

"I agree with you on that, Utau," Ikuto bitterly laughed.

"Where's Utau?" Kukai looked around the room, hearing Ikuto's statement.

"What do you want?" Ikuto glimpsed at the grinning, green eyed, and reddish brown haired idiot and the smarter, hazel eyed idiot with long, purple hair.

"Ikuto, we noticed you were looking harder for Amu today than before. Why is that?" Kukai laughed, disturbing Ikuto's rest with Nagi.

"None of your business," Ikuto was lying on one of his couches. The flooring was blue tiles, and the ceiling and walls were black. There was a clothes rack behind the couches.

"I've been meaning to ask you this, but what does this girl look like? I know she has pink hair and honey golden eyes, but I haven't seen a picture of her," Nagi asked, placing the letters on the other couch on some other letters and sitting down with Kukai.

"Don't forget the looks of a a goddess," Kukai teased, batting his eyes at the end. In turn, Ikuto threw a pillow at the laughing idiot, glaring.

"I only know her looks from two years ago," Ikuto sighed. "I've never seen her after graduation."

"Why are you so lovesick over this one girl when you're the one who cheated on her?" Nagi sighed. In turn again, Ikuto threw another pillow at one of his friends, but sadly, Nagi caught the pillow, being smarter than the complaining idiot next to him.

"Shut up," Ikuto growled, annoyed at the last part of the sentence Nagi had said.

"We're going to a restaurant after this. You will come with us. Who knows you might see this Amu girl that?" Nagi ordered, walking out of the room carefully not stepping on the flowers and notes. Ikuto glared at Nagi, hating being ordered.

"Don't forget when you see her, don't let go of her and tell her what you need to tell her, or you might lose her again. Also, don't make a-"Nagi began to ramble on.

"Fine, I'm going. Just shut up about that subject," Ikuto standing up, glancing at the two idiots smirking at each other.


"Hey, Rima," Amu smiled, walking up to Rima.

Amu wore a white sleeveless corset with black lining and strings going around it; tight, black jeans; and black flats. Her shoulder length hair was down. Rima wore a yellow, elbow length, and collared shirt with a yellow plaid tie; a black vest and skirt; yellow, knee length socks; and black shoes.

"Looks like you're finally released from the hospital," Rima smiled, hugging Amu.

"Yeah, but I still didn't get why I was at the hospital for that long," Amu let go of Rima, rubbing the back of her head nervously.

"Don't pay much attention to that," Rima smiled," You're going on a date, no matter how resentful you are. Today is the day you will actually meet your perfect guy."

"Why would I be resentful?" Amu asks, raising a brow. They entered into Rima's car.

"Do how long you stayed at the hospital?" Rima replied with a question.

"A couple of months?" Amu questions.

"Nope, two years," Rima corrected.

"Woah, I never knew someone could stay that long there," Amu strayed from her question as Rima had hoped for. Rima smiled.

"Rima, you're smiling a lot for some reason. Did something good happen?" Amu smiles at her.

"It's nothing. Anyway, we're here," Rima stated. Amu opened her door, closed the door, but stopped.

"Are you coming?" Amu asks.

"No, I need to go somewhere. Good luck," Rima says, driving out of the parking spot.

"But I don't even know the man," Amu protests, nervous that she had to meet him all alone.

"He'll know you," Rima yelled, driving away. Amu was about to yell after the girl but noticed the idiocy in that. She sighed, staring at the door to her demise. She hesitantly opened the door to the extravagant restaurant and stepped in closing her eyes tight.

"Hahaha, I guess you're Hinamori Amu," A low voice laughed, causing Amu to blush and open her eyes.

Amu saw in front of her a dark red headed, brown eyed man. He was handsome. His messy hair reached a few inches below his ear. Amu blushed, but she didn't know if it was the embarrassment or of his looks.

"Kinjo Kai. Call me Kai," He smiled, extending his arm out for a handshake.

"Call me Amu, Kai," Amu smiled at him, shaking his hand.

"Sure, Amu," He replied as they let go of each other's hands.

"I'll show you to our seats," Kai bowed then held out his elbow, offering his guidance. (I don't know how to really explain it.)

"Thank you, I'd be glad to," Amu giggled at his gentleman actions, hooking her arm to his. Kai chuckled at her response as they walked to their seats. He pulled out her chair.

"Why, thank you," Amu said in a lady like manner, sitting in the chair.

"I want you to have the best time of your life," He whispered in her ear as he pushed in her chair.

Bu-dump! Bu-dump! Bu-dump!

Amu could feel her chest tightening and a pain in her head. She held her head in her hands. Images and words could be heard throughout her head.

"I want you to have the best time of your life, Amu-chan," Those words resonating throughout her entire body. Blurry images of a blue haired man smirking and showing so many other emotions were filling her mind endlessly.

"Is something wrong, Amu?" A voice took her out of her deep thinking.

"What?" Amu stared at her date with teary eyes. She didn't know why, but she really wanted to cry.

"Did I do something wrong?" He asked concerned.

"N-No, I'm just feeling a bit under the weather. It's okay," She smiled weakly.

"We can cancel this date, and do it another time if you want," He urged worried that she would pass out any time soon.

"No, I-I don't want to be a burden," She denied, still having that weak smile.

"It's okay. If we do it another time, I have more time to be with you," He winked.

"Fine," She giggled at his excuse. He talked to the waiter and came back.

"Shall we go to my car?" He smiles, stretching out his hand.

"Thank you very much," She smiles back, grabbing hold of his hand. She stood up out of her seat, letting go of his hand which made him scowl.

"No problem," He said without emotion, causing Amu to look at him. "Nothing's wrong." He stated before she could ask. Amu smiled, content that he was fine.

They walked to the front of the restaurant to leave, but before they could Amu was pushed to the ground by some screaming girls.

"It's Fujisaki Nagihiko," A girl screamed.

"There's also Souma Kukai," A girl added.

"Kya~! It's Tsukiyomi Ikuto," Many girls cheered.

Ba-dump! Ba-dump! Ba-dump!

Amu held her throbbing head, still on the ground.

"Are you okay, Amu?" Kai asked, extending out his hand.

"I-I'm fine, Kai," Amu grabbed his hand and let Kai pull her up.

"Hinamori Amu?" A husky voice whispered.

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