Alright this is my first Battlefield 3 Story ever. I'm gonna be doing all the co-op missions so any criticism will be appreciated so I can use it for future stories. This one is Operation Exodus.

"Snake Actual this Snake 6-6, POW's have been secured. Requesting status on Evac," SFC Roger Rockwell, Snake 6-6's Sergeant and Field Medic. Good at patching up head injuries quickly.

"Snake 6-6, this is Snake Actual. Evac ETA fifteen mikes." reported Snake Actual, there was a break in the transmission before he continued, "Snake 6-6 UAV scans are picking up PLR assault squads and armor heading for you position."

Rockwell tensed, "Say again Actual? PLR?"

"Confirmed Sergeant, PLR elements inbound to your position. ETA five mikes, dig in and fight it out until Evac arrives." said Snake Actual,

"Copy Actual, Rockwell out." he replied and turned his head set off,

"Alright you heard him. There's an stockpile up ahead lets go see what we got." said Rockwell,

"I was just thinking when we'd have the PLR on our backs." said SPC David Bale, he was a well trained Engineer, specializing in IED's.

"No time for chit chat lets move." Ordered the sergeant,

They sprinted down the street and rounded the corner. They went toward a makeshift weapon depot and inspect what they've been given. Plenty of ammo with more to spare, M15 Anti-Tank Mines, one Javelin FGM -148, an M39 EMR, and an M240 SAW. The duo of Marines had all the needed to ruin the PLR's day.

"Ok, Bale. You take M15 mines and place on both streets near the cars. The added explosion and shrapnel should wreck whatever armor their bringing along with some infantry grunts. Then take the M249 and the Javelin and position yourself on top of the bridge. I'll get the EMR and provide support." Rockwell said,

Bale responded with a grunt as he grabbed the mines and stuffed them in his pockets. He ran out into the streets and started placing them on the side of the cars. He placed a few under the cars since the proximity warning of the mines would go off, therefore better concealing the mines.

He started to race back to the depot as he traded his M16/ACOG assault rifle and M9 semi-automatic pistol for the laser designated/ vehicle lock-on Javelin and the devastating, 5.56 caliber, M249 SAW and headed up the stairs onto the bridge.

Rockwell was already getting into position as he deployed the EMR's bipod and looked through the scope to adjust the distance resolution.

The HMMWV's were rumbling into position as their motors came to a halt and .50 cal M2 Browning Machine guns were locked and loaded ready to provide extra medium range support.

Both members of Snake 6-6's blood was pumping in their bodies and adrenaline rushing through their systems. A strange moment of quiet entered before bullets started to fly over Snake 6-6's position.

Rockwell looked through the scope to sight a PLR soldier waving his troops over the hill.

"What are you? A freaking cheerleader?" Rockwell muttered aggressively to himself before he fired and a 7.62 bullet went straight through the mans skull as blood and brains flew out the opposite side and he fell down without a second movement.

One down 99 more to go, Rockwell thought to himself.

Bale was firing down the streets as PLR soldiers were trying to find cover behind the cars.

Good luck with that, thought Bale.

And just as soon a car lit up like a firebomb through out the street sending several PLR flying down the streets bones breaking as they made a hard landing, while others were blown up to literal nothing, and still more having limbs blown off or infested with hot shrapnel.

Bale continued to send a Hell-storm of bullets down the streets riddling PLR troops with bullet holes. While Rockwell, on the other hand the other hand sent carefully aimed bullet cartridges right the the victims head.

Their numbers were starting to dwindle when Rockwell and Bale noticed that most of their cover was gone.

They thought their job was done and started to mop up the stragglers when Rockwell heard the sound of a BMP-2 engine roaring over the hills.

Sure enough a 30mm cannon shell hit the bridge and destroyed what little cover they had left.

"Jump the bridge, NOW!" Shouted Rockwell and he and Bale jumped the railing behind them and and landed with a thud on the concrete floor as another shell was sent toward the bridge.

"Bale take out the Javelin I'll cover you." Rockwell said,

"Roger," Bale responded,

He took out the Javelin and uncovered the lid, he ran around the west side of the bridge past a few stalls and crawled onto the side walk using the blown up cars as cover and with Rockwell shooting at it with his M16 as a distraction, the BMP never saw Bale.

He slowly lifted himself to a crouch and looked through the Javelin's sights. The weapon beeped rapidly as it locked on to its target and gave a long beep as it confirmed the lock-on.

Bale fired and the Javelin traveled half-way down the street and hit the BMP in 'Direct Attack' mode. The BMP was hit but only slightly damaged, the vehicle started to rotate toward Bale's position.

"Oh, crap." Bale said to himself and ran back the way he came. The BMP fired its mounted coaxial LMG at him as he ran and hit him several times in the back. Luckily he was wearing a ballistic vest so it took most of the damage.

He started to reload his Javelin when he heard one if the mines he had placed go off. The BMP blew up in a fantastic pyrotechnic show as the hatch went sky high and the 30mm nozzle hit the ground.

Everything was now quiet again. The BMP was destroyed and all PLR was now dead. Rockwell and Bale thought it was over when Rockwell's headset crackled to life.

"Snake 6-6 come in this is Snake Actual." said the operator,

"This is Snake 6-6, go ahead Actual." Rockwell responded,

"Snake 6-6 we have UAV scans showing PLR trying to flank you at the alleyway." the operator said,

"Roger Actual, we're on it." Rockwell said,

"Well, here we go again." Bale said tiredly,

"This is what you signed up for Marine. Now lets double-time it. Move" Rockwell ordered, and both started for the alleyway.

Next chapter will be the alleyway and evac. I hope I did good, if not please let me know why.