Renew and rewind is my first time writing in fan fiction.

A Homecoming is loosely the prequel to this story, it covers the younger years when the main characters were first married and having their families.

I apologize if I don't get the paragraphs, timelines ect right but it's all new to me.

Alex did not die at all and neither did Riley!

There was too much heartache and sadness, so my McLeod's will still have the fun and adventure but much more happiness.

Marcus and Grace are married and Nick and Tess have long ago returned to Drovers...I will tell the story of plans leading up to for Stevie's surprise 50th Birthday and some stories will be told in flashback and reinvented and characters added... Wish me goes.

Ps some dialogue may be strange if English isn't your first language Perve is a slang word for look.

This paragraph is written at the end of the writing and I'll apologize in advance for my over exuberance of Stevie and Alex's characters.

I love them and I gave them everything so if you don't like them, I wouldn't read on because this is their story...kepc

Chapter One

The light aircraft gracefully banked as its engines slowed for landing George Hall Ryan gazed out of the window at the scene below, George had missed this place it had been a long time, and entire year... Home.

As the plane touches down Marcus stands waiting, filled with equal amounts of excitement and terror, for the last two days he'd been picking up friends and relatives from the airport and hiding them all over Gungellan.

George was the last to fly in...Marcus saw the door open and feet hit the ground running, 'Uncle Marcus!" She yelled as she hurled herself into his arms.

"Georgia! Welcome home!"He laughed as he twirled her around.

God she was so like her Mother, perfect smile, wild red curls that swept around her gorgeous face and at 16 she had her Mother's stunning figure and just like her Mother she had no idea how beautiful she was, which made her even more so.

"How was France?"

'Fantastic I have so much to tell you, but I missed this place so much, How's Mum and Dad? Does Mum suspect anything? Where's Xander and Jake? Is Rose here yet? I thought they'd be here!"

Marcus smiled at her, he was trying to get a word in."George, slow down, one question at a time. Your Mother and Father are as always. Stevie knows he's up to something but she hasn't quite worked out what? Xander just returned from Manjimup Rodeo so you'll hear all about that very soon and Jakes helping Aunty Grace and our girls muster some stock. Rose and Jack are due at Drovers sometime today. Enough of this chit chat let's get you over to Drover's before your Mum spots us. I know she'll have a great time tonight but I'd rather we are all together when she finds out what we're up too "

They both laugh as they grab Georgia's bags and head over to the Ute.


Stevie is standing at the kitchen window thoughtlessly stirring her coffee as she gazes out across Kilarney she still finds it hard to believe the beautiful life she has here.

"Morning cowgirl "He whispers as his hands slide around her waist gentle turning her towards him."Happy Birthday"

Stevie looks up at him and gently touches his face "Thanks" she grins.

His lips are upon hers before she has time to say anything else. God she loves him and after all this time she still can't get enough of him. Time ticks by as the kiss deepens and thoughts of going back to bed envelope them both as Alex's hands slide to her curvy bottom a voice booms.

"Ahh get a room will ya!"

They pull apart startled as they thought they had the house to themselves.

"Happy Birthday Mum" Xander proclaims as he bends to hug and kiss his Mother.

They all laugh.

Stevie smiles at their son, he is gorgeous, kind, gentle, strong, funny and very very tall.

"Geez old man do ya think you can stop mauling my mother for five minutes?" Xander teases.

He's used to his parents behaviour and secretly loves how they are together, his mates often rib him about how hot his Mum is but it's all in good fun.

Stevie has aged beautifully and his Dad is still in really good condition for an old bloke.

"Coffee? Anyone?" Stevie asks.

"Yeah thanks Mum"


"Yes please"

"So Xander how was Manjimup?"


Marcus toots the car horn as he pulls the ute to a stop. As Georgia opens the door she is greeted by an army of cousins and aunties.

'Oh my goodness Georgia you have grown so much since I last saw you!" Proclaims Tess as they embrace, Tess adds "All of your baggage has shifted"

Tess and Georgia laugh at the reference to her gorgeous figure.

"You're Beautiful" Tess exclaims.

George blushes and laughs 'Oh you're only saying that because you're my Aunty and you have too!"

Before Tess has a chance to reply Jodie has her wrapped in her arms. "Oh my god Georgia I've missed you. Welcome home"

"Hi Aunty Jodie, I've missed you too! Where are Beth and Adam?"

" They're over at Wilgul helping with a muster, they'll be back soon!"

"Uncle Nick!" Georgia shouts as Nick rounds the side of the house.

" Plant your feet! I'm coming!" She yells as she launches herself at him.

Nick laughs and hugs his niece planting a kiss on her cheek.

She's like a mini whirlwind that blows all before her off their feet.

Before the adults know what's going on George is dragged inside by the rest of the cousins.

Marcus, Tess, Jodie and Nick laugh as the kids disappear inside.

"God I love her; she's everything I'm not! Right from when she was a tiny baby there was no way you could ignore her" laughs Nick.

Marcus, Tess and Jodie agree.

"She's more like her Mother every day'!"Tess adds.

"You're not wrong, "Marcus comments. "she is stunning!"

"Steady mate she's our niece." quips Nick.

Marcus looks confused and then laughs and says "You idiot Nick ! God I never meant anything like that! Alex only has one pair of eyes and all the young bucks in the district are going to fall over themselves when they see her again. Like Tess said all her baggage has shifted"

"Although," Tess muses "the fact she is Alex and Stevie's daughter will scare a lot of them off . Only the bravest of the brave will try anything with our Georgia!"

They all laugh.

Having Georgia back home makes everyone happy.

"So where are we up to with the party? ' Marcus inquires.

"All done!" states Tess.

"Meg and Moira have it sorted and we've just got some last minute decorations to go up and Nick has to go and get the drinks."

"Righto, well if you need a hand Nick? I'll give Grace a call and we'll go now?"

"That's great Marcus you're on "Nick says enthusiastically.

"Hey how many are coming?"Marcus enquires.

"About 140 nearly everyone said yes" Jodie responds.


"Oi Dad, I caught up with Riley and Kate at Manjimup, Bloody hell they've got a tribe of kids, all boys! I think Kate said 6! "

Stevie's ears pricked up, "You saw Kate?"

"Yeah she said to say Hi! They are hoping to get up this way the week after next; Riley said something about share farming up this way?"

"Oh my god Alex, it's been years since we've seen them"

Alex holds his smile as he replies to Stevie "Yeah it's been awhile that'll be great, 6 boys you say Xander? Anyway son how did you go at the rodeo?"

As the men continue their conversation Stevie thinks back to when Kate and Riley left the area. They were so young and full of dreams and everyone had farewelled them and wished them well.

They'd headed for Western Australia and worked in the mines for a few years and then bought a property in Queensland between them they'd turned farming on its ears with their drive and knowledge. They'd been married around 17 years now ...6 boys Wow?

"What do you think Mum?" Stevie hears her name and turns towards Xander.

"Sorry what did you say?"

Alex and Xander laugh.

"Your son asked if you'd like to go over to Drovers tonight for a BBQ" states Alex.

"Oh I don't think we can do that we haven't been invited" Stevie says still looking confused.

Xander and Alex laugh at her again, this time she furrows her brow and looks annoyed."What's so funny?"

"Mum I just said I saw Uncle Nick at the truck stop on the way home and he said they were having a BBQ for your birthday. He figured Dad wouldn't think to do anything!" Xander nudges his father as he looks at Stevie waiting for a response.

Alex grabs his son in a head lock and ruffles his hair.

"Oh that would be great I won't have to cook!" Stevie happily replies.

"Righto" Alex says as he stands to leave the room "I'll give them a call to say we're in."

"Me too dad and I'm sure Jake will be in as well." Stevie smiles but thinks sadly to herself, it would have been nice if Rose and Georgia could have been here too.

"OK Mum I'm off for a shower and a nap can you wake me around 4pm?" Xander says as he wraps his arms around Stevie and kisses the top of her head and says "Happy Birthday Mum I Love you."

As she holds tight she says "I love you too"

She hears Xander throw his swag in the back porch and then she hears him race up the stairs humming as he goes.


Stevie clears the coffee cups and begins to wash them. Before she hears him she feels him behind her again.

His hands slide around her waist and turn her towards him "Now Cowgirl where were we?"

Stevie giggles and reaches her hands up around Alex's neck "Ummm I think you were going to give me something for my birthday?"

"Oh yeah" he breathes as his lips cover hers.

He moves his hands over her hips and lifts her up as she wraps her legs around his waist the kiss continues and deepens. She presses her breasts against him and he moans, Oh! she loves that she can still do that too him.

His hand slides up her back onto her bare skin and then...

"Oh for crying out loud you two!" laughs Jake.

Startled Alex places Stevie back on the floor, Stevie is flushed and just a little embarrassed she wonders how long he has been standing there.

She gains her composure and smiles at her son, he grins back at her.

Alex announces. "The greatest thing a man can do for his children is to love their Mother!" Stevie tries not to laugh as she bites her lip and flicks Alex.

"What?" He laughs as he elbows her.

As Jake continues through the kitchen he inquires. "Where's my Big brother? Did he bring home some trophies?"

Jake hurries on not waiting for an answer.

Alex gently takes Stevie's hand and leads her upstairs ...there will be no more interruptions for what he has planned.

Stevie giggles and follows without question.


Nick and Marcus have picked up all the alcohol and soft drinks and are on their way back to Drovers.

"So far so good Marcus, Stevie hasn't caught on yet!" Nick breaks the silence.

"Yeah I'll be glad when our surprise is sprung I'm a bloody nervous wreck" Marcus laughs.

"So have you seen Sally and Dave yet? Marcus enquires .

" No I haven't" Nick replies .

" Where are they staying? "

"They're over at Wilgul with us , We've also got Kate ,Riley and their boys and Ben and Jaz and their two .It's a full house!" Marcus laughs .

" Hey we'll pull into your place before we go tho Drovers and I'll say Hello maybe we can have a beer or 2 " Nick laughs.

"You're on" laughs Marcus . "Hey Nick where are Liz and Bryce staying?"

Nick grins and says " They're at the country Club until tomorrow and then they'll stay on Kilarney."

Nick says " I wonder what they'll buy her for her birthday?"

Marcus says " I think jewellery."

Nick laughs and says " I can't imagine what piece they'd buy, Alex has bought her enough diamonds over the years that she could start her own jewellery store !" They both laugh.

They drive along for awhile in silence and then Marcus speaks" Settlement for the new properties goes through on Monday. It's going to bring big changes isn't it? "

" Yeah it's pretty exciting" Nick agrees.

" Will we keep the properties names or create new ones?" Marcus asks.

" I don't know I hadn't really thought about it. We'll have a chat tomorrow after everyone leaves and see what Alex and the girls think" Nick offers.

" It's going to be a great night Nick I can't wait" Marcus enthuses.

" Yeah we've got some great surprises for Stevie , she is going to love it!" Nick adds.

" I think with the crowd we've gathered there is going to be a few sore heads in the morning" Marcus laughs.

" Yeah thank goodness we've got the Lions Club coming into to cook breakfast I think we're going to need bacon and eggs in the morning" adds Nick and they both laugh as they turn into Wilgul.


Alex quietly moved into the bathroom showered and dressed, he'd reluctantly left Stevie sleeping peacefully.

God he loved her, everything about her.

Alex smiled remembering the first time he had kissed her, it was only a short kiss but the passion in it was like nothing he had ever experienced.

It left him wanting her with every fibre of his body he wanted more, so much more.

Hours later they had made love and the memory of it still made him smile, he remembers her standing before him naked, she was delicious, her soft curls brushing against his skin, the taste of her lips, her curves oh god those curves.

Alex smiled to himself as he peeled his clothes off and slide back into bed beside her, she snuggled into his arms and his heartbeat quickened.

Sometime later he showered and dressed quickly.

He moved back through the bedroom and stood gazing at her, he could watch her sleep for hours she was so peaceful, so beautiful and it made his heart ache just being near her.

Compared to him she was so tiny ,so petite and yet so tough, she challenged him in every way .

The temptation was there again to climb back in beside her and take her into his arms, he hesitated and smiled, then pushed himself to head out the door, he had things to do people to see.


Jake was in the kitchen eating again, man this kid could eat.

"Hey mate!" Alex said as he walked into the kitchen.

"Hi Dad, where were you?"

"Ummm "Alex was stumped he hadn't expected anyone would notice his absence "Ah I was just.. "

Jake had his back to his father with a huge grin on his face he added "I've been looking for Mum and I can't find her either!"

To Jake it was so damn obvious where his father had been, since when did he shower in the middle of the day.

Alex cleared his throat, "Listen mate Mum had a bit of a headache so she's having a lie down."

Jake turned around to face his father and tried to hide his grin.

Alex looked into his sons face and saw that grin , Stevie's grin.

Bloody hell he thinks to himself this kid is his mother's son alright, doesn't say a whole lot but doesn't miss a thing either.

Alex smirked at Jake "When she wakes up makes sure she doesn't leave Kilarney ok!"

"Will do Old man, and I'll have some panadol on standby too! Wouldn't want her to miss her own party would we! "

"Right "Alex grinned and playfully punched his son in the arm as he walked out the door when did these kids so god damn smart.


As he turned into Drovers his heart skipped a beat, Georgia was home, she'd been in France for a year as an exchange student. Several times Stevie had suggested they fly to Paris just for a little visit.

Alex had wanted to go too but his head said No, the whole point of an exchange was for children to broaden their horizons to mature and grow.

God he hoped she hadn't changed too much.

Each Sunday when she'd rung they'd had great conversations, she had always been Daddy's girl and he missed her.

As he entered the back porch everything seemed very quiet except for the occasional thump from upstairs, entering the kitchen Alex spotted Matt.

"G'day mate! How are ya?"

Matt stood and offered his hand, Alex pushed it aside and hugged his friend, and Matt hugged him back. "Yeah, I'm good mate and you?"

"Great thanks" Just then Tess entered the room.



Tess grinned "What have you been up too?"

Alex blushed "Hey?"

"You've showered midmorning and judging by that silly grin on your face and the fact your blushing I'm guessing Stevie's sleeping as we speak!"

"Oh Bloody hell have I got a sign on my forehead or something!"

"Why who else twigged?" Tess laughs.

"Jake!" Alex stated guiltily.

The three of them cracked up laughing..

"Where's George?" Alex asked changing the subject.

"She's out riding with Jodie and the kids, they should be back soon, I told them to stay close to the house in case Stevie broke free and went for a ride."Tess informed him.


"No, a beer thanks Tess might calm my nerves. Is Rose here yet?"

"Yes she's upstairs she arrived about an hour ago, she has big news!"

Alex was intrigued "What news? Is Jack with her?"

"Yeah he's' doing something for Nick and Marcus"

"No she can tell you herself, I'll go and get her."


As Tess leaves the kitchen Matt passes Alex his beer" Cheers Mate"

" Yeah cheers " Alex says a little distracted.

He hears Tess call "Rose visitor for you!"

Alex hears footsteps coming down the stairs. Rose has lived in Adelaide for months now with her husband Jack they wanted to leave the farm just for awhile just to do something different, something just for them, being a part of this huge extended family was hard sometimes.

Stevie and Alex understood but hoped they'd come back soon.

Plus Alex, Nick and Marcus had something on the go that would change a lot of their lives and hopefully all for the better.

Rose popped her head around the corner and grinned at Alex he hadn't spotted her yet, he was still deep in thought.

Remembering Rose's wedding day, the pride he felt when she'd asked him to give her away. She had called him Dad for years but that day really made him her Dad.

He smiled to himself.

"Penny for your thoughts" Rose laughed.

Alex jumped up and walked towards her with his arms open and a big grin on his face as she stepped around the corner of the door towards him, she smiled her best smile and said "Hello Granddad!"

Alex stopped dead in his tracks and took in the beautiful sight before him, Rose was quite obviously pregnant.

Alex had her gently in his arms before she could move any further. "Oh wow congratulations that's wonderful news Rose." He hugged her again and kissed the top of her head.

Rose loved this man he was everything a girl could want in a Dad.

"Does George know?" Alex askd unable to hide his smile.

Rose laughed loudly." Dad think about it? It's a little bit hard to hide."

They all laughed.

" So this is your Mother's birthday present? First she deals with turning 50 then you make her a grandmother! I love it!" Alex grinned.

" Definitely time for another beer! Cheers"


Sitting chatting and catching up they hear the back door screen slam, footsteps running.

Alex stands and turns just in time because there she is, curls flying, she launches herself, tears streaming down her face into his arms.

"Kitten" He murmurs.

He holds on too, not wanting to let her go, it has been a year since he'd hugged her.

At the airport, she was so excited to be off on such an adventure.

Stevie had been heartbroken and he'd tried hard not to cry but she was his little girl, his little one, his" Kitten".

She was back at home and safe.


Just as well he was used to woman hurling themselves at him he chuckled to himself. Stevie had done it for years and it just seemed like second nature to catch them.

"Righto let me have a look at you Aunty George or will you be Aunty Kitty?" He laughed.

George nudged him as they both smiled at Rose.

" No Aunty George I think or maybe AUNT GEORGIA! " She chuckled as she rubbed Rose's belly then sat beside her big sister their arms around each other, Alex smiled at his girls.

Stevie will love her surprise party.