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Chapter One

Summer passed in heat, sex, and changes for Dixie. The crow inked on her chest was a reminder each time she looked in the mirror or dressed that it wasn't. Her life was not the same. It took her a month to realize that she hadn't change. Everyone and everything else had. It was the incredibly simple things. Gemma called the house for Maggie to help her instead of asking Dixie. Gemma asked Dixie often to 'call the girls together' if she needed help instead. Dixie had stopped being expected to clean up after the Club. They stopped asking for a million and one beers every time she stepped into the clubhouse.

One night sitting on Tig's lap as he and some of the boys were playing poker Dixie really realized that her status had changed. A couple of sweet-butts were wrapped up around the other boys. She was focused on Tig and whispering advice into his ear when Mimi, a busty fake-blonde, handed them both fresh beers. At first, out of instinct, Dixie was alarmed that she hadn't heard them request beers but then she realized that it didn't matter. If they had asked they weren't asking her. She thanked Mimi softly and took a drag of her beer.

It was simple things at first.

Then as she became closer, and closer to Tig it became more apparent. Since she had gotten inked it was like both of them were tied to each other. They were utterly hungry for each other all the time. It was like a damn honeymoon. Dixie's whole world started to spin at a entirely different axis centered around her and Tig.

It was easy to figure out why it was only the 'good stuff' about an Old Lady's status that was apparent to everyone else. It was the first thing that changed for a woman when she found herself in with the title. Dixie strayed from that, she was almost afraid of it. Afraid that if she liked it too much that it would ruin what she wanted so much with Tig. Despite the changes and the changes to come…Tig had become Dixie's one and only constant.

Dixie had imagined herself madly, deeply in love with him. But she hadn't realized that the freedom that the security of being his Old Lady brought to her would allow her to fall more in love. What they had was the same. He stalked her, knew things about her life that even she didn't know yet, and she took care of him. Tig was always one (or five) steps ahead of her and Dixie was always there ready to give him a kiss and a warm bed. It was their way.

One night as he after he took them home from the club house he told her that he had to go out of town with the Club to the Arizona charter.

"When are you leaving?" She asked, putting dinner on the table.

"Friday morning, crack o'dawn." He replied. He squeezed her hips. "You gonna be there to send me off?"

She leaned down and kissed him quickly. "Absolutely, babe."

And yes, she was out at the crack of dawn serving coffee and breakfast alongside Gemma and Tara. It was a moment where she stood and realized that it was just them. The Club and the three of them. It was too early for hangarounds and sweet-butts. The Clubhouse was eerily quieter than she had ever heard it before. It was just too damn early to be loud.

Gemma squeezed her arm and nodded at her . "Good to have ya with us, darlin'."

Tara gave her a smile of acknowledgement and passed her the coffee. "I'm glad Tig is going to watch Jax's back." She commented to Dixie as they traded sausage for pancakes beside the table.

Dixie looked at Tig who was sitting, drinking his coffee next to her. He hardly acknowledged Tara's words but the phrasing…it struck Dixie in the back of her mind. She smiled back at Tara and wrapped her arm around Tig. It was early, too early for her brain to start worrying, but she wondered what was going on that made Tara say that? It wasn't just a visit to another Charter, was it?

She shook off her worries and piled more pancakes on his plate because at that moment, it was what Dixie could do.

"You need anything, talk to Gemma or Juice." Tig said to her as he was loading up his bike. "Keep the door locked and shit."

Dixie quirked her mouth a bit at his concern but then a somber thought hit her as she remembered Tara's comment.

"Hey.." She took a hold of his shoulders and cupped his neck. "You'll be alright, right? This is just a run?"

Tig shook his head dismissively. "Naw, naw. It's just a run, doll. I gotta watch Jax's back a little. Nothing new, nothing worse. I swear."

He kissed her on the mouth and held her face in his hands. Tig's blue eyes bore into hers and he said quieter, just in case some of the others could hear "Remember – talk to Gemma or Juice if you need something. Lock the doors and shit. I love you."

"I love you too." Dixie replied kissing him and holding onto his neck one last time before he got on his ride. She helped him get his helmet on and pecked him on the cheek. "Keep safe. I'll be waiting for you."

"You better be." He drawled. Blue eyes twinkled at her. Dixie walked back to where Gemma and Tara were standing out of the way of the bikes. Gemma squeezed her waist as they rode out and ushered her back into the Clubhouse when they weren't in sight anymore.

A pain etched inside of her chest, a pain of worry, and Dixie never had that before. It hurt. It really, truly did.

"Don't be worried, baby." Gemma stated to her as she helped her clean up the dishes. "This shit ain't the worst the Club's had and if anyone of them could get through hell it'd be your man."

"I didn't even know it could be bad." She murmured.

Gemma looked at her thoughtfully and set down her soapy dishes. "Baby, I'm gonna tell you somethin' I tell all the girls that get serious with one of the guys." She looked at Dixie pointedly. "There are only two types of Old Ladies that will ever make it work with a Son. An Old Lady they tell nothing to about Club business to and the Old Lady that gets full disclosure. That is the only way it works. If I were you I'd take these couple of days and figure out which Old Lady your wanna be."

With that little sage nugget of wisdom Gemma went back to washing dishes. She left Dixie with a whole lot of thought inside of her head. It was something that she had to face. In felt like ages ago, Dixie had to face something like this. She had to face her feelings for Tig head on. It was a fact that Dixie had to be one or the other. She knew Gemma was giving her truth. But, it didn't matter in comparison to the departure of Tig. Her heart felt like it was being squeezed harder as the moments went by and Tig was on the road.

He had gone before, when they were just starting out. But this time she was truly the one waiting for him. Tig had filled places in her life that she hadn't realized were empty. The crow on her chest, embedded into her skin, reminded her that this was permanent. It would the most permanent thing she had ever tried to achieve in her life. What they had was worth that. And what they had was being stretched by the miles between them.

Dixie knew that it wouldn't break. It'd most likely just get easier as time went by. But, she let herself worry. She let herself have that pain in her chest because it was worth it. Waiting for him, was most definitely worth it.