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Four long months. That's how long it had been since the revelation at the United Nations meeting.

England was currently at his house with America and DC. He was sitting in the living room, knitting a fuzzy hat. DC was reading a book on the floor, her legs propped up on the sofa. America was in the kitchen, grabbing a snack.

America had wanted to spend time with England in the quiet of the flat England owned. DC had come along for some reason she wouldn't tell England.

She kept checking her watch then going back to her book. America came into the room with some milk and cookies.

England's heart suddenly thumped loudly in his chest. He put a hand to his heart, confused. America and DC exchanged a look.

"You okay?" America asked. England paused, waiting.

"Yea, I'm-" England started then the strong beat happened again. It was like his heart had restarted or something. He got up suddenly and walked out of the room.

"Arthur?" America asked. England paced in the front room, thinking. He looked at the front door for some reason then shook his head. DC came into the room as well, watching.

A loud knock sounded against the wood of England's front door. He froze, staring at it. What was going on? It was like he and been waiting for this his whole life.

"Open it." DC said softly. England looked at her and America then moved to the door.

He opened it and looked at the figure standing outside. Long dirty blonde hair, green eyes, his eyebrows. Small hands rested on a pretty blue dress.

England looked into the eyes and knew who he was looking at without her speaking. He wrapped his arms around the figure, trying not to cry.

"I know." She said, hugging England tighter.

"What's you name?" England asked, his voice choked.

"Alice." London replied.

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