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After Amu was discharged from the hospital, she attempted to continue on with her life without the memory of his last words to her at their break up. It reverberated throughout her. She hated the feelings of loneliness and longing. It hurt her heart tremendously every time she remembered his name. His name led to the challenging memories of trying to win each other's heart when in truth they already loved each other, and after those memories passed, it turned to the loving memories of the beginning of the relationship. Every single time it would end with the break up and what happened after.

Utau met with her once when they were all alone. She was desperate for Amu and Ikuto to get back together, but every time she mentioned their name to the other, they would ignore her or change the subject.

When Amu and Utau were all alone, Utau had told Amu," Why aren't you taking your own advice? Ikuto and you love each other, but you never try to get back together. Why not?"

Amu just ignored it, saying bye and driving away.

-Amu and Rima go to the same amusement park Kai and Amu went to before-

Amu and Rima rode every ride there and were looking for a perfect spot to watch the fireworks. Luckily for them, there was a secluded, grassy area. It was like a slope. Not that much people were walking near the slope, only two or three people. Amu jumped, falling gently on the grass below her on her back. Rima just smiled saying she would go buy a couple of drinks for us, surprising Amu.

"Amu," A deep, husky voice whispered in Amu's sensitive ears, causing Amu to scream. Satisfied with the reaction, he chuckled, lying next to the frantic pinkette.

"W-What a-a-are you d-doing h-here?" Amu stammered, still lying down.

"Your little midget friend told me you'd be here and about your… condition," He explained, trailing off at the end.

"No wonder," Amu thought in her head, sighing.

"Don't you remember this was how it was on our first date?" Ikuto remembered, smiling. Amu sat up a bit, staring at the dazed man.

"Are you okay? If you forgot about which girl you have for the day, it's not me," Amu tried to remind him, standing up.

"What are you talking about you're the only girl I've been thinking about since the break up?" Ikuto asked puzzled.

"Since you're such a womanizer, you should remember not to use clichés while trying to make up," Amu dusted off the dirt and grass off her.

"I'm not lying," He said astonished at her statement.

"Then you wouldn't mind if we stayed out of each other's life," Amu was about to walk away, but Ikuto stopped her, pulling her into his chest.

"You hear this heart, right?" Ikuto asked the woman whose ear was pressed against his hard chest.

Ba-dump! Ba-dump! Ba-dump!

"This heart is beating for you right now. I'm sorry. Please forgive me," He whispered only for her to hear. She liked this protection and comfort, but she didn't want to face an unbearable pain like that ever again.

"W-What another cliché. You better work on that. Also, I'm sorry, but I can't forgive you. I can't feel anything since I'm just a toy," Amu nervously laughed, getting out of his arms and walking away. Strangely, Ikuto decided to let her go. That hurt her even more. Her imprisoned tears were chained by her last bit of control. She wanted all this pain to disappear. She began power walking to the bathroom to fix her face, but suddenly, she fell on the ground from some obstacle in her way.

"I'm sorry, Amu. Are you okay?" The familiar voice whispered, offering a hand. Amu looked up to see Kai and grabbed his hand, being helped up. When she was up on her feet, she suddenly remembered that she had ditched him at his house.

"Oh, I'm sorry about ditching you last time. I really didn't want to be a burden," Amu apologized. "I'll make it up to you. I'll bring you to a café."

"No," Kai answered, shocking the woman in front of him. "We will be eating at the restaurant we went to before."

"Haha, Fine," Amu giggled, walking with Kai to his car.

After they had already gotten into the car, started the car, and drove away, they started talking.

"Hey, Amu, you seem so different," Kai eyed Amu through the corner of his eye.

"I don't think so," Amu laughed nervously.

"Amu, know this: when you love someone and they love you, that is a miracle," Kai started getting serious, and Amu sensed that.

"I already know how it feels when the one you love doesn't love you," She sighed sadly.

"It hurts more than words, right?" Kai laughed bitterly.

"So you understand," Amu laughed along with the same tone.

"But, Amu, you need to know when you have feelings you don't understand, you need to face them head on," Kai smiled grimly. "Don't forget to take care of yourself. We're here."

Kai and Amu walked out of the car into the restaurant. Amu wondered why the restaurant was so vacant but noticed Kai wasn't the least surprised.

"It's my time to go now," Kai smiled, backing to the door. "Amu, stay here and listen to whatever they tell you. I'll forgive you if you do that."

"What are you-"

"Amu," The same husky voice from just a while ago whispered but not in her ear.

"Why?" Amu exclaimed.

"You wouldn't listen. Now please sit," The blue haired male pulled up a chair. When Amu sat down, He whispered in ear,"I want you to have the best time of your life, Amu-chan."

He sat in the seat on the opposite side, "Choose whatever you want from the menu. This day's for you. I'll ask you a very important question at the end."

"Then I'll eat at my own pace," Amu commented, putting a napkin on her lap.

-Time Skip-

"Your question?" She asked, gesturing towards him.

"Amu, I'm sorry for all I've done. Please forgive this pitiful man," Ikuto pleaded. To Amu, this time seemed like he desperately wanted her.

"I forgive you. If that's it, I want to leave," She said bluntly.

"One more thing, this place was the time I proposed to you. You never answered before. So right now what's your answer?" Ikuto stared intently at the woman who held his fate.

"That was a long time ago," Amu said.

"That's not what I'm asking. Would you marry me right now?" Ikuto asked, kneeled on one knee beside her and popping out a diamond ring.

"Y-You always do this…" She trailed off, providing Ikuto more suspense. "You think you can just walk to any random woman and propose to her, knowing she would accept. Geez, I really wish I never fell in love with you."

"Y-you love me?" He shot up. His face was bright with happiness and joy.

"Y-Yes, I do," She started crying and rubbing her eyes.

"Yes! I promise I'll make you happy!" He cheered, hugging her and raising her to the air.

I know it's sorta like my last ending in my last story, but oh well. I'm excited to write my next story. Can't Wait! XD

Fake Marriage, Real Love

Hinamori Amu and Tsukiyomi Ikuto divorced after a huge misunderstanding. A few years later, Ikuto, a CEO, is in desperate need of Amu's help. Why?

Unwanted Marriage

Hinamori Amu and Tsukiyomi Ikuto are to be married in a month to solidify the unity of their parents' companies. He's overjoyed to be married to her; however, Amu is resentful.

Broken Guest

"I am getting married!" The Tsukiyomi Ikuto's exuberant joy echoed throughout Hinamori Amu's broken heart. She felt what every woman who had been told of their loved one's wedding devastated and broken.

Forgotten Connection

Even though they weren't dating, Hinamori Amu and Tsukiyomi Ikuto were the inseparable pair, but now they ignore each other. Ikuto has turned into a womanizer, and Amu has started dating.

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