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Selene stood in front of her full-length mirror staring at her flat stomach. She knew that it would be a few months before she showed the beginnings of a baby bump. A baby, she could not believe that she was going to have a baby! After so many centuries, she was finally going to be a mother.

She placed her hand on her fact that he and he frowned be placed a smile she had a second ago. Selene knew that there was a 97% chance that she would miscarriage sometime during the pregnancy, whether it was tomorrow or in the last weeks of her pregnancy she didn't know but by the goddess she would do anything and everything possible to make sure that her baby makes it to birth. Melenka was right not even an hour had gone by since finding out about her pregnancy and already she had become attached to the baby. Her baby Selene smiled once more. The next generation of the Veen-Halseeng family was growing in her womb. A knock on her door and Kahn was calling her.

"I'll be right out Kahn," Selene says putting on her shirt and opening the door.

There may be a way to the infirmary were Melenka was waiting. Melenka thanks Kahn before sending him away she turned to Selene and pointed to her office.

"Why is it," Melenka said closing and locking the office door behind her. "But every time I tell you to do something you end up doing the opposite? Didn't I told you to wait for me here while I went to change Anna's diaper and talk with Amelia on the phone." Selene nods. "Then pray tell why you decided to ignore that simple order?"

"I needed to take a shower," was Selene's only answer.

"You need to take a shower," Melenka said in a slight mocking angry voice. "This tip girl will bail once in her life!"

"You want to know the reason why," Selene said making her grandmother stopped speaking. "You mad at me for no good reason. You've been yelling at me as if I'm some stupid immature teenager. Just tell me what the hell I did wrong!"

"What the hell you did wrong. I will tell you what the hell you did wrong. You, getting pregnant. That is what you did wrong! I thought that you were smart enough to use some protection Selene. Dammit! I have to deal with miscarriages on the near bimonthly basis. I see women dying trying to bring the children into this world all because they didn't want or use any protection!" Melenka was now shouting waking baby Anna who began to cry.

Selene Picked up the baby and gently began to rock her in her arms. Melenka sat on her office chair with her elbows on her desk and her head in her hands. She know that if this baby makes it to birth Selene would die but Melenka also knows that loosing this baby would her granddaughter than it did when she lost her family. There was part of Melenka that would always be gratefull towards Viktor for saving but there was also a part of her that would always be angry at him for turning Selene before she even had children.

Selene had been turned into a vampire some months after the death of the Lady goddess Sonja. Melenka knew that had Sonja been alive during the time she would have waited for Selene to have at least one or two children before turning her. That was how Sonja worked. Melenka remembers asking Lady Sonia why she always wait for a child is born she answered: "once you are bitten your aren't able to have children. The babies almost never make it to birth and those that do the mother always die in childbirth. So to us female vampires becoming pregnant is like attempting suicide. I hope, that you Soronan's, knowing that you have children and threw them descendents might increase the chance of pregnancies and your deaths."

The singing of an old lullaby brought Melenka back to the present. She watched asked Selene gently rocked the baby as she sang and old Soronan lullaby. Melenka remembers singing that same lullaby to her children and some of her grandchildren. She had also sang it to her great-grandson Alexei after his father had beaten him and kicked him out of being gay. The same lullaby Melenka had also sang to Selene the night that she was brought into the coven after her family was killed.

"I thought that you had forgotten that lullaby."

"Father used to sing it to me and Cecelia when we were children. He once said that you sang it to him."

"Yeah," Melenka said watching Selene gently place the baby back in the whicker basket. Selene watched the baby sleep for a few seconds before placing a hand unconsciously on her stomach.

"My baby will live grandmother," Selene said turning to look at Melenka.

"You don't know how many times I have heard those same words granddaughter only for them not to be true. It is better that you start getting used to the idea of loosing that baby…."

"I'm not going to lose my baby! and Stop saying that I will!"

"There is a really high chance that you will! It is better that you get used to it and be prepare when you do miscarriage." Angered, Selene made her way to the door ready to leave the small office when her grandmother grabbed her arm.

"You must understand granddaughter that I'm not doing this to hurt you. I would never do that on purpose. This is the way it has been for nearly millennia." Melenka said before releasing Selene's arm. "we are barely able to save three babies sometimes four and that's when we are lucky… Just promise me to be careful, alright. Promise me."

"I promise,"

"Then go back to your room and get some rest. You'll need it during the next few months."

Selene smiled and gave her grandmother a kiss on the check before leaving the office.


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