Assassins creed:

Chpt 1: Altair's escape

Now, you may be wondering why it is so different to the game, will find out soon enough. In the next couple of chapters, you will be finding out why everything seems back to back. Altair didn't mourn his fathers death, but in this story, he begins to wish he did. All will become clear during the following chapters so please don't think the story is muddled up. :)

Dusk was falling over the city of Damascus. The moon was shining bright. Altair was crouching on the stair railings, hiding from the guards.

"Where is he?" one of the confused guards said.

Altair was breathing heavily. He had been jumping from roof to roof for ages. Or at least that is what it felt like. An eagle swooped over his head.

"THERE HE IS! GET HIM!" the guard yelled.

The guards pulled out their swords and dashed for him. Altair leapt into the sky and landed on the roof of the assassin's bureau where he hopped in and ran into the darkness.

"He has gone. He just…vanished."

The confused guard looked around him with a serious face.

"Move east. We will begin our search tomorrow. Get every single one of the villagers to safety. We have an assassin on the loose."

The leader of the guards was cross. He had his brow furrowed and he had beads of perspiration dripping down his forehead. Altair breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the guards walk away. He walked out of the darkness and collapsed onto the pillows. He stared up at the stars and wondered how he ever managed to live his life without being caught. He drifted off into a deep sleep.

"Get up. GET UP!" a man yelled. It was his father. "Get up or I will make you." He said angrily.

"Father?" Altair frowned. " But you are dead." He whispered.

"Dead? Are you serious? What have you been thinking lately? Why would I be dead?" his father asked.

"But…I watched you die and at such a young age. Was my mourning for nothing?" Altair asked. "Wait...I never did mourn you...did I?"

"No. But that was a wonderful escape last night. Those guards almost got you." He remarked.

But Altair's vision became blurry and he suddenly blacked out. He awoke back in the assassin's bureau and he rose from the pillows. He was confused. He realised it was just a dream but it felt so real. What was it that had made this dream even occur? Altair hadn't thought about his father for his whole life. Why was it that he was back in his life? This was not a real dream. Altair gave a shiver and stood up. He was still in the bureau and as he leapt out into the town of Damascus, he knew he needed to speak to his leader.