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It's All Nature

Part 1

"Are we doing the right thing?" River asked, eyeing the streets of London around them,

"We're doing the best thing for her,"

River turned her gaze from her husband's dejected expression to the small life she held in her arms, her daughter. She was pink and squishy and River knew deep in her hearts she couldn't keep her. Not at Stormcage, not on the TARDIS, not even with her parents. But the Doctor had an old friend who owed him a favour. A friend who so very much craved a darling sister for her daughter. SO here they were, about to hand over their baby like she was a stray kitten they didn't want.

"But 1889," River asked, still unsure of this decision, "Darling it's too early, there's so much war and prejudice. Surely you know someone in the twenty-second century that would…" She couldn't finish her plea, looking tearfully down at the little face that somehow reminded her so much of her own,

The Doctor sighed sadly, "River you know I wish this could be another way as much as you do, but Frances is a dear friend, one who will raise her to be a strong and confident woman. We…" his words caught and he let out a deep breath, "We have no choice. This is the place for her."

"I know," River whispered through her tears, "I just feel like I'm abandoning her."

"Sometimes," The Doctor murmured, pressing a kiss to River's temple, "That's the best thing to do."

River couldn't hold back any longer, and a sob shook her body. She felt the Doctor wrap his arms around her, ignoring the looks of passersby, and whisper soothing words into her ear. "She'll be fantastic. Just you see. I bet she'll be every bit as strong as you, with your brains and your resilience. She'll be amazing."

"We'll come back for her?"

"Of course we will." He dipped his head and pressed a chaste kiss to her lips, then lower, to their daughter's head, "I love you," he murmured so softly to their little baby, "So much,"

He straightened up and River nodded at him, allowing the Doctor to place his hand on her lower back and lead her down the drive and up to the house of Sir John and Lady Frances Mottershead. Frances had beamed so brightly at the sight of them, ushering them in and kissing their cheeks.

"Does she have a name, Doctor?" she asked, holding her new daughter,

River swallowed thickly, and the Doctor's arm around her tightened, "We couldn't bare it."

"Amelia," River said, the first word she'd spoken since arriving at the house, "After my mother."

Frances smiled sympathetically at her and looked down at the babe in her arms, "Blanche Amelia Mottershead," she smiled, "I will do you well, Doctor. You have my word."

Almost fifty years on from that day, the Doctor and River returned. Not to the house of Lady Frances, but to 165 Eaton Place. Years had passed for them too, many more than for Blanche, and River felt her hearts race. She and the Doctor had agreed to meet here, dressed to the period -and she had to say he looked rather spiffing- and never peek at the spoilers before their time. It had been rather hard for the both of them, and there had been nights together on the TARDIS when the Doctor would suggest they just watch. "Just to see her run through a park, or fly a kite, we wouldn't have to leave the TARDIS,". She had refused him every time, though longed to accept with both her hearts.

But here they were, and the door before them was opening and a butler was greeting them, "Good Morning Sir, Madame, are you looking for the Master of the house, because I'm afraid he's unavailable at this moment,"

River noticed his gaze linger questioningly on her, looking carefully into her face and frowning ever so slightly. She put it off to curiosity. Perhaps her hat was too much, or perhaps he thought it odd a woman of her apparent age should be with a man of that much younger. The Doctor smiled, either not noticing the butler's strange gaze or ignoring it, and requested they see Blanche Mottershead.

His curious gaze seemed to intensify for a moment before his eyes flicked to the Doctor's and he spoke, "Dr. Mottershead is upstairs, if you'll follow me to the sitting room she will accompany you momentarily."

They stepped into the house and were led through to the sitting room, where they sat and were left alone. River closed her eyes and drew in a deep breath as the Doctor squeezed her hand.

"Did you hear," he murmured, "She's a Doctor."

River smiled, "She is."

They laughed quietly, both so very happy, and waited. The butler returned, "Dr. Mottershead," he introduced as a woman, round tortoise shell glasses on her nose, a cigar in her fingers, stepped into the room,

"Thank you, Mr. Pritchard." She dismissed him, "We won't be needing anything."

He left with a courteous nod and River stood, the Doctor following her lead. River was amazed by the woman in front of her, she looked to be her twin rather than her daughter and she was staring at the pair of them with a slightly suspicious glare in her eyes.

"I don't much enjoy not knowing the names of my company," she said, neither sitting or inviting them too,

"Oh, my apologies, Dr Mottershead," The Doctor rushed to say, holding out his hand, "Dr. John Smith, and this is-"

"Dr. River Song,"

Blanche nodded at them, shaking their hands in turn, then indicating the seat behind them and setting herself down opposite, "I suppose you have a reason for this visit?" She asked, pressing the cigar to her lips and blowing smoke gently in the air.

"Yes," The Doctor smiled, sitting with River and running his hands down his trousers nervously, "Can you tell me, your mother-"

"Passed away before the war. My father years before that," Blanche eyed River, "What is this concerning, Dr Smith?"

"Your parenthood, as it were," He smiled, "You're a smart woman, a doctor, I wonder if you ever considered how very different you are,"

"My parenthood?" Blanche drew on her cigar once more and her eyes flicked between the Doctor and River, "Is this going to be a farfetched tale of how my mother came to adopt me? Perhaps one involving my poor birthmother being unable to afford twins and giving one away to Sir John, my father."

"You believe you are adopted?" River asked,

Blanche smiled, "Certainly, I believe it." she said, "I don't doubt that I was, though I don't let my dear nephew know it."

"May I ask what kind of doctor you are?"

The Doctor frowned at River question, but leaned forward, just slightly, as Blanche blew smoke into the air and stated simply, "Archaeology."

River smiled brightly, "And myself," she said, "He thinks it trivial,"

Blanche raised a brow and eyed the Doctor, "And what are you a doctor of, Sir Smith?"


"Including archaeology?"

The Doctor scowled and River laughed, "I think we'll get along quite well, don't you agree Dr Mottershead?"

"Are we to meet again?"

Recovering the Doctor bit his lip, "We we rather hoping you'd accompany us, actually,"

"To where?"

River smiled, "Spoilers."