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Chapter Four - When You Awaken...

When he woke up early that next morning, he felt a strange weight all around his body.

Eyes flickering open, he looked blurrily around his surroundings, wondering where he was.

He looked over to his side and saw a head full of long, brown curls lying on his chest with a long, pale, skinny arm wrapped over his waist.

'God, last night must have been a good night…' he thought to himself. 'Went home with a beautiful date… woke up in the same bed with them… can't remember anything about it…'

He ran his fingers through the brown locks as his eyes finally focused on the things around him.

A bookcase, overflowing with books…

An antique chair with his clothes in it…

A nightstand to his right with a lamp and tons of paperwork on it…

A nightstand to this left with another lamp and more books on it…

Antique bureaus on either side of the bedroom door out front of him…

This wasn't his bedroom… it had to belong to the person lying on top of him.

Slowly, he moved the hair away from the person's face to see if he could recognize them or not. Little by little, he knew who was asleep on him…


It all came rushing back to him then. He had taken Reid home, because the kid had fallen asleep at Quantico and no one else cared enough to help him out. He practically had to carry the boy genius into his apartment building and up to his apartment, before putting him in bed. He got surprised by his very pregnant cat and woke the genius up. Reid asked him to stay the night, but then, figured that he wouldn't, so he told him to leave. When he did stay, the pretty boy wanted him to sleep in the same bed, so he did, and now, here he was… 'Snuggling', if you could call it that, with one Spencer W. Reid, Ph.D. …

Reid was the strange weight on his chest, but he still felt it on his feet and near his head. Looking down towards the end of the bed, he saw what was heavy on his toes: a rather large, sleeping, brown cat, otherwise known as Guinevere. Moving his lower half awake the Tonkinese from her deep, warm slumber. Yawning and stretching lightly, the pregnant female lumbered towards her owner's bedmate, gingerly stepping over top of Spencer, until she became face-to-face with him. She softly nuzzled his chin and neck with her head, purring happily at the dark-skinned fellow.

"Well, good mornin', pretty girl…" Derek whispered to her, rubbing her head gently. "I'm guessin' you approve of me, huh?"

Another set of favorable purrs followed his statement, before Guinevere ambled back over Reid's back and snuggled up next to the younger man's side, where she usually slept at night. Letting out a deep sigh, Derek tried to figure out what the weight near the top of his head was. Tilting his head back, he found out firsthand. There was a fluffy tail bouncing up and down occasionally, which clued him into whom or what it could possibly be: Lancelot, Reid's fluffy gray and white male ragdoll cat and father to Guinevere's soon-to-be born brood.

"Good mornin', Lance…" He spoke up softly, making sure not to wake up Reid.

Suddenly, the weight lifted and a gray & white fluffball climbed down from his pillowy perch, landing near Spencer's head, which was still on Derek's broad, muscular chest. The male cat looked at his owner's bedmate and meowed, before placing his declawed paws on Morgan's face and his hind legs on his chest, allowing him to sniff the man's skin up-close, as to say, "Reid's mine, sucker! Get your own! Finders keepers, man… you smell weird…"

Soon after, the Ragdoll moved off of Derek's face and found a place to lie down on the older agent's chest. Lance's fluffy head found a spot right over the agent's heart, listening to the rhythmic beats and letting it lull him to sleep, tail slowly slapping Reid ever-so often in the head and face. Derek took a deep breath and looked at his surroundings once again.

'Do I deserve to be this content?' he questioned himself in his thoughts. 'Does Reid really want me to be here… with him? I have to know what he wants… I have to figure out what I want… God, why can't I figure out what I want?'

Rethinking all of the possibilities, Derek slowly lulled himself back to sleep… with Spencer still draped over his chest and two cats keeping him warm.