So JoanIncarnate challenged me to write something for every genre and I accepted her challenge. This is my bit for the poetry category. Believe me I am no E.E. Cummings (pun intended... though I do love his poetry), but I'm giving it a shot here.

If I was smart or patient enough, I would have liked to of figured out how to do these in haiku format… but I'm not.

Anyway, please give these a try…



Hiroki to Nowaki:

For years I left my heart's foliage,

At the frosty feet of autumn;

Until, the winds of your love,

Caught me.

And now…

I find myself,

happily uprooted.

Nowaki to Hiroki:

Though you claim to be cold,

Your heart is the hearth I sit at.

I, who never had a home of my own,

Have found shelter in your flesh.

Miyagi to Shinobu:

How was it

You got under my skin?

Inside my shell?

I thought you a splintered barb that would fester,

And found instead a grain of sand…

You have become my pearl.

Shinobu to Miyagi:

Tears' saline rain rendered the earth of your heart barren.

The empty husks of dreams and desire littered its surface.

You just needed a fresh blade in the plough,

To break the ground,

And raise your field,

From fallow.

Akihiko to Misaki:

The fecund fields of your verdant gaze,

The milky-sweet sap of a green stem,

All my appetites whetted.

Inspiration eternally drawn,

from a single word…


Misaki to Akihiko:

Beneath my fingers your heart quickens.

Beneath yours fingers my breath stops.

My lips articulate retreat,

Your lips cry "Advance!"

I bear you,

You bare me,

We are lock and key,

Who unlocks who,

Remains to be seen.


So that's that. I know the punctuation may be off. It's been a hell of a long time since I wrote any poetry and please excuse the odd formatting... Freaking FF and its disallowance of extra spaces between lines of prose. Anyway, review if you're inclined and thank you for reading.