Secretly In Love

Chapter 1 – Meeting You

WolfieANNE: Hey guys, it's me again! Okay, I just thought of this idea, I never really thought I would make a story like this, but trust me, I'll try to make this story great! Anyways, please go easy on me, because if I made some mistakes, I really apologize, so please give some time! Once I really get into this story, I promise I'll make it really good for your liking. Anyways, I thought of this because my classmate fell in love, or either, has a crush on my teacher, but I never really planned on making this as a story, I just dreamed of it! Yes, I dreamed of it! And it was epic! But so sad I woke up before the finale. So, moving on to the story!

Summary: AU: I fell in love with my Math and Home Ec teacher. I know he'll never love me and he'll only treat me as a student so I kept my love for him as a secret. Just when I thought I had no chance, why is it that we get closer and closer to each other everyday?

I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does. I only own the story and some other characters..

(Lucy's Point Of View)

I sighed, another school year here at Fairy Tail Academy. Hi, I'm Lucy Heartfilia and I'm sixteen years old and I'm a junior. I groaned as I sat up on my bed, making the notebooks bounce, I jumped off the bed, stumbling a little, I walked to my bathroom and took a quick shower. I ran downstairs and saw my mother cooking breakfast. "Dear, wear your uniform! Not that bathrobe!" mama scolded, I laughed, "Yes, mama."

I went up stairs and wore my uniform. The uniform has a white short-sleeved dress shirt with a black blazer with white linings and a red checkered plaid skirt. I wore my white mid-thigh socks and my shoes. I also fixed my red and gold stripes tie. Huh, I used to wear a green and gold tie since I was a Sophomore last year, I guess I'm not used to it.

I grabbed my shoulder bag and ran downstairs. "Clip your hair," mama said, I groaned, "Can you do it? Please?"


Today is the start of a new school year, another year with my friends. Mama clipped some of my hair to the side.

"There, now don't be late for school. Hurry now!" mama yelled, I nodded and went out the door. "Okay," I said and walked towards my school.

I walked on the sidewalk, and I saw my friend, Levy McGarden. "Levy-chan!" I yelled, she turned around and smiled, "Lu-chan!"

We walked to school together. "How was your vacation?" I asked, she smiled. "It went great, how about you?" she asked, I shrugged. "Went well I guess. My father was too busy for me so I just enjoyed myself without him," I said. I spent my vacation in my father's hometown, but he was too busy to spend time with me.

"Oh.." Levy said, I nodded.

Then we saw Natsu Dragneel, my other friend. He was fixing his scarf around his neck. "Natsu!" Levy yelled, I smiled. "Levy! Luce! Yo!" he said and walked with us, I grinned. "How was your vacation?" he asked, we shrugged, "Okay, I guess."

"I had trouble finding Happy, he suddenly disappeared while I was in Hargeon!" Natsu said, I sweat dropped. Happy was Natsu's talking cat, it had blue fur, surprisingly.

"Oh my gosh! Did you find him?" Levy asked, Natsu nodded. "I found him in a fish shop," he said, I giggled, "Happy is a cat after all."

"Yea," Natsu said.

"My mother and I went to see the mountains, they were pretty steep, I got a wound on my leg, but it's healing," Levy said, I frowned. "Is it big?" I asked, she shook her head.

"That's good."

"I lost my wallet when I was on my vacation, a nasty guy stole it," I said with disgust. I was out for shopping when this guy stole my wallet, I was lucky I had my ATM Card or else I would have been in big trouble. Then I had to call the police after paying for my items, so I got my wallet back.

"I'll kill that bastard!" Natsu said, I giggled, "I already called the police."

"Erza will surely kill us if we're late, let's hurry up!" Levy yelled. I looked at my watch and gasped, then we all ran. We reached the school, panting. "I swear... Erza is the only reason I get tired in the morning," I said, gasping for air, Levy nodded, "I agree."

"Let's go, the bell will ring soon," I said, Natsu and Levy nodded. We grabbed the books we need and went our separate ways, since I have Math. Natsu has Literature while Levy has PE. I went to the second floor and entered my class. I sat on my seat, next to a window and dropped my bag, I sighed in relief. "You look tired," I heard someone say, I turned my head to see another friend of mine, Lisanna Strauss.

"I am tired, we had to run to get here because we don't want to be late and get scolded by Erza," I said, she laughed. "I get that point. I heard we're having a new teacher," she said, I raised a brow. "Really?" I asked, she nodded. "I heard his teaching Math and Home Economics," she said, I nodded, I had those classes.

"I hope he's not lazy like our previous teacher."

"I agree with you on that, Lucy."

"How was your vacation?" I asked, she grinned. "It went great! We visited a lot of places in the Philippines! We went to this cool cave called Puerto Prinsesa and a lot more. I also visited the Pagsanhan Falls and I went to the Luneta Park. Then we went to Boracay, the sand was white! Everything was so pretty!" Lisanna said, cupping her cheeks as she talked, I giggled.

"What else?" I asked, she grinned again.

"We also went to the Mall of Asia, it was huge! I also went to the Manila Ocean Park, I swear, you'll fall in love with the fishes!" Lisanna squealed, I laughed, "I'm sure I won't. I'm not an animal."

"Haha, very funny. I was saying it like liking the fishes for it's beauty."

"You should have explained it then," I said and giggled, she laughed.

"I guess you've got a point."

I leaned back on my chair, we waited for our teacher to come. Then, the door slid open and in came a guy with black hair and dark blue eyes. He was wearing a white dress shirt, a black tie, black pants and shoes. He was holding two books, he closed the door and walked to the front. He carefully dropped the books on his desk and looked up.

"He's handsome," Lisanna whispered, I nodded, speechless.

"Hey, I'm your new teacher. I'm Gray Fullbuster," he said, I raised a brow, he looked young. I wonder how old is he?

A girl raised her hand. "Yes?" he said, the girl stood up. "U-Uhmm.. may I ask, how old are you?" she asked, Gray-sensei smiled. "I'm 20 years old," he said, the girl gasped. 20? isn't that too young?

Lisanna stood up, but of course, she raised her hand first. "Aren't you a little too young to teach, sensei?" she asked, Gray chuckled, "I know that, but I finished my College early so, here I am."

"Okay, I want each and one of you to introduce yourself, let's start with the first line," he said, I smiled. That's great, I'm far off in the fourth row so it will take some time before it's my turn.

Then they started introducing themselves, the flirty girls, seduced him but he ignored them. The guys, bumped fists with him.


I looked up, he was looking at me. I stood up, "I'm Lucy Heartfilia, and I'm sixteen years old. My birthday is on July 1. I grew up here in Japan but my father is in America right now, so I live with my mother."

He blinked then smiled, "Thank you for being honest. I had a feeling some were lying."

I stifled a laugh and smiled. "No problem," I said and sat down. Some were lying, I mean, who owns a country? I heard one, she said she owned an ocean with her family casting a party, covering most of it, come on, is that even possible? And one more thing, is there a possibility that half of the girls' birthday here in class is today? Or do they just want to spend time with him? Well, too bad, sensei can see through them.

"Please flip your book to page 134," he said, I flipped my book and started reading the questions.


I sighed and went out of the classroom, but Gray-sensei stopped me. "Lucy-san? Can you come her for a sec?" he asked, I nodded and walked over to him, he was reading my essay.

"The essay is written so properly, as if you know the feeling. May I ask if you happen to have a friend who sacrificed himself just for you?" he asked, I stayed silent. My friend, Luciana, protected me from that fire five years ago. "Yes, I do have one. Why?" I asked, I don't like talking about it. "Nothing, good job. See you at Home Ec," he said, I nodded and left for Lunch.

I walked to the Cafeteria and went to sit on my usual table, with the gang. "Yo, Lucy!" Natsu said, I smiled. "Hey!" I said happily, I sat down beside Levy and Mira. Mirajane Strauss, older sister of Lisanna. She's a senior and she will be graduating soon. "Hello Lucy," she said, I smiled, "Hi Mira-chan."

"So, did you guys meet the new teacher?" Lisanna asked and winked at me, I felt myself blush. "What? There's a new teacher?" Natsu said, I nodded. "You'll meet him at either Math or Home Ec," I said, Bisca grinned, "Blushing are we? Did something happen?"

Bisca Mulan, she came from the West. I shook my head, "Nothing at all. He just complimented me for doing a good job on writing an essay that was based from experience. I don't get it though, it wasn't even related to what we were learning," I said, Erza cleared her throat.

"I believe that the teachers always make us do essays like that on the first day of school, I can't believe you forgot, Lucy."

I blinked and smacked my forehead. "I forgot, I also made an essay about my life last year at Math time..." I mumbled, they laughed, "That's Lucy for you!"

Erza Scarlet, a friend of mine, she's really strict and scary, but she can be kind. "What's the teacher's name?" Levy asked, Lisanna grinned. "Gray Fullbuster, he's just 20 years old, pretty young huh?" Lisanna said, they gasped and nodded. "He said he finished College early," I said, eating my lunch.

"I guess that explains it," Jellal said. Jellal Fernandez, a friend of Erza, who became our friend too. He has a tattoo under his right eye, he's also very close to Erza, too close. We heard giggles and we looked at the cafeteria door, there was Gray-sensei, chatting with our other teacher, Gildarts-sensei, and they were both ignoring the girls. Gray-sensei sat with Gildarts-sensei and they began to eat.

"He does look handsome," Cana Alberona said, she's always drunk, but be careful, if you take away her beer, she'll kill you. "He sure is," Levy said, she had hearts in her eyes, I sweat dropped.

"Don't tell me.. you guys are already his fans?" Erza said, I sighed, thank goodness Erza is here. "He is handsome though," she added. I felt as if a thousand blocks fell on my head. Jellal laughed at my expression and I groaned, "Jeez, thanks for laughing at me."

"You're welcome."

I smacked his head and he groaned in pain, "I was joking!"

"I'm glad that you haven't fallen in love with him, my dear Lucy," I heard, I shuddered. Loke Celestial, an annoying, playboy who wears tinted glasses. "Shut up or else you'll never see the light of day," I threatened, he froze. "Sometimes you can be like Erza. But no matter what! I will love you with all of my heart!" he said, I shuddered, "No thank you, go flirt with someone else."

"Aww, come on! I would love to date you!" Loke said, I groaned and continued eating, "I said no!"

"Loke, don't bother her," Erza scolded. "Why do you keep flirting with me?" I asked, irritated, he smirked. "It's not my fault I fell for you, you tripped me!" he said, I almost felt like vomiting.

"SHUT UP WILL YOU!" I yelled, irritated, Levy and Lisanna giggled. "That's a man!" Elfman Strauss said, brother of Lisanna and Mirajane Strauss.

"I'm a girl!" I complained and finished my food, then Loke started to flirt with me again. "Are you tired? Because you have been running through my mind all day," he said. "I told you to stop!" I yelled, Erza couldn't handle him today, I wonder why? He smirked and grabbed my wrists, "But.. Lucy, my dear, I won't stop until-"

"Can you please let her go? You're harassing a girl and you're really noisy, you're attracting attention."

We all turned to see Gray-sensei in front of our table, he had his hands on his pockets and he looked like he was about to leave for next class. Loke tsked and let me go, I rubbed my wrists. "Are you alright?" he asked, I smiled and nodded, "Thank you sensei," I said, Gray-sensei nodded, "No problem. Hurry up, you don't want to be late for next class, do you?" he teased, I blinked, who knew he had this kind of attitude?

After that, he left the cafeteria and I was left staring into space.

I heard squeals and I turned around to see Levy and Mira holding hands with each other, squealing. "Did you see that? Love is blooming!" Mira chimed, I felt my brow twitch, "W-What? Impossible! He's a teacher!"

"Is there a law that says student and teacher cannot fall in love?" Jellal said, I shook my head. "But still, he's four years older than me, it's worthless, although I don't like him in that sort of way," I said, Erza smiled. "Anything is possible with love. Age is just a number," she said, I groaned, "Not you too..."

"Let's go or else we'll be late for class," Natsu said, wow, I'm surprised he actually doesn't want to be late. "I'll skip anyway..." he said. I take that back...

I walked to my class, I yawned, I suddenly felt really sleepy. I had Home Economics next. I entered the classroom and went to a desk, I had Levy as my classmate since we both have this class for second period. "Lu-chan!" she chimed, I smiled and walked to her side. I sat on a stool and waited for our teacher to come. "I wonder what we'll cook?" Levy asked, I giggled, "I hope it's cookies.." and I yawned.

"I prefer pancakes," Levy said, I laughed, "Because it's easy..."


Then Gray-sensei went in and we blinked. He walked to his desk, "Today we are making cookies..." he said, I cheered and Levy sulked. "Just mix the ingredients, I'm sure you'll be able to do it," he said, I then started to make the dough for the cookies.

(A little later...)

I smiled as I opened the oven, I was wearing mittens, I slowly took the tray and then closed the oven. I carefully placed them on a plate, making it look neat. Gray-sensei passed by my table and he smelled my cookies, "They smell good. Can I have a taste?" he asked, I nodded and he grabbed one. He took a bite, he smiled.

"It taste great, I like the way how it's not too hard, it's a little soft but I like it that way. Good job Lucy-san."

I felt Levy budge me, I looked at her, she had this teasing look and I stepped on her foot. "Ow!" she yelled, I giggled and Gray-sensei laughed, "Levy-san, your cookies will get burned if you don't take them out of the oven."

I laughed as Levy blushed and nodded, she went to get the cookies but forgot her mittens, I laughed harder and she stepped on my foot for payback, it was weak though, since she was too embarrassed.

"Classes are over! Hurry up and grab your things for your next class!" Gray-sensei said and grabbed his books. I grabbed my shoulder bag and approached him, "Can I help with the books?"

He blinked at me then smiled, "Sure you can, thank you."

I smiled and nodded, then I took half of the cooking books, which were about three books but they were heavy and thick. I followed him and he went in the Faculty room, I followed him in and carefully placed the books on his desks. "Thanks for helping me out Lucy-san," he said, I nodded. "You're welcome!"


I walked back home, I smiled and walked on the ends of the river, balancing. "Be careful Lucy-chan!" a guy riding a boat on the river yelled, "I will be!"

I smiled, I seem to be getting too close to our new teacher, I don't like him that way though, he's nice and kind and handsome but I don't like him in that way...

I arrived at home and I fell on my bed, "I'm so tired, I don't want to move anymore.." I mumbled.

My phone rang suddenly, I picked it up. "Hello?" I asked, I heard a laugh.

"Lu-chan, we're celebrating today, don't tell me you forgot?"

I looked at the calender on my door and giggled, "Yup, I forgot. Sorry, I'll be there in a few minutes."

"You'll be here in two hours, am I correct? Hurry up! The whole school is celebrating! Including our new teacher!"

I stopped walking halfway to my closet and my eyes went wide. "I'll be there quickly, wait for me by the entrance," I said and hung up. Wait, since when do I rush?

I wore a red dress reaching my thighs with black leggings, a gray cabbie hat, white high heels and white gloves, since it was cold. I grabbed my bag and I went downstairs, "Mama! I'm going to the Welcome back to school party! I'll be back!"

"Be careful on your way home!"


I went out and walked towards the school, I smiled. "Oh, hey Lucy-san," I heard, I turned around to see Gray-sensei. He was still wearing his uniform as a teacher, but instead of leather shoes, he wore black rubber shoes. "Hello sensei," I said and smiled, "Heading to the party?"

He nodded, "It's my first time. Is it great?"

I nodded and giggled. "It's wonderful! But I forgot about it today and Levy-chan had to call me to remind it, so I'll be a little late, but at least I'll be there," I said and walked faster, Gray-sensei did the same.

"I've never been to Magnolia before, I was always in Hargeon, or in Fiore, but not here, it's somehow interesting. Especially the students in FTA," he said and chuckled, I gulped. "You'll really love it here, it's just the beginning, I can tell you that," I said and grinned, he grinned with me and we arrived at the school.

"Lu-chan!" Levy yelled, she was with Gajeel Redfox, a real big bully, but he became a softy ever since he met Levy. "Hey Levy-san," Gray-sensei said, Levy blushed and smiled, "Good evening sensei! Good evening to you too Lu-chan!"

"Good evening Levy-chan."

I sighed as I drank a cup of lemon tea. "You seem to not enjoy it, you told me the party is wonderful," Gray-sensei said, I nodded but pouted. "Yes but.. that's because everyone is focusing their attention on you, it's not fun anymore, since they are not enjoying it," I said, that's true, it became really boring ever since... His eyes widened, "You sound as if you hate me, huh."

I choked on my drink and I banged my chest, "N-No! It's just.. they shouldn't pay attention just to one person, they should enjoy it. The party is not just for one person anyway.."

"You seem to be the only one not falling head over heels for me," he said, I rolled my eyes. "You're so full of yourself," I said and he grinned, "But that's what they love about me."

"You're weird, it's like you have multiple personalities. At school when you're teaching.. you seem really calm and cool, but right now, you're just like us, grinning and teasing," I said, he laughed. "I don't know, I have to keep my reputation at school after all," he said, I sighed.

"Everyone is focused on their REPUTATION, I don't know if they care about others anymore.."

He blinked at me. "Is there a reason why you hate people who care about their own reputation?" he asked, I shook my head. "Nothing.. it's just, I used to be like them 5 years ago..." I mumbled, he smiled at me and rubbed my back. "Don't worry, I don't just care about my reputation," he said, I twitched.

"Gray-sensei.. why is your shirt... gone?"

He looked down, his dress shirt was gone, he was only in his pants. I blushed and looked away. "AH, crap! I promised mom I won't strip while I'm here!" he said, I blinked and looked at him, he was blushing and he was wearing his shirt again. "...Strip?" I said, tilting my head to the side.

He sighed and ran his fingers through his messy black hair. "Keep this as a secret, okay?" he said, I nodded and crossed my heart using my two index fingers. "Okay, so, when I was young, it was always so hot in my place so I would always strip until I was in my boxers, and now, it's kind of a habit. I'm actually stopping myself at school while teaching, I guess I forgot about it now," he said, scratching the back of his head, I giggled, "I never knew sensei had such a habit."

"I know, right?"

"Hey, sensei, may I ask. Do you have a girlfriend?" I asked. Wait, what? Did I just ask him that?

"No, why?" he said, he sat down on a chair next to me and I sat down too, I shook my head rapidly and drank my drink, "N-Nothing.. just felt like asking."

"Oh, okay. Well if you have more questions, ask me more. Looks like the attention is gone, but I do see some girls glaring at you," he said and grinned, I laughed. "Okay... Uhmm, Where do you live?" I asked. I mentally slapped myself, it's like I want to go to his place, asking for his address, am I crazy?

"I live at Strawberry Street. My hometown is Fiore, but I had to go here since my mom wanted me to work," he said, I smiled. "Wow, strawberry street eh? I actually live there too," I said, his eyes grew wide. "Really? Cool," he said, I giggled, "Sensei is like a kid."

"My turn to ask, who is your mother?" he asked, I leaned back on my chair. "Her name is Layla Heartfilia," I said and he choked on his wine. "W-What? Isn't she the famous actress?" he said, I nodded and smiled. "She used to be a dancer but she suddenly wanted to be an actress," I said, he grinned. "Looks like someone is famous," he said, I snorted, "Not really."

"Okay. Have you ever thought of being something else as a teacher?" I asked, he looked at the ceiling, cupping his chin. "Not really. My mom wanted me to be an actor, but I said no. Then she wanted me to be a singer, I said no. Then a pianist, artist, business man and I said no to all of them. Then she asked me what I wanted to be, and I said I wanted to be a teacher, I looked for a school I could apply and FTA was the only one I chose, since it sounded so interesting," he said, I smiled. "That's FTA for you.."

"Okay, my turn. Have you ever had a boyfriend? A crush?" he asked, I hummed and shook my head. "A crush? Maybe?" I teased, he blinked and chuckled. "I wonder who that person is," he said.

Even I don't know who that person is, now he's thinking who that person is too?

"There's a singing competition today, you in?" I asked, he shook his head, "You?"

"Yea, I had no choice, since I was really chosen without my permission," I said and groaned, he laughed.

"Sucks to be you."

I was about to smack him when Mira stopped me from doing so. "Okay everyone, Lucy Heartfilia will be singing us a song, so please enjoy! Lucy, please come over here!" she said and the spotlight was over to me, I twitched as Gray-sensei was also seen. I sighed and walked to the stage, I grabbed the mic and the music started to sing.

(I Can by: Donna Cruz .. A/N: I suggest you listen to it, I really love this song)

I can live, I can love
I can reach the heavens above
I can right what is wrong
I can sing just any song

I turned to look at the audience, Gray-sensei was gaping at me and I forced myself to not laugh. I closed my eyes and remembered my friend, Luciana, who died, just for me...

I can dance, I can fly
And touch the rainbow in the sky
I can be your good friend
I can love you until the end

I smiled and did some actions I knew, I saw Mira wiping her eyes, I rolled my eyes and she giggled at my reaction. Levy and Bisca were swaying their hands and some copied them.

What took you so long to make me see
How lucky I am cause I am free
Free to do the things I wanna do
What took you so long to make me feel
How could it be look so real
What took you so long to let me know

I saw Gray-sensei's eyes soften and he smiled at me, I smiled back and I raised my hand, the other holding the mic. I ran my fingers through my hair, I forced myself not to cry

That I can live, I can love
I can reach the heavens above
I can right what is wrong
I can sing just any song
I can dance, I can fly
And touch the rainbow in the sky
I can be your good friend
I can love you until the end

If only you were here, if only that fire never happened, I wouldn't be blaming myself for your death. But I can still smile, I can still show you that I won't commit suicide just because of your death.

What took you so long to make me cry
So I'll know the reasons why
I'm so lucky I could smile
I didn't know this for a while

I can live, I can love
I can reach the heavens above
I can right what is wrong
I can sing just any song
I can dance, I can fly
And touch the rainbow in the sky
I can be your good friend
I can love you until the end

I can sing, dance and love, but mostly, I can be your good friend until the very end, dead or not, you are still my friend, I know that no one can replace you in my heart, for I know that you sacrificed your everything just for me. I may not know it but, I know the feeling of your situation, you were suffering because of poverty, but I became your friend and you became happy.

I can dance, I can fly
And touch the rainbow in the sky
I can be your good friend
I can love you until the end

They clapped and I grinned and bowed, I then jumped down the stage, giving Mira the mic, I saw Gray-sensei wink at me and I felt myself blush. I went back to my seat, I somehow felt comfortable sitting with sensei, though I don't know why.

"You sang great," he said and I smiled, "Thanks, I love that song very much."

"I can see it, from the way you sang it, you almost cried, but no one noticed it, except me."

I blinked and I looked at the floor, "You... noticed?"

"I did, and I'm sure whoever you sang that to, that person will be very happy," he said, I grinned and looked up.

"I guess you're right.."


I stretched my arms and walked on the sidewalk, the party was over, and I'm very tired. I saw Gray-sensei waving goodbye to the teachers and he headed the same direction as me, since we both live on the same street. I yawned and my eyes felt heavy. "You look very tired, do you want me to carry you?" sensei teased, I rolled my eyes, "Thank you but no thanks."


I laughed and turned around a corner for my street, I stopped in front of a mansion. "Well, this is my place, see ya sensei," I said and went in the gates, waving goodbye to him. He gaped at my house and I giggled. "Your house is big!" he said, I giggled, "Don't be surprised anymore, my mother is an actress."

"You're right."

I went in my house and I ran upstairs. I took a warm bath and I changed into my pajamas, I fell on my bed with a soft thud. I stared at the ceiling, I smiled. Sensei sure is like a kid, but he still is young, although I can't help but still wonder why my heart beats so fast when I was with him at the party.

It couldn't be … right?

"Lucy! Do you want ice cream?" I hear my mama yell, I looked at my door and sighed, "NO, THANKS!"

I turned to look at the ceiling again, I could be wrong … right? I looked at my Iphone, there, as my wallpaper, which was set by sensei, was me and Gray-sensei side by side, he had his arm around me. Mira took this picture, since she thought that since I had a picture of me with every teacher, why not him? So I said yes...

"Good night dear! Don't forget to set your alarm clock!" mama yelled, I giggled, "Don't worry! I won't!"

I stared at my phone again. The way I blush around him, the way my heart beats so fast, I smile around him a lot too, even though I do that often, still... I gasped and dropped my phone, it fell on my bed and I stared wide-eyed at the ceiling. I grabbed my phone again, my hand was shaking, I stared at my wallpaper, it couldn't be, but I'm not mistaken...

I fell in love with my Math and Home Ec teacher, Gray Fullbuster.

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