"Accidentally in Love" - Ch. 14: Give Your Heart A Break

Summary: Quinn wakes up after the accident and thinks it's sophomore year. She's dating Finn and Rachel's dating Puck. After some coaxing, they play along for the sake of Quinn's mental stability. A Puckleberry Fuinn fic.

Rating: M

Author's Note: Thanks for your patience and reviews! There'll be one more epilogue-ish chapter after this that I'll have up at the latest by this Sunday. Thanks to all you fabulous readers, you guys are amazing!

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Kurt was kissing Blaine goodnight when the sound of things being thrown around in the next room startled them.
"She must've done it," Blaine said, once again hating that he had somehow found himself involved in all of this.
"Dear lord," Kurt said before grabbing Blaine's hand to head over to his step-brother's room.
Kurt slowly opened the bedroom door, "Finn?" The room was a mess with stuff thrown around everywhere and his stepbrother was sitting on his bed with his head in his hands."You okay?"
Finn looked up at Kurt and Blaine with a blank face, "Rachel and I broke-up, she's fucking Puckerman."
Kurt was too shocked to speak, until he saw Blaine lightly shaking his head, "She told you that?" Blaine asked.
"No, I just-," Finn started before shaking his head. Blaine sat down on the bed with Finn.
Blaine was just about to say some comforting words but Kurt spoke first, "Finn, can I give you some tough love?"
Finn looked up at his stepbrother, confused.
"Look, Dad told me what you told him earlier about Rachel and the wedding, and Quinn. And Blaine spent his afternoon with Rachel unloading her feelings on him, so I know both sides here," Kurt took a deep breath because what he was going to say next was something he'd been wanting to say to both Rachel and Finn for awhile but didn't have the heart. "I feel like this year, especially when you proposed, you two are just trying to hold onto something that already ran it's course."
Finn sat silently for a moment, thinking about the events that led up to him proposing to Rachel. He loved Rachel, he really did, but he felt like he was losing her and had to hold on before she slipped away to what was sure to be her star studded future.
"Now, I'm surely not saying that you should run back to Quinn when she gets her memory back but Quinn's the perfect example of why you and Rachel just don't work as well as you seem to think you do," Kurt said, he had been wanting to say this forever and he figured now would be the perfect time. "I've never said anything because I love you both and I want you both to be happy. You remember the most minute details about Quinn, but you can't even remember little details about Rachel, like the fact that she's vegan. I mean, you cooked her meat the night you slept together."
Finn looked at Kurt questioningly. He had never admitted to anyone that mistake he made, and had hoped Rachel didn't notice.
"Yes Finn, she knew. She was sick for days but didn't have the heart to tell you," Kurt said with a slight laugh, "And don't even get me started on the pig for Christmas, or that you told her last year that Quinn was the only girl you ever felt fireworks with. It's like there's these crazy writers running your lives, and are so set on you two being together contrary to the lack of sense it makes anymore."
Finn looked up at his stepbrother. He appreciated Kurt's honesty, but it didn't make it hurt any less. "How long have you been wanting to say that."
Kurt let out a loud breath he didn't realize he was holding, "A long time."
"Thanks for your honesty bro, I've got a lot of thinking to do tonight," Finn said, laying back onto his bed.
"Good luck man," Blaine said, getting up and heading for the door so he and Kurt could leave Finn to his thoughts.

Rachel woke-up the next morning fully clothed with a pair of big strong arms wrapped around her. She took in the sight of Puck's messy room and smiled at the memory of last night. Rachel showed up on Puck's doorstep, a complete and utter mess after her messy break-up fight with Finn. Puck let her cry and vent about things that probably didn't make any sense, and he didn't even try to make a move on her. He was a total gentleman.
Rachel felt movement behind her, and then lips on her neck, "Morning beautiful!"
Rachel smiled and turned around in his arms to face him. "Noah, I just wanted to say thank you for last night. It means a lot that you let me be crazy," Rachel started but Puck interrupted her with his lips gently on hers.
"Anytime," he said, pulling away and smiling back at her.
Rachel crushed her lips onto his for a deeper, longer kiss. After a few minutes, Puck was the one to pull away again.
"So you and Finn are done?" he asked hesitantly.
Rachel nodded with a smile.
"Is it okay if we take this slow at first?" Puck asked. It took a lot for him to ask that, but he'd watched the Finchel show the last three years, and he couldn't take being hurt by it again. Not that he'd admit this out loud anywhere, but in his bed with Rachel.
Rachel laughed slightly, "Of course." Rachel bit her lip slightly, "But who are you and what did you do with Noah Puckerman?"
"Oh really, that's how it's going to be?" Noah asked laughing, before tickling Rachel and pinning the giggling girl under him.
Ten minutes later they were pulled out of their make-out session by Rachel's cellphone blaring "I Kissed A Girl".
Rachel reached over on Puck's nightstand to grab it as Puck lazily placed kisses all over her toned stomach, "Hey San, what's up?"
"Morning, you at Puck's?" Santana asked, already knowing the answer from the supressed giggling she heard coming from Rachel.
"Yeah, why?" Rachel asked, squirming under Puck's lips.
"Emergency Glee meeting in an hour at your house," Santana said.
"What's the emergency?" Rachel asked, launching into Club Captain mode.
"Don't worry, just be here please!" Santana said, hanging up before Rachel could ask anymore questions.
"What's up?" Puck asked.
"Emergency Glee meeting at 10," Rachel said, moving to get up.
"Where do you think you're going?" Puck asked, pulling her back down underneath him, "We still have at least 30 minutes to kill." Rachel laughed as Puck crashed his lips back onto hers.


Rachel and Puck walked down into the Berry's rec room to find Santana, Kurt, Mercedes, Finn, and Quinn waiting for them. After exchanging pleasantries, Santana stood up.
"Well now that we're all here," Santana started.
"All? I thought this was an Emergency Glee Club meeting?" Rachel asked.
"Well kind of," Santana said, quickly continuing before Rachel could question more, "Listen, no one is going to talk until Mercedes, Kurt, and I are finished, okay?"

Finn, Puck, and Rachel were confused but the three knew better than not to agree to the terms.

Mercedes stood up, "So here's the deal. Whenever there's drama, break-ups, or make-ups between the four of you, we end up loosing competitions. So in order to keep this from killing our chances at Nationals again, we're sorting out this matter today and everyone's leaving this room happy."

Kurt spoke up next, "So Quinn's had her memory back for a few days but didn't say anything because she was trying to figure stuff out, like realizing she may still be in love with Finn."

Quinn raised her hand slightly, but Santana shook her head.

"This whole crazy experience made both Finn and Rachel see cracks in their relationships, and maybe realize that a high school wedding was not the best idea they've ever had," Kurt added.

Santana finished out the low-down, just as the three had rehearsed, "And for once in his life, Puck didn't really do anything wrong. So there will be no yelling, no punching, no sing-offs. To start off, you each get two minutes to say what you feel needs to be said and we'll go from there," Santana pointed at Quinn, "You're up first Q."