The two black SUVs drive alongside the road next to a beach.

Rock is squeezed in between two American men, who are physically bigger than him. He looks out of the window to his right and watches the palm trees' silhouettes zoom across the glass, like picture frames with a blue sky background.

Then, he spots a peculiar thing beyond the trees.

A car is driving on the sand of the beach, at the same speed as the SUVs.

The man in the passenger's seat notices it as well. He takes the walkie-talkie and sends a message to Matthew Williams in the SUV in front.

"We got a '97 Dodge Viper GTS to our right." He states, "Can't be some hotheaded racer if he's actually following us."

"He's probably messing around. If he's still in sight for three minutes, we stop and let him go pass us." Williams responds, "Get your guns ready, just in case."

The two American men sitting beside Rock hold their Glock 17 Pro pistols on their laps. They watch the 1997 Dodge Viper GTS driving on the sandy beach. Rock observes the vehicle and finds that it is black with gray racing stripes.

The SUVs come close to a curve in the road.

The Dodge Viper GTS suddenly speeds up and turns to the left.

It passes in between two palm trees and flies into the first SUV's front bumper. The impact causes the SUV to flip forward and slide on its side. The Dodge Viper GTS remains grounded. It drifts across the ground and stops after a 360 degree turn while the first SUV slides off the road.

"OH SHIT!" The driver in the second SUV slams on the brake.

The SUV's wheels grind against the rocky dirt, and the vehicle goes pass the Dodge Viper GTS. It eventually halts about thirty meters away from the invading car and the first SUV. Rock turns to watch what is happening from the back window.

The Dodge Viper GTS's door opens.

A tall man with silver hair and black sunglasses reveals himself. His black trench coat makes a swaying motion with the wind. His fingers are wrapped with multiple rings. His blue eyes gleam from the sunlight. After he pushes his sunglasses up, he swiftly pulls out of his coat two Mauser M712 "Schnellfeuer" pistols and poses in such a way that he is crisscrossing his arms. He speaks in a dramatic manner at the SUV on its side in front of him.

"I am Lotton! On this day, the Wizard shall smite the evils and destroy the darkness! And I have come to save the damsel in distress! Prepare to meet your end and face the wrath of the bullets of justice!"

He targets with both Mauser M712 pistols at the fuel tank of the SUV. He shoots in pairs until the vehicle bursts into flames, killing the American men inside, including Matthew Williams.

"Get down!" The American men in the backseat of the second SUV lower Rock's head.

"Four men have been killed, I repeat, four men have been killed!" The man in the passenger's seat gets out of the vehicle while announcing into the walkie-talkie, "Send back-up immediately! We have one loose gunman attacking us!"

The driver exits with his Glock 17 Pro drawn and begins shooting at Lotton. The man from the passenger's seat joins him.

Lotton runs straight to the SUV, dodging every bullet, and jumps up to its roof. He front-flips up and shoots at the two American men upside-down in midair. They drop dead. Lotton lands in front of the SUV, catching the attention of the two American men sitting in the back seat with Rock.

"God damn it!" One of them takes his Glock 17 Pro and shoots at the front window to get the attacker.

The window cracks and breaks. Lotton is already gone from sight.

"Get in the front seat, Eric. Drive out of here." The man instructs, "I'll give you covering fire."

"Right." The other man nods while keeping his hands pushing down on Rock.

Both men get out of the car and keeping alert for the gunman.

Instantly, they are shot in the head right on the spot. Lotton was kneeling on top of the SUV with his Mauser M712 pistols pointing to both sides. He jumps off and aims one of his pistols at the Japanese man in the vehicle. Searching for any other American men, he doesn't find any. Lotton shifts his gun away from Rock.

"Are you alright?" He asks Rock.

Rock silently nods.

Lotton puts his weapons back into his coat, "Let's go. More of them are coming this way."

He walks back to the Dodge Viper GTS. Rock hurriedly follows and sits in the passenger's seat. Lotton revs up the car and drives continually down the road they're on.

"Was that cool?" Lotton promptly asks.

"Yeah, sure." Rock lackadaisically replies, "Why are you here, Lotton?"

"Shenhua told me what happened. I'd figured you needed help getting off this island after you finished your plan. But, it seems you were captured. So, I came to the rescue." Lotton explains, "Cool, right?"

"Yeah, sure." Rock repeats again, "You knew that I needed help?"

"Well, you did tell me that getting a boat will be difficult. I got you one, but it's useless if you get caught by agents."


"It's still waiting. I hope you know what you are going to do next…" Lotton faces Rock.

"…Do you think…I'm running?"

"…? Running?"

"No, never mind." Rock shakes his head.


Rock turns to Lotton, "How did you find me anyway?"

Lotton smirks and pushes his sunglasses up,

"We Reapers can always find each other."

Guns from Nowhere