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Summary: After Merlin finally escapes his violent ex Cenred, Morgana wants someone to be with him to look out for him in case Cenred hasn't given up and is still looking. Knowing there is only one person up for it, she asks for her brother, Arthur to help.

Warning: AU. A bit of violence and malexmale.

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Merlin was at one of Morgana's many parties she held. Reason for this one: It's about time we had another party.

Merlin didn't want to go. He had just finished settling into his new flat and he wanted to actually have a relaxing evening, something he has never been able to do before now. Merlin had been in a violent relationship and finally had the courage to say 'no. No more' and with the help of Morgana, Gwen, Lancelot, Leon, Gwaine and Percival. Merlin had left and found a place of his own. He was still fully aware of everything that was going on around him and always made sure he was out of peoples reach. He never allowed anyone to touch him. Apart from Morgana, Gwen, Lancelot, Leon, Gwaine and Percival, who knew that Merlin refused to be touched or held because of his abusive ex, others thought that Merlin was one of those people who don't show friendly affections in public.

Merlin jumped forward and whirled around when he felt a hand come down hard on his shoulder and turned to find Percival stood there. "Hey Merlin. Relax it's just me. No-one can hurt you here. They have to get past me."

"And me." Gwaine said, walking up to them both and placing an arm around Percival who held him back.

"I want to go home. I don't like this idea what Morgana has. I don't even know this Arthur."

"He is a great bloke Merlin. Believe me when I say that he is more protective than us." Percival said, trying to make Merlin feel better.

Morgana told Merlin that her brother was moving back here after being abroad for two years and told Merlin that she had explained to Arthur, told him everything that Merlin went through and Arthur offered to stay with Merlin whilst trying to find a place to live and protect him should his ex ever come knocking.

"What is this Arthur like. Does he have patience, does he have the patience to put up with me being jumpy from when I get up until I go to bed."

"Merlin it will be fine. My brother will look after you. He has unpacked his things at your flat and is on his way over here now." Morgana said who came over when she saw Merlin looking nervous.

Morgana opened her door expecting to see Arthur when she she saw the last person she wanted to see stood there. "Cenred. What are you doing here?"

"Word got round that you was having a party and I invited myself." He pushed past Morgana and into her flat. "You know how much I love your parties Morgana."

"You hate my parties. You only came to them because you wouldn't let Merlin go out on his own."

"Merlin and I aren't together anymore and he loves your parties so I am guessing he is here." Cenred smirked at the look on Morgana's face. "Perfect. I know who I am going home with tonight."

Cenred made his way through the party, giving everyone he passed his best smile before moving onwards to find Merlin. Smiling when he saw Merlin go into Morgana's bathroom.

"Well well Merlin."

Merlin who was just about to do up his trousers after relieving himself gasped and shakily looked over his shoulder to see Cenred who moved forward, gripping Merlin's wrists tightly, stopping him from doing up his trousers. "I must say Merlin I am impressed. I haven't seen you in weeks and the first chance I get to see you, you are standing with your cock out. Next you'll be begging me to take you like you always do." he snarled, his hands tightening their grip on Merlin's wrists that will no doubt leave bruises.

"Never Cenred the only begging I did was for you to stop and you never did. Let go of me you're hurting me."

"I don't think so Merlin. You escaped my clutches once. You won't again."

"Arthur!" Morgana said, seeing her brother and giving him a quick hug as she pulled him into her flat. "Where's Merlin?" he asked.

Morgana looked round and couldn't find him anywhere. After asking round, they found out that Merlin was in the bathroom. "He's been in there a while actually." Gwaine said. "Do you think he is alright."

"Oh no." Morgana gasped. "Cenred is here."

Arthur turned to his sister. "You let him in?"

"I had no choice, he pushed past me."

Percival went to head to the bathroom but was stopped by Arthur. "I will be the one living with Merlin. I will be the one looking after him. Let me deal with the bastard."

Morgana showed Arthur the way to the bathroom and tried the door. Finding it was locked. "Piss off." came Cenred's voice.

Arthur saw red and lifted his leg up, booting the door causing it to swing open. Arthur saw Cenred holding tight on to Merlin who was struggling to break free and crying.

Arthur stormed into the bathroom, wrenched Merlin free from Cenred and swung his arm, his right fist meeting Cenred's jaw, knocking him flat to the floor unconscious.

Merlin was shaking that much he didn't notice Arthur covering him up and doing his trousers up until he held Merlin gently in his arms.

"Merlin. I'm Arthur."

"Thank you." Merlin whispered feebly into Arthur's chest.

Arthur continued to hold Merlin as he looked over his shoulder to see the stunned face of his sister, Percival and Gwaine. But they weren't looking at Cenred, they were looking at him and Merlin.

"What is wrong with your faces?"

"You." Morgana answered.

"What about me?"

"You're holding Merlin."

"Of course I am. What's wrong with that. You all do don't you."

"No Arthur. Merlin will only let us touch him, and then he flinches. He never lets anyone hold him like you are doing right now." Morgana explained.

"Percival do us a favour?"

"What's that Arthur?"

"Get this fucker out of here."

Percival bent forward and heaved Cenred up and chucked him over his left shoulder as Morgana walked over to Merlin and Arthur. "Merlin. Are you alright with Arthur holding you like that?"

"Mm. Feels safe."

Arthur smiled and tightened his hold on Merlin and followed Percival carrying Cenred out of the bathroom.

Morgana's party guests stopped and turned their eyes to Percival holding an unconscious Cenred carelessly over his shoulder to Merlin who looked broken and scared in Arthur's arms.

"Who here know Cenred as a man who will help anyone and cares for everyone?" Arthur asked. Everyone apart from those closest to Merlin who help him move on raised their hands.

"Who here at this party likes Merlin here?" he asked and everyone raised their hands.

"Well the state Merlin is in now is how Cenred makes him when he is in a really good mood. Cenred is an abusive thug who only looks out for number one. Himself. Merlin has got himself a new flat, anyone who wants to get in touch with Merlin are to go through Morgana first. Now I don't know most of you therefore I don't trust you. Cenred came to this party tonight because he got told by someone here."

"I can't believe Cenred is like that." one person spoke up.

"Why do you think the reason Merlin won't allow anyone to touch him is."

"You are." the person argued back.

"I'm an exception. You say you all like Merlin, you want to carry on being his friend then you no longer have anything to do with this fucker." Arthur said, gesturing his head to Cenred.

Arthur looked down at Merlin. "Do you want to go home?" Arthur asked in a calming voice.

Merlin didn't answer, he merely nodded. After Morgana saw them out and promised to come and see Merlin next day Arthur led them both down to the car park.

"Do you drive Merlin?"

"No. I got a taxi here. He wouldn't let me get a licence."

Arthur nodded and keeping one arm around Merlin, Arthur led them to his car and help Merlin in before getting himself and driving back to their flat.

Arthur unlocked the door and held it open for Merlin to enter first before closing and locking the door behind him. "Do you want a drink Merlin?"

"I'll make it. Tell me how you like it." Merlin said, walking into the kitchen, but before Merlin could put the kettle on, Arthur stopped him with a gentle hold on his arm. "No Merlin. I know you had no choice but to do everything but no more. The only thing you can do is tell me how you like your tea and sit down and relax."

"No milk one sugar. Thank you Arthur."

"Don't thank me Merlin. Go on." Arthur said, removing his hand from Merlin's forearm. "I'll bring the drinks in."

Merlin smiled and went to sit down and was joined be Arthur five minutes later. He took his tea with a whispered 'thanks' and took a sip before coughing at the taste and looking at Arthur. "Did you put some whiskey in this?"

"I did Merlin. I thought you could use it, you still seem shaken up."

"Thank you."

They sat in silence and drank their tea before Merlin spoke up again. "Do you think he will find me again?"

"I wish I could make you feel better and tell you no, But there is every possibility that he could. But I will be with you and not let him near you Merlin."

"Why are you so nice to me? You only met one hour ago."

"After everything Morgana has told me about you Merlin I feel I already know everything about you. But I want to help you Merlin. It is the least I can do after you letting me stay here."

It was the next morning when Merlin awoke and found it confusing that he was in his room when he was sure he fell asleep on the settee. He stood up and walked into the kitchen and smiled when he saw a flask on the table with a note.

Morning Merlin, you fell asleep on the settee last night so I carried you to your room. Here in this flask is your morning tea. Ring me later to tell me what food you want me to bring home tonight, my number is at the bottom. See you later, Arthur.

Merlin smiled at the note. He still couldn't get over Arthur being this nice to him. Merlin made himself some breakfast and after eating he went to shower and get dressed for the day.

Arthur came home that night with a Chinese takeaway. Merlin had rang up and Arthur had picked it up on his way home. They had emptied their food from the cartons onto their plates. They ate the food in silence and afterwards when they both washed up Arthur had retreated to his room and left his door half open.

Merlin looked through the gap in the door and saw Arthur typing away on his computer whilst he could hear music playing in the background. Merlin laid on the settee and got comfortable in time for his favorite programme to start.

Merlin woke up to the sound of Arthur singing in the shower. He fell asleep on the settee again? Curse the settee for being more comfortable than his bed. He sat up and rubbed his eyes before running a hand through his hair as the bathroom door opened and Arthur came strolling out wearing nothing but a towel that was resting low on his hips.

"Morning Merlin. I see you fell asleep on the settee again. I didn't move you because you looked so peaceful so I thought it was best to leave how you were."

"That's alright Arthur. I'll make a drink whilst you get dry and dressed."

"Thank you Merlin. Bathroom's free now."

Merlin couldn't help but watch Arthur until the door closed behind him before he got up to make a drink. He was falling for Arthur and falling hard.

After the drinks were made, Arthur had come from his room wearing baggy jeans and a tight t-shirt that showed off his muscles. "What do you want to do today Merlin?"

"I don't know."

"Do you want to go out somewhere?"

"No. No, I'll just stay in. You can go out if you like."

"I'm fine Merlin. I just asked in case you wanted to go somewhere."

"No. I would like to get to know you more though."

"Ask away Merlin. Doesn't matter how personal, I will answer."

"What made you go travelling?"

"I used to work with my father, the business I will one day get. We had a big argument, he said that I will never make anything of my life as I never see anything outside the four walls of my office and flat. I went home that night and thought about it and packed up what I could carry, I told my father over the phone that I quit and I was to leave the next day to go travelling, he scoffed and said he would believe it when he saw it and made sure he did. Every place I stopped at I sent him a postcard to let him know what I was doing."

"What made you decide to come home?"

"I missed it. I sold my flat so I couldn't go there. I needed somewhere to stay so I rang and asked Morgana. That was when she told me about you. When I heard I got on the first flight I could."

"Why? You didn't even know me."

"But Morgana did. And if Morgana cares about you that much then I knew you would be worth it Merlin and that you needed help. You can ask personal questions you know."

"How many women have you had?"


"None? How can you have none? Have you seen what you look like?" Merlin blushed when he realised what he said.

Arthur laughed. "Thank you Merlin. But I don't see women in that way. I'm gay. I have had no man either, I mean, I have gone on dates and kissed but that's it. I am waiting for the right person."

"I only wish I did now."

"Hey. It doesn't matter who was your first. Don't count that. Count it from your first with someone special and who you love Merlin."

Merlin edged closer to Arthur and rested his head on Arthur's shoulder. "Thank you Arthur."

"You're welcome Merlin."

The next day Merlin had work and Merlin felt his heart flutter at the fact that Arthur didn't just drive him to work, he actually walked in with him and wouldn't leave until Merlin was sat and settled behind his desk. "Gwaine finishes the same time as you, he will bring you home and I have told him to leave you outside our door."

"You don't have to do all of this Arthur."

"I know I don't have to Merlin. But I want to. See you at half four."

Like Arthur told Merlin, Gwaine picked Merlin up at four and waited for him to finish off before taking him home. "How are you getting on with Arthur then Merlin."

"I'm falling for him Gwaine. I know it's so soon after him but I have never known anyone so caring and protective of me. He makes me laugh when he sees me sad, he holds me close when I am in tears, he is always asking if I am alright."

"Sounds like Percival, that's what made me fall for him, he is just the same. Arthur doesn't expect anything like this from you Merlin so you take your time and only tell him how you feel for him when you are ready and not a moment sooner okay?"

"Okay Gwaine, and thank you."

"You are welcome Merlin. Well, this is you." Gwaine said, looking at the closed door. "It seems quiet. Maybe Arthur has gone out."

Gwaine didn't answer, he just gave Merlin a knowing smile and left.

Merlin walked into their shared flat and started to wonder when it was in darkness apart from a bit of light coming from the sitting room, Merlin walked further down the hallway and smiled when he reached the sitting room as he saw Arthur sat on the floor surrounded by Merlin's favorite foods, the furniture had been pushed back and the television screen was jumping a bit where it was on pause. "Arthur what's all of this?"

"Today was your first day back at work, you had the courage to go in so I thought I would treat you. A picnic of all your favorite food and your favorite movie and just me for company." Merlin took his shoes off and hurried over to Arthur sitting down on the floor next to him. "Thank you Arthur."

As the weeks went by Merlin started to open up more to Arthur and found himself getting closer to him. He had told Arthur how he was feeling and Arthur told him that he will always be there and wait for as long as Merlin wants.

It was Merlin's day off and Arthur had not long left for work. Arthur had helped Merlin so much lately and gave him his own space and let him do what he wanted to do and Merlin decided to go shopping for Arthur's favorite food and have it laid out on the table for when he got home.

Merlin was walking around the supermarket and was putting things into the trolley and just as he turned a corner, panic washed over him and went pale when he saw Cenred laughing whilst leaning towards a blond woman who was blushing.

Without a second thought, Merlin abandoned his trolley and turned on his heel, running from the supermarket without a second glance back and didn't stop running until he was safely locked in his and Arthur's flat. He ran into Arthur's bedroom and sat on the floor with his back to the wall, his knees pulled up against his chest.

He felt safe in Arthur's room. Arthur had often gone into Merlin's room and took him back to his own room where he would fall asleep in Arthur's arms after a nightmare that involved Cenred.

It was ten minutes later when Merlin heard the door to their flat slam shut. Merlin took his phone out and went to ring Arthur and let out a small sob when Arthur's phone rang from where it was sitting on Arthur's drawers.

Merlin picked up an empty wine bottle and gripped the handle hard as he heard the footsteps get closer. He would break the bottle over their head and run for it.

Arthur's bedroom door opened and as soon as Merlin saw the intruder, he brought the bottle down hard, smashing over their head making them collapse to the floor.

Merlin looked down at the unconscious body on the floor in horror. It wasn't Cenred. It was Arthur. "Oh my god." Merlin dropped to his knees and tried to awake Arthur, failing to do so, Merlin rang Percival.

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