Shishido Ryou

Geez, woman. You're the only one who's capable of making me say the word "love" which is gekidasa daze.


"S-Shishido-senpai!" Your voice was breathless.

Shishido turned coolly to face you, eyes narrowed. "What is it, (L/n)?"

"I.. I…"


"I LOVE YOU!" You screamed to the heavens as you clasped your hands together, kneeling down.

Shishido smirked in victory.


Shishido Ryou was immediately snapped out of his day dream as your rough voice nearly deafened him. "Oi, you don't have to shout, (L/n)!"

You folded your arms and glared at the capped guy. "… Says the guy who was deaf a little while ago."

Shishido stared at you. Point noted: There was no way in hell that you would confess like that.

"Now," You strode over to him and pulled at his cap. You were really, really, really frustrated at his stubbornness and his so-called pride. Why won't he confess to you already? "Confess to me! Geez, I'm so tired of waiting!"

Shishido narrowed his eyes at you, and adjusted his cap. "I, confess? Aren't girls supposed to confess? You do it!"

"Oh? Fine, I'll prove you that I have more guts than you! I love you, you baka!" You yelled, grabbing his collar in frustration and resisting to just pummel him already.

"Oi, oi! I have guts too, more than you! I love you too, woman!" He yelled right back at you.



"… So does that mean we're going out?"

"…. Yeah, I guess."


Niou: *snickers*

Authoress: =A=" What are you doing here?

Niou: *shrugs* I'm your conscience, booo~

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Niou: Puri~