Rockwell and Bale entered the alley way. Rockwell felt a bit uncomfortable, alleyways always meant CQB. They didn't have any shotguns or rifles, save Rockwell's M16. He spotted a two way street at the end of the alley. Hopefully thats where they would coming from.

They stopped for a second and looked around. Rockwell spotted a building that faced the two-way street and had some sandbags for cover.

"Bale I'm gonna take the top of that building and provide overwatch. You stay down here and provide the main fire support." Rockwell said,

Bale nodded his head and found a blown up car for cover. No time to lay down any mines. Hope no BMP's decide to show up or we're screwed. David thought to himself, he deployed his M249's bipod on the wrecked hood of the car.

Rockwell on the other hand climbed the ladder to the top of the one story building. He went prone near the edge of the structure and deployed the EMR's bipod, he looked through the scope and awaited for the PLR to start streaming in.

Three seconds passed before an RPG was fired from one of the surrounding buildings, it flew straight at Bale. For a moment Rockwell's heart stopped, he didn't want to see his buddy get blown to pieces.

But then again he didn't count on the inaccuracy of the RPG and it veered into the ground right in front of Bale's car. The force of the blast knocked Bale onto his back and pieces of concrete from the street pelted him.

Rockwell knew he was going to be alright so tracked the buildings to look for the hidden sniper. He found him as he tried to reload. He never got the chance to finish, Rockwell blew his head open with a well placed shot to the man's frontal lobe.

He started to receive fire from the two way street he was already aiming at the nearest PLR soldier when he saw him get torn to shreds by Bale's LMG. Rockwell scanned the other structures for more RPG's when he spotted a man setting up his MG. He steadied his breath and shot straight in the chest, the man bent over and exposed his head, Rockwell exploited the fatal mistake and shot him at the top of his head.

Rockwell then saw another MG already raining down lead at Bale's position. Again he held his breath and shot the gunner right in the eye. He kept scanning the buildings and took down two RPG's and three MG gunners and one rifleman.

Bale on the other hand was in deep. He was taking fire from all sides and had to reload. He took his SAW off the hood and took cover behind the side of the front part of the car. Just as he slammed his fist down on the top part of the SAW he noticed the hailstorm of bullets was starting to lessen up.

He hefted his SAW back on top of the hood and started tearing up more PLR. One guy jerked violently as the bullets tore through him. Another fell straight to the ground as the 5.56 rounds went straight and across his stomach. The last one was shot in the legs and as he fell to his knees his chest was ripped apart by the hailstorm of bullets.

Both Marines we're racking up a high kill count for this mission. Possibly more than any other mission they've been on before. Eventually the first wave ended and the Marines reloaded their guns. They were awaiting the next wave when a small explosion went off right next to Rockwell.

Shrapnel and debris showered Rockwell and bullets flew right by his head. He got away from the edge and left the EMR. He took out his M16 and and went down the ladder. He knew if he stayed on the building for much longer they were just gonna spam him with grenades until one of them got lucky and he would be splattered all over the place.

Bale on the other hand knew the PLR were trying to flank them and route them out from cover. Instead of rushing in to the front of the building he took position at the railing overlooking the PLR flanking position.

It was only a few feet high but it provided a good view. He deployed his bipod and started shooting a hail of lead. He took down 3 soldiers when he had to reload. He tore away from the railing just as the bullets started to be aimed at him. He scrambled to reload since Rockwell was on top of the building.

Just as he finished reloading a PLR trooper appeared right in front of him. Bale knew he couldn't lift his gun in time to kill him ad he panicked. He closed his eyes and heard a shot ring out, he thought he was dead when he opened his eyes he saw the PLR trooper in front of him lying in a pool of his own blood.

Bale knew he didn't fire that shot. He looked to his side and saw Rockwell extending his hand.

"We ain't dying today," Rockwell said, and helped Bale up.

The flankers have been neutralized and Rockwell thought they were done. He was sadly mistaken as a BMP came into view from the right side of the street. It opened fire on the Marine duo with a 30mm shell landing right in front of them.

The shockwave from the blast sent Rockwell and Bale sprawling on the floor. They immediately sprang up and sought cover. Bale took out the Javelin and realized he only had two shots left.

"I'm down to 2 missiles, got a plan?" Bale asked,

Rockwell thought a moment before replying.

"Fire them both, at the least it'll disable the vehicle. I'll flank and throw a grenade right under it. That should take of the rest." he explained,

The BMP rounded the corner onto the main street and stopped. It started to search for its designated targets.

"Yes sir." Bale responded, he looked through the Javelin and locked on and fired, since the BMP had no idea where Bale was it gave him just enough time for him to run for another car as the LMG opened up on him.

Bale ran up further down the street and then darted across. The BMP was so focused on Bale it didn't notice Rockwell slip right past it.

As Bale took cover in the courtyard where the PLR flanked them he aimed once again at the BMP through the bushes, as it was on the other side of the street, and fired. The Javelin hit the vehicle with full force and disabled it. It now started to catch fire and smoke.

Then Rockwell appeared from behind and threw the grenade right under the BMP. Once the small explosive detonated the BMP did as well. Heat blasted Rockwell's face and shrapnel clanked near Bale.

"Snake 2-2 this is Actual, break." said the operator,

"Go ahead Actual," Rockwell responded,

"You have cleared all hostile threats in the area and Evac can proceed. There is a chopper coming in to get you and you squad mate, evacuate the area immediately. UAV scans show enemy mortar teams firing in your AO." the operator reported,

"Roger Actual we're heading out." Rockwell said, and he turned off his headset,

Mortar shells started to rain from the sky as the HMMWV's started to back up from the alley way. Bale and Rockwell exited the alley and headed for the chopper which had just landed. They got on and lifted off and continued to see the continued hailstorm of mortar shells rain down the alley way.

Mission Accomplished.