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Summary: After Merlin finally escapes his violent ex Cenred, Morgana wants someone to be with him to look out for him in case Cenred hasn't given up and is still looking. Knowing there is only one person up for it, she asks for her brother, Arthur to help.

Warning: AU. A bit of violence and malexmale.

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"Who is it?" Merlin said. Holding a bat as he neared the door. "Merlin it's me Percival you asked me to come over as quickly as I could are you alright?" Percival's voice sounded through the door.

Merlin sighed with relief and opened the door to let Percival in who shut and locked the door behind him. "What happened?"

After Merlin explained, Percival went into Arthur's room and picked him up and carried him over to the sitting room and laid him on his back on the settee.

"Do I need to call an ambulance Percival."

"No he's just knocked out cold, he'll come round shortly."

"I hope he can forgive me. I feel awful."

"Merlin once you explain to Arthur he will understand. I'll get going. You need me then call and I will be straight over okay."

Merlin nodded and thanked Percival and saw him out, Locking the door behind him. He walked back over to the settee and sat on the edge, he leaned forward and brushed the blond bangs from Arthur's forehead and moved his hand to the back where he hit him and sighed with relief when he felt no bump.



"Merlin? Where am I?"

"At home Arthur." Arthur opened his eyes and saw a worried look on Merlin's face, he went to move forward but stopped with the pain in the back of his head. "What happened? How did I end up here? Last thing I knew I was walking in my bedroom."

"I'm sorry Arthur. It's all my fault."

"What is?"

"You've been so good to me lately I went to go shopping to make you your favorite meal for when you got home. Whilst out I saw Cenred. He didn't see me, but I panicked, abandoned the shopping trolley and ran all the way back here and shut myself in your room. But then I heard our door shut and I thought he saw me and followed. I went to ring you but your phone was here. I heard them getting closer to your door so I planned to knock out whoever it was and run. I thought it was Cenred Arthur. I'm sorry."

Despite the pain in his head, Arthur moved forward and sat up, holding Merlin. "Merlin you have nothing to be sorry for. You only did what was right. You wasn't to know it was me. As far as you knew I wasn't coming home until tonight. I only came back because I forgot my phone."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes Merlin. I'm fine. I'll ring work and tell them I am taking the rest of the day off."

Arthur had rang work and since he was off the following day as well, he offered to take Merlin out for a drink. When Merlin seemed unsure, Arthur told him that he would be right by his side as will Gwaine and Percival along with Lancelot, Morgana, Leon and Gwen.

Knowing he couldn't go on like this and hide forever, Merlin agreed and within an hour, Merlin found himself in a pub sat at one of the many tables they had joined together, Arthur on his right and Percival on his left.

Arthur had told them all why he wanted to bring Merlin out and it wasn't until Percival asked how Arthur's head was that Morgana wanted to know what happened and couldn't stop laughing once she got told.

Merlin felt awful when he did it but seeing Morgana and the others laugh, even Arthur, Merlin couldn't help but laugh as well. Merlin looked at Arthur and leaned over and placed a small kiss on his cheek.

"What was that for?"

"To say thank you for being you, for helping me through this."

Arthur and Merlin looking at only each other were not aware of their friends going quiet and listening to them. "Merlin you don't have to thank me."

"I know that Arthur. And I know I didn't have to kiss you either. But I wanted to. I...I like you Arthur. A lot."

"I like you just as much Merlin and we will go at your pace okay?"

"Thank you Arthur."

With Arthur and Merlin looking at each other and the rest watching them both, unfortunately, no-one saw Cenred at the bar, shot of whiskey in his hand, growling at the sight in the corner of the pub. No-one takes his Merlin. No-one.

Arthur excused himself and stood up, heading to the toilets. On his way there someone slamming their glass down on the bar and asking for another whiskey had Arthur looking up and couldn't believe it when he saw Cenred. Arthur carried on walking to the toilets and once there he started to pace a little. He needed to talk to Morgana without any of the others, especially Merlin knowing what he saw. He sent a text message to Morgana and could only hope she would get it.

Morgana frowned when she saw she had a message from Arthur. ":/?"

Morgana stood up and excused herself and went to the female toilets coming back a few seconds later.

"I thought you was going to the toilets?" Gwen asked.

"I was. But there is a queue and I really need to go. I'll use the men's."

"Morgana you can't do that. Arthur is in there."

"Watch me. There are bound to have toilets in there in case a bloke goes to have the other. And Arthur can't stop me, if I want a piss then I will have one."

Leon shook his head and smiled and watched as his girlfriend disappeared into the men's.

"Arthur what's wrong?"

"Cenred is here. He is going to keep following Merlin, he needs to be stopped but how?"

Morgana stood and thought for a minute before answering. "I can only think of one way but that all depends on how much you would do and go through for Merlin."

"I would do anything and go through anything for him."

"Alright then. Call father and tell him to call in one of his favours. This is what you have to do..."

Arthur walked back to the table with a look on his face. "Alright Arthur." Leon asked grinning.

"No I'm not. I'm standing in there with my cock out having a piss and Morgana walks in and goes in one of the cubicles saying something about not queuing and pissing herself when she could use the men's."

The rest of the table laughed as Morgana joined them all once again.

After Arthur had finished his drink what Morgana got for him (she had a shot of whiskey put in it for him because of what was to happen) Arthur looked at his watch and then looked at Merlin. "Shall we get going?"

"Yeah okay." Merlin stood up and Arthur winked at Morgana giving her a smile as she looked worried and left with Merlin.

"Morgana what is going on?" Leon asked. Morgana sighed and dropped her voice as she told those around the table the plan.

Arthur tried to act as much as himself as he could. He knew Cenred was following them. Arthur was worried but this was the only thing they could do to stop Cenred from haunting Merlin and allowing Merlin to go out on his own without looking over his shoulder all the while.

When they reached their flat Arthur saw one of his father's many cars parked outside and inwardly sighed with relief. At least his father and the bloke he was to get was there. Every thing was going according to plan. It was just the next bit Arthur wasn't looking forward to, but for Merlin, he would do it gladly.

Ten minutes of being home there was a banging on the door. Merlin answered the door and went pale when he saw Cenred stood there. "Found you."

Merlin went to shut the door but Cenred held his arm up and kept it open and pushed Merlin back into the flat, slamming the door behind him.

Arthur took a deep breath and trying to look confused, he walked forwards. "Merlin who-?" Arthur saw Cenred snaring at them both and stood in front of Merlin. "Get out of our flat."

"Oh I don't think so. For weeks I have been looking for Merlin. I finally spot him this morning running from the supermarket. That's the only thing with Merlin, he can outrun anyone and easily blend in with the crowd if he doesn't want to be spotted. I couldn't believe my luck when I saw you in the pub tonight. I decided to follow you home. You have hid Merlin and kept him from me Pendragon. You're gonna pay for that."

"No!" Merlin said, tightening his hold on Arthur.

"Shut it you, because you're next."

Arthur growled and stepped forwards."Over my dead body."

"Gladly." Cenred said and punched Arthur, knocking him slightly back. Getting his balance, Arthur jumped forward and fought back, punching Cenred as his left hand made a fist and came into contact with Cenred's ribs.

"Merlin get out of here."

"No Arthur. I won't leave you."



Cenred taking the opportunity, stuck his leg out and swept Arthur off his feet who landed hard on his back, hitting the back of his head as he hit the floor. Cenred dropped and straddled Arthur and pointed at Merlin. "You will watch this."

Merlin launched forwards and went to grab Cenred to pull him off Arthur but Cenred turned and slapped Merlin hard.

Merlin fell backwards with the full force of the slap and could do nothing but watch through his tears as Cenred punched Arthur's face and body.

"Stop! Cenred please. You're going to kill him!"

No sooner had Merlin screamed it, Arthur's bedroom door opened and Merlin looked on in amazement as Uther and another man walked over to Arthur and the man with Uther hauled Cenred up. "I am Detective Inspector Lee. You Cenred Lott are under arrest for..."

Merlin didn't pay attention to Cenred who was being read his rights as he crawled over to Arthur who lay unconscious on the floor. "Arthur?" Merlin choked out.

"Keep talking to him son." Uther said and then rang for an ambulance. "It's my fault. It's all my fault."

Uther put his phone away and crouched down beside his son. "No Merlin, you must not blame yourself. Arthur knew what he was doing."

Merlin sniffed and looked up at Uther. "What do you mean?"

Uther sighed and explained to Merlin Arthur's plan. How he saw Cenred, knew he followed them home, rang and asked him to call in a favour with DI Lee who was a close friend. How Arthur knew if the police saw what Cenred was doing and Arthur would press charges, Cenred would be arrested and sent to jail.

Merlin let out a sob as he kissed Arthur's cut and bloody lips. "Why Arthur?" he asked, even though he knew he wouldn't get his answer yet.

The paramedics arrived and Uther had to pull Merlin back and keep hold of him to stop him going forward so the paramedics could do their work on Arthur.

Morgana rushed through the hospital doors with Leon, Lancelot, Gwen, Percival and Gwaine behind her.


Morgana turned and saw Merlin stood there with her father. "Merlin." Morgana hugged him quickly as he flinched a little. "Merlin what happened? Merlin?"

Merlin was stood frozen to the spot staring at his hands that had Arthur's blood on them so Uther told them all what had happened. "Merlin you need to get your hands cleaned." Morgana said, but Merlin never responded, he just continued to stare at his hands.

Everyone was surprised when Merlin only responded when Uther put his hand on Merlin's shoulder."Come on son, lets get you clean for when we go and see Arthur."

Merlin nodded numbly and followed Uther to the nearest wash room. "Why has he only took notice of Uther? Morgana has talked to him twice and got ignored." Gwen said.

"He is still in shock love. He probably responds to Uther because he was there, once he sees Arthur and knows he will be alright, then he'll fine." Lancelot explained.

Uther and a now clean Merlin came back just as the doctor came back and informed them all that Arthur would need to stay in for a few days to be on the safe side and he looked a lot worse than what it actually is, as soon as the doctor said 'you can go in and see him' Merlin was gone.

Uther thanked the doctor and told the rest of them that they are best to leave them both alone for a while.

Merlin walked into the room to see Arthur lying in a hospital bed, two black eyes, his bottom lip swollen. Seeing his eyes closed, Merlin looked at his notes and gasped at the list of his injuries, he knew the doctor was telling them but he wasn't really listening. Looking at the list he saw:broken ribs, broken nose, fractured eye socket (left.)


Merlin's head shot up and hurried over. "Arthur. I'm so sorry. This is all my fault I will never forgive myself for this I-"

"Merlin. This was my choice to do this." Arthur said weakly. "I saw him at the bar I knew he was following us, I had to trap him and get him arrested and it worked Merlin. I am fine, nothing a few days rest won't fix."

Merlin got closer and knelt on the bed. "I am never leaving your side Arthur. I am going to look after you until you are one hundred percent better again."

Arthur smiled and held Merlin's hand in his. "Arthur whenever I wasn't well you looked after me in the day and held me at night. Am I now going to return the favour." Merlin laid down next to Arthur and as gently as he could and wrapped his arms around him and kissed his forehead.

Twenty minutes later when Uther walked in with everyone else they all stopped at the sight of Merlin and Arthur, fast asleep with Merlin holding on to Arthur so tight it looked as though he never wanted to let go.


A year later.

Merlin was at one of Morgana's many parties she held. Reason for this one: After the year they have had they are all in need of one. "Merlin?"

Merlin turned and smiled when he saw Arthur standing there with a smile on his face. "Are you alright?"

Merlin gave him a reassuring smile and wrapped his arms around Arthur and gave him a small kiss on the lips and rested his head on his boyfriends shoulder. "I'm fine. I actually don't mind this party."

It has been a bit of a tough year for them both, with the arrest of Cenred which led to court and Arthur giving his statement, along with Uther's and DI Lee, Cenred had been sent to jail for eight years, what helped more was that the people Cenred was with before Merlin, told the court and shown their markings and how they suffered as well.

Arthur and Merlin had moved again and shared a bedroom and bed. They was yet to have sex but Arthur stood by what he said to Merlin on the night of the incident. They will go at Merlin's pace.

"Arthur I have had a good time tonight, but if it's alright with you, I'd like to go home."

"Of course we can. Lets say bye to the others and go."

Merlin and Arthur walked into their flat and after a shower, Merlin climbed into bed and waited for Arthur to finish his shower and join him. Merlin couldn't wait for Arthur to get into bed, he had been thinking of this moment for weeks and now this moment finally arrived, Merlin couldn't wait and was actually getting impatient of waiting for Arthur.

When Arthur had eventually got into bed he leaned over and kissed Merlin. "Arthur I'm ready."

"What for?"

Instead of answering, Merlin rolled on top of Arthur, who groaned when felt Merlin's bare arse as he wrapped his arms around him. "Are you sure Merlin?"

"Yes Arthur. Only..."

"Only what Merlin?"

"I want to be inside of you Arthur."

"I've never bottomed before Merlin. But for you I will. Always."

Merlin got the lube and slowly and gently prepared Arthur, first with one finger slowly followed by a second and a third. When Arthur told him he was ready, Merlin slowly pushed himself inside the man under him, holding his cock and locking lips as Arthur groaned at the intrusion pushing further into him. "Move Merlin."

Merlin nodded and started to thrust in and out of Arthur, getting faster when Arthur placed his hands on the globes of his arse and squeezed, indicating him to go faster.

Merlin sped up, his hand on Arthur's cock getting faster. "Merlin...oh Merlin I'm cumming." Arthur moaned, throwing his head back as the hand around his cock squeezed tighter and Arthur was cumming, strands of cum erupting from his tip as he called out Merlin's name.

Merlin seeing Arthur in this state, followed, emptying himself into Arthur before collapsing onto him where Arthur wrapped his arms around him to stop him from moving.

"That was amazing Arthur." Merlin said once they got their breaths back.

"It really was."

"Thank you Arthur."

"No Merlin. Thank you."

"I must have been standing under a lucky star that night you walked into my life. I never thought I could have a happy life like I have with you. I love you Arthur. So much."

"I love you too Merlin. Stay inside me?"

"Of course." They both turned and got comfortable with Merlin close up behind Arthur still buried in him and kissed his boyfriend on the shoulder. "Good night Merlin."

"Good night Arthur." Merlin whispered, almost asleep with a smile on his face. After all the years of torment and abuse of Cenred, Merlin finally found his happy ending with his blond Prince.

The end.

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