Bolt and Penny are the best of friends, but what if that friendship was kicked up a notch? This is my first fanfic, and it certainly won't be my last.

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Things Just Happen

Bolt was sitting on the couch on a Saturday afternoon, with Mittens and Rhino right next to him. Everything was going great for the White Shepherd, and he had no regrets. Today, Penny was going to take him to the park for some fun in the sun, but she had to finish her homework first. She had an English paper due on Monday, and she hadn't started it yet, so he had to wait until she was halfway done.

"Bolt, your leg is thumping and it's causing the couch to vibrate. Could ya tone it down a bit?" Mittens asked

"Oh, sorry. I'm just ready to go."

"You've been ready to go for two hours, Wags!"

"I like the park. I get my exercise, and I get to spend time with Penny. It's a win-win!"

"Yeah, well that win-win is getting on my nerve-nerve." Mittens said with sarcasm. She may have gotten annoyed by Bolt very easily, but she knew it was a 'dog thing.' He had so much energy that, at times, it was hard for her to keep up with him, especially on their journey home. Mittens loved giving herself the credit for teaching Bolt how to be a real dog, and Bolt was happy to let her have it. He owed her!

"I'm gonna go see how much more she has to do." Bolt said as he jumped to the floor and walked to the stairs, beginning his ascent. Bolt made his way to Penny's room, and walked towards the door, seeing it ajar. As he walked through, he was stopped dead in his tracks, seeing Penny taking off a towel, revealing no clothes whatsoever. The door creaking open caught Penny's attention as she turned around to see what it was, and gasped seeing Bolt standing in the doorway, completely frozen.

"Bolt!" Penny said as she grabbed the towel to cover her naked body, and caused Bolt to snap out of his subconscious state. He backed up rapidly and ran out of the room, nearly taking out the small coffee table in the hallway. Bolt ran down the stairs as fast as he could, not caring what got in his way, which startled Mittens a little.

"Hey, wh…" Mittens tried to ask Bolt as he ran past the couch, heading straight for the kitchen table. Mittens stood up and watched the shepherd as he darted around the twists of the dining room at break-neck speed. Had he not been looking where he was going, the chances of that happening were a lot greater. Mittens looked up the stairway, wondering what had just happened. She had never seen Bolt run FROM anything; it was always the other way around. Mittens ran through all of the possibilities in her head, and still couldn't come up with anything that would make Bolt run for his life like that. Penny would never try to hurt him, which eliminated so many other options. While she continued to think, Penny came down the stairs at a careful speed, dressed in a robe with her hair soaking wet, and looked around the living room as she made it to the bottom step. Mittens had figured out that she had just gotten out of the shower, as she watched the spectacle unfold, hopefully being able to catch what had happened.

"Bolt!" Penny called softly, as if she was afraid he would try to run from his hiding place.

"What just happened?" Mittens asked as she looked over at Rhino, who wasn't there. Putting that thought aside, she focused her attention on what she really wanted to know. Penny walked around to the kitchen slowly, and Mittens jumped down to follow, and put all of the puzzle pieces together. The two walked through the kitchen, before catching sight of Bolt in the dining room, and crouched in the corner of the room underneath the table; the one place he knew would be the hardest for Penny to reach. Penny got on her knees, and looked under the table to find Bolt cowering in fear, pushed as far into the corner as possible.

"Bolt!" Penny whispered, hoping it wouldn't scare him. Having her just look at him just made Bolt turn his head away and close his eyes, fearful of her reaction. Penny sighed knowing that he felt bad about walking into the room, but was determined to let him know that it was just an accident.

"It's okay, buddy! I won't hurt you, I swear!" Penny said still in a soft voice. Bolt lifted his head, and looked over at Penny, tears coming from his eyes. Seeing this only made Penny feel more terrible about the whole ordeal.

"Bolt, it's okay! Really! Things happen, and I could never be mad at you… please come here." Penny said hoping Bolt would come out from underneath the table, which he eventually did with some more convincing. The entire time, Mittens was still trying to figure out what was going on. As he came into full view, Penny pulled the shepherd into a hug, assuring him that what he did was just an accident.

"I would never hurt you! I don't ever want you to be afraid of that." Penny said still holding Bolt in her arms. Bolt gave her a small whine to let her know he was listening. Penny eventually let go to head back upstairs and get dressed. With one issue out of the way, Mittens jumped in, hoping Bolt would fill her in on the situation.

"Hey, what happened Wags?" Mittens asked

"I walked in on Penny without any clothes on." said Bolt, still wiping away his tears. In that one sentence, Mittens had put all of the pieces together.

"And you just ran?"

"I didn't know what to do. I knew that what I did was wrong, and I was afraid that I was gonna get punished for it."

"I hear ya!" Mittens said understanding Bolt's feelings.

"Right now, I just wanna forget this whole thing happened and go to the park." said Bolt

"Right now, you look like you could really use one of these." Mittens said walking up to the shepherd and hugging him, which surprised Bolt a little.

"Uh… Mittens."

"Don't talk, just hug!" said Mittens, which he did after a few seconds.

Penny's Room

Penny walked back into her room, and made sure to close the door this time, where she took off her robe, revealing her naked self, and walked to her dresser for some clothes. After pulling out a pair of jeans and t-shirt, she set them on her bed and sat down to take in what had just happened with Bolt.

"Wow that was weird. I hope I didn't scar him. He's so innocent and cute when he gets embarrassed. Any girl dog would be really lucky to have him stare at her." Penny said as she thought out loud.

"Wait, what am I saying? He's a dog! There's no way I'm attracted to him. He's my dog… my boy… my good boy." Penny thought out loud again; only this time, she was subconsciously massaging her pussy as she talked about Bolt. When she realized what she was doing, she jumped up and began to pace.

"No, no, no, no, no! I don't love him like that. I just need to put it away and forget about it. I'll just take Bolt to the park, and everything will be fine." Penny said as she got dressed and made her way downstairs, where she found Bolt waiting patiently for her to arrive. Within a few minutes, they were off to the park, and having a good time. After about 20 minutes, Penny began getting tired, and decided to let Bolt roam the park by himself for a little while to play with other dogs, while she rested against a nearby tree. She watched as Bolt ran around with a black lab for a few minutes, watching his every more intently than usual, like she was looking for something.

"Bolt, you sure look like you're having fun. With your fur rustling in the wind, and your tail going absolutely crazy, and your… your… crotch so open like that. The way it dangles as you m…" Penny began thinking before coming back to reality and shaking her head, trying to get those thoughts out of her mind. "There's no way I love him like that. He's handsome, but he should be with someone of his own species. Oh My God! Did I just say that Bolt was handsome?... Maybe I do want him."

After about another 15 minutes of letting him run, Penny reattached Bolt's leash, and they headed back to the house, with Bolt completely oblivious to Penny's inner arguments. As they reached the front step, Bolt ran through the doggy door to greet Mittens and Rhino, who were sitting on the couch, both asleep. He looked over to the TV and saw white static, suggesting that the cable was out. Mittens was resting peacefully at one end of the couch, while Rhino was snoring his head off at the other end. Penny walked through the door and headed for her room, which instantly woke Mittens and Rhino from their sleep.

"Hey! How was the park?" Mittens asked sleepily.

"It went great, but I couldn't help but notice that Penny kept staring at me. It's like her eyes were just glued to me."

"Now, you just sound cocky."

"I'm just sayin'." Bolt said as she walked over to his bed for some much-needed rest.

Penny's Room

"So, do I really love him like that?" Penny asked herself.

"I couldn't take my eyes off of him at all while we were at the park. Do I want to be fucked by my own dog?" Penny asked again. After about 10 seconds, she looked down at her jeans, and unbuckled them. As she took them off, she also lost her panties; throwing them to the ground Penny then laid herself down on her bed, and began fingering herself slowly.

"Ohhh… oh Bolt." Penny whispered as she sped up her jerking, and began to feel more incredible after every rub. She continued to mumble those same words to herself while she fingered herself wildly. Her short breaths soon turned into moans as she got closer to finishing. After another few moans, she let out one deep moan as she shot her load all over her sheets; her cum covering her legs and knees.

"I… need you, Bolt!" Penny said whispering once more; smiling having realized that she did, in fact, want to have sex with her dog. Now she just needed to find a way for him to fuck her, which was going to be especially difficult considering what happened earlier that day. But she would find a way… she needed to. She needed that dog to pound her.

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