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Who is Going to Care?

Drakath found a note one snowy evening. He woke up in one of his gang's camps, jumping out of a nightmare. The note was stuck to his forehead.

Hey Princey. I came by but you were already asleep. I just bought another house and I heard that you were in the area. Here's a map to the place if you need to visit. I don't like turning company away and yours is always wanted unless you're PMSing again. It that case, stay the fuck away. But you look really cute when you're asleep. Too bad you don't look like that all the time.

Attached to the note was a map with written instructions on how to get to her new house. It wasn't really far and though the directions were…outlandish to say the least, Drakath figured that it wouldn't take him more than perhaps fifteen minutes to get there.

But there's no way he's going to waste his valuable time trudging out into the snow just to answer what might be, as Ty called it, a booty call. He wasn't even sure what that referred to but it didn't matter. What did matter at the moment was how the fuck did she know where he was and how long was she watching him?

"You creepy bitch…"He groaned, about to tear the paper apart. He hesitated though and stared at the map and the note for a long time. He read the note over and over, looking for any ulterior motive in the words. Then something catches his eyes and he even lights a candle to get a better look.

The word were written messily, like the writer was restless or nervous. There were even faded words on the note. Drakath could vaguely make out "you see, I'd really like you to visit cause…Janu…I don't want to be alone…My…Beath…d.e….th…d…"

So Ty was nervous for some reason and she almost asked him to come visit because she was feeling lonely. How weak.

Besides, it was very late and he could care less about whether she was having trouble sleeping or not.

With that, he crumpled up the note and map and threw them into a corner of his tent and roll over in his cot to get back to sleep.

"This is stupid. I can't believe I'm doing this," Drakath grumbled as he stomps through the snow.

No matter what he did, he could not get to sleep. Every time that he got even close to nodding off, Ty's faded out writing would pop into his head and he would be wide awake again. After the fifth time he snapped awake, he decided enough was enough and got out of bed to throw his clothes, boots and scarf on and go find Ty to give her a piece of his mind.

Yeah, that the reason why he was going to check on her. Not because he wanted to see her and definitely not because he was worried. That would be absurd.

But he was also curious. Drakath unfolded the wrinkled up note and map and read the faded words again. The words were faded the most around the end and one of the words he was sure was a name. A name that he had been wondering about for a while now.

"Beathan," he huffed out angrily, stuffing the note back into his pocket. He'd overheard Ty mention the name many times before but never heard is spoken directly in his presence and he doesn't know anyone with the strange name.

It didn't matter. That name wasn't relevant to him so he decided to drop the thought and continue to trek through the snow flooded woods. But the way Ty said that name…it was the same way she said Drakath's name and-Stop it, doesn't matter.

It was freezing and snow was still drifting down to the ground. It was trouble enough to get out of his camp without making his bandits suspicious. He was already leery about the loyalty of most of them. They were bandits after all and now he was going to risk being caught as well as maybe losing one or two fingers to frostbite if he stayed out for too long.

So why even go see her and yell at her when he was going to see her some other time anyway. In fact, he was going back right now. This really was a bad idea and he couldn't believe that he almost risked getting a cold just to see that bitch's face.

Drakath turned on his heel and started to follow his footprints back to the bandit camp. He was going to sleep and then he' going punch Ty for bothering him at such a late hour tomorrow.

He took five steps and stopped, thinking back to the note again. Maybe it was important and maybe she actually needs help but her damn pride…Nope, not going to fall for it. He continued for a couple of more steps but stopped again, invaded by the same thought and turns around without realizing.

"This is impossible," he groaned before slumping down against a tree and sits in the snow. He needed to make up his mind now before someone finds him pacing back and forth.

But who would find him? The forest was completely silent save for the sound of his breathing and, to perceptive ears, the sound of snowflakes landing on the ground. He sat there for some time thinking about nothing and looking out into the darkness of the forest. The only light out was the moon and even that was faint.

You could kill someone here and no one would know.

Even when the snow melts, this part of the forest was out of the way and remote enough for someone to be left here and never be found for months. Years even. By then, there would only be bones and here in lore, no one really cares about some nobody who got lost in the woods.

Suddenly, something stirs in his stomach. It's a feeling he was very familiar with. Something he started to feel when he was a young boy; the time his father began to lose. Something that he felt when he was around Sepulcher and embarrassingly enough, he admits that he feels it when Ty isn't around.


Intense fear which made him stand and scan his surroundings. There's something out there. He can feel it; the creeping feeling that whatever it is was getting closer and closer until-

"BOO!" Someone pounces on his back and he yelped as his heart slams against his ribs. Quickly, he grabs his assailant and…oh.

"Ty, what is wrong with you?" He shoved Ty off of himself.

"Aww, Princey can't take a joke?" She teased, hugging on to him again. "Heehee, I just wanted to surprise you, is all." She smiled at Drakath and it unnerved him enough to shove her off again.

"Why did you ask me to come out?" He asked, annoyed by her actions. "You could have just waited until the sun was up to bother me."

"But I just wanted my boyfriend to visit me," She whined as she hugs him again, snuggling into his clothes.

"Yeah sure…wait. What did you call me?" Drakath asked after doing a double take.

"I called you my boyfriend you silly," Ty giggled and the sound grates on Drakath's ears. What's wrong with her all of a sudden? "You're being mean Drakath!" She complained as she stands on her toes to close their height gap.

"What's gotten into yo-"Drakath is cut off by the soft touch of Ty's lips on his own. Drakath froze, letting Ty wrap her arms around his neck. Her kiss is gentle, inviting almost and that surprises him so much that he doesn't kiss back.

"Did you like that?" Ty asked him, smirking as she steps back. Drakath was dumbfounded and he could feel heat rising in his cheeks. But something didn't feel right.

"Drakath? Are you listening?" There's something wrong here. She's not saying his name right.

"You know…" She began, circling him. "We could head back to my place and…" She smiled again as she places a hand on his chest and leans into him.

"…Look at how you're acting. What would your brother say?" He asked, holding her back to get a good look at her face.

"Who? You mean Eric?...Oh, so you're afraid of John. Well don't worry. He won't know," She smiled unsettlingly again and tries to lean in but Drakath's grip is firm.

"Hey Ty?" He said, pushing her back so that they were a footstep apart. "Do you remember what you taught me last week?" he asked, gazing steadily at her face.

"…That isn't important now. C'mon Drakath. You're being a prude." She said after a pause.

"Want me to remind you," he grinned, tipping her chin up to get a good look at her pretty blue eyes.

"Alright," Ty grinned back. "Go ahead and tell me." She says, half closing her eyelids.

Drakath smiled back, genuinely this time. In a short burst of strength, he pulls back with his free hand and slams his fist into Ty's face, sending her tumbling into the snow. The crunch of the bones in her face was making up for his terrible night.

"What the fuck is wrong with you!" Ty demanded, propping herself up with one arm and clutching her nose with the other. Blood was pouring out and dripping onto the snow, dying the snow crimson. "You asshole, what are you trying to do-"

"Don't you remember, Ty?" he sneered, unsheathing his sword. "You taught me how to keep my thumb outside, wrapped around my fingers so it won't break when I punch someone. It's useful advice."

"What are you talking about?" Ty coughed, more bloody spit dribbling on to her lap.

"Don't play dumb!" He growled, pointing his sword at her face. "You aren't Ty."

Ty's eyes widened in disbelief and then astonishment flashes across her face. She closes her eyes for a moment and clasps her nose with both of her hands. Then she sniggered and snorted and soon broke out into a full laugh.

"Who are you?" Drakath demanded, hands trembling from the cold. But she just laughed and laughed.

"That really hurt," Ty slurred.

"Who do you think you are?" Ty…no…something asked, voice gurgling and deepening. "Look at you, pretending that you know Ty." The thing sneered, standing up to face him. A weird popping and cracking noise was coming from it and he prepared to slay the monster.

"But you are right though. I'm not Ty." The monster drops its hands and beamed at him from ear to ear. Literally from ear to ear. It's face spits open and he can see all of its teeth. Then the face starts to melt into an undistinguishable mass and Drakath struggled to keep himself from retching. A gurgling laugh starts up again and suddenly it lunged at him.

It hits him square in the chest. He fell back and his sword slipped out of his grasp. Drakath struggled to throw the thing off of him but it was useless. That thing was too heavy.

"You are a fool." It said with a clearer voice as it watches him trying to breathe. The mass forms arms, legs and then its head snaps up and smirked. Now, a young girl wearing a poofy lacy dress had formed. Her orange hair reached down to the ground and she looks at him with icy blue eyes. Familiar icy blue eyes.

"I believe we haven't met properly," The little girl smiled. "I'm Ty's beloved sister. I change my name often but for now you may address me as Alison."

"What the fuck are you?" Drakath demanded, wincing in pain. Alison rolls her eyes and smooth's her hair.

"I'm not exactly sure but for now," she chirped, twirling a strand of her hair. "You can say that I'm an exterminator. I'm here to get rid of the pest." Drakath blinked at her in confusion and she groaned. "I mean you, you idiot. I have no idea why Ty is so intrigued with you. You're just a dumb human, and that's saying something coming from a human sympathizer like me. And worst of all, you're a royal." Alison spat, like even mentioning nobility was a faux pas.

Drakath tried to demand more but is silenced when he feels both of Alison's hands closing around his neck.

"I'm tired of hearing you talk so let me explain to you what's about to happen. You know John right?" Alison asked. "Well of course you know John. That prig, never liked him that much but that's family you know. Can't live without them, can't murder them." She stated a matter of factly, tipping her head to the side. "But we've come to a consensus in regards to getting rid of you." Oh, Drakath knew John alright. That blond self-righteous freak was always so close to Ty and it bothered him even though he knew that the two of them were family.

"How come I've never heard of you?" Drakath grimaced, feeling the Alison's fingers tighten around her neck. She was heavy though she didn't look like it and she could snap his neck really easily the way they were positioned now.

She could kill him and no one would know.

"Do you think Ty thinks that you're trustworthy? Special enough to share secrets to? Special enough to be one of us?" She regarded him with disdain. "You really are full of yourself. I can't stand to see you with her even if she's toying with you! There's no way I'm letting you go see her! Not today! Definitely not today!" She shrieked before going quiet.

This crazy freak was related to Ty?...It makes sense, Drakath guessed.

"I've been watching you," She sniggered, pity registering on her face. "You're going to disappear here and no one would ever know or care."

Drakath had started to shiver and it wasn't because of the snow or cold. He couldn't find any words to combat her with. Was she really going to…

"Wanna see something interesting?" She asked out of the blue. Drakath refused to answer but Alison's hands forced him to nod. "Of course you do!" She said, crazed.

Slowly, she reaches back into a pocket at the back of her dress with one hand and brings it out to show him. It was an old handkerchief; brown and crusty looking.

"What's that supposed to be?"

"I'm glad you asked!" Alison laughed. "A long long time ago, when Ty was cute little girl, she and I went to see a big event in a big city far far away from here. It was a joyous occasion because you see, they were about to get rid of the biggest problem in the country. They were executing their queen!" She shouted with glee, waving the handkerchief in the air.

Drakath wasn't liking where this was going nor what this whole thing had to do with Ty.

"Ty and I came really early to get front row seats. It was a wonderful display! There were burning yellow banners strung across the capitol and the cheers of the oppressed rang through the air. They marched that little bitch up to the guillotine and-" Alison gestures a slice across her neck accompanied by a shing. "The queen's head flopped down the stairs and her blood sprayed everywhere! That was when Ty jumped over the barricade and ran straight for the stump. She reached out with the handkerchief in hand and let the blood soak into it. The guards didn't stop her and everyone else ran to copy her. I was so proud," Alison said, wiping away a fake tear.

Drakath felt his stomach churning just imagining the story and he swallowed hard. He always knew that Ty wasn't a normal person. She was messed up somehow and now he knows where it came from.

"She ran back to me shouting my name before handing me this handkerchief. She told me she heard that a royal's blood was magical and was giving the handkerchief as a gift to me. It's one of the best presents anyone has ever given me and it really does have magical properties. That is…after that event, I decided that every time a royal was slain or executed and I was in the vicinity or actually carried it out, I would soak the handkerchief in the mess. It's a bit gross to be honest but the benefits are astounding! And today's you're lucky day, Princey." She mocked him and if he could, he'd rip out her heart right now. No one was allowed to call him that.

"But I'm not sure if it's going to work with you. You aren't a royal anymore," Alison sighed, making Drakath bristle. "I'm wondering…did the same thing happen to your father?" She giggled, slipping the handkerchief back into her pocket. "It must have been quite the celebration. Did they make you watch? Or perhaps you ran away already, being the coward that you are." She emphasized by punching him across the face. Drakath feels his teeth biting down on his tongue and tastes the blood welling up out of the wound but remains silent.

"But that means that you're alone now. No one's going to care if you're gone. I've seen hundreds of people like you; people who grasp at their make believe destiny and disappear into history never to be mentioned again. I mean, look where it's gotten you. You're groveling at the feet of one of the people who helped overthrow your father, you're a weakling who begs, a coward and a nationwide joke. Just ask anyone around here and they'll agree," Alison lectured, leaning in close. They were face to face now and Drakath had fallen silent. "It's sad that you won't get as good as a sendoff as your father probably did but that's just your luck. Dead in the snow, forgotten by everyone. Even if they find you, they wouldn't care. No one in this world or any world gives a damn about a useless worm." She whispers to him, looking into his green orbs. "Bye bye Lonely Boy."

"Ty cares," He said, voice even. "She cares about me."

"What?" Alison blurted out, incredulous. Caught off guard, she doesn't realize what Drakath was about to do as he rolled his head back.

Instantly, his forehead guard slams into her head, forcing her off. Alison's head was ringing and bleeding and she tries to snap out of her stupor but it's too late. Drakath is already up on his feet and kicks her in the ribs.

"You've known Ty since she was a child and somehow you manage to mess up an imitation of her that much? She's going to be pissed," He spat out a mouthful of blood and wipes away the mess.

"Don't pretend that you know her more than her own sister does!" Alison roared, wiping the blood from her face and getting ready to attack Drakath again.

"Don't you try." Drakath threatened, having grabbed a hold of his sword and pointing it in her direction. "Do you want to know how I knew that I wasn't talking to Ty?" He doesn't wait for an answer. "Ty has never called me her boyfriend," He says the word, treating it as if it we foreign. "She says she only uses it when she's in a different setting and yes, she has told me about that," He smirked as he watched Alison's disbelief. "She doesn't act like a prissy little girl either!" To be honest, she's so masculine it actually scares him. "She bites her cheek when she's nervous or irritated," He says remembering the time he asked about John. He could barely make out the indent in her cheek but it was there nonetheless. "You didn't even notice this." He finishes, tugging at the scarf around his neck.

"What about it?" Alison demanded, starting to quiver. It was just a ratty old green scarf. What was so special about it?

"I guess you'll have to ask." Drakath smirked. "But you might want to get your head checked first."

Alison cringed, feeling blood flowing out of her head wound. She wasn't feeling well and she had no idea how a mere human, and a royal at that, managed to injure her but…she would deal with him later. Right now, she couldn't see straight or in the right color.

"This isn't over, Lonely Boy!" Alison sneered. "You're just one of many, don't you know? You'll disappear eventually and I'll be there to watch you go! You made a mistake associating yourself with Ty." Alison taunted, melting into the snow leaving no trace of herself.

The forest is silent again, with only the sound of the falling snowflakes lightly floating down to the ground.

"…Well that was a bloody mess," Drakath sighs, kicking over a pile of red snow. It was just a walk in the woods and look at what happened. At least it wasn;t as bad as when he met John...eug. The things he does for…That's right. He shouldn't be here right now.

He lightly touched the note in his pocket and ran off through the snow, leaving new footprints with each step.

The door's unlocked and no one answers him when he calls into the house. It was a fairly large house judging from the outside so maybe Ty couldn't hear him.

He runs upstairs first, to Ty's bedroom but she isn't there. Her sheets were a mess and books were strewn everywhere. He checks every other room on the second floor and then ran downstairs.

The completely furnished rooms on the first floor were all empty. They felt empty too, like no one had ever sat on the couch in the living room or pulled out a chair in the huge library. Everything felt untouched. There were flowers everywhere though. Candles too. They were all placed around the house but it somehow made the house feel more…depressing. What's going on?

Then he hears it. A faint humming. He could hardly hear it but he rushes to the source. He charges through the dining room and down a long hallway, grabbing a healing potion that Ty left on desk by the wall. Cause fuck her if she wasn't letting him have one after all the shit her crazy sister did to him.

He comes to a stop at the door at the end of the hall when he hears the humming coming from behind it. He breathed in and out deeply before stepping through.

"Princey? You actually came?" Ty asked, standing up. For some idiotic reason, she was in front of the open back door letting all the cold in. The room they were in, which was the kitchen, was decked out in various flowers and candles that glowed softly in the dark. "Hey, is that the scarf I made you? I can't believe you actually decided to wear that ratty thing."

Drakath looked at her for a while, thinking about whether he should yell at her or hug her until she chokes. The candle light was dancing in her ice blue eyes. He thought back to Alison and how she probably chose to imitate those eyes when she morphed to disorient him. It was what the real ones were doing to him now.

"Are you okay? Did something happen." She asked and he can't take it anymore. He walks up to her slowly, places both of his hands on her shoulders and pushes her out of the door and into snow.

"Your family is a gigantic group of dicks!" He shouted, slamming the door on her. And now he was angry again. He was tired, cold, damp and embarrassed. He could hardly believe everything that happened to him in the span of an hour and it was all her fault.

"Slow down there," Ty said gently, opening the door. She brushes the snow off of herself and comes in to face him. "And would you mind being quiet please. My dragon is sleeping," She said softly, pointing over to the table. The baby dragon was passed out on top of it, on a bed of flowers surrounded by various decorative candles.

"So what's wrong?" Ty asked calmly, noting how distressed Drakath looked. "Is it John again?" she asked, rubbing her forehead.

"No, it's…" He trailed off, studying Ty more closely. She looked exhausted and gloomy almost, like she was stuck in a cloud of melancholy. "It's your sister, Alison. She's a fucking bitch."

"Oh shit," Ty swore, exasperated. "I'm sorry. Alison is…special. I thought I told her to stay away from you if she didn't like you. What did she do?"

"…Nothing. She was just trying to stir me up," He said. It technically wasn't a lie.


They both stand together in silence in the flickering light. Absently, Ty reached over to the table and grabbed a bouquet of pink ambrosia flowers. "Here, take it. I just want you to hold on to them for today." She said, handing them over to him. He was about to refuse them and ask her what was he going to do with them but just this once, he won't argue.

"I'm not the woman y'know," He grumbled, taking them out of her hands. Ty regarded him curiously, wondering why he wasn't making a big deal out of it like usual. But, this wasn't the day to be worrying about it now.

"Thank you," Ty sank back down to the ground and beckoned for Drakath to join her. He does so without a word.

"Why did you ask me to come?" Drakath asked, staring out the door. "What's going on with you today?"

"Well…" Ty began, clasping her hands together. "I didn't actually think you would show up and now…I think you'll laugh when you hear why." She smiles at him sadly. "It's…nothing really important. You probably won't care for it but…Today's a special day for me."

Drakath sighs, seeing his breath turn to frost before dissipating. He takes out the note and unfurls it to show to Ty.

"You tried to erase something. I want to know what it was." He insisted. Ty just stared out the door again, watching the snow float down.

"Okay, but you have to promise me that you have to stay here for the rest of the day. It's one in the morning right now so no leaving until midnight!"

"Fine." It took Ty a while to realize that he agreed.

"Do you really like my company that much?" She beamed, scooting closer to him.

"Not at all. I just want to know." He said curtly, looking away. She notices his blush anyway, wrapping part of his scarf around her own neck and gently leaned on him. Hearing no protest, Ty looked up at him.

"Aren't your minions going to wonder where you are?"

"…It doesn't matter." He said after thinking it over. "I don't care about that."

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