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"I'm sure this is that last time we shall ever speak to one another."

Blue eyes watched the red back retreat out of sight.

"Father, now what?"

America looked down at the spot where his once great brother had been. He gritted his teeth and looked up at the pouring heavens.

"We are free my girl." he said, picking up his gun. Virginia held her younger siblings closer.

Even as young as she was, she knew what that really meant for, not only her family, but her country.

"Sister, why is father crying?" little Georgia asked. Virginia shook her head.

"Why is not the question, but who is he crying for. We have lost many in this fight."

America smiled at his daughter. He walked over, still crying, and knelt in the mud in front of his children.

"We have lost many, but gained so much."

The soldiers cheered, dancing around in the mud. America laughed and hug his children. Virginia laughed and picked Georgia up, twirling the toddler around. Songs were sang, guns fired, drinks passed around. Watchful eyes still scanned the roads, but all in all, they were happy.

"Father, we did it." Massachusetts yelled. America smiled and ruffled the boy's hair.

"We did."