Tsurugi had no idea how he got on this strange field. There was a rather odd feel to it. And he was sure he was sitting in the clubroom just a minute ago. He looked around and he saw Tenma playing with a soccerball all the way at the other end. He groaned at why it had to be the one obsessed with soccer who stayed behind. Nevertheless, he called him out to ask him where exactly he was but for some reason, nothing came out of his mouth. He immediately began to panic as he held his throat.

"My voice…! I-I can't talk!"

He tried to move but his body remained where it was. He was paralyzed.

"What's happening to me?" Tsurugi panicked. He tried to call the boy over who was still playing with the soccerball at the other side, completely oblivious at Tsurugi's presence or that he needed help.

"Over here!" he thought as he tried to yell it out. Then, as if he had heard his thoughts, Tenma stopped playing and turned around.

Tsurugi sighed in relief that he finally got his attention when he spotted something far away. It looked like a truck or a bus…and it was heading straight at Tenma!

He quickly tried to warn him about the impending danger but nothing happened. Tenma gave him a confused look, not noticing the vehicle coming at him fast.

"You idiot! Don't just stand there, Matsukaze!" Tsurugi screamed. "Get out of there or it will…!"

Tenma remained rooted, still not understanding him. The truck was already close now. If it hit him, he would be killed instantly!

"Run!" Tsurugi's voice finally came back but it was too late. He watched in horror as the truck ran over the child, leaving a trail of blood and Tenma's twisted body. Somehow the ball remained unscratched though small splotches of Tenma's blood cover it.

Tsurugi walked over. His body was no longer paralyzed but he couldn't stop shaking. He held the child's body while noting how small and fragile and contorted it was.


He had no idea why he said that. He was obviously dead but he couldn't believe it…

He couldn't be dead!

Tears started in his eyes when his body began to shake even more uncontrollably and intensely.


Tsurugi blinked in shock. That voice…! But…It couldn't be! That was…!

"Tsurugi! Wake up! Tsurugi!"

Tsurugi immediately opened his eyes and was stunned to see Tenma standing above him and still shaking him a bit.

"Are you alright, Tsurugi?" Tenma asked in panic. "You were screaming and moving around a lot! What happ-!"

Tsurugi never answered him. He quickly wrapped the child in his arms and held him tightly. Tenma tried to pull away, confused by his friend's sudden actions when he felt something wet on his cheek. He looked up at Tsurugi's face worriedly.

"Tsurugi? Why are you crying?"