Dora the Murderer!

Chapter 1: Corpses

Oh, hi kids! I'm Dora! And… ah, can you keep a secret?

Good, now this might be a bit shocking. I killed my mom and dad! And my Grandma! I kinda resent killing my grandma, but no witnesses, you know.

Now you're probably wondering why I killed my parents. Well… It's none of your Beeswax. But I'll give you a hint! I stabbed my mom because she refused to buy me Uranus, and my Dad… well, he wanted to call the police. But Grandma saw all this so I had to kill her too.

But now, I have a problem. I need somewhere to put the corpses. Do you want to help me?


Great! Come on! I'll need someone to blame when the cops come around and… Hey! Boots, you pervert! Stop stalking me already! Jeez, that dumbass follows me everywhere and I freaking hate it! Well at least he'll be useful just in case we run into a crocodile.


Oh damn! Backpack, why hell are you eating my dads corpse?

"Well, it's the only way we can carry them!"

Oh god! Backpack, do you have Map?

"Yah, of course I do! He's in my side pocket suffocating!"

Open that pocket! Jeez! We need him!

"Fine! I'm done!"

Good let's go!

To Be Continued…

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