(A/N: Sorry this is so short, but I got bit by this idea and lengthening the pseudo-science reports didn't really add anything worthwhile. This is supposed to be "set" in a near-modern Lordran, well into the future of the Chosen Undead fiasco. Think the 1984 Appendix.)

[ As dictated by Duke Seath to Hubbakum, Head Scribe of the Duke's Archives]

[Page is damaged by crystal growth]

The purpose of this experiment is to test the hypothesis that the fertilization of a human ovum with sperm created by the [paper is smeared] sorcery on a Stone Scale fragment will result in a viable embryo. The ova are obtained from human volunteers unaffected by the Darksign; the Scale fragment was of the Everlasting Dragon Gwreidwl, obtained from Archive Preservation. After external fertilization, volunteer human mothers are inseminated with surviving zygotes. Successful pregnancies must be removed for artificial gestation before the [ three-linegap in text]. Experiment resulted in one surviving female infant, with normal human features as described in table 14. Further experiments [remainder of paper is illegible from crystal damage]

[As dictated by Duke Seath to Ashion, Head Scribe of the Duke's Archives]

Experiment D.H. 213.5 "Priscilla" (Figure A), Biyearly Status Report 12. Subject has reached the age of 6 years today. Height: 162.3 cm, mass 58.96 kg. Subject shows normal mental growth as expected of a healthy High Average-High intelligence human female. As expected from donor Dragon Scales, shows strong aptitude in ice magic similar to that wielded by Gwreidwl. Shows strong interest and aptitude in philosophy, poetry, and mathematics; social skills are observed as lacking. Shows consistent difficulty in assessing human emotion, intention, and expression. Has begun to refer to me as "Father;" origin of this concept of myself as parental figure is under investigation. Physical development better than projected; no physiological difficulties outside normal tolerances observed, despite subject's superfluous tail. Fine white down as observed in previous reports has receded to subject's forehead, shoulders, neck, and tail. Human anatomy, outside of anomalous overall height for a pureblood human, is as expected from subject's age and genetic background with no notable abnormalities or faults.

Subject has begun to spontaneously manifest a threshing scythe (Fig. B) during REM sleep and during periods of high excitement and distraction. Scythe is straight-handled and impractical for use in grain harvesting. The shaft is rough-hewn black wood. The head and blade appears to be formed metal in an organic, bone-like design. Scythe has resisted attempts at analysis by sorceric and non-magical means. Subject becomes highly agitated when parted from the device by more than 1 meter; panic increases rapidly until weapon is return, at which case subject immediately returns to baseline. Researchers handling scythe become highly agitated, report tactile hallucinations of ripping skin. Minority of researchers who handle weapon demonstrate spontaneous wounds that bleed profusely; see figure C for full documentation of symptoms of human and Lesser Divine contact with scythe. Further experiments utilizing this weapon are underway.

[Figures from this report are missing.]

Editor's Note: The above was recovered from the Duke's Archives, found inserted between the pages of an apparently unrelated text on Herbology. As no other documentation or evidence pertaining to the described experiment has been found, it is believed to be either a hoax of the time period, or surviving documentation following a purged experiment. The hoax theory has fallen out of favor among scholars in recent years, however, following further analysis on the crystal damaging the pages showing it to be almost identical to recovered shards of the Primordial Crystal; they are now widely accepted to be genuine. Duke Seath, before his descent into insanity, was known to micromanage his experiments, allowed by both his towering intellect and the largely ceremonial nature of his position allowing him to devote the majority of his time to his scientific and sorceric work. The reason for this experiment being purged from the literature, despite the meticulous record keeping of his Sorcerers, is hotly debated.