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Self challenge: Harry Potter as Sakura Haruno? Let the good times roll.

Summary: Harry's last thought was that the afterlife would be peaceful. There would be no evil snake pedophile for him to kill. Boy was he wrong.

Part One

Harry opened his eyes to the room the horribly PINK room around him. 'Pink? The afterlife is really PINK? What the heck?' His thoughts continued along this path until he became tired and slept. When next his eyes opened he was aware of a very uncomfortable wetness the more he moved to figure out what it was the worse it got so he opened his mouth to yell.


For a moment he wasn't sure where that noise came from and it shocked him silent when it became apparent that the noise was HIM. Still there was that wet feeling he had and he tried to move to dislodge whatever it was that gave him the wet feeling. When the results of his moving around only made the wetness worse he knew something was wrong.

When the wetness finally became a bit too uncomfortable he realized he would need help. So he made some more noise to attract some form of assistance. The noise that came from his mouth was high pitched and so not his voice at least not the voice he remembered having.

'Maybe I got hit with something that damaged my voice box?' but that wouldn't explain why he felt small and why the afterlife was pink. 'I hope someone comes soon, that wet feeling is really starting to grate.' just as he finished the thought he sensed someone coming. 'Well at least the afterlife is kind to let me keep my magic.'

"Calm down little flower, papa is here." Came a soft very male voice from his right and then the room became brighter. As he adjusted to the light he became aware of two, very large distinctly male hands picking him up.

Although he wanted to focus on the room he found himself in he instead focused on the person who had spoken. It was a man in his late twenties with either very light red or dark pink hair which he found rather odd, and green eyes the man himself had been talking but Harry hadn't paid much attention to it. 'What the Hell is going on?'

As he was thinking of what could have gone wrong for him to be this small and in the care of an oddly colored man he became very aware of the breeze across his nether regions. He whimpered in distress and it was fast becoming panic when the man spoke again.

"Shh, little flower almost done. Then you and me can sit in the rocker and wait on mommy to wake up and I'll read you a story. You'd like that wouldn't you Sakura-chan?" The man continued speaking but at the moment Harry was completely focused on the fact that he had call him Sakura. As far as Harry knew Sakura was a GIRLS name and that could only mean one thing as far as Harry was concerned. He was in deep shit.


It was with some trepidation that Harry began to integrate himself into the life of Sakura Haruno a six month old baby girl from Konohagakure. It wasn't too difficult really, at first he merely had to be a baby and since he was fairly certain that he was old enough to sit up on his own he did just that. Every chance he got he no…she would pull herself up and look around wherever she was. 'There really isn't any choice now. I'm a girl and there isn't anything I can do about it. Though I would be more then fine if this whole mess had me with my old utensils.'

She could even vocalize a little, mostly small two word sentences that barely made sense but she hoped to get better over time. Her parents though, were proud of their little genius, as they called her though the reality was that she had already gone through this once already. Though she was now a girl she truly wasn't looking forward to the potty training part of her life, that was going to be an experience in and of itself.

Three months after beginning this new life Sakura was taking her first steps with her anxious parents looking on. When her steps ended with her plopping down in front of her father she was rewarded with applause. She smiled at her parents as they cooed at her in praise of her accomplishment.


She wondered what the hell was going on now. The day had started out alright she was walking a little better then she had last week then she had taken her nap, which she detested but it was necessary, and then things had gone to hell.

There was a rumbling and then there was a very malevolent presence all around her. It pressed into her and she could feel something push back. She was curious and sacred. Whatever it was that was giving off this feeling had to be near by and judging by her parents movements it was.

After that night her parents were somber and angry but at what she was unsure, she only knew that they had become more fervent in their need to protect her from everything.


It is her birthday today and she is so excited, today her parents are going to take her outside to play with other children. Now she can figure out why her magic is behaving oddly.

It had been a few days after that malevolent presence had come and gone that she had begun to do more with her magic then use it as an extra sensory device. She had begun doing little things with it like levitating light objects, making different colored balls of floating light to entertain herself with at night and finally helping her muscles to develop a little bit faster then was normal.

As the months passed she was glad that she had taken her education in the magical arts more seriously the Ron had wished. Sure having him for a friend was fun; having Hermione's friendship though, for all that she nagged at them both to study more, was a blessing. Before she had befriended Hermione, Harry had been well on his way to replaying his first years in school. Hiding behind stupidity and not doing his best at everything he tried even if he failed in the end.

Having Hermione around to show him that there was nothing wrong with getting good grades and doing well at something that you liked. He was even more glad that Ron hadn't become mad at him for becoming a second book worm to Hermione's number one. That had actually been their first dispute, though Ron had insisted that he, Harry, didn't need to study anymore then necessary Harry had been adamant that he did. ' "After all Ron, I want a good job when I grow up. I also would like to grow up."' In the end Ron had given in and had done pretty well himself all things considered. 'He was still bullheaded and rash, but he was a good friend and now? Now I'm here, alone, in this new world that doesn't play by any of the rules I knew.'

Here she was though months later and she was playing around with children a little older then her newly minted one year old self. There are of course a couple of differences between her and the other children one difference being that she is smaller then they are. The other being that they, being older, have more stamina. But play was not hindered in any way once the elder children found that she was more then willing to just watch if she got too tired to play or if it was a game she didn't understand.

Though most games she did understand it was her excuse to focus of her magic and the weird energy she could feel around the park. The energy itself reminded her a lot of every magical creatures she had run around with in her old life. It was a feeling of slight welcome and a distant feeling of curiosity, in fact it sort of felt like… 'That can't be possible, Mother-Gaia?' she began to sort through everything she remembered about how wizards and witches could connect to the spirit of the earth.

'First I have to clear my thoughts of all, then I have to use my magic to 'touch' her, call her. She should respond to that but if she doesn't I have to wait before I can try again.' it was something she'd only done once as Harry and then she hadn't talked to Gaia very long.



'Child?'her voice was tired but strong in a way she'd never heard of, it was almost like she was newer.

'Mother, I call you.'

'Child, I hear you.' now what was he supposed to say?

'Mother are these new children? New sibs for the blessed, the Magi?' her voice when she answered Sakura this time didn't sound as tired.

'Child you are a long way from home,' she felt something sifting through her mind and though it frightened her a bit she knew it was Gaia. 'So far from home, but through time not through my sisters among the black. Child hear me.'

'I hear you Mother, I come from another time. Can you tell which and why?'

'Yes, you come from before, long before. When I grew old and died only to be reborn and remade by Mother Chaos and Father Universe. A chosen you were, a chosen you remain.'

He knew what that meant, 'Thank you Mother.'

'We will talk again young one, more I will tell you.'

Then the connection was gone and she felt even more alone the she had before their conversation. 'From before, huh? I guess people really couldn't get along then. They destroyed themselves and Mother, but why do I remember?' not dwelling on the thoughts for now she went back to watching the other kids play. 'Another childhood? This time with absolutely no one else's expectations? I can live with that.'

It a couple hours after she had had the conversation with Gaia that she found herself listening in on a conversation that would help her understand this weird ass world.

"So then sensei tells me that I have more chakra then is average for a girl my age so I should start the tree walking exercise. I was a little confused but he told me that molding chakra on the bottom of my feet would be harder then trying to make a leaf stick to my forehead." A girl with red hair was saying to another girl with brownish hair. They were in the tree a few yards away from where everyone was playing and where Sakura happened to be resting.

"Have you tried it then?" the brown haired girl asked.

"Of course I have and it is a little bit harder but Shiro told me that water walking was even more difficult so I'm doing that next week."

She couldn't listen to anymore of their conversation because her father was calling her over to the pile of presents. As she was walking away though she decided she'd learn more about 'chakra,' 'Maybe chakra is what replaced magic?'


Three months after her first birthday party found Sakura reading a book on chakra and its many uses. Though she wasn't as fluent in the written language as she was in the spoken version but she was learning, fast. It had been a small revelation to learn that chakra was not in fact magic nor was it a replacement for magic.

Chakra was in fact a solid energy pattern derived from two resources, both mental and physical. Whereas magic, magic was an energy(spiritual) pattern that was given to the person by Mother Gaia. Genetics though seemed to be the sticking point in both magic and chakra, the one thing that was similar in both magical children born to magical parents usually had better control of their magic. Similarly children born to those who utilized their chakra through their life had larger reserves, there were of course exceptions.

Her genetics this go round weren't anything like she remembered though, and her parents weren't in a position were they used their chakra almost everyday. Her parents owned a bakery and book store, her mother was an avid reader where her father loved to bake anything. 'I have to remember to spend time in the bakery when I'm bigger,' baking had been the one thing from her past that she wouldn't mind taking up again.

It had taken her a little over a week after her first birthday to realize that she was subconsciously using her magic as a translation filter for the spoken language. She had been startled to learn that the language of the world had changed but when she thought about it, it did make sense. Why would the world continue to speak English when there was no England anymore?

Learning to speak the language without the filter was a small hurdle but one she needed to over come. It was a whole month after her first birthday that she found herself speaking more without the filter then with it. 'It's nice not having to rely on something other then myself for speaking.'

She spent the next two months getting her father and mother to read to her with her in their lap so that she could see the words in their written form. At first they had thought she merely wanted to look at the pictures but after three weeks her father picked up on what she was really doing.

"My little girl is a genius." were the words that had come out of his mouth.

"Nuh-uh, papa!" was what had come out of her mouth only for her father to tickle her into giggles. He hadn't stopped reading to her but he had taken to pointing out the words and their meanings afterwards.

She believed that her magic had something to do with how fast she was absorbing everything, after all even being as old as she was mentally didn't account for how easily she was learning all these new things. Her genetics and the fact that her mind was physically younger helped her as well but it didn't explain all of it away.

The work she had done with her muscles made it easier for her to stay awake longer and pick up books that would be to heavy otherwise. She knew though, that she would begin to have problems with her own strength if she didn't slow down so she cut back on how much stimulation she gave to her muscles. As it happened though, she knew she wanted to read more on chakra, its uses and hopefully learn weather she'd be able to use it. 'Hermione had been the one to tell me that no knowledge or skill unimportant, so if I can use chakra then I have to cultivate the skill.'

So that was how she began to spend hours until her mother notice what it was that she was reading almost two weeks later. She had been careful to not let her parents see what it was she was reading. She had known what their likely reaction would be and she was right. They were scared, upset and a little disappointed in her that she would pick a ninja skill to read up on.

Her father, having helped her with her reading had told her that she wouldn't be spending all of her time reading. He had even commented that, 'genius or not my daughter will not become antisocial.'

She could deal with that she decided and while she was outside she would begin serious training with her magic. Even if she was only a year old or not she wasn't about to stop using her magic it was something that she had always used consciously or not.

As for her using her magic to strengthen her muscles even though she had cut back on it there had been a small accident. Her father had been playing with her when she lashed out with her leg catching him off guard he had taken her kick on his right side. The bruise he wore for the next three days would be something that would haunt her until she could control her strength.


The next three years her life were very pleasant in that her parents allowed her to do just about anything so long as they knew where she was. Independence, it had been a big thing for her in her previous life and it was a big thing for her now, especially when she finally discovered ninjas.

It was by pure coincidence that her father and her were in the park that day, though she didn't know it at the time it was a big thing really. The man that had come running through their play, at break neck speed turned out to be a low level chunin that had turned out to be a spy for a smaller village. He had been caught trying to get into records that were off limits to ninjas of his rank. So without a good reason to be in the room with high profile records he was asked to politely by the two jounin to accompany them to the Hokage for a talk.

Honestly when she heard about it later it was obvious they were not going to take him to the Hokage, really taking him there wouldn't have been right in the first place. No, they were going to take him to the T&I nins and let them get what they could out of him.

Though none of this concerned her or her father the day he came running through the park and snatched her up to use as a hostage. Nor did any of it matter when, after he turned to throw a few weapons behind him to slow down his pursuers, he very nearly skewered her father.

What had mattered to her was that he had come close to killing her father. She may have been a little distant in the beginning but he was her father and no one was going to kill him if she had anything to say about it.

The moment she had her hand close to his kidneys she punched him with a magically reinforced fist. Letting her magic spear into him to pierce his kidney, she knew the moment she succeed. He went down with a hoarse groan and they fell the ten feet to the ground landing with an audible thump.

By the time she had collected herself and was standing they were surrounded by three men and a woman wearing white makes with distinct patterns. If she hadn't been aware that she was no longer in her world she would have thought them death eaters. Then again that impression wouldn't have lasted long considering the other attire they were dressed in.

"Be calm little one," one of the men said as the woman hashed out orders to the others.

"Sakura," she said.

At the tilt of his head she giggled, "My name is Sakura."

He didn't offer his name but she didn't expect him to after all what would the point of the mask? Instead he picked her up and left the place of impact.

"Ne, Hawk-san? Is my papa alright?" The young man tilted his head slightly to look at her and nodded. The smile she directed at him was one she didn't give often to strangers, the smile she gave to her parents as she had no other precious people.

After she was reunited with her father Sakura was glad that Hawk hadn't asked her how it was that she had incapacitated her abductor. She wouldn't have liked to lied to him but she was certain after that event as to what she wanted to do with her new life. She wanted to be a ninja.


Her mother and father were very against her learning any more about ninja life when she told them about her life changing decision. Her mother was scared that she would never settle down with a 'nice boy and give me grandbabies', of course her father said they were young enough to have more children. That had set her mother off on a different and money related issue. Her father was worried that she would become a completely different person if she joined the ninja ranks, but he also could see her determination.

When she pointed out the flaws in their arguments against ninja training they were stumped. She was four, their four year old daughter just argued with them and logically too; Sakura decided on a compromise. If ,after being in the academy for one year, she decided she couldn't handle ninja life she would drop out and carry on the family business instead.

She knew she wouldn't give up on being a ninja but she would give her parents hope, if only for a little while, that she would tire of that life or be scared off by the darker aspects that came with it. She could and would handle it though, she knew she could and she knew she would handle it to the best of her abilities.


Getting into the academy was the problem, it turned out that she had to wait until she was five before she would qualify for peace time regulated age limitations. Even then she had to pass the ten question test to be placed in the class best suited for her intellect. As it was the peace time regulated limitations also told her how old she was likely to be when she graduated, not younger then ten. So five years to adjust to the life before being given to a sensei to take missions, she could deal.

So for the next year she studied what books she could get a hold of, with and without her parents permission. She also found a semi-secluded place in the park to practice the little bit of taijutsu she knew or could learn from the books she had. Before she knew it and before her parents realized the placement test came around.

She was looking forward to it, according to the man, who introduced himself as Shoju Nara, there was two parts to the test. The first was a written test that had ten simple questions on it. The second was a physical test which would test their speed, endurance and strength.

Sakura found the written test to be very, very simplistic and boring. She had finished long before the allotted time and had decided to doodle on the back of the paper. Nothing fancy merely some flowers and a stag, lilies and prongs respectfully. When it came to the physical test she wasn't the fastest nor did she have the endurance most of the boys seemed to have. But she was the strongest though not by much there was a boy who looked a couple years older then her who was just under her in that. His name was Rock Lee.

When the class rosters where decided on two days later she was even more excited then before. She had a new friend in a boy named Kenji Aburame. He was eight years old and just beginning classes because he'd been very sick as baby but the medic pronounced him fit enough to train a few months back.

As they sat waiting to hear their names being call Kenji and Sakura were talking about the various insect species that inhabited Konoha. It was almost their undoing, they were so engrossed in their discussion that Sakura almost missed her assignment. She was with Shoju Nara, she moved to where he had indicated to wait with the others. She was just a little sad that she wasn't with her friend but she decided that wouldn't stop her from studying with him after school.

Finally the day had come for her to begin her future career as a ninja of Konoha. This time when she smiled there was a twinkle in her eye.

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