The sun barely begun to rise in the sky when Rose peered her head outside the door into the court yard, a small smile spreading across her face when she spotted Daryl sitting on top of one of the picnic benches whittling himself a wooden arrow. Rose limped her way over to him, her ankle a bit better than yesterday but she wasn't exactly ready to run a marathon just yet.

"Hey handsome," Rose called out smiling as Daryl turned his head some to look at her, "It's a bit early isn't it?" She asked, sitting at the seat of the picnic table, looking up at him as he went back to whittling.

"Maybe for you," He says looking down at her as she rolled her eyes, "What's got you up so early?"

Rose shrugged moving so her bad ankle rested against Daryl's shoes, "You weren't there," She started, "or at the perch." She explained leaning forward to rub her ankle, bringing her other leg up and rested her chin against her knee, "I missed your touch." Rose knew she sounded cheesy, and that thought alone made her sigh out loud, closing her eyes. She knew Daryl wasn't the type for that mushy stuff, hell, she wasn't either… but in times like this, she just… she liked the mushy. She liked knowing that she was going to wake up and have someone be there for her, for Jamie.

Daryl looked down at Rose curiously when she closed her eyes, she was so quiet after what she said, it was almost like she had fallen asleep again, but her mouth was open so he knew that wasn't the case. He smiled a bit, put down his knife, his half-done arrow and reached over to brush some of the hair from her face, causing her eyes to open.

"Is everyone asleep?" He asked, gripping the edges of the table and lowered himself down on the seat, careful not to hurt her ankle.

"Uhm," Rose started gripping onto his shoulder when he took a hold of her by her calf and pulled her legs onto his lap, pulling her closer in the process, "As far as I saw yeah, they are." Rose looked at him for a moment, watching as he smiled and rubbed her knee gently, "Why?" She kinked an eyebrow and Daryl smiled, shrugging a bit.

"No reason," He murmurs leaning over to press his lips to the side of her mouth, causing Rose to breathe in some from his closeness, her hand going to the back of his neck, trying to get him closer. Daryl turned his face away, kissing along her jaw line smiling a bit when she tensed up some, trying to pull his lips back to hers.

"Are you trying to tease me?" She whispered when he pulled back, and he just smiled at her, shaking his head again before kissing her once more.

Rose breathed in his scent, that earthy smell he always carried around when he had just bathed and had yet to venture into the wild to be covered in dirt and gore. She felt his finger tips on her thigh, and her breath hitched. That was what Daryl wanted, he wanted to hear her. He wanted his name to fall from her lips with each touch he gave, he wanted to hear her whimper and moan and beg him for more. But Rose wasn't going to give in that easily.

Daryl moved his hands to the milky smooth skin underneath her shirt, moving them higher until he reached the sides of her breasts, "No bra?"

"No bra," She repeated in a husky voice, leaning her forehead against his before kissing him gently, containing her moan when he ran his thumb across her nipple. Daryl pulled her shirt over her head, watching as Rose raised her eyebrows when he stopped to admire the view before she playfully smacked his cheek, getting his attention back to her face. Rose laughed aloud when he sent her a small teasing glare for slapping him before he gripped her hair, pulling her face back down to his. Rose moved her hands to his belt buckle, hurriedly trying to pull it from his waist as Daryl move his hands down to her neck, his nails scraping along her skin gently as he moved down to her shoulders, her arms and to her waist. Where ever his hands moved he left a burning sensation in their wake, and Rose could barely contain herself when he cupped her breasts, squeezing them gently making her moan into his mouth.

Rose continued to fight with the belt, sending him a glare when he pressed his hips up into hers causing a small whimper to escape her lips. She was finally able to get his belt off and she tossed it to the side pulling away from him, "No more kissing me." She murmured, licking her lips before leaning down to bite his collarbone gently, feeling his hands tangle in her hair. She made her way down his chest, dragging her nails slowly down his body until they reached the top of his pants, and she glanced back up at him, smirking as she trailed the tip of her finger along the top of his pants, pecking his lips with her own gently.

"Now you're teasing," He breathed out and she only smiled shaking her head slowly.

"I'd never," She said mockingly, squealing some when Daryl gripped her by her hips and picked her up, "I like being on top." She sighed when he moved so they were on the side of the table without the seats.

"I'm aware," He said, gripping her cotton shorts and pulled them down her legs slowly, tossing them in the growing pile of their clothes, "But I'm doing what I want." He said his nails digging into her hips and she opened her mouth to say something, but was stopped by his heated kiss.

Things started to get faster, and Rose did what she could to keep up with Daryl's quick movements, his kissing, his hands, his everything. But Daryl was holding her hands tightly against the table now, not letting her touch him as he trailed his lips along her body, causing her to shiver when the cool air would hit the wet spot left from his lips. "Daryl," She moaned out hearing him chuckle before he finally let her have control of her hands again, but before she had a chance to do anything he slipped a one of his hands in between her legs, causing her to grip onto his shoulders, containing her cries from pleasure as he watched her carefully, licking his bottom lip. "Not fair," She breathed her nails digging into his shoulders with each move of his fingers, and he only smiled before kissing her again.

Rose was able to gain some of her senses when Daryl finally moved his hand away, it now placed on her bottom while she undid the button of his pants, slowly pushing them and his boxers down his hips as far as she could get them to go, smirking up at him, "I'm digging this controlling thing," She whispered kissing the underside of his jaw when he chuckled, "It's hot."

"I'll do it more often then,"

"Please do," Rose laughed and Daryl rolls his eyes before moving his lips back to hers, hooking his fingers in the waistband of her panties, Rose moving her hips up some to help him get them off.

Rose watched Daryl carefully as he pressed his lips to her stomach, glancing up at her as he made his way back up her body, before his face was finally level with hers. "Come on Daryl," She begged her nails digging into his back, moving her hips against his some, feeling him hard against her, "Stop teasing." She murmured burying her face in the crook of his neck, nipping the skin there before he picked her up and pushed himself inside of her. Her head fell back as she moaned, her nails making their way down his back when he pushed into her again slowly lowering her back on the table once they had their angles right.

"Faster," She begged gripping onto his hips to pull him close again, forcing him to comply when she dug her nails into his skin. Daryl bit down on his lip, before forcing Rose to lay back on the table much to her surprise. He gripped her hips with his hands, watching as she cried out when he pushed deeper inside her, her moans coming out ragged with each thrust, her walls clutching around him.

"Come on baby," He breathed, his nails digging into her hips down when she cried out, feeling himself getting closer when Rose sat up and wrapped her arms around his neck, moaning out his name into her ear as she increased their pace even more. Daryl winced when he felt Rose's nails dig into his shoulders and down his back, feeling the fresh scratches she left behind before her entire body shook, and she cried out his name once more before she reached her peak, Daryl following soon after.

They both stood there a moment, Daryl's hands on Rose's bottom and hers on his shoulders, breathing heavily before they both laughed. "Oh god," She murmured biting her lip as Daryl sat her back on the table, pulling away from her a bit. He smiled as Rose tried to straighten out her breathing, leaning back on her hands, the sun hot against her already hot skin when Daryl leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers gently, his hand moving to brush the hair from her face.

"Maybe you want to go again?" He hummed against her lips, his hands going back down to her hips and she laughs.

"You think you're up for it?" She teased tugging on his bottom lip gently, and he gripped her hips hard now causing her to laugh out loud.

"Oh, oh my god…Rosie?" The sound of Glenn's voice filled the court yard causing Rose and Daryl to both turn quickly to see him standing there, his eyes wide. "Guys, I'm so so sorry." He said his had going to cover up his eyes as Daryl pulls his boxers and pants up quickly, and snatched Rose's shirt from off the ground. Rose knew her face was red from Glenn seeing her in all her glory, and his face was just as red, which made her laugh some.

"You speak of this to no one," Daryl said quickly as he pulled his shirt back over his head, picking up Rose's under garments and shorts, and handed them to her.

"I won't, I swear… I'm so sorry guys I didn't know you were out here." Glenn said shaking his head, everyone turning when more footsteps were heard.

"Glenn did you find a good place for us?" Maggie's voice rang out, and Rose raised an eyebrow before looking over at Daryl who shared her expression. "For us to… eat."

Rose and Daryl looked at each other before laughing loudly, "What?" Maggie's voice cracked some and Rose just shook her head, biting her lips to keep from laughing.

"Guard tower," Rose said quickly point up towards it, "Secluded, and up high." She shrugs before heading away from the three, Daryl rolling his eyes as he gathered his things before following after her.

Rose walked inside just in time for the rest of the group members to be waking, and she smiled when she spotted Lori sitting with Jamie, who had her hands on Lori's belly. "Mama, the baby's kicking." Jamie said excitedly when Rose approached them, and she smiled over at Lori.

"Really now? I guess she's ready to get out now huh?" Rose asked happily her hand going to Lori's swollen stomach, her eyes widening a bit when the baby kicked, "You're growing a linebacker in there or what?" She laughed smiling when Lori laughed with her.

"He's been at it all morning," Lori said, the tone of her voice one Rose knew well as the expecting mother placed her hands on her belly, "He's growing big and strong." She murmurs, and Rose just smiles before standing up.

"I'm going to go get cleaned up," Rose said smiling a bit, "You let me know if you need anything." Rose walked away now, hearing Jamie start up a conversation with Lori about how babies were made and laughed to herself when Lori called after her but chose to pretend like she hadn't heard her. The group had found a shower room down the hall to the cells, and was able to get the water working, it wasn't hot water, but it was clean and it was better than bathing in the creek so no one really complained. Rose made her way up the stairs and into the cell she shared with Jamie. She quickly picked up the clothes that were thrown around by Jamie who was most likely looking for clothes to wear this morning, and folded them neatly back into the suit case. Rose sighed a bit, running her fingers through her curls thinking to herself she should cut her hair before going to her suitcase and pulled out a tight pair of jeans that had holes in the knees, then a white tank top. She gathered up the bag that carried her and Jamie's bathroom supplies and turned to leave, raising an eyebrow at the sight of Ryder.

"Can I, uh, can I talk to you for two minutes?" Ryder asked and Rose bit her lip, nodding slowly as she noticed the strange look on Ryder's face.

"I've been thinking," He starts taking a step closer to her, "Thinking a lot actually… about… about this mess I've made." He whispers, looking up into her green eyes, "You and Jamie… you two are the only thing I have left from my life before all this."


"No, Rosie, damn it please just let me finish." He says quickly, almost desperately and she shuts her mouth, "I'm not going to try and ruin things for you, you and your hick." He says, laughing a bit when she sent him a look, "But I want… I want us to at least, try and get along… for Jammy's sake."

Rose watched Ryder carefully, trying to detect any sort of lie, or anything to show he was scheming, but he looked sincere, he sounded it. "Okay." She says quietly, giving him a small smile when he looked hopeful.

"I know I've been awful to you, and to Jamie," He shrugs, shaking his head as he reaches forward to take her hand in his, squeezing it gently, "But Jamie, she's our daughter… I love her, and I will do anything to make sure she stays safe." He explains, and she nods, "I'm sorry Rosie, I'm sorry for being such a prick, for cheating, for choosing crystal over you… I was wrong." Ryder's eyes had glazed over, and she noticed the tears forming which made her sigh.

"It's okay Ryder, just… just be good to her." Rose said pulling her hand back, "Be good to our baby." Ryder nods, and Rose places a hand on his shoulder, "Stop crying buddy, it doesn't suit you." She says and walks away, hearing him laugh a bit.


Rose headed out into the court yard, spotting Jamie with Carl on the basketball court, the two scamming something with Johanna. Logan sat with Lori, obviously talking about the baby and the plans for its birth. She squints her eyes when she noticed Daryl, Rick, T-Dog, Ryder and Carol in the distance bring the cars into the field and decided that she wanted to help out.

"Mommy," Jamie ran after her, abandoning Carl and Jo who stared after her, "Mommy look what daddy gave me!" Jamie said excitedly and Rose stopped looking down at the ring Jamie held in her tiny palm, "Daddy said it was his mommy's ring." She said and Rose smiled, ruffling Jamie's hair.

"That's your grandma's wedding ring; Ryder's had that for a while." Rose says and Jamie nods, "That's sweet Jamie, it was nice of him to give you that don't lose it okay?" Rose asks, and Jamie nods again putting the ring back into her pocket, "I'm going to go help out the others alright baby? Don't leave Johanna's sight, stay with her."

Rose crouched down and presses a kiss to Jamie's hair, hugging her tightly before letting her run back off to Jo, he waved at her. Rose waved back, smiling a little then headed back off in the direction of the others, coming out just in time to hear Daryl calling up to Glenn and Maggie in the guard tower.

Rose jogged over to the others, glancing up to where they were looking to see Glenn greet them, shirtless, Rick chuckling a bit at the sight.

"You coming?" The group snickered at Daryl's call, and she shook her head slowly laughing along with them when Glenn asked 'what'. "You coming?" Daryl asked again the look of confusion on Glenn's face priceless, "Come on we could use a hand!" He called out, turning away to head back to the cars and Rose laughed as she followed after them.

"Hey Rick," T-Dog's voice caused everyone to stop, and Rose ended up beside Ryder, both of them turning to see what T-Dog had pointed out, spotting the two other prisoners heading out into the field.

"I'll, I'll talk to them." Ryder said now looking over at Rick who shook his head as he headed towards the direction they were coming from.

"Come with me," Rick said, and Rose glanced over at Daryl who nodded and they all followed after him. Rose had to admit that the prisoners really didn't look that threatening, but she had trusted someone once just by their looks, and that ended badly, so she wasn't about to do it again. Ryder moved to stand beside Rick, and Rose stayed in the back beside Carol watching the men carefully as they stood the ground.

"That's close enough," Rick said, the hostility in his voice clear as day, "We had an agreement."

"Please mister, we know that," The convict, Axel, Rose thought, started as Glenn and Maggie headed out of the guard tower, looking at the scene with curiosity and confusion. "We made a deal, but you gotta understand, we can't live in that place another minute, you follow me." He looked over at his friend, Oscar, briefly, "All the bodies, people we knew. Blood, Brains, everywhere; there's ghosts." Rose frowned, glancing down at the dirt as Axel begged Rick.

"Why don't you move the bodies out?" Rose looked up when Daryl suggested it, and nods, that would have been the smart thing to do.

"We should be burning them," Oscar said, his eyes moving to Ryder he fidgeted beside Rick.

"We tried," Axel said, his arms crossed over his chest, trying to make himself seem smaller, scared of Rick obviously, "We did."

"The fence is down at the far side of the prison," Ryder spoke up, everyone turning to look at him when he moved to stand beside the prisoners, his friends.

"Every time we drag a body out those things just line up," Oscar finishes for him shrugging a bit as Ryder nods.

"We end up just dropping the body and running back inside." Ryder looks at Rose now, as if trying to get her to help defend the prisoners and she only looks away, not wanting to be involved in this.

"Look, we had nothing to do with Tomas and Andrew," Axel held his arms out, walking closer to Rick as Ryder moved to the side again, "Nothing." He says as the rest of the group moves closer to the prisoners, Rose's hand moving to the pistol that was holstered to her side. "If you're trying to prove a point you've proved it bro, we'll do whatever it takes to be part of your group, just please, please don't make us live in that place." Rose moved her hand from her gun, feeling sorry for them, for Ryder, which was a new feeling she's never felt before that involved Ryder.

"Our deal's nonnegotiable," Rick says shaking his head, "You either live in your cell block, or you leave."

"You let Ryder out," Axel tries which makes Ryder send him a look, "He's been locked up in this place just as long as the rest of us."

"Ryder's got a little girl to take care of," Rick says, "And he isn't living with us, he's living with you… he only helps out and does his part so he can see his girl, he's owning up to his deal."

Axel frowns shaking his head slowly as he looks to the ground, "I told you this was a waste of time." Oscar looks over at him, "They ain't no different than the pricks who shot up our boys. Do you know how many friends' corpses we had to drag out this week?" Oscar asked angrily looking at Rick now, "Just threw them out like," Oscar bit his lip, "These were good guys, good guys who had our backs against the really bad dudes in the joint, like Tomas and Andrew. Now we've all made mistakes to get in here chief, and I'm not going to pretend to be a saint, but believe me, we've paid our dues enough where we would rather hit that road, then to go back in that shit hole."

Rose wanted to say something, come up with an idea that could help out the convicts without having them come into their home, but she had nothing, nothing that was going to help anyone so when Rick looked back at Daryl she just let him give the word; which was a shake of the head. Rose sighed when Rick had Daryl lock them up in the fenced off area that was once used for processing, feeling sorry for the two men knowing they would last at least a week out on their own.

Rose felt Maggie's hand on her shoulder as the women headed over to the silver Tahoe alongside Rick, Glenn and T-Dog. "What do you think about this?" T-Dog's voice asked her and she shrugged a bit, looking over at him as she hopped in the bed of the truck.

"I don't like it," She admits watching as Daryl walked over, noticing Ryder talking to the two men behind the fence, "But… I don't want them in the same place where my baby sleeps."

"We don't know if they'd do anything," T-Dog said sadly leaning against the flipped over bus as Daryl moved to stand beside Rose.

"We don't know if they won't neither." He interjects, and Rose nods slowly in agreement, watching as Rick sighed, placing a hand on one of the lights, looking down at T-Dog.

"Are you serious? You want them living in the cell next to you?" Rick asked, "They'll just be waiting for the chance to grab our weapons, do you, do you want to go back to sleeping with one eye open?"

T-Dog shook his head, "I never stopped." He looked at Rick seriously, and Rose watched the two, "Bring them into the fold, or we send them off packing, we might as well execute them ourselves." He says looking around the group, and Rose couldn't help but feel the pain in her heart, T-Dog's words reminding her an awful lot like Dale's.

"I don't know, Axel seems a little unstable," Glenn said, earning a few nods from the others.

"After all we've been through, we've fought so hard for all of this, what if they decided to take it?" Carol asks, looking around the group for answers.

"It's just been us for so long, we took in Ryder, the two kids," Maggie started looking over at the two convicts, "They're strangers."

"So are the kids," Rose finally spoke up causing everyone to look at her, "We didn't know anything about Jo, or Logan, but we took them in… and, they're, they are good people… without them we probably would have lost Hershel." Rose looks over at Maggie sadly, "Who are we to judge these guys as bad just cause they're in jail… I could have gone to jail, if I hadn't had gotten pregnant."

Maggie shook her head, "Johanna and Logan are just kids, and they're hardly even past their teenaged years yet." She says shrugging a bit, "And it feels weird having suddenly having other people around."

"You brought us in," T-Dog added in and Maggie sighed.

"Yeah but you turned up with a shot boy in your arms, didn't give us a choice." Maggie said, and Rose bit her lip, knowing if she said they let her come in they'd just turn it back to the kids. They always bring in kids.

"They can't even kill walkers," Glenn said, trying to defend the prisoners.

"They're convicts, bottom line."

"Those two might have less blood on their hands then any of we do," T-Dog answered Carol, looking back at Rick.

"I get guys like this," Daryl started, "Hell I grew up with them, they're degenerates but they ain't psychos. I could have been in there with them just as easy as I'm out here with you guys." Daryl said with a small shrug.

"So you're with me?" T-Dog asked hopefully, and Rose frowned knowing well enough Daryl was not anywhere close to the same page as T.

"Hell nah," Daryl said, causing T-Dog to look back at him, "Let them take their chances out on the road, just like we did."

"What I'm saying Daryl,"

"When I was a rookie I arrested this kid," Rick interrupted T-Dog, making the man look back at him as he told his story about the teenager who stabbed his girlfriend, begged and pleaded and finally was able to convince the court he hadn't done it and two weeks later killed another girl. "We've been through to much, our deal with them stands." Rose frowns as Daryl and Rick walk away, and she hops off the truck.

"I'm sorry T," She says sadly while the others walk away, and he just nods slowly, "Maybe they'll be okay out there, they've got each other." She suggests and T-Dog shakes his head slowly before walking away.

Rose sighed to herself, and followed after the group, noticing the fact Ryder had already started after them himself, the two convicts starting at them as she gave them a sad smile, and mouthed 'sorry'.


Rose was helping Carol, Maggie, and T-Dog get the cars parked the way Rick had wanted when Hershel, Lori, Beth, and Carol all came out into the court yard. It was just another one of those miracles, Hershel up and able to get around, one leg or two, nothing was able to stop that man from living. She smiles as she watched Logan laugh, pressing his lips to Johanna's hair who stood beside Jamie. Ryder ran over to their daughter, picking her up in his arm, spinning her around. Rose sighed shaking her head slowly before going to head out to help with the fire wood, her ankle a bit sorer than it had been this morning, do to all the walking she'd been doing. She'd gotten about half way across the field when she heard the screams.

"ROSE!" She heard Daryl calling her name, but she didn't turn to see him, she turned and all she saw was the walkers, the walkers heading straight for her baby.

"JAMIE! JAMIE BABY RUN INSIDE!" Rose screamed out, and took off, doing her best to ignore the pain in her ankle, knowing that she was going to end up falling over, but she had to get to her, she had to get to her Jamie. "Ryder! Get her inside!" She screamed out to him, seeing him shooting at the walkers that closer, his hand on Jamie's shoulder as he forced her to stay behind him. Rose pulled out her pistol, and started to fire away at the walkers heading her way, heading for Logan and Jo.

"Joey!" Jamie screamed out to Johanna when a walker got close to the couple and Logan shot it in the face before he was able to get its hands on her.

"Go with Jamie and Ryder, I'm going to get Rose." Logan said to Johanna quickly, pressing his lips to hers before the two parted ways. Rose fired away at the walkers, her eyes never leaving from Jamie as Ryder scooped her up in his arms, Johanna making it to his side, and he looked right at Rose, directly into her eyes just as a walker grabbed her, and pulled her to the ground.

Ryder's eyes widened when he heard Rose's screams, the gunshots, Logan's shouts as he made his way to her."Ryder, Ryder we have to get inside." Johanna said, looking over at Logan as he fired away at the walkers, and Ryder swallows nodding.

"Come on, there's a way in through here." Ryder said and ran towards the entrance he'd found some time ago, Johanna on his heels as the two made their way around the building, firing away at the walkers.

"Come on, in here." Ryder said quickly, going to open the door to find it jammed shut by something, "What the fuck is this?" He shouted, setting Jamie down, "Johanna, keep them off our backs." He said, his eyes widening some as he saw his little girl pull a gun from the holster on her side, and fire a shot right at a walker. He had assumed it wasn't loaded. He shook his head quickly, pushing away his thoughts of Jamie with a gun in one hand, and that tattered rabbit in the other, of Rose being eaten alive by one of those things and rammed his entire body against the door, using all his weight, and heard something crack inside. He did it again, and again, and again until the door finally flung open and he took Jamie's hand, shouting at Jo to follow behind them not bother to stop to see that the thing blocking the door had been a broken broom stick.

Ryder hadn't been in one of these situations yet, he'd gone with the group when they first discovered them and we're going to clean out the cell block, but he didn't have other people to protect, he didn't have Jamie to protect, and right now, she was his only concern.

"Daddy, where's mommy?" Jamie sobbed letting Ryder pull her through the halls, "Did you see mommy?" Ryder frowned, and so did Johanna. She had seen it to, she saw Rose get taken down by those things.

"I'm sure she's fine Jamie," Johanna tried the three stopping when they heard the moans of the walkers coming from in front of them, and Jamie whimpered.

"This way," Ryder said now as he spotted stairs, just in time for a huge group of walkers to turn the corner and see them. Ryder picked Jamie up in his arms again, and ran for the stairs, carefully and quickly making his way up them with ease. But Johanna, Johanna wasn't so lucky and he heard he fall, and he heard her scream for him to help.

"Ryder! Ryder please!" She screamed looking up at the man as he reached the top of the stairs, and he stopped briefly, looking down to see the small woman, reaching her hand up for help, but she was to far down, the walkers were to close, he couldn't risk it, he couldn't risk Jamie, so he continued on, blocking out her screams for help, blocking out Jamie's cries when she told him she had dropped her rabbit on the stairs, blocking out everything to keep her safe.


Rose stood beside Logan, covered in blood as his hands moved over her body quickly, looking for bites, "Nothing, there's nothing you're fine." He laughed happily his hand going to her cheek smiling, "You're fine Rose, your fine." He said again, and Rose nods quickly, smiling back at him as she fought back the tears forming from worry, before sinking down to the stairs.

Logan had luckily been able to take out the walker before it was able to take a bite out of her, and the two got away, locked themselves in one of the guard towers. Rose could hear the walkers outside, banging against the door, grunting, moaning, and growling at them from hunger. Rose was hadn't moved since Logan dragged her in, and now she sat on the stairs, frozen still. She saw them, they got away, they got away, they were going to be okay. She kept telling herself that, but she couldn't stop the worry, she couldn't stop the shaking.

"Rose she's fine," Logan said, taking his hand in hers, getting her to look at him, "Jamie's fine, and I need you to not go into shock, I need you to calm down Rose." He said soothingly and she nods slowly, taking in a shaky breath.

"Rifles, there's some up top." She said, hearing the gun shots from outside, hearing Daryl's voice from outside. She stands up now, wincing when she put pressure on her ankle and Logan quickly wrapped an arm around her waist, and helped her climb up the stairs.

Once they reached the top Rose spotted Daryl, Rick, and Glenn taking out some walkers, but there was so many. She let Logan help her reach the bars and she grabbed her rifle, moving so she leaned against one of the bars going down, and held the scope close to her eyes. She took out one near Daryl, who turned quickly to see her there, blood covering her chest, soaking into her white tank top, but she was alive and he couldn't help but grin. Then she shot another one that had almost grabbed a hold of him, "PAY ATTENTION RETARD!" She screamed at him, before pointing the gun in a different direction, and took out more walkers. It went on like that, Logan and Rose in the guard tower, taking some out while Rick, Daryl and Glenn worked the ground until finally they were all killed off. Rose hadn't seen Lori get away, or Maggie or Carl. She had to assume that they got away while Logan was dragging her into that tower. The same with Carol and T, but she knew Hershel and Beth were alright, she'd seen them lock themselves in the fenced off area leading in.

Daryl, Rick, and Glenn ran over to Rose as Logan helped her walk, "What happened?" Rose asked quickly, Glenn shaking his head.

"Someone broke the locks, let them in." Rose eyes widened and she shook her head, looking up at Daryl as he pulled her from Logan's hold.

"Jamie's with Ryder and Johanna." She said feeling the tears finally falling now, "I saw them head past C block, but I don't know if they made it." She said shaking her head quickly and Daryl pressed his lips to her forehead, pulling her into his chest. It stayed like that, Rose crying quietly as the men planned what they were gonna do, finding out from Hershel and Beth were everyone was, and then putting the blame for what happened on the convicts when alarms started going off.

Rose pulled away from Daryl, wiping her eyes as she tried to man up and looked around, "What the fuck is that?" She shouted shaking her head as the others walked around, looking for the source of the buzzing, shooting the speakers on the walls.

She noticed the walkers starting to head towards the prison. "Oh my god, we've got to find the others!" She shouted quickly looking at Rick as he walked over to her, "We've got to find them, and we've got to find some place safe." She said sounding a bit delirious and Rick took her face in his hands.

"Rose calm down, I need you to get in there with Hershel and Beth." He said and Rose shook her head, going to protest.

"Rosie you're ankle is too bad, you will only slow us down and get yourself hurt." Daryl said quickly moving to take her hand as Rick pulled away, "I'm going to find her okay?" He asked looking her in the eyes as she nods, "She's going to be just fine." Rose nods quickly, and presses her lips to Daryl's before he pulls away, running after Rick as he ran towards the prisoners.

Rose took a breath and gripped onto the railing, watching as Rick shouted at the prisoners, who explained quickly to him about the backup generators, before forcing Oscar and Axel to go with them. Rose turned to look up at Hershel and Beth as the girl pulled her father's crutch from the gate, and went down to help Rose in.

"They're going to be okay Rose; everyone's going to be fine." Beth says rubbing Rose's back as she helped her up the stairs, Hershel putting the crutch back in place.

Rose slid down the concrete wall, her hands shaking as she looked up at Hershel who took Beth's hands, "It's going to be alright." He said to her, and then looked down at Rose, "It's going to be alright Rose."

She only nods as an answer, and turns her head away, humming to herself a song her mother used to sing, a song she sang to Jamie. She was okay… She had to be okay.


Daryl walked behind Rick as they made their way into cell block D, they'd just found out the cause of all this mess, Andrew, the convict Rick had left to die. They'd stopped they alarms, they'd killed Andrew, and they had found T-Dog dead, eaten alive by those things, they found Carol's scarf with blood on it, but no sign of her. They'd searched all of cell block C for Lori, Maggie and Carl but hadn't found them, so they moved to D, in hopes of finding them there with Jamie.

"I'm sure they're okay," Glenn said, "Jamie was with Ryder and Jo, and they wouldn't have let anything happen to her…" He said but Daryl knew Glenn was telling himself the same thing about Maggie, that she was with Carl and Lori, they all had each other, they'd be fine wouldn't they?

They turned the hall and saw at least six or seven walkers all looking up, their hands raised up in the air, reaching for something in the celling until they heard the footsteps, and they're heads turned, their dead, blank expressions on the living before they moved quickly towards them. The men fired away, taking each walker out quickly, and Daryl went to retrieve his arrows when Logan let out a strange noise.

"Jo?" He called out, picking up a bloody sneaker from the bottom of the stairs, his eyes going up to where the walkers had been reaching, "Johanna baby, are you up there?" He asked quickly, everyone's eyes following his when a hand fell out of the hole in the celling.

"I think I broke something," Johanna's voice was muffled and hoarse, but Logan grinned, tears filling his eyes, "Help a girl out?" She rasped out, pulling her hand back and replacing it with her feet.

Logan handed Daryl his gun, and went to help Johanna out of the air vent, holding her in his arms once she was safely on the ground.

"God Jo, I thought I lost you." He rejoiced, pressing his lips to hers, pulling her tightly back into his arms. That's when Daryl noticed it, the tattered rabbit in her hand.

"Jamie?" He asked quietly, and Johanna turned to look at him, wiping the tears from her eyes.

"She, Ryder has her." She said, sounding a bit angry, "The walkers, they came out of nowhere…. So we, we went up the stairs, I fell," She chocked up, looking down at the ground, "He left me." She cried shaking her head, "He left me and one of the walkers…. It was Lizzie." She sobbed falling to the ground now and Daryl stared at her in shock, looking to where she had to see the small walker, with a bashed in head at the foot of the stairs, "I had to.. I had to do it." She cried into Logan's chest and Daryl frowned reaching down to pick up the tattered rabbit from the ground.

"Come on," Rick said sadly, running his hand down his face, "Let's get back to the others, maybe everyone made it out." He said hopefully and everyone nodded in agreement. Daryl glanced back the small dead child, and looked back at Johanna as Logan helped her up.

He didn't really know what came over him, but he didn't stop himself from pulling Johanna into his arms, and hugged her tightly, "I'm sorry." He murmured, thinking back to Sophia, thinking about what would happen when he found Jamie like that.

Daryl pulled away quickly, and let Logan handle Johanna now, telling them to move it along as he made his way back down the corridor, holding that rabbit in his hands.


Rose was sitting at the bottom of the stairs, looking at the door where the others should be running out at, they need to come now, Daryl needed to bring Jamie back to her. She took in a breath when she heard their feet, and she stood up, moving all her weight to her good foot when Rick appeared, followed by Glenn, Daryl, the convicts, Logan and Johanna. But no Jamie.

"You didn't find them?" Hershel asked as Rose stared at Rick, not wanting to meet Daryl's eyes just yet, not wanting to look at Johanna just yet.

"We thought maybe they came back out here," Glenn said, and Rose turned her gaze to Logan and Johanna, noticing that Johanna was crying a bit.

"What about T?" Hershel asked, and Rose looked back at Rick, "Carol?"

No, No, they couldn't be dead they couldn't. Rose wasn't sure what was going on in her head, so many thoughts, so many emotions, she was going to break she could feel it.

"They didn't make it," Rose looked over at Daryl as she spoke up, feeling her lip quiver some.

"Jamie?" She finally spoke, looking at Johanna who closed her eyes, then to Daryl who took a step towards her, and she noticed the bunny in his hands, Jamie's bunny. Then it happened, something inside her just snapped, and she was on her knees, Daryl at her side just in time to stop her from falling all the way to the ground.

"No, not god no, Jamie." She sobbed into Daryl's chest and he held her tightly shaking his head as Johanna limped over.

"She might be okay Rose," She said, kneeling beside Rose, her hand going to her hair as Rose looked up at her, "Ryder was with her, they ran off, they could be okay." She said, but there was something in the way she said it that made Rose she didn't believe that.

"That doesn't mean the others didn't," Rick said quickly, "We're going back!" Rick shouted looking down at Daryl, "Daryl and Glenn you come with me," Rick never finished his sentence because the sound of crying filled the yard, and it wasn't Rose's. It was a baby's. Rose was able to calm herself enough to look to where the noise was coming from, and she saw Maggie, Maggie carrying a the tiny crying infant in her bloody arms, wrapped in what looked like a shirt. Carl was behind her, the expression on his face blank, and Rose shook her head. She watched as Maggie walked out slowly, trying to talk.

"Where is she? Wh-Whre is she?" Rick asked, and Daryl stood up, pulling Rose up with him as they watched. Maggie shook her head slowly, Rick going to head into the cell.

"No, Rick no!" She said, holding the baby in one arm and grabbing onto his shoulder to stop him. Rick finally stopped by Carl, dropping his gun as he began to cry, and Rose turned her head, burying her face into Daryl's chest when Rick started to sob, Daryl's arms tightening around Rose as she started to sink down to the ground again.

It never lasted, the happiness… Not in this world, you'd get one good thing and another one was taken. There was no winning, there was no living, there was only death.

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