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Chapter 7

The ticking of the clock was deafening in the dead silence of the room. A plate of cookies sat untouched on the coffee table, flanked by a towering pitcher of fresh iced tea. Condensation trickled down the side, the only movement besides the relentlessly loud journey of the clock hands. Sheila cleared her throat awkwardly when the ice suddenly shifted inside the pitcher, and Token flinched. Next to him Kyle pressed his thigh against him in comfort, stomach clenching when Token just continued to stare miserably at the floor.

Lips pursed, Kyle crossed his arms and tried not to look petulant. "We have homework, so..." he started stiffly. Mrs. Black tore her eyes away from her son and looked at him blankly. He shifted in discomfort but didn't lower his eyes.

His expression was solemn when Mr. Black leaned forward slightly in his seat to address his son. "Token…" He faltered when Token looked at him. Putting his arm around his wife, Mr. Black said firmly, "Son, we want you to come home."

Mrs. Black's voice cracked. "Token, baby, come home."

Something hardened in Token's expression and Kyle automatically moved closer.

"Which of me do you want?"

Sheila and Gerald traded a look. The Blacks appeared stunned, but Mr. Black recovered quickly, his voice icy.

"We want our son."

"Yeah," Token snapped, "But which one."

Sheila frowned. "Token, now don't be rude. They are your parents."

"No," Token corrected her coolly, "They're his parents. The other Token. The straight Token." Covering her face with her hands, Mrs. Black wept silently into them and Token's eyes flooded with tears. A mixture of anger and sadness fueled the fire and he viciously wiped them away. Kyle was a balm to his nerves, gently touching his arm. Taking strength from that contact, Token said quietly, "I'll come home, but only if I'm really wanted there."

"Token," his mother pleaded, "This isn't you! M-maybe the company you've been keeping-" her eyes fluttered briefly to Kyle "-has you thinking things that just aren't true, honey."

"If what you're implying, Mrs. Black," Sheila said shrilly, "is that my son somehow-"

"Mom," Kyle interrupted hotly. "Just... can you leave it?"

Gerald Broflovski coughed uncomfortably into his fist and stood. "I think we should let Token and his parents have a moment to discuss things."

"No," Token said firmly. "There isn't any more to discuss. I asked a question. There's a yes or no answer."

They all watched as Mr. Black pulled out a brochure from his breast pocket. He laid it neatly on the coffee table, right between the cookies and the iced tea. Token stared at it. Mr. Black stared at him. But it was Kyle who broke the silence.

"Exodus International?" The color drained from his face. "Y-you want him to go get brainwashed and electrocuted into thinking he's straight?"

"It's therapy," Mr. Black corrected firmly.

"It should be outlawed," Sheila shouted, flying to her feet. "Those people think our boys are sick. They want to mess with their heads!"

"If it's not them, then he'll go to a therapist!" Mr. Black challenged, also getting to his feet. "He's too young to decide these things!"

Amidst the yelling Token quietly picked the pamphlet up to stare at the smiling, empty-eyed faces gazing eerily out from the contrived group photo.

"Y-you kidnap our son and then dare to criticize our parenting," Mrs. Black shrieked, hand balled into fists at her sides.

Sheila puffed up like a big red hen, and squawked angrily, "He came here to be safe; your home is unfit for him!"

Sidling up to his wife, Gerald muttered, "Sheila, maybe we should-"

"Now you're calling me an unfit parent?" Mrs. Black looked livid.

Kyle was staring worriedly at Token. "Don't even look at that shit," he whispered, gently tugging the brochure out of Token's hands. "It's a lie. Please..." he faltered, voice dying when Token looked at him, eyes brimming with tears.

"Now before any more of that," Gerald was saying, voice pitched high and clear over the flinging insults flowing between the two women, "There is no legal grounds for accusing us of kidnapping, and there is no way you can force Token home. He's eighteen; he's no longer a minor."

That seemed to shut down the argument effectively and in the aftermath Mrs. Black sought out Token, gazing at him with a wrenching, heartbroken expression. "Token," she pleaded, "We don't want to change you, w-we just want to make sure, honey."

Mouth affixed with an unmovable scowl, Mr. Black straightened his jacket and looked directly in Token's eyes. "If you want to come back, Token, you have to agree to therapy."

He opened and closed his mouth several times before giving up completely. Token crumpled, fighting the tears that stung his eyes, vision waveringly filled with the disturbing image of the smiling ex-gays splattered across the cover of the brochure. Beside him, Kyle was fuming palpably, practically thrumming with tension. Token glanced at him when the redhead stood.

"Fuck. You," he said slowly, looking in turn from Mr. to Mrs. Black. While they sputtered and his own parents looked shocked, Kyle grabbed Token's hand and dragged him up. "We're leaving," he stated, eyes gazing deeply into Token's. "Okay?"

"Okay," Token answered quietly, and the next thing he knew they were running.


It hadn't been Kyle's idea, but he understood why hiding out at Tweek's house made the most sense. The Tweaks were at the coffee shop, and Kyle knew at least his parents would never think to look for him here. But he was having second thoughts when Tweek tried for the third time to bring them drinks and face-planted before he reached them. Kyle supposed it could be considered cute, though he found it more unsettling, especially when Craig – who'd been there when they arrived – hovered over him like a hawk. As if Craig were a sort of balm, Tweek calmed immediately when the other boy took his hand and helped him up, tutting about the mess. Kyle must have looked stunned because Token nudged him and laughed.

"They've always been like that," he murmured conspiratorially. Standing to take what was left of the snacks Tweek had been carrying, Token sunk back down on the couch and picked around the potato chips for the curliest one. Before he could put it in his mouth Kyle snatched it right out of his hand and crunched down with a satisfied sound.

"I only eat the curled ones," he said by way of explanation, reaching into the bowl and rescuing another folded chip before Token clutched the bag against himself protectively.

Chest fluttering at the discovery of yet another thing they had in common, Token mock-growled, "The curly ones are mine!"

Something coy and definitely dangerous sauntered over Kyle's features and the redhead smirked when Token looked alarmed. "How about this then," he said sweetly. "You can have this curl-" he tugged of a lock of curly red hair and Token blushed "-and we'll share the chips?"

He was pretty sure that if it were at all possible to spontaneously combust from embarrassment and arousal he would have done so in that moment. Making a strangled sound in the back of his throat, Token watched as Kyle took back the bowl and made a show of curling his tongue around a chip.

"Marsh is on his way," Craig interrupted, tossing his phone on a side table. He held a six-pack of Mountain Dew in his other hand, popping one off and tossing it to Token. Then he looked pointedly at Kyle as if he were an unwanted houseplant. "Can you even drink this?"

Pursing his lips, Kyle snapped one off the plastic tie and cracked it open. After taking a long swig, he glared at Craig. "Yeah, I can."

Obviously stressed by the exchange, Tweek broke into a warbled rendition of Kumbayah, which managed to go on for a good minute before Craig unabashedly slapped a hand over the blonde's mouth and said, "Tweek, we talked about this."

When Stan came through the door he made a beeline for Kyle and wrapped his super best friend in a tight hug. Kenny trundled along behind him, arms laden with food. "Can I get in on that action?" he hinted, winking at Token.

Clyde was the last to show up, hauling his Xbox under one arm, the other filled with games. After a brief debate, the boys settled on Call of Duty and played a rousing game of rock, paper scissors to decide the first two to play. While Clyde and Stan discussed strategy, the rest of the group found various places on the couch, lazy-boy, or the floor to curl up with their respective junk food. Tweek and Craig took up one side of the couch while Kenny had wriggled down in between Tweek and Kyle. Token sat on the floor, back to the couch. He'd scooted back to rest his head against Kyle's bent knees, but the redhead had shifted, bringing a leg down on either side of Token's shoulders. Craig gave them a look, but no one said anything.

It was comfortable, easy. Kyle would bend down over Token to reach for the chips, steadying himself on Token's strong shoulder while his stomach pressed the back of the boy's head. At one point when the screen was filled with explosions and the rest of the group was shouting and cheering, Token bent his head back and kissed Kyle's throat while the boy was leaning over him. He could almost feel Kyle's temperature go up.

Nails still bright lime green, Kenny snuck his fingers into the bowl sitting atop Token's lap to snag a few chips and whispered into his ear, "Down, boys." Kyle elbowed him sharply in the guts and Kenny wheezed, but still wore a shit-eating grin despite the death glare that Kyle followed up with. Token laughed, reaching up to tug on a lock of red hair. Like magic, the beast was sated and Kenny stared dumbfounded as Kyle relaxed, refocused on Token. What sorcery is this? he wondered to himself, then he realized, Black magic.

Tweek looked nervously at Kenny as the taller blond burst into guffaws of laughter at a seemingly private joke. He couldn't understand what was so funny, but Kenny was like that sometimes.

Later on in the evening Stan and Craig traded a very pointed look. No one noticed except for Tweek and Kenny; one always alert due to his paranoia and the other a natural observer. When that look was followed by a minute nod, Kenny sat up straighter, as did Tweek. Neither knew what that look would entail.

The next moment Stan's player was riddled with bullet holes and shot out of the game. Wordlessly offering it to Kenny, he stood and stretched.

Craig cleared his throat in a decidedly unsubtle way and went into the kitchen. He paused right before the doorway and glanced at Kyle. "Broflovski."

Token rolled his eyes, but Kyle just shrugged. He trotted after Craig into the kitchen to find the lanky boy leaning against the counter, arms crossed. His expression was sour, but resolute. Mirroring his posture across the shiny linoleum floor, Kyle raised his eyebrows questioningly.

"So what is it exactly that's so special about you?" He narrowed his cobalt eyes at the redhead and swept them over the slender frame. "He's says it's not just because you're the 'other' gay guy."

"Oh, you know; we paint our nails, do each other's hair, trade tips on fellatio." Craig scowled. Kyle laughed meanly, "Dude, seriously. I'm not forbidding you and Stan from having your little bitching parties over your bridge game. Just let us do our thing."

"I don't have to tell you that I'll fuck you up if you hurt him."

Kyle smiled. "Token's probably getting the same spiel from Stan."

As a matter of fact, he was. A finger was in his face, nearly touching his nose. Going cross-eyed staring at it, Token recited flatly, "You'll kick my ass if I hurt him. Got it. But I don't think you have anything to worry about."

Huffing irritably, Stan crossed his arms aggressively. "I guess. Kenny told me you rescued him from Cartman."

"Oh, not because of that," Token assured him, "Because I'm pretty sure that Kyle could kick my ass just fine on his own." Glancing over at Tweek, who was watching them with owlish curiosity, Token added, "I owe him so much. The thought of him unhappy makes me feel sick."

Something softened in Stan's face and he hunched down, regarding Token with a whole new level of respect. "Yeah?"

Nodding, Token offered an embarrassed smile. "He's like my hero right now, man." He stiffened when Stan clapped him on the back, face screwed up in emotion.

"He's pretty great," Stan agreed thickly. After a few moments of content silence he asked, "So what now? I know the Broflovski's will let you crash there as long as you need, but is that it with your folks?"

He shrugged. "I don't know. I don't know what they're really thinking, what they really want. But it just sucks right now because all my stuff is still at the house."

"I'm sure Kyle's family-"

"No, no," Token waved him off. "I mean legal stuff. Like documents that say I'm entitled to whatever percentage of my grandpa's inheritance, or my passport. Stuff I need."

Stan frowned. "Dude, you're parents aren't gonna keep that shit from you-"

"But what if they don't hand it over unless I go to therapy?" He massaged his temples. "What if they cut me off financially? I can sell the car; get a job... But I want to go to college. And they make way too much money for me to try for financial aid."

Mulling it over, Stan finally asked, "Then what's stopping you from going over there and taking it? If your parents are that iffy right now... Dude, just go take it."

"I won't go to therapy-"

"They won't know you're there," he interrupted impatiently. "We'll help you." Leaving Token leaning against the wall looking completely baffled, Stan fetched Craig and Kyle from the kitchen and gathered the group around him. "We're gonna break into Token's house. Tonight."

Token sputtered helplessly as Stan explained the problem. Kyle looked determined to the utmost and Token protested, "Whoa, no way. Are you kidding? Break into my house?"

"Don't tell me you'd feel guilty," Kyle fumed, completely taken with the idea. "After what they said to you?" He stepped over to the other boy and looked him directly in the eye. "Remember what you said? They're his parents, not yours. Not right now."

"Easy for you to say," Token whispered. "Kyle, you have a home and a family-"

"Your home and your family, too," he insisted, eyes burning with promise. "I told you didn't I?"

"Look, if we're gonna do this," Kenny drawled, "We might wanna head out now. It's still early, enough that we won't draw too much attention."


The street was silent but for the faintest echo of the countless flat-screens blaring inside the houses. Walking in randomly spaced pairs, the boys snuck up to the mansion. No lights were on. Token's parents slept on the top floor, and Token was a floor below. If they were quiet, no one would be the wiser.

Token unarmed the security alarms and took a deep breath before opening the back door. He hesitated, and Kyle gave him a gentle push. The house was vast and silent. The darkness made it easier for Token, unable to see the couch he'd curl up on with his parents, or the dining table where they would eat together and talk about their day. He didn't have to see the details of the home he'd grown up in, where he'd received almost nothing but praise from his parents.

Sneaking up the marble staircase to the second floor was largely uneventful. They each stood out like ink stains, dressed from head to toe in black. But the absence of wood saved them from creaky floors and soon enough all seven of the boys were standing outside Token's bedroom door. All of them were looking a Token expectantly, hefting the duffle bags on their shoulders. After the moment stretched, Kyle and Craig simultaneously started forward, glaring at each other as they both put their hands on Token's shoulders.

"We're with you," Craig whispered.

"You need to do this," added Kyle in a low voice. "This way, no matter what happens, you'll be safe to do what you need to do."

Biting his lip, Token slowly pushed open the door. It creaked softly, revealing what could be a called a pristine bedroom by teenage boy standards. They filed in, Kyle hanging back with Token. Kenny flipped on the light switch, wincing at the bright light that suddenly flooded the room. Each of them had agreed on different things to gather: gaming system, games, clothes, even photos. As the others rooted around and started filling their duffel bags as quietly as possible, Token just looked around the room.

It didn't feel like his any more. Though none of the other boys would know, Token could tell his parents had come in and already searched through his things. That may have been a common occurrence for most kids, but as an only child Token was more independent, more trusted by his parents. There was always just a little more respect between the members of his household. This was such a... violation. The floor was a little too clean, his bed made, drawers that had been open before were now shut. What had they found? Evidence maybe, in their eyes.

"You said there was a safe or something?" Kyle probed gently. "With all that stuff you needed."

Token blinked at him, like he'd forgotten Kyle was there. "...Yeah." He shook himself. "Yeah. It's over here." Together they went over and dragged out a sizeable safe from under the bed. With clammy hands token spun the dial in a specific pattern and waited for the door to pop open. Inside the sleek red safe, rectangular in shape with the opening on the top, was a collection of documents, Token's passport, and a watch. "It was my grandfather's," he said by way of explanation, strapping the watch onto his wrist and tapping on the face. The clock hands were stilled, but he kept it on nonetheless, pulling his sleeve down over it.

The safe was tucked back beneath the bed and the duffel bags were full. Craig, Tweek, Clyde, Stan, and Kenny shuffled out of the room. Kyle caught the warning look Craig sent him and rolled his eyes. Now it was just he and Token left. The other boy's shoulders were slumped, one arm across his chest to grip his bicep. Wandering over, Kyle slid his hands around Token's waist and murmured in his ear, "This isn't the end. They'll wake up one morning and realize." When Token turned to look at him, doubt hanging heavy in his gaze, Kyle shrugged. "Mine did. It wasn't easy, and some days..." He hesitated, squeezing Token tighter against him, perching his chin on the other boy's shoulder. "But whatever happens, it's worth it."

"How do you know that," Token said lowly, pulling away from the redhead guiltily. "You don't."

Stepping in front of Token, Kyle caught his eyes and held them. "I know that we can do this-" he leaned forward and pressed his mouth to Token's, running his tongue along his lower lip before drawing back "-without being afraid. Not anymore. Isn't that worth it?" Token dropped his gaze and Kyle hissed, shaking him by his shoulders. "It's – it's time for you to be you," he urged vehemently, anger nearly choking his words.

It all seemed to collect into a point, bright and burning, all at once. Freedom; no more hiding. It hurt, it hurt terribly and Token knew that a kiss couldn't vanquish away the emptiness. But the scorching heat bleeding from Kyle's mouth chased it into a forgotten corner of his mind. Like coming out of a dark room into blinding sunlight. He grabbed Kyle and pulled him forward into a harsh, desperate kiss.

Minutes later all seven of them went careening down the quiet suburban street, hooting and jostling each other. Adrenaline sang in Token's veins, and he ran with Kyle's hand clasped in his. He might as well have wings.

Kyle's household was asleep when they all snuck into the living room, leaving the duffel bags behind the couch. Then Kyle all but chased the others out, ignoring Kenny's all-knowing smirk before he dragged Token upstairs, careful of the squeaky floorboards. His heart was pounding; cheekbones high with color. Breathy laughter was all he could manage as Token shut the door and rounded on him, eyes deep and dark. Backing up, stumbling against the side of the bed, Kyle stripped out of his jacket and shirt. Token twisted the cotton before he freed his hands, effectively binding his wrists as he kissed Kyle roughly, free arm winding around the redhead's waist to haul him closer.

Their kiss turned into something lingering and sweet when Kyle lowered his arms down around Token's neck. They took time to taste each other, thrill at the feeling of bare skin. Token nosed under his chin and nibbled his jawline, pushing his hand past Kyle's waistband to grip his ass. Their teeth clacked, tongued flashing between moist lips. Kyle moaned, gasping when Token pushed his thigh between slender legs. "You're worth all of it," Token panted, biting down on Kyle's lower lip and sucking gently. "You, you."

Kyle melted underneath him, trembling. Token's chest ached with want, his heart pounding. He pushed Kyle to the bed, struggling out of his own clothes as Kyle stripped. Their gaze didn't break and by the time Token took hold of his cock they both were flushed and aching. Kneeling, Token pressed kisses to Kyle's chest. Loose curls of red tickled his face while thin fingers lightly scratched against his scalp. Pressing forward, Token slipped between Kyle's legs, the angle craning his neck to the verge of painful but he didn't care. Kyle's knees rested against his ribs, and the redhead slipped from the bed, clumsily landing in a half-straddle against Token. Their arms wound around each other, bodies straining to touch closer than skin would allow.

There was nothing in his head. Just a rushing sound. His ears were hot, lips aching; heart a caged bird viciously beating its wings. Token's hands held him close and Kyle arched into him, utterly lost in their kiss. He was completely terrified, but there was no force on the planet that could make him stop kissing Token, make him stop running his hands over his skin. When the core of heat between their legs touched Kyle gasped, flinching. The pleasure was so cutting, so precise than Kyle almost sobbed, writhing in Token's grip as the other boy pressed their twin erections together in a loose fist. "Token," he pleaded, "I don't want to cum like this. I-" he faltered. Helplessly, he looked over at the box of condoms Kenny had left there and at the bottle of lube. Taking a deep breath, he dragged his teeth over the shell of Token's ear and husked, "I want you to cum inside me. And I want to cum while you fuck me."

A strangled sob made it out his throat, and Token pulled Kyle flush against him once more, devouring his mouth as he thrust against him. "Yes," he managed between kisses, breath thin and fast, "I want to fuck you... But, are you su-"

Shoving Token off him, Kyle licked his lips predatorily. "Sure I want to feel your cock? Yes," he insisted. His eyes were bright; glowing as Token grabbed the condoms and lube. He looked terrified. "You scared?"

"Yeah," he admitted, trying not to look at Kyle sitting there leaking and hard for fear of being overwhelmed. "I don't want to hurt you. I've only ever... with girls."

Now a newer, darker shade of red floated up to the surface of Kyle's face and he bit his lip. "I've, uh, practiced." Token looked like he was choking and Kyle hastily crawled forward to pound him on the back. "Token! Jesus, are you okay?"

His eyes were wide as saucers. "That's..." he gulped, "The hottest thing I've ever heard in my life." Images of Kyle fingering himself, stretching himself. Token knew the mechanics; after all, what was the internet for? But the idea that Kyle... He felt dizzy. "I'll go slow."

"Yeah," Kyle agreed, lust heating his gaze to molten. "I want you to." Turning, he laid his torso over the side of the bed, knees planted firmly on the carpet. Smoothing his palms over the coverlet, he twined his fingers in the fabric, anchoring himself. "I'm not going to last." He looked over his shoulder. "Please, Token?"

He could've cum right then. Kyle had spread his knees wide, back arched at a positively filthy angle, ass stuck out like an offering. The muscles of his shoulders were standing out, pale skin dusted with pink. And his eyes were peering over his shoulder straight into Token's soul. Curls cut the intensity of the gaze, but Token was no less blissfully trapped. He took his time sweeping his eyes over the other boy, admiring the beauty of his nude form, heating when he looked over his exposed ass, caught up on the heavy erection hanging down between his legs. No fantasy, no wet dream, not anything did this moment justice. Part of Token wanted to freeze time, make Kyle promise to never, ever move from this position.

Biting his lip, Kyle spread his legs wider, breath hitching as cool air touched places on him that he'd never seen for himself. The way Token was looking at him; Kyle wanted to spread himself open for Token to see everything. He wanted him to touch everything, fuck everything. Trembling, Kyle let his head fall back to the bed, pressing his feverish forehead into the cool blanket. He moaned brokenly from the searing fervor of Token's gaze alone. "Please," he whispered. "Please."

The weight of what was being offered wasn't lost on Token. It was with reverence that he moved forward to lay a hand on Kyle's back, smoothing it over the stretch of skin so blindingly hot that he felt in his marrow. Even a gentle touch left him breathless; he was afraid for what would happen when he was finally inside Kyle. The thought rushed between his legs and Token groaned, helpless under the sway. Reaching tentatively forward with his other hand, he pressed it dry against Kyle's opening. Beneath his fingers the redhead shuddered hollowly, a faint spatter of whispers tickling his ears. He squeezed lube onto his fingers, smearing the slippery liquid around. Again he pressed, this time hard enough to slip inside.

His reaction was instant. Biting his lip hard enough to almost draw blood, Kyle arched his back at an even harsher angle, opening up for Token's fingers. The stretch burned, but his desire for what followed easily drowned out any discomfort. "Yes," he breathed. "You can do another, but wait after that."

Obeying the directive, Token twisted his fingers. He thrust them experimentally in and out, wondering as the ease of movement, the velvet vice that clenched around them. Kyle was tight. His mind skirted around the idea of his cock being pushed up inside, widening Kyle enough to take his girth. Breath stuttering, he tested a third finger and paused when Kyle uttered a high-pitch gasp. "I'm sorry," he blurted, but Kyle was shaking his head.

"S'good," he confirmed, pushing back to take the third digit in deeper. "It's fine." Forcing himself to relax, Kyle ran his fingers over his erection. The tingle of warmth distracted him as another more painful stretch jarred his nerves. "Slow, go slow." He felt Token press in centimeter by centimeter. It tickled in a way that caused ghosts of sensation to drift up his spine and uncurl lazily back down over the front of his body. Beneath the surface pleasure there was a yawning ache, the kind that needed to be filled. Kyle canted his hips, gasping when the ache sharpened into a more focused feeling. "T-token," he urged, fisting himself harder. "Move them-" Token curled his fingers and Kyle had to bite the comforter to stifle his cry. Saliva slicked his lips as he thrashed and moaned, Token pushing and teasing inside him. It needed to stop now, or-

Kyle sobbed into the mattress, entire body trembling as he squeezed his dick in an unforgiving hold. The orgasm that was threatening to crest withdrew, but he kept his grip tight. He wanted to cum with Token inside of him.

"Now," he begged wantonly, clenching his ass muscles around Token's fingers. "Token, do it now."

Pulling his fingers free, Token tried not to stare at Kyle's ass. Instead he stared at the bottle of lube. "Kyle, I don't want to hurt you."

"You won't," he grated, teeth clenched. "It's not like you haven't had sex before... Just use a lot of lube, okay?"

Hands shaking, Token rolled the condom over himself, and squirted lube down his erection. Slicking it into a thick coat, he spread more around Kyle's hole, wetting the inside even further while the redhead mewled beneath his touch. Reaching up with his clean hand, he tugged on Kyle's shoulder. "I need to see your eyes," he said, voice barely above a whisper.

They held each other's gaze as Token lined the head of his cock up and began to push. Kyle's mouth was open, panting, his eyes wild with the sensation. Token gritted his teeth and continued to push, careful and slow, watching every flicker of emotion careening through Kyle's expression.

His skin stretched around the thick head of Token's dick. Impossibly his body swallowed it, accompanied by a thin whimper from Token. Kyle kept his eyes on Token's, marveling at the pulse he felt in the other boy's cock. "Keep going," he insisted, breathing steadily as he relaxed his body. Eventually his head sunk to the coverlet, upper body curved so he could see Token move. The beautiful juxtaposition of their skin shining with sweat emphasized the lines of muscles flexing in Token's abdomen. Every line of sinew stood out with concentration and Kyle knew it was because Token was holding back, scared of hurting him.

By now he was halfway in, a gasp tearing past his lips when Kyle inadvertently clenched around him. "Tight," he blurted, hips jerking. Kyle tensed with the moment, but made no discouraging sound. His green eyes were glazed over, lips wet with saliva as his tongue ran over them. Velvet grip on his cock was a furnace of blissful pressure and Token was sure he'd cum right then if he moved any more. He was fully seated inside the redhead, balls pressed to the tight skin of his perineum. The cheeks of Kyle's ass were pert while they spread against him, soft and warm along his hips.

"Give me just a second," Kyle whispered; his breath hitching when Token stroked his back. He felt more lube slide down his ass, Token's fingers spreading it liberally around his stretched entrance. For some reason Kyle had to turn and bury his face in the bed, overcome with some unnamed vulnerable emotion. He could feel it when Token leaned over him, the heavy cock inside of him shifting subtly with the movement, drawing long lines of pleasure through his entire body.

"Kyle, I'm sorry. Are you-"

"Stupid," Kyle cut in, voice breaking off when Token ran his fingers through his hair. "Don't worry, I'm just... I'm feeling a lot right now and..." he trailed off helplessly, whimpering into the blankets.

His heart clenched. "Do you need me to stop?" Every fiber of his being screamed at the idea, but Token couldn't possibly go on if Kyle wasn't with him completely.

"Don't. You. Dare," he bit out, fingers clawing at Token's thigh. Biting his lip, Kyle rocked forward, both of them crying out at the startling rush of heat, before he pushed back. Impaling himself on Token's cock, Kyle threw back his head, body skewed at an even more indecent angle. "Now now now now," he chanted.

Voice strangled, Token replied with something resembling the English language, doubling over to grip Kyle's hips, his lubed fingers slipping. He pushed a little further in, enthralled by the sight of Kyle's body opening for him, taking him in so deep. When he pulled out they both released a pent-up moan. His thrust was a little harder, Kyle bucking against the bed with a thin gasp. Trying to remember the angle of his fingers that had made Kyle writhe, Token canted his hips and grinned with relief when the redhead collapsed on the bed, shaking from head to foot. Sweat was beading over his brow as he quickened the pace, hips twisting with every thrust to try and find that spot inside of Kyle.

Weakly he pushed back every time Token slammed into him, feeling the pressure of that thick cock all the way to the back of his throat. He curled around to watch Token, putting an image to the feeling of fingers digging into his hips, soft gasps and moans, and that filthy beautiful sound of skin slapping skin. Precum streaked the side of the bed and Kyle nearly sobbed with the pressure building in his erection. It almost hurt, but was bulldozed by the intense pleasure crashing through him, like an explosion with Token's cock at the epicenter. It shouldn't be this good, should it? he thought dazedly, almost cross-eyed with lust. Token's chestnut brown eyes were closed, bottom lip trapped between his teeth. His brows were knit with concentration and it fully hit Kyle in that moment that Token was fucking him. It was Token giving him this, and him also giving to Token. Brown eyes opened as if hearing his thoughts and Token leaned over to give him a clumsy kiss, smiling in a manner that tugged at Kyle's heart in a most ridiculously romantic way.

"I'm close," Token breathed against his lips apologetically, but Kyle only shook his head.

"Me too," he said. "Make me cum, Token."

Token moaned, rearing back on the balls of his feet to thrust harder, watching hungrily as Kyle's curls flew over his face as he was pushed over and over into the bed. Hanging down between the ivory pillars of Kyle's legs was his erection, swollen and red. Still thrusting erratically, Token curled his hand around Kyle's hips and took hold of his cock, leftover lube slick enough to ease the action. Kyle muffled a yell into the blankets, thrusting desperately into Token's fist.

It built like a wave, tears splitting Kyle's eyes when Token hit his prostate dead on and he was blinded by the crash of his orgasm. He screamed into the bed, teeth gnashing the rough material until he rolled into the feel of Token's teeth sinking into his shoulder as the other boy came inside of him.

His entire body clenched into one arrow of fire that left him boneless and exhausted. He struggled up so as not to crush Kyle, and slowly pulled out. They both hissed when he broke free, hypersensitive in the wake of their orgasms.

Token carefully stripped the condom off, tying it in a knot. He touched Kyle's back, waiting for green eyes before he ambled over to the desk to grab tissues. The condom was wrapped tightly and thrown away, hopefully safe from Sheila's nosy tendencies. Then between them they cleaned off the lube and traces of cum still clinging to the skin of Kyle's legs.

With a wad of soiled tissues sitting between them, Token and Kyle stared at each other. Their fingertips were touching lightly on the carpet. The quiet of night descended once more, and Kyle was so thankful that his parents and brother were far down the hall, and that Ike slept like a log and his parents wore earplugs to bed (after their new neighbors moved in with a garage band). He hadn't been thinking before, not about anyone else. Only Token. And still, with the satisfying ache starting in his ass, the stretch of his well-worn muscles and the smell of sweat and sex permeating the air of his room—it was Token.

He took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, letting his eyes wander down Kyle's body. Slender, bordering on thin. Pale, dusted with a faint map of freckles like constellations in a twilight sky. When Kyle was younger he didn't have any, but after summers in the sun his skin blossomed with them. Then, like hibernating fireflies they faded during the colder months. Token smiled to himself, thinking of Kyle like the changing seasons.

"Even if you kicked me in my sleep every night, I don't think I'd care," Kyle said suddenly, his eyes very bright.

Token laughed, butterflies a frenzy of giddiness in his stomach. "And even if you drool all over me every night, I wouldn't care."

"We're going to win that scholarship."

Scooting over to sit next to the redhead, Token brushed his fingers over the darkening bite mark on Kyle's shoulder. "The feminist writers of the Victorian Era won't lead us astray."

"You're very eloquent," Kyle tiredly murmured, head suddenly lolling back against the edge of the bed. "I'll need to work you harder next time."

It would be a bold-faced lie if those words didn't go straight to his cock. How it could it even stir after such an intense orgasm eluded him, but Token wasn't concerned with that. "Next time?"

"Next time," he confirmed, covering a yawn. "And the next and the next and… You get the gist."

"I like the gist," he said enthusiastically, laughing when Kyle slumped over into his lap.

"Mmm," he answered, noncommittal. His body was quickly slipping into sleep. Part of him was afraid of the pain he might feel tomorrow, but the means to that end were more than worth it.

Digging through the dresser, Token found them both pajamas and cajoled Kyle into them, rolling them both under the blankets. The redhead was nestled against his chest, mumbling about gists and feminists and lube. Token wondered how many nonsensical things he'd get to hear Kyle say before this dream had to end. Fighting back the cold feeling that thought inspired, Token turned to kiss Kyle gently, pleased when sleepy lips responded and the redhead grinned.

Token lay awake that night as Kyle slept. In the duffel bags downstairs was everything he needed to go on with his life. The knife of his parents' betrayal cut deep, and continued to draw blood even now. But he believed Kyle; that they would eventually come around. Until then, Token contented himself with the comfort of Kyle's presence and the undeniable force working between them, binding them in ways he'd never known were possible. He supposed he and Kyle really were a flock now, as the saying went. And from now on Token would be proud of his feathers.

Chuckling, he quieted when Kyle curled against his chest.

"Thank you," he whispered.



A/N: Thanks for coming along for the ride, everyone. That might have been my favorite sex scene to write ever... The Toyle ship is officially sailing!

I'd like to dedicate this story to xnowherex. Her Toyle art is gorgeous and hugely inspiring.