Sorry about the crappy summery but anyway I hope you enjoy.

For the first time ever I was actually enjoying my art class, this being because a certain Frenchman and his friends had not turned up. I had actually been late on the first day back from the holidays and come into this class to find there being no more seats free, apart from one on the table with the trio of friends, just my luck. And although they were usually late to lessons, not as late as half an hour so I was pretty sure I was safe. I was quite happy to sit at the table by myself and continue painting the fairy that I had been for the past lesson, occasionally watching our shy Canadian teacher scurry around helping people. After another 10 minutes the door to the class room burst open, a few people including myself looking over to see what the commotion was. The trio sauntered in, laughing at something and coming over to my table to take their seats.

"So sorry we're late birdie." Gilbert called, sending a wink to the teacher before taking his seat, and even I could see the Canadians face turning red as he made his way over to our table.

"What excuse is it this time boys?" He asked, raising one of his eyebrows.

"Some girls from another class wanted to spend some time with the awesomness is all, so you can take it up with them sir." The albino replied with a small smirk, making the teachers frown deepen.

"Well you have missed 40 minutes of the lesson boys so unfortunately this can't go unpunished. You'll have to stay behind after school, and you will all be going to different classrooms. Antonio I'll send you to Mr Honda, Gilbert I will take you to a different classroom and Francis you can stay here with..." The Canadian paused, looking around the class before his eyes came back to our table and landed on me.

"Arthur would you mind staying behind to watch Francis? I know you're the least likely to let him escape, you can just sit and finish your painting." He asked me, and as much as I hated having to stay behind with that frog I did want him to at least be punished correctly, so I sighed and sent the teacher a nod before returning to my work.

"Then it's settled, Francis you will stay here with Arthur." The teacher nodded to himself before moving on to help the other students with their work.

"Well looks like he wants a piece of the awesome." I heard Gilbert proclaim, and glanced up to see him smirking as his eyes followed the teacher.

"He is a teacher so I highly doubt that." I told him, frowning and glancing over to the young Canadian, oblivious to us talking about him.

"Oh really, and how much experience have you had with stuff like this eyebrows? Go back to your fairies." Is the reply I got with a glare being sent my way, and with pleasure I turned away from them all for the remainder of the lesson.

When everyone packed away at the end of the class and Gilbert and Antonio were taken away I still ignored the Frenchmen. He remained silent but I could feel his eyes on me as I finished the last bit on my painting before glancing over at him. He smiled, his eyes flickering down to admire my work.

"It's really good." He told me, staying quite for a moment waiting for my reply. I continued to ignore him so he said what he usually said to get me talking, and I of course fell for the bait.

"Why do you always paint those silly little fairies of yours?"

"They are not silly! They are real, how many times do I have to tell you this?" I shot back, standing and taking my paint pallet over to the sink at the back of the room to be washed out.

"As adorable as it is hearing you go on about them, you are way to old to be believing in such things chéri." He asked, his voice coming closer before his arms wrapped around my waist, something I had become very used to be now but this did not mean I allowed it. I turned in his arms and shoved him away, anger bubbling up inside me, I was completely sick of having this conversation with this idiot and I was just about ready to snap. Everyone teased me about my belief of fairies, everybody, and in an instant I had already decided that for once I wanted to prove somebody wrong.

"They do exist and I am sick of everyone saying otherwise and calling me crazy! You are going to regret those words Francis, because tonight I will prove you wrong! Leave your window open tonight frog because I'm sending a fairy your way." I spat out, hating the look of amusement and pity he was giving me that made me shove him again before storming out of the room. I realised to late that I had left my bag and painting behind, but no way was I going back now. I had probably also just given that frog what he wanted, his freedom to leave his detention early. I had already set my mind about going to Francis tonight in my fairy form, although it probably wasn't the best idea I desperately wanted to see the shock on one of my tormentors faces when they realised I was right. But at the very least I was going to disguise myself a little so he didn't know it was me. Excitement flooded through me at the thought that I was finally going to do this, all I had to do now was wait until tonight when I could finally take me fairy form.