Ryoma Echizen

I love you so much, that I'm surprised it doesn't burst out of me.

"Ah, Ryoma-chan! What brings you here?" you asked me with a smile. The same smile that makes my heart goes insane. I tilted my cap a little to hide my face. "… nothing. What are you doing here?"

The instant I spoke it, I felt stupid. You just… make me feel so….

What can I say? Frustrated? Idiotic? Like a moron?

"Um…" you blinked cutely. "I don't know, Kaze-kun asked me on a date today, we were supposed to meet here."

Were you talking about the guy which I just smacked a tennis ball at his big head? That guy actually had the nerve of asking you out, even when I made it clear that no one was supposed to!

I tugged down my cap to hide my approaching blush. "… I'm free today. Why don't we go together?"

Again, the instant I asked it, I felt like running away as my cheeks burned red hot. What if you reject me?

With the sweetest yet slightly surprised smile I ever saw, you replied affirmative. Along with something, but I didn't hear. I was frozen. You actually accepted.

I guess three months of stalking you, collecting information on you so secretly that even Inui senpai didn't know, stealing your stuff and sleeping with it paid off.