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Animal Kisses

This is played with 4+ people. Everyone chooses a partner, then each person selects an animal and writes it down on a piece of paper. Each group then has to guess their partner's animal. If they guess right, then they kiss the person who wrote that animal. If they are wrong, the next person goes and so on. (To make it funnier, in my version of the game, everyone will have more than one animal and will have to take a shot if they guess wrong.)

Bonnie opened her eyes slowly. She was surprised at how good she was feeling considering the amount of alcohol she had taken; that was probably Kol's blood doing.


She blushed, her face turning to a dark shade of red. Of all the guys in the world, she had chosen a Vampire and above all, an Original, talk about going against nature. But she couldn't find it in her to regret it. Kol was the youngest and the most volatile of his family; yet he had been careful and patient with her, making sure to appease her fears.

Though, she didn't know how she felt about her 'close encounter' with both Klaus and Damon. It had been very hot for sure, but losing her virginity to Kol and minutes later being jumped on by Klaus and Damon at the same time, had been almost traumatizing for her. First, she had been scared of how fast it had escalated with them compared to things with Kol, who had taken his time to both seduce and prepare her. But also, what was wrong with her? How could she be so excited about sleeping around? Then she thought about what Kol had said: 'Screaming murder over Vampires, but once you've tasted the forbidden fruit, you can't get enough…' Maybe that was true. So… she was a closet pervert?

She felt Kol hands massaging the nape of her neck and it brought back her attention to her body that was in the most awkward position. But also to his pulsing erection that was still inside of her.

The thought of what they had done last night, made her heart race and she unconsciously squeezed his cock.

"Mm… Morning gorgeous" murmured Kol.

In an instant, she was wet, and looked up to see him smile lazily at her.

"H-Hi…" she said.

She sat up and moaned when she felt his cock going deeper into her.

"I'm never ever going to protest against this way of sleeping again!" he said in a raspy voice before ripping apart the shirt covering Bonnie's body.

"You really enjoy ripping clothes, don't you?" she said playfully.

"When you're wearing them, yes." he answered.

He hooked an arm around her and went to his knees holding her in place, before lying her down on her back. He brought her legs behind him and let one hand roam over her body to cup her right breast.


"I still can't believe how you cannot see how gorgeous you are…"

"Stop talking…" she ordered.

Usually he hated being ordered around, and he would probably try to kill anyway doing so, but that command made his libido skyrocketed. He held her hips with both hands and started to pound into her, making sure to have that perfect angle to hit her g-spot.

The first orgasm hit Bonnie out of nowhere, making her throw her head back and begging for more.

Kol eyes turned black; veins pumping around them. He bent forward and laid his forehead between her breasts, trying desperately to keep the bloodlust at bay; it was getting harder to do so. She smelled so good and her whole body was calling to him.

When he felt her hands roaming in his hair, he almost lost it. But instead he drilled her g-spot with his supernatural speed and the petite witch's body started to tremble uncontrollably as she wailed in pleasure over the mind-blowing and repetitive stimulation of that special spot inside of her. Her fluids were almost flowing like a fountain between them as she kept coming and coming.

"Ko-ool! Ko-ool! Ko-ool… OH! GOD!" she cried out, before blackening-out.

Her channel squeezed him hard and he came deep inside her with a bestial growl.

After a few minutes, he realized that her body was very limp in his arms and lifted his head from between her breast to see that she had fainted. He pulled out slowly.

He ran downstairs to their blood's stash and drank eight bags greedily before going back to his bedroom. He did all of this under a minute.

He took Bonnie in his arms and upped in the shower with her; cleaning her body gently. When he was done, he dried her out with a fluffy towel, then laid her on the chaise longue and changed the beddings. He dressed up and finally picked her up one last time and laid her on his bed, under the covers.

He looked at the time; almost 2pm. They had overslept for sure.

He slowly walked back downstairs; they had all agreed before throwing the party that they would be good host and cook for everyone. He had said yes, with the intention of not doing anything, obviously, did he looked like a nanny, but now, he wanted to score more points in Bonnie's book.

He exited the house to go back in town and bought breakfast for everyone.

When he came back, Stefan was talking with Katherine and Elijah around the big table in the kitchen.

"Kol?" exclaimed Elijah. "I'm surprised to see you actually kept your word."

"Spare me Elijah!" retorted Kol.

"Bad night?" asked Katherine smirking.

"Who? Me?" replied Kol, pointing at himself. "My night was A-MA-ZING!"

"Aw! That is the reason for all of this then…" started Elijah.

"Brother!" cut Kol. "Can you just SHUT UP for a day with your theories and bravado; you are seriously ruining my good mood right now. Do something useful and help me will you?"

Elijah knew better and stood up to help his younger brother.

Caroline, Elena and Klaus came in fifteen minutes later. The two girls looked around for their missing friend and gazed at Kol.

"Where is Bonnie?" asked Caroline.

"Sleeping." answered Kol, simply.

"Thank you Elijah for the food." said Klaus, taking a bite out of a croissant.

"Actually, you'll have to thank Kol for all of this." replied Elijah.

The Hybrid's head snapped toward his youngest brother with questioning eyes.

"No brother, I didn't poison the food. I admit, though, I was tempted to do so, but I didn't!" sneered Kol.

"I think I lost my appetite…" groaned Elena.

"Oh! Blondie, how are the clothes today?" asked Kol subjectively.

"So it WAS you!" snapped Caroline; who like everyone else hadn't believe Klaus when he had accused his little brother of ripping her clothes to get the Hybrid's attention.

"Did I hear anyone talking about food?" asked a very happy Bonnie as she came in almost running.

She took a plate, filled it with food and sat on the countertop beside where Kol was standing. Said Vampire did a double-take at her attire; she had stolen one of his black linen shirts and matched it with dark brown legging and large belt and a pair of black ballerinas. She had rolled up the, obviously, too long sleeves to her elbows.

She looked at him and smiled. He smirked and she went back to her food.

"Bonnie?" asked Caroline.

"Yhesh?" she replied as she chewed on a butter croissant.

"Did you sleep with Kol?"

The witch swallowed her bite and blushed, but didn't answer.

"OH! MY! GOD! Bonnie, you lost your V-card!" exclaimed out loud Caroline.

"Hey Blondie, do you want to scream that any louder in the middle of the town while you're at it?" snapped Kol sarcastically. "What the hell is wrong with you woman?"

"Kol…" warned both Bonnie and Klaus.

"WHAT?" he turned to Bonnie. "She's making you uncomfortable, don't deny it!" Then he turned to his brother. "And you, hold her down if you don't want me to snap at her. I'm sure you can find better use to her mouth than letting her talk."

Damon and Rebekka entered the room, just as Kol shot his last reply and they both laughed at it.

"Why are you so rude to us?" asked Elena, insulted.

"Give me one good reason to be nice!" he challenged her.

"We are Bonnie's friend." They replied together.

"THAT's what you call a good reason? Please, don't make me laugh! As the saying goes, I'm sleeping with Bonnie not her friends…"

"Kol, shut up!" said Bonnie in a low voice.

"Make me!"

She grabbed his head and kissed him with tongue. When she heard her friends gasped, she tried to pull away, but Kol held her in place and kissed her deeper, making her moan softly in his mouth.

After a minute, he finally let her go, smiling devilishly at her.

"You should know better than to start something like that!" he said playfully. He got closer and whispered for only her to hear "Let's play with our mouths again later…"

"Bonnie, this call for a girlfriends emergency talk!" said Elena.

"Can I finish my food first?" she complained.

"Bring it with you!" retorted Caroline, smiling.

Bonnie sighed, but followed her friends upstairs.

The rest of the group looked at each other and an uncomfortable silence filled the room.

"So, how was your night?" asked Kol, shrugging playfully.

"Wouldn't you liked to know?" replied Rebekka coyly.

"Obviously! So who slept with who? I want names!" he smirked.

"A gentleman never reveals such thing." said Elijah.

"I see…" started Kol. "So Katherine, did you sleep with Elijah last night?"

"Of course I did." replied the first doppelganger.

"See Elijah, you can be the best man in the world, but if you sleep with trash, it doesn't change anything!"

Katherine gave him the finger, Elijah's eyes twitched and both Rebekka and Klaus snickered. Stefan and Damon were smart enough to stay out of it; for now anyway. He waited for someone else to kiss and tell, but not one said anything.

"Really?" he said discouraged. "That Elijah keeps his mouth shut, I can understand, but the rest of you, I'm disappointed!"

"Damon." answered Rebekka.

"Why am I not surprised? So, who's better?"

"Can't say, it's been too long since I've had fun with Stefan!" replied Rebekka.

"So, if I had to guess… I'd say Klaus slept with the bimbo, and Stefan reconnected with his doppelganger? Am I right?" asked Kol smiling.

Based on everyone's reaction he knew he was right. He left without a word, going back to his bedroom and laughing to himself; it was clear that Damon had slept with his sister as a back-up plan. Rebekka would never learn…

Upstairs, the girl had gone to Bonnie's temporary, and unused, bedroom; and sat on the bed.

"So Kol…" started Caroline.

"I would be more interested in you and Klaus… What about Tyler?" asked Bonnie seriously.


The blond Vampire looked to Elena and saw that her other friend seemed to be quite interested in her answer too.

"I was compelled." she answered.

"He forced you?" exclaimed Bonnie, her voice rising.

"N-No… but…"

"Then it is back to Bonnie's first question." interjected Elena.

"She just doesn't want to answer!" said a male voice from the door.

The three girls jumped slightly and saw Kol leaning casually against the doorframe.

"It just happened once anyway!" replied Caroline out of the blue as if it didn't really matter.

"Caroline!" exclaimed both girls in shock.

"I wouldn't be surprised if she had been compelled to let it go and not feel guilty about anything or something like that." said Kol. He saw Bonnie looking at him strangely. "And no Bonnie, I would never compel you to sleep with me or anything like it."

The witch smiled at him.

"Anyway, I'll let you girls talk about the amazing sex Bonnie and I had and that you will never have." He smirked and turned around, going to his room.

"He is such an ass!" shot Caroline.

"He can be, but he is really nice." said Bonnie.

"What makes you believe that he was saying the truth?" asked Elena. "You cannot believe him. They may have changed, but that doesn't mean anything…"

"Kol doesn't lie; it's something I like about him."

Both girls looked at their witch friends with doubts in their eyes.

"I'm serious. He doesn't lie, AT ALL. He's brutally honest; you both saw it yourself. I'm sorry if he hurt your feelings."

"It's not your fault Bonnie." reassured Elena. "

"But still… it's like having a boyfriend who hates your sisters…" complained Bonnie.

"Boyfriend?" exclaimed Caroline. "Oh! My god!"

Bonnie saw her friends' reaction and thought back to what she had said and blushed deeply.

"That's not what I meant… It's not like that with Kol…"

"Sorry Bon-Bon!" comforted the vampire, rubbing the witch's back. "Didn't want to put you in that position; I know how shy you can be sometimes…"

"Kol was gentle with you I hope?" asked Elena concerned.

"Yes he was very gentle…" answered Bonnie in a low voice, smiling. "He was careful and knew what he was doing… and that's all I'm going to say."

"Booonnnnnnnniiiieeeee!" moaned plaintively her friends.

"I'll just resume it for you and nothing else; he is more than entitled to boast about his bed's prowess."

Elena and Caroline giggled at her reply.

And they talked for another two hours about everything and nothing.

The late diner had been great. During diner, everyone had been asked by Rebekka to write the names of three different animals on pieces of paper, without showing them to anyone. The papers had been folded and placed into a bowl for later.

It was almost 9pm and they were all back in the living room; drinks in hand and music playing in the background.

"Okay guys! Pair up in girl/guy team." said the female Original out loud.

Kol knew the game his sister wanted to play and had made sure to stick close to Bonnie the whole time. He gazed down at the witch.

"You, me?" he asked smirking.

"Why not?" she replied as if she didn't care.

"Don't play coy with me, that's my game!" he replied, smiling devilishly at her.

She laughed.

They all sat with their teammate; Bonnie with Kol, Elijah with Katherine, Damon with Rebekka, Stefan with Caroline, leaving Klaus with Elena. Bonnie was surprised to see Stefan going for Caroline, but at the same time, they had been good friends.

Bonnie shivered when she felt Kol's fingers brush the nape of her neck before massaging it; it felt so good. She gazed to the side at him and realized that he wasn't even looking at her while doing. Question was; was he doing it on purpose or not. Anyway, she was enjoying it.

He continued his caress as his sister explained the game. When she was done, he let his hand fall to small of the witch's back.

"Oh! And before I forget" said Rebekka. "Each time you get an animal right, you get a point for your team. And if you pick your own paper, you get a point. The team who gets most points wins a free pass to either do or avoid doing something in the next games." She picked up the bowl. "I'll start…"

Both Rebekka and Damon had failed to find who their paper had belonged to.

Bonnie picked her first paper of three and read it.

"Polar bear." She said. She seemed thoughtful for a second as she looked at the paper while swirling it in her small hands. "Stefan." She finally answered looking up at the younger Salvatore.

Said vampire seemed taken aback by her choice. After a second he nodded, confirming that it was indeed him who had written it down. They walked to each other and kissed; it was simple and not over the top. She went back to sit with Kol who gave her a high five; first point of the night.

"How did you guess that one?" asked Elena.

"Well at first, I thought of Klaus, but it's too cute to be him. The Polar bear is one of the most dangerous animal and we tend to forget that because their cubs are so cute, but still. Stefan is like that…"

"Okay…" replied Elena not sure if she really understood Bonnie's logic.

"My turn!" exclaimed Kol as he picked a paper. "Hedgehog… that is so easy…"

Everyone seemed confused by that; a hedgehog? Who had written this?

"Can I get a kiss gorgeous?" asked Kol turning to Bonnie.

She blushed, wide eyes; surprised that he had guessed it right away. Before she could say anything, he grabbed the back of her head and kissed her deeply, pulling her to him. The kiss was very passionate and you would have to be blind not to see the fireworks between those two.


They pulled apart to see Rebekka smirking at them.

"No offence, but this was about to turn into a make-out session and that IS NOT part of the game. So Bonnie, I suppose, my brother had the right answer?" said the Original female.

"Yes." replied Bonnie simply.

"It was easy really… A hedgehog, it's tiny, super cute, but full of spines. I'm not surprised she would describe herself as such." answered Kol.

"Well…" said Rebekka pouting "You have 2 points."

"Swan." read Damon out loud. He gazed at all the girls and wondered who would have written that. "I'll try Rebekka.

"I would have said Caroline." countered Klaus.

"And me Elena." said Elijah.

"Wow…" said Kol and everyone turned to him. "Am I the only one who knows his 'animal kingdom' around here? That was clearly one of Bonnie's animal." He finished smiling proudly.

"Well it wasn't me!" exclaimed the blonde Original. "So who was it?" she asked.

And to everyone's astonishment, Kol had been right and Bonnie lifted her hand up.

"The swan is a beautiful and elegant bird, but it is very dangerous when it decides to strike back. I don't think I'm that beautiful and elegant…"

"Yes you are." said Kol, putting his two cents, cutting her mid-sentence.

"Can we move on!" said Katherine, not enjoying how little attention she was getting.

Bonnie picked a paper; she gazed at it and laughed out loud.

"Oh! God! THIS is hilarious!" she said barely able to breath as she kept on laughing harder.

"What the hell is on that paper?" asked Damon annoyed.

"If… this is… anyone else than Kol… I'll be shocked…" replied the witch between laughs.

Rebekka snatched the paper from Bonnie's hands.

"Bonobo monkey, what the hell is a Bonobo monkey?" questioned Bekka.

Kol smiled devilishly and in a matter of seconds, he had his tongue inside Bonnie's mouth. She stopped laughing as soon as his tongue came in contact with hers and moaned loudly, slipping her hands in his hair.

Both Caroline and Elena were gobsmacked as they watched Bonnie being devoured by Kol or was it the other way around; no matter what, it was hot.

"KOL!" said Elijah, raising his voice. "The game please?"

Said vampire growled, but pulled away from Bonnie.

"Fine." He took a small paper and unfolded it. "Black mamba… Katherine couldn't you be any more obvious?" he said throwing the paper in front of him.

"Okay seriously, how do you do that?" asked Stefan. He was honestly impressed.

"Let's just say that I'm not the most lethal of my family for nothing… I love observing people and learning everything and anything I can about them. Surprisingly, I'm not like Klaus who loves mind games or Elijah who likes to make you believe he is all noble when he can be just as deceptive as any of us or like Rebekka who goes bratty and vengeful the moment she doesn't get what she wants and I'm clearly not like Finn, little mommy's boy… Does that answer your question Stefan?" finished Kol, smirking.

The tension was high in the room as every single Original was fuming over their little brother's speech.

"Scorpion!" said Caroline louder than needed to get everyone's attention, which worked. "Well, with what just happened, I'll say Kol."

"Well Blondie, you got that right, for once." replied Kol.

He took her hand and kissed it. Caroline seemed confused, why hadn't Kol kissed her for real. Seeing her reaction made Kol laughed.

"Rebekka never specified where we had to kiss and I'm clearly not going to kiss you on the mouth." said Kol, sounding almost insulted.

The Original female, Katherine and Damon smirked at that. Caroline was about to snap back at Kol when her eyes went as wide as a saucer. The youngest Original's eyes almost did the same when he felt Bonnie's small hand on the inside of his thigh. His head snapped to the witch.

'Calm down.' She mouthed to him, smiling gently.

His whole posture changed and as his muscles relaxed, he realized that he had been just as tensed as his brothers and sister.

The last turn was about to start. They had decided to give their team names. Team Kennett had a perfect score of 4 and luckily for the rest of the gang you couldn't get point for guessing animal you hadn't picked or their score would have been higher. Team Klena had 3 points, Kalijah also 3 points, while Team Ramon and Steroline had 2 points.

"A crow… Would that be you Damon by any chance?" asked the Original female.

"High five partner!" replied the eldest Salvatore before kissing her.

Damon picked his last paper.

"A shark…"

That could be anyone of the Original, cause it wasn't Stefan or Caroline or Katherine that had written that. He decided to go with his guts.

"Kol." He answered.

"I am not kissing you." replied said Original. If he could have turned green he would have.

"Fine by me."

"But you HAVE to kiss!" complained Rebekka.

"FINE! Salvatore, you can kiss my foot!" shot back Kol as he rose his feet to Damon.

"Can I just kiss Bonnie instead?" suggested Damon.

"NO!" snapped back Kol.

"Can I make a suggestion? Can we just let it go?" said Elijah.

"I second that." replied Kol.

"It's my turn then." said Bonnie, picking up her last paper. "Wolf."

She looked at Klaus; a wolf was too obvious and this was more about perception and personality than associating an animal with someone. She didn't have many choices left, but still enough to make it hard to decide. Then, she had a flash.

"ELIJAH!" she exclaimed.

She looked at the Original who nodded, confirming her choice.

"WOOT!" she said happily.

She walked to him and knowing how he felt about her, she simply gave him a kiss on the cheek before going back to Kol' side.

"Your turn partner!" she smiled at the youngest Original.

"All the pressure is on me to get a perfect score for our team now!" he said as he picked a paper. "A lioness… Aw! Lucky me, I get to kiss gorgeous a second time! I'm surprised you didn't put a mama bear on any of these paper." he exclaimed before turning to Bonnie who was blushing. "Come here beautiful…" he said huskily as he grabbed the back of her neck bringing her closer.

He nipped at her bottom lip, feeling her hot breath on his face before capturing her lips with his. He kissed her fiercely for a few seconds and let her go before anyone could complain.

When the game was finally over, Team Kennett was declared victorious with a perfect score; which gave them the opportunity to cheat later on in a game.

"So, what now?" asked Caroline.

"It's time for Two minute Temptations!" answered Klaus smirking.

Everyone cheered; they were all ready for some serious game. Most of them were starting to get seriously drunk, Bonnie and Kol though with their perfect score had drank only a little since the beginning of the night.

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