"Accidentally in Love" - Ch. 1: She's Not There

Summary: Quinn wakes up after the accident and thinks it's sophomore year. She's dating Finn and Rachel's dating Puck. After some coaxing, they play along for the sake of Quinn's mental stability.

Rating: T ...there's a chance there will be a more "M" chapter later, but I'll give fair warning.

Author's Note: Someone came up with this idea on Tumblr, and I decided to run with it. I'm going to try to update as much as possible to get us all through this hiatus and the rest of this disastrous season.

Disclaimer: I do not own Glee or any of the characters. If I did Finchel would be Season One news, and we'd have beautiful Puckleberry Fuinn...and lots of Pezberry duets! And Tina would get a song, and maybe even a storyline.

Rachel was curled up in the chair just staring at the hospital bed for any hint of movement. She had been doing this for the past two days. Finn and her dads had tried to get her to go home, but she wouldn't budge. They brought her a blanket and had been checking on her with coffee and food since then.

Sure, she and Quinn weren't the best of friends, but they had entered a weird friendship over the last year or so. And now Rachel felt like this was all her fault. If Quinn hadn't been rushing to her wedding, or if Rachel hadn't sent that last text, Quinn would've showed up on time looking flawless as ever. Maybe it was some kind of sick sign from God that the wedding was a bad idea.

Rachel was standing with Finn in front of the judge, surrounded by their friends and family. Quinn hadn't arrived yet, but Finn begged Rachel for them to go ahead and get it started otherwise they'd have to come back another day because the courthouse was closing.

The judge said the infamous, "If anyone has reason for these two not to wed, speak now or forever hold your peace." when Rachel's cellphone rang. Not just her normal ringer of "New York, New York" by Frank Sinitra. Rachel had a ringtone designated for each of her friends and close family members, and right now "I Feel Pretty" was playing. Rachel ran to her bag sitting on the table to grab her phone. She was sure Finn was sending her a glare to just turn it off. But for some unexplainable reason, Rachel just felt like Quinn really needed to be there.

"Hey Quinn, we're in Room 202. We already-" Rachel started.

"Hi, this is Andrew. I'm a paramedic, and this is the last number on her phone. Your friend has been in a car accident."

"What?" Rachel managed to get out, her brain racing.

"She's in really bad condition, we're taking her to Lima Memorial Hospital. If you can please tell her parents to meet us there."

"Yes, we will. We'll be there as soon as possible." Rachel said before hanging up.

Rachel turned to the room full of people all looking at her for some kind of answer, but Rachel could barely form words and she felt the tears welling up. "Quinn's been in a bad accident. Lima Memorial," was all she got out before the tears started spilling and she was running towards the parking lot.

Rachel looked around the room to keep herself from crying yet again. The room was filled with flowers from the Glee Club, from the Cheerios, and other admirers from school. Notably absent from the scene was Quinn's family. Her mother had briefly stopped by daily, but no one else. Mercedes helped fill Rachel in on how Quinn's homelife, which already in shambles, completely fell apart after her journey into skankdom over the previous summer.

Fellow Glee Clubbers had been rotating sitting in vigil with Rachel for the past two days. Finn had been sitting with her for the last hour, but now he was off grabbing some food with Puck, so Rachel was left alone with her thoughts. Until she heard it.

"What in the hell?" Quinn said from the bed, taking in the hospital bed, IV, and the casts on her left arm and leg.

"Quinn!" Rachel said, rushing to her bedside.

"Rachel? What are you doing here?" Quinn asked still in a state of utter confusion

"You were in a car accident on the way to my wedding, do you remember any of it?" The doctor had warned that there maybe some memory loss.

"Your wedding? What? To who? You and Puck just started dating like three seconds ago," Quinn said with, what Rachel noticed as the sophomore year Quinn bite of meanness.

"No, not Puck-" Rachel said still confused.

"Oh my god, is the baby okay?" Quinn asked, feeling at her belly.

"Quinn, that was a while ago," Rachel said, realization hitting her. "Let me go grab the doctor!"

"Send Finn in too!" Quinn said, sounding on the verge of tears.

Rachel rushed out the door, right into her fiance.

"Rachel, what's wrong?" he asked.

"Quinn. We need to get the doctor. She's awake, but she thinks it's two years ago and that she's still pregnant," Rachel blurted out. "I mean I know the doctor warned there could be memory loss, but-"

"So how far into sophomore year does she think it is?" Finn asked.

Rachel dreaded what he was referring too. "She thinks you're still her boyfriend."

"Oh," was all Finn could mutter.

"You should go in there and comfort her," Puck said from beside him. Noticing Rachel's death glare he added, "We don't want to interrupt her mental state until we can find the doctor. We'll just act it, like they did in that Sandler movie."

Rachel huffed, "Fine. Finn go comfort Quinn, and Puckerman and I will find the doctor."

Finn sent Rachel an apologetic look before slipping into the hospital room.

"So you watch over Quinn for two straight days, but will barely sacrifice your precious Hudson to give her some peace of mind?" Puck asked as they walked towards the nurse's station.

"When you put it like that I seem like a total bitch. I don't know, it's just weird and threw me off. I mean you see this in the movies. But when the doctor said memory loss, I just thought she might not remember like the last week," Rachel said as they arrived at the desk.

"Hi, we're with Quinn Fabray down the hall. She just woke-up and is having some major memory issues, can you page Dr. Hoffman please?"

The nurse nodded, and Rachel and Puck turned to head back to Quinn's room.

"So before we go in, you should know that Quinn also thinks that we're still dating," Rachel said with a smirk.