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Part Six

The journey back to Konoha didn't take nearly as long as the mission but that was how it usually went according to Kakashi and she wasn't about to protest. Although she wasn't told the details as to why they had needed to find the sanin she did piece a little of it together.

It seems there was discontent in the village among those in power and one of the larger clans, which clan she wasn't sure. Jiraiya as far as she could tell was being recalled for two reasons; one, his reports hadn't been getting to the village as often as the Hokage liked and two, he had something, she thought, that could help with the situation.

When she had finally had a moment to herself she listened to the recording and was upset that she had underestimated Kakashi. She really should've known that he had seen the change in her eyes, 'He is a legend in his own right after all and I did spend a month in his company. I should have known he would notice the change in my eyes. But that also means….'

It also meant that Orochimaru had seen her eyes and even if he hadn't she had to plan as if he had and that meant one thing.

'I have to tell Itachi-sensei about it.' that worried her a little more then the fact that Orochimaru had most likely seen her eyes. 'Which says something about my priorities doesn't it? Still, what the hell am I supposed to say to him?

"Oh hey sensei I have magical eyes and I mean magical because I happen to be a reincarnation of a twenty-one year old war veteran. Who just so you know, happens to be a wizard too." Yeah because that would go over like a bag of bricks.'

She continued to think about how to tell her sensei about her ability in such a way that he wouldn't recommend her to the psychiatric ward of the ninja hospital. In the end she decided to tell him a mixed truth and hope that it worked.

'How am I supposed to deal with Kakashi and Jiraiya though? They know too and it could become a problem later.' In the end she decided to deal with Itachi first to see how things went.

Later when they set up camp for the night she found her sensei while he was on his watch and began a conversation, "Sensei?"

When he turned to her to show she had attention she continued, "When Kakashi fought Orochimaru something happened to my eyes."

She could tell she had his attention fully when he tensed for a second but she didn't let on about knowing that he knew.

"They itched and then I could see the fight, but before the itching I couldn't keep up with how fast they were moving. Just before you and Jiraiya arrived I thought I felt something in my eyes so I rubbed them and then things went back to normal."

Itachi was looking at her like he'd never seen her before but Sakura was certain that he wouldn't call her on her bull. 'No matter how obvious the bullshit is he won't call me on it. At least not here where anyone can overhear us, later though in the village I'm going to get it.'

She could just picture the torture he would put her through all in the name of 'training.'

"It may be that you have a latent dojutsu that activated due to the amount of killing intent. There are ways to test the theory but I would prefer it if you simply tried channeling your chakra to your eyes." He looked at her and she could see the question in his eyes.

"I can try sensei."

"Not too much Sakura just a small amount should do and remember your channeling the charka not focusing it into your eyes." she nodded when turned to face her completely.

She was mildly worried about what he would do when he didn't feel any of her chakra moving when her eyes changed but she knew that it was sink or swim time. Something she had had a lot of practice with in her other life.

'After all how many young wizards faced possessed professors when they were eleven or sixty foot snakes that could kill you with their eyes at twelve. Not many that's for sure and if there had been any they probably hadn't lived to tell their tale.'

Slowly she moved some of her magic into her eyes and felt something change, taking out her mirror, one she used to peak around corners, she saw what had changed. Her butterfly wings had grown out past her iris and had darkened a bit, but of course she didn't tell Itachi-sensei.

"Well it seems we need to add dojutsu training to your regimen."

Stunned all she could do was nod but she could help but think, 'I hope I live to tell this tale it would be nice to have someone know it.'


On the second day of their return trip Jiraiya had pulled her aside and grilled her about her seals and why she had started using them. An hour later he looked like he was going to hyperventilate with the things she had told him.

"You mean to tell me you got into seal making because YOU WANTED TO PRANK PEOPLE?" She hadn't known that a voice as deep as his could reach that high an octave without some precious jewels being crushed in the process.

'You would think that his had already dropped considering his age but then again maybe not. Anything is possible haven't I already learned that lesson?' Looking at the overgrown child she sighed but answered him nonetheless.

"Well short version is yes. The longer version would be no, however you have the gist of it." she said.

It was Kakashi who broke into the childish fit Jiraiya seemed about ready to have due to everything she'd said. "I thought that might have been you who had pranked the Hokage Tower a year ago. Especially when Naruto didn't take credit for it. Though it seems you have matured since then." He did his weird eye smile thing and went back to his book. She really wanted to learn how to do that eye smile thing, it looked so cool. 'Plus I'd love to freak people out by smiling with my eyes and not my mouth.'

"Na, I haven't matured much. I just stopped pranking because…." She stopped talking and looked at her feet, it was because of Kenji that she had stopped pranking. She didn't know if she would ever prank anyone with out thinking of him and Shikamaru hadn't been really big on pranking in the first place.

"Oh, well at least I know who finally got the tower over one."


He had been sure it was her who had pranked the tower and he was glad to have been proven right. He hadn't been on tower duty when she had accomplished the chaos and disorder but he had heard all about it later that week.

'It was a surprise that someone managed to prank the tower with all of the Anbu but according to Crow they were spread pretty thin that week.' Someone had brought back a flu that the other Anbu had caught before anyone had noticed anything. 'It was her lucky break really that she'd chosen that week and another one.'

When he had come to the tower for his slot at tower duty the Hokage had called him into his office and assigned him a small mission. The elder shinobi had requested that he watch over the girl for a little while. The order itself came before he'd even been told about the prank and had caused him to almost question the order.

Before he could though the Hokage had piqued his curiosity with a short statement, "She'll surprise you Kakashi."

When he left the office Crow had told him about the prank and his curiosity had doubled.

He had watched her when she was with her friends and when she was by herself for almost two weeks before the Hokage had sent him on his last official mission for the Anbu corps.

'And all of the things I learned in those two weeks it was how she seemed to be more grown up then her friends that had me wanting to stick around some more.' it had been because it was his last mission as Anbu that he had left off watching her.

After eight years of service to Anbu he'd been one of the seniors by the time he'd finally hung up his mask to go back to the regulars. But occasionally he would find himself seeking out a pink haired girl who could do interesting things with seals.

'Her sealing has come along nicely and her genjutsu isn't bad considering she only has two mastered. With Itachi as her sensei though it makes sense that he would train her in genjutsu.' his thoughts on Sakura changed from the past to the present as he went over how she had conducted herself on the mission at hand.

'She's quiet, knows when to speak up and when not to. She isn't likely to do something dangerous without consulting someone if there's time for it.' that had been a lesson in Sakura that he and Itachi both had had to learn.

A week into the mission they had been camping outside of a village known for its…hospitality towards the wealthy when the lesson had begun. Sakura had found a woman underdressed and fending off three men who wanted to…. She put a stop to it and made certain that the woman was alright before she escorted the frightened woman back to her hostel.

Kakashi and Itachi both had been curious and a little put out about why she would do something like that on a mission like theirs. Her answer hadn't been what the two prodigies had expected to hear. "Being a ninja is great but I won't ever and I mean ever allow a woman to go through that if I can stop it. It isn't right nor is it fair and yes I know that life screws us all but it doesn't have to be literal."

She had gone straight to bed after that and Kakashi hadn't woken her for her watch that night.

Looking at her now Kakashi could see she had lost herself in memories, memories he knew of the Aburame she had befriended near two years previous. He knew that the boy had died, some sort of disease that ate away at his organs it had been a small miracle that the child had lived as long as he had in the first place.

"You know kid if you want, I could teach you what I know about seals." the sanin said after he digested everything Sakura told him.

Kakashi watched as she shook herself and narrowed her eyes at the man, "Hmm, I don't know. You are a pervert after all." He almost laughed out loud at the look on his favorite authors face.

"I admit to being a super pervert but I'm not a lolicon!" it was shouted out and only small feminine giggles stopped the sanin from ranting.

Kakashi was very amused by the child and glancing over at the young jonin who was the girls sensei, he could tell Itachi was amused as well. He would definitely have to stick around the kid, she was fun.

'Now I wonder how long it will take before the kid tells us about her eyes?' the jounin thought as his eyes turned back to his book.


Itachi watched her as they made their way back to the village, he was worried about how she might react to having a dojutsu. Shutting down like that wasn't a good thing at all and he was certain that she'd never done that before. He was thankful that it hadn't lasted long but watching her, he noticed that she would make sure she didn't draw their attention longer then necessary.

It was a reaction he recognized as the one he'd shown when he had first activated his sharingan. He hadn't wanted to be seen as different from any of the other children and so had kept it a secret for as long as possible.

'It had been folly though, that had been the reason Shisui had followed me one day to my training grounds that day. I suppose I could have been a bit more tactful but I was tired, oh so tired that day.' He had been training his sharingan for three months before Shisui had come along seen what he had been doing. The older boy had promptly made his father aware of that fact as well.

He loved his cousin very much but that day, 'That day,' he thought, 'I could have dismembered him for babbling about my secret.'

It had been the only thing that he'd ever had for himself and now, he looked at his student, now he was teaching someone who might go through worse.

'It won't happen,' he decided, 'not if I have anything to say about it.'

She was his student and as such was his responsibility until she became a chunin and he would make sure that she was as safe as someone could be in their occupation.


Sakura was happy that it had only taken three days to get back to the village she was really tired of looking over her shoulder. It was one of those things that the 'adults' hadn't wanted to disturb her with. The fact that they might have been followed but she was smart enough to know that people like them didn't give up easily. She made sure to stick close to her sensei without being overly up-front about it, she didn't think she managed considering who her sensei was.

Walking back into the village had a weird affect on her, it was like there had been a blanket covering her eyes and now, she could see. She saw how people would stop and look at her sensei and then begin to whisper to their neighbor as they passed. Her eyes also spotted how Itachi would notice them but he ignored it, just like she had. The whispers and looks followed them all the way to the tower.

Usually when she had finished her mission she would turn in a report to the missions desk and receive her payment but with the nature of this mission and the people involved, they went directly to the Hokage. They were lucky he was finishing up a meeting when they arrived.

"Jiraiya-kun, nice to see you again." were the words of one the oldest living shinobi.

"Well you know how I like the research opportunities of our lovely village."

Sakura rolled her eyes at the mans response it was childish and so him, Kakashi was almost as bad with his chronic need to read smut.

When she happened to call it smut in his (Jiraiya's) hearing the reply was that his books were literature and that she 'wouldn't understand' because she was young. She had wanted to say that she'd already read them and hadn't found them to be as interesting as the man thought they were, if only to see the look on his face.

Instead she had shaken her head and said that she probably wouldn't his literature even if she did understand. Of course she would keep her small collection a secret, no need for him to know about it after all.

The Hokage's voice pulled her out of her thoughts.

"Well now Sakura-chan, you may leave, here is your pay for the mission and remember no one is to know the details of your mission." he hadn't had to say that but she was alright with it. Collecting her payment slip from the Hokage she slipped out the door to go to the bank to make her deposit.

It had been Itachi-sensei's idea that she get an account separate from her parents so that she could learn to keep up with her earnings. She had to admit it was better then sharing with her parents for the simple fact that she didn't have to explain why she bought things when she did. Her parents weren't so happy because they hadn't wanted her to grow up so quickly but they hadn't protested as hard as they had when she asked to be placed in the academy.

After making her deposit and then spending a couple of hours at her house one to clean up, (her and her things) she spent another with her parents before they finally left for the festival like they'd planned. She also played with Orion for a little while before deciding that it wouldn't be too much trouble to bring him along with her as she headed out to visit Shikamaru.

Since it was Saturday she was certain he would be cloud watching or playing shogi with his father. Sakura decided to check his favorite cloud watching spots before checking the clearing they'd claimed as theirs. Half an hour later she found him lazing about in their clearing with another boy who was eating a bag of chips.

Orion was obviously happy to have more people to play with as he ran over to the two boys and promptly jumped on Shikamaru.

"Omphf," Sakura giggled at her friends slightly pained groan.

"Sakura call your mutt." he said as she came into hearing range. She knew he didn't like to yell if he didn't have to.

"Oi! Don't call my little man a mutt, your laziness." he gave her a look but didn't say anything as she called to Orion to behave himself.

"So, you were gone a while." rolling his head to look at her before motioning to the empty space beside him.

"Mission." she said as she sat beside him a tilt to her head in his friends direction.

"Hmm. This is Chouji Akimichi, Chouji this is Sakura Haruno."

His lazy drawl was something she had missed while she had been on her mission, "Hi Chouji."


"Shikamaru, I've been thinking," she began. Watching as Orion began his sneak attack on a butterfly.

"Oh no that's not good." he laughed.

"Hush you, I've been thinking about how it's been a long time since we caused any mischief." she hadn't wanted to bring this up around his new friend but she had a feeling he would've wanted Chouji involved.

"Yeah but we are on separate schedules so it was bound to happen."

"I know but I really think we should give it another go." he looked about ready to protest but something caught her attention, a niggling at the edge of her senses. "Hold that thought, I'll be right back."

As she walked away she heard his signature, "Troublesome," and sent a wicked smile his way before honing in on whatever it was that had caught her senses.

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