Roanapur. It is an alienated city from the world of "normality" where corruption is above the economy. It is a place where violence and guns are the primary tools for one's survival since the entire area is a playground for them. Not a single person is unarmed without some sort of weapon, whether it is from a dull switchblade or to a RPG that can destroy an entire building. No one is safe in Roanapur without a method of protection. However, one Japanese ex-business man has survived for almost two years in the chaotic city without one single violent mean to defend himself. The only strongest weapon he has…is his brain. Once upon a time, a pirate crew that goes by the name, Lagoon Company, had taken him as a prisoner. The crew was cornered by a Hind, and thanks to the prisoner's insane plan, they managed to destroy the aircraft with a torpedo and escaped. He decided to stay with the Lagoon Company and lived through, which turned out to be, the small portions of hell, without any use of a weapon. It was then thought that it was best for the Japanese man not to ever use a gun, for his "innocent" nature and acuity are the only traits that made him the most dangerous person in Roanapur.

Nevertheless, there will be a time when a gun from nowhere shall come sliding into his fingers and ready to be tamed by his "intelligence."

"Hurry the fuck up, Rock!"

"I'm coming! I'm coming, Revy!"

Rock is holding a cargo box that is filled with unknown products inside. The box is about sixty pounds. Rock has a hard time carrying the box, because behind him, there are guerrillas chasing with AK-47s blazing. The only bullets that are being fired back are from Revy's two handguns. The both of them are running through a forest that leads to the ocean. Dutch was revving up the boat and waiting for the two to catch on. Thirteen men are on Rock's and Revy's tail and it is dangerous for them to follow. Even if Rock and Revy made it to the boat, the others will chase after them on their own boats. Suddenly, one of the guerrillas shoots a RPG missile at the escapees. Fortunately, a tree got in the missile's way, but the explosion distracts Rock and Revy for a brief second.

"Fuckin' hell!" Revy curses as she tries to shoot back.

The other guerrillas fall lost in the trees. Rock and Revy are able to gain the advantage. They finally exit the forest and onto the docks, where their way out is waiting. Dutch is on top of the boat's deck.

"'Bout time you two showed up, I was about to leave this hellhole without you." Dutch punks.

"Let's just get the fuck outta here! They're 'bout to catch up!" Revy gets onto the boat with a quick motion.

"Wait!" Rock protests.

"What now, Rock? Don't tell me you gonna stay here with the guys that are trying to kill you, cause if you are, I'll be happy to leave you here." Dutch said as he opens the hatch.

"One of those guys had a RPG. They could fire at us even if we try to escape." Rock explains.

"No shit, Einstein! That's why we gotta get outta here now!" Revy yells.

"We won't make it. Those guys might just get on their boats and still chase after us."

"Well then, let 'em try! They got no match with us. Plus Revy can handle them with the Remington 700 we got." Dutch states.

"That won't do any good." Rock has a little panic in his voice, "With the RPG and who knows what other weapons they have, we might be the ones getting killed before they do."

"You don't think I can take 'em out, Rock?" Revy cocks an eyebrow.

"I didn't mean it like that…"

"So what do you suggest? Stay here and try firing back at the guys that are better armed to the teeth than us?" Dutch wonders.

"No…" Rock looks down at the cargo box he is carrying, "…I've got an idea!"

"…!" Dutch and Revy are all ears on Rock's newly formed plan.

The guerrillas come out of the forest and spot Rock with the cargo box running down the beach and next to the water. There are no other boats in sight except theirs, which suggests that the woman that was with him left without him. They continually chase after the Japanese man while shooting, and the flying bullets are only hitting the sand or water. Rock trips and drops the box. As he crawls his way to the box that is about eight feet in front of him, the guerrillas already caught up. One of them places their foot on top of the box, and a different guerrilla places his on Rock's back. All of them had their guns aiming at him, except for one, whose foot is on the box and is holding the RPG.

"So, you thought you could get away with stealing what is ours, hmm?" The guerrilla with the RPG asks with a slight hint of Albanian in his words, "Where's that woman of yours? Betrayed you?"

"Technically, you stole this box from someone else; I'm here to take it back." Rock groans as the foot on his back is twisting his skin.

"You? Take it back?" The man laughs along with his men, "That's funny, you Asian bastard. But you forget, we're the ones holding the guns here. Do you have a gun?"

"…I don't use guns." Rock utters.

The men all laugh at once again, but with much more pity.

"You! You don't use any gun, at all? And you TRIED to steal from us?" The man jokes, "I think the retarded could think much clearer than you!"

"I guess…that makes you guys farther below the retarded." Rock returns.

"Listen, boy…There are some things you should not fucking mess with. I am one of those things. And you know what happens when you fuck with me? You give me something in return. You got any money…?"


"No? Then…the only thing that I want…is your life. So tell me, are you ready to give up your life, stupid man?" The man stares with the eyes of insanity.

"No…but I have something better for you." Rock gives a disturbing smirk.

The men then hear an engine revving behind them in the ocean. A boat is speeding along the water, and a Chinese-American woman in black is on top with her guns aiming at the men.

"So long, fuckers!" Revy sadistically laughs.

Her aiming is perfect since the men are standing still, and because Rock is on the ground, Revy does not have to worry about hitting him since she is aiming at the men from the chest and up. As the guerrillas fall one by one, the man with the RPG curses and aims at the boat. Rock manages to move after the foot on his back is lifted. The man kneels on the sand and targets his sight on the boat. Rock grabs the cargo box. Right before the man could say "Die," Rock slams the wooden box on the man's head, shattering the box and heavily splintering his head.

The man drops dead on the bloody water. Rock stares down with panting lungs and adrenaline rushing. He looks at the entire group of guerillas, lifeless and spilling blood, and celebrates an internal victory. Rock never grew accustomed to see bleeding dead bodies at his feet.

In a way, in this scenery, it appears that Rock had killed all of them.

Revy's fierce voice snaps Rock out of his daze.

"Well, baby, gotta say that move you pulled must've really hurt like hell." Revy comments on Rock's idea to hit the man with the box, "I mean, look at that, Jesus! You gotta be fuckin' a shovel to get that much wood in ya."

Dutch parks the boat right on the shore and comes out leaning his hands on the rails.

"Got to hand it to you, Rock. You are one crazy bastard…" He smirks.

Rock rubs the back of his head with a nervous chuckle.

As Rock and Revy get on the boat, Dutch pilots off into the horizon and makes his destination to Roanapur. Rock studies the pile of Desert Eagles at the front of the deck. He emptied the cargo box before he took off and distracted the guerrillas. It seems that this whole time, the whole battle, was for guns. Who knew? The Rip-Off Church was supposed to have their shipments come in full quantities, but along the way, some group stole one of the shipments and escaped. The Lagoon Company was called to take the shipment back and untampered. Now, in front of Rock's eyes, the box is now gone and only the items are left. The Rip-Off Church might have their second thoughts about paying in full.

"Heh, the Church has gotta learn how to watch over their money being taken like that." Revy lights a cigarette in her mouth.

"I can't believe how they would just steal a box of guns…Don't they have other things to do?" Rock takes an offered cigarette from Revy, who lights it for him.

"What would they do other than signing their own death wishes? They knew that this was a part of their plan, they just thought they could get away with it." Revy sits next to the pile of Desert Eagles and observes them. She removes the slide and plays with the recoil spring. She puts the slide back on, takes the safety off, cocks the hammer, and aims at Rock's face. She pulls the trigger and only an empty click is heard. "Shit, if these things had any ammo in 'em, we woulda killed those guys back there a whole lot faster."

Revy tosses one of the Desert Eagles to Rock. Rock quickly reacts, but his hands are as clumsy as a blind fly. He drops the Desert Eagle and makes the gun clang its metal slide on the deck, creating the echoing sound of shame.

"God dammit, Rock. Can't you at least catch a gun?" Revy exhales a cloud of smoke.

"Sorry." Rock unnecessarily apologizes and picks up the Desert Eagle and observes it himself.

However, as someone who has absolutely no idea how to use a gun, he just holds it and merely looks at its sides. Revy stares at the amateur with sharp golden eyes. As useless as he is now, it is not wrong to get the point that he did save the Lagoon Company in previous moments. To think that this idiot is still alive after being shot at multiple times and has not even used a gun once. That is what so mysterious about Rock. Then again, Benny never used a gun, but even he has his own weapon…a fucking low-battery taser. Rock is considered the least, and yet the most, dangerous person in Roanapur after the incident with Garcia, Fabiola, and Roberta.

His mental capabilities have even put Revy on edge. Although, he might never use a gun, Rock is considered Revy's bullet. If used correctly, any monster can be slain. If not, well, it is off to being eaten by dogs and pigs. This kind of sharp thinking that Rock has in that foolish head of his, got Revy to believe that he could defeat a gunman without even using a gun, besides the fact that she would kill that gunman for trying to do something that ridiculous. Rock's blabbering mouth of "getting along with each other" and annoying personality could one day overthrow a giant.

"Hey…" Revy calls.

"Hmmm?" Rock stops looking at the Desert Eagle

"Have you thought about learning how to use one?"

"…! Not really, I don't think that holding one is what's right for me." Rock answers.

"Come on, Rock. You're living in a shitsack world that is filled with assholes who think they're above everyone else just because they found a fuckin' gun off the streets. You wouldn't even be able to cover your own balls before they get blown off."

"…" Rock drops his hand with the gun to his side.

"In this kind of life, you gotta learn how to survive. By that, I mean, people could kill you anytime. The least you can do is adapt and try to watch yourself. You're never gonna know when you get a knife in the back...or a bullet for that matter."

Rock enters into a deep state of thought.



"When I got captured by you and Dutch, I thought that I was going to be in a hell that I would never escape from."

Rock turns and meets the blue ocean and faint sky.

"But the reality was already different. Back in Japan, I was trapped in a bubble. I was just a worker who can do nothing but talk and talk. My bosses would just make me shut up and keep my mind to myself. I was fooled with and considered to be a fool. Even though I was at least living in a decent life, it was all still a living hell. Then, after I joined you guys, I finally believed that I was free from that place. All of the rush of blood in me just boils. It's something that makes me feel…alive. But for all my life until now, the only thing I'm good at is still talking. That's all I've ever done." Rock smiles to himself, "Revy…"

Rock turns back and looks at her.

"You may believe that survival is about having a gun in your hands. That's all only true to someone like you."

Revy's eye twitches for a short moment.

"Well, look at me now; I'm still standing without ever firing a single bullet. It was my talking that saved us back with the Hind helicopter two years ago, it was my talking that even had people like Balalaika and Mr. Chang back away, and it was my talking that saved us today."


"Revy…there's something that separates from me and you."

Rock gives a harsh glare into Revy's, and raises the Desert Eagle at her. His right eye passes into the rear sight to the front sight. The barrel points towards the spot between Revy's eyes. The crashing waves suddenly deafened out, the wind stops blowing through their hair, and the light around them dims.

"And what's that, Rock?" Revy lowly asks.


All out of the immediate, Rock's face loosens and his "innocent" face he has been making for all his life appears. He smiles with the sun setting behind him.

"I'm not like you, Revy."

Rock tosses the Desert Eagle back into the pile. Revy did not move her eyes from his.

"I won't ever use a gun. That's not who I was meant to be." Rock promises.

"…" Revy looks down to his feet, "…I see…"

A little time of silence goes by, and Revy talks to Rock with a raspy voice.

"You think you can live this life with that mouth of yours, huh?"

Revy quickly draws out one of her Beretta 92FS and aims at Rock.


"Well, what are ya going to do now?" Revy questions, "I can end your life right here, and I don't see any fuckin' way you can do anything about it. Spare me that innocent attitude. You're much more different when that killer maid was here, along with that little blonde boy and his tight-legged servant. You've been with us for too long to think that there's gonna be any glory or shitty sunshine from joy riding here. I'm the one from having the life oozing out of your head, and you think that feeding me smart words is gonna stop me? Well, try it. Go on, Rock...stop me. "

Rock lessens his smile and exhales his smoke.

"What, you're not gonna try talking me down?" Revy pulls the hammer back.

"…I know you're not going to shoot, Revy."


"You're not going to shoot someone like me, out of all the assholes you've talked about."


Rock turns around once again to lean on the torpedo railing, and faces the sun fusing with the water beyond.

"I don't know you that well, I don't know about your past, I don't know…if you think that me holding a gun is going to change anything. But I do know, that you are not going to shoot me." Rock continues to smile.

Revy gapes at his back. She could tell that he is smiling. Even in this situation, that is his nature. She grips her gun firmly and all she does is lift her finger away from the trigger. Her gun lowers and ends up lying down between her legs. She gets up and walks over to Rock. Noticing that he has a sandy footprint on the back of his shirt, she smacks it all off and makes it clean as it can. She then lightly, but toughly, punches his back and keeps her fist there as she stands behind him. The water continues its splashing noises with its waves, and the wind returns to cool their skin. The setting sun made them become silhouettes in the sky of yellow-orange. The vibe of violence between them has faded.

It appears that Rock's "talk" worked...once again.

"Rock…" Revy's voice changes with a bit friendlier tone.

"Yeah…?" Rock exhales another cloud of smoke.



"Shit, fuck you Rock…" Revy scowls in her mind as she takes her hand away.

She wanted to teach him how to use a gun, so he could protect himself when she is not around.

However, this time, Rock declined. He is not the kind to have a gun in his hands.

She is disappointed.

After a few hours or so, the Lagoon Company brings a bag full of Desert Eagles and places it in front of the Rip-Off Church, where Yolanda is waiting.

"My, my, have we even have the intention of keeping the box?" Yolanda asks with that croaky and old voice.

"We encountered a few problems along the way. I'm sorry that the items you asked for us to return are like this." Rock apologetically explains.

"Even if you have, I still have suspicion that you might not have brought the entirety of the requested items…"

"What the fuck are you saying, ya old bitch? Are you saying we stole some of your lousy guns?" Revy growls, "We almost got our asses blown off because SOMEONE couldn't fuckin' keep their eyes on the fuckin' thing! Look, we wasted a good amount of bullets and our time to get what you wanted, and like it or not, you're still paying up full!"

"…" Yolanda takes a puff from her cigarette.

"Don't worry, Yolanda. I can guarantee you that we did not intend to steal your guns. The box was sealed when we took it back from the guerillas and we only opened it to place all the guns in a safe place. We got no intention of keeping any one of your items, and we made sure that not one of them are missing." Dutch backs up the reasoning.

"Hmm…Well, if Dutchie-boy says so, then I supposed I can believe you. Here's your payment." Yolanda provides a box with the cash inside and Revy snatches it out of her hands.

"Fuckin' time!" Revy tromps her way back to the car with Benny at the wheel and counts the money inside the box.

"If you need anything else, just give us another call, okay Yolanda?" Dutch informs as he starts his way back to the car as well.

"Do take care now." Yolanda thanks.

"Good-bye. It's a pleasure working with you." Rock shows his gratitude and prepares to walk away.

"Wait just for one moment, young man." Yolanda calls.


"Dutch has already told me what happened on the phone a while ago. He said you were the reason why these Desert Eagles are like this right now."

"Oh, he has…?" Rock timidly chuckles, wondering why she was going through the trouble of dealing with Revy's yelling if she already knew.

"That's something quite reckless for a soul like you." Yolanda puffs her cigarette once more, "But as a token for my appreciation…"


"…I will let you have one of the Desert Eagles, free of charge." Yolanda smiles, "It might not fit for someone who is not violent as you, but a little insurance won't hurt, would it?"

Rock smiles, "You are very kind, Sister. But I'm going to politely decline."

"Is that so? Why is that, young man?"

"Simple. I don't use guns."

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