I've decided to keep this story as just two parts. Hope you enjoy! :)

Part II

River stood suddenly, "Shall we talk outside?" she asked, not waiting for a reply before starting to the door.

Blanche raised her eyebrows, but stood and followed her with a curious gaze. The three made their way outside, River's hand slipping into the Doctor's arm. "I was hoping, Dr Mottershead, that you would allow River and myself to show you something." The Doctor spoke,

"And what would that be?"

The Doctor pondered this for a moment, before speaking, "I suppose you could think of it as a sort of… archaeological excavation."

They walked on in silence, the Doctor and River leading Blanche through the streets of London, both itching to flood their grown daughter with questions but refraining. Because they couldn't ask. Not until she knew the truth. With a quick smile at River and a squeeze of her hand, the Doctor let his eyes feast on the beloved sight of the TARDIS, disguised so well in these times. They walked towards her, and the Doctor reached a hand into his pocket.

He frowned, "River, have you got your key with you?" he asked, dropping her hand for a more thorough search,

"No, it's inside with my diary. Where's yours?"

The Doctor looked up at her a bit sheepishly, "My tweed."

River rolled her eyes with a sigh, "Oh go on then," she gave in, "show off to her,"

The Doctor beamed, turning to face Blanche who had an expression on her face that clearly said she found the two of them rather insane. He didn't seem to care, and just raised his hand in front of his body and clicked his fingers, immensely enjoying the flicker of surprise in Blanche's face as the blue doors opened. He smiled at her, his arm lowering, displaying the open door, "Ladies first,"

Blanche stepped forward hesitantly, into the TARDIS, her eyes wide, flittering all around the room trying to soak it all in at once. She turned slowly to find the Doctor and River watching her, the doors closed once more.

"The outside is smaller than the inside," she stated, "How is that possible? This goes against all physical law."

"Dimensional transcendence." The Doctor replied, satisfied with her reaction to his beloved ship and quickly darting up the stairs, "Does it scare you?"

Blanche arched her eyebrow at him, "Not at all, Dr Smith."

With a beam he began running around the console and piloting them roughly through the vortex. Blanche lost her balance and fell into the railings surrounding the console area, choosing not to ask the logical questions she knew should be on the tip of her tongue. She found she didn't care for the answers and pushed herself to stand steadily just as the Doctor threw a final switch and they jolted to a stop.

Wrinkling her nose at the grinding noise of the TARDIS, Blanche stepped back down to the doors, "I don't think I'm quite certain on who you are, but it is clearly not anyone worthy of my company," she told them, pulling open the TARDIS doors and stepping out onto a completely different street.

She stared. Turning her head up and down the road, her brow creased before quickly turning and stepping back into the strange room inhabited with such strange folk.

"We've moved." she stated, "How on Earth is that possible?"

River smiled slightly and the Doctor chuckled, "On Earth," he stated, "it's not. This ship isn't from Earth."

"Then where is she from?" Blanche demanded, "There is no evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life. It doesn't exist."

The Doctor smiled again, holding back laughter, and instead pointed to the doorway, "Why don't you have another look outside, see what else you can discover."

With narrowed eyes Blanche turned sharply on her heel and walked back to the door, opening them once more and looking out into the road. Two people, huddled together, were stopped on the opposite street. A tall gangly man with seemingly too many limbs, and a slightly shorter blonde woman, her hair as mad as Blanche's, loose and wild. And in her arm, a small babe.

"But that is you," Blanche murmured, confusion flooding through her body, "How is it possible for you to be in two places at once?"

River smirked slightly and raised a finger to her lips, "Listen,"

Blanche frowned at her slightly, before turning back to the people over the street, listening carefully as the man spoke gently to his companion. "River you know I wish this could be another way as much as you do, but Frances is a dear friend, one who will raise her to be a strong and confident woman. We… We have no choice. This is the place for her."

It was hard to hear them, they spoke so softly and quietly, but Blanche watched, enraptured and unwilling to tear her gaze from them. She read the woman's lips to say "We'll come back for her?"

And then the man, "Of course we will." And he dipped his head and pressed a chaste kiss to the woman before bending lower and pressing another kiss to the babe in the woman's arm. Blanche heard him through an old and distant memory she knew she shouldn't have, "I love you, so much,"

"That is you," she said again, finally dragging her gaze away, and stepping back into the TARDIS, facing River and the Doctor before her as the doors swung closed.


"We are in the past?"


"The year of my birth?"


Blanche frowned, and then realised the fault in her question, "The year of my adoption as an infant?"


"That babe, surely, it wasn't myself was it? That it is impossible, is it not, for that to have been myself?"

Tears lined both the Doctor's and River's eyes, "That was you." River whispered, "and that was us. And that was the day we gave you to Frances Mottershead."

Blanche stared at them, her mind racing. This was completely mad, but somehow she could bring herself to think it all untrue. "And then, I suppose it is safe for one to assume, that you, you are my birth parents?"

The Doctor nodded, "Yes."

She brought a hand to her mouth, her heart suddenly aching and her eyes swimming. The Doctor watched her with a kind and worried expression full of suchlove that Blanche had to step away from him and look down to her breast so as to avoid her parents' eye.

"This ship, she can travel from other worlds. Can travel through time…" She closed her eyes, she needed to sit down and drink a rather large glass of wine, cigar in hand. Sort through her sister's- through Lady Holland's belongings and clear her head.

"Are you," She paused and looked up to meet her mother's eye. "You say this ship, she's from an unearthly world." River nodded kindly, and Blanche found courage to continue, "And I?" she asked, "Am I unearthly?"

The Doctor bit his lip and then nodded. "You were born here," he said, "In what's called the time vortex,"

"So I am not human?"

He shook his head, "No, you're not human."

There was a great silence and Blanche took in this information. She looked human, after all. As did her parents, though they were quite obviously younger than her, neither looking a day older than they did moments ago with her infant self.

"Does it frighten you?"

Blanche smiled, "Quite the opposite, Dr Song. It enthrals me,"