A/N: The Sequel To Suffocation aka Vanished is now out. It took me 7 hours to write it and think it! Be on the look-out for it! But here's a sneak peak...

Trina never felt so alive or had so much fun in her life! In the middle of their erotic dance, she began to feel a sudden drop of the temperture. She open her eyes to see someone stare back at her with black, alluring eyes. Trina halted her actions as she just stood there. She felt like she was in some sort of trance.

"Trina, Trina. Come out to play." the voice beckon her. Trina suddenly felt a strong pull to the voice as she pulled away from the two handsome twins she was bumping and grinding with. Her friends gave her a werid look but dismissed her actions thinking that all the liquor must have gotten to her already.

"Trina, the smell of your sweat lures me in." the voice continued to talk to her but it sang to her almost as she walked towards it.

"Your heartbeat, does sing to me." it kept singing, the more Trina walked towards it the more louder the voice became. Drowning out all the noises even her increasing heartbeat, she suddenly felt fear. She wanted to panic, she wanted to call out to her friends but somehow she knew she was far gone from any help as the tears began to form in her eyes.

"Run little Trina, Run." the voice sing-songed. And feeling the spell being lifted from her, thats what Trina could do. She ran, she ran out from the club into a dark alley. Fear latch onto every sense, every part of her body. She panted heavily as cold sweat began to form on her forehead and arms. She quickly ran out towards the busy streets as fast as her heels could carry her. Thats when she heard the musical laughter filled her ears, she began to let out screams of fear as she kept telling her legs to move faster.

"Running feet, beats my blood." the voice sing.

Trina finally made it out to the streets. She push some people out of the way as she tried to run somewhere safe, she would run all the way home if she had to. She didnt give a shit, she was fucking scared out of her natural mind! She was never this scared in her life before. If she stop running away from the voice that sang into her ears, she knew it would be all over. Without paying attention she trip on a forgien object as her body tilted onto the streets.

The sound of a horn blasting made her open her eyes in terror as those lights and the sound got closer, Trina open her mouth to scream but no sound came out as she meet her dismise.

"My ghost inside you, Soon will be." she heard the voice.