Driving out of Wilgul Georgia says "Penny the remark I made about doing what's right for you, I never meant to hurt your feelings."

Penny smiles at her friend and says "I know George and I know what you mean too. I can't go to University because of my Mum I have to want to go for me."

Georgia smiles at her and says "Sounds like you've got doubts anyway. Is that because of Mason?'

Penny laughs and says "I think you've got a probe in my head Georgia it's like you know what I'm thinking."

Georgia laughs and says "We're the same age and we've got hot boyfriends and remember I was still at boarding school and Lincoln was here. I've already been through what you're going through now."

Penny looks at her and says "He wants me to move in with him."

Georgia smiles and says "And the problem is?"

"My Mum was really cool Georgia you would've have really liked her but when it came to stuff like this she was really old fashioned." Penny offers.

"In what way Penny?" Georgia asks.

"Well she always said you find the right person go out for a while, get engaged, get married and then you have children. Her opinion on living together was that for a guy it was having your cake and eating it too, why would he want to get married." Penny explains.

Georgia laughs and says "Not all guys are like that Penn. Mum and Dad lived together Uncle Riley and Aunty Kate did too, Bull and Jo, Jake and Leonie, Clare and Dan. Need I go on? Just talk to him if you're that concerned but make sure you tell him what you told me and your thoughts on Uni too"


John and Gemma are left standing in the kitchen and Gemma says "John I'm really sorry about making you go into my room before."

He smiles at her and again decides on the honesty policy.

"Gemma I really like you and I think that probably made it even more uncomfortable." He offers.

She smiles and says "You like me."

"Yeah I do have for a long time." He replies.

She laughs and initially he thinks she's laughing at him but then she says "I'm such an idiot I wondered why you took so long to move back when I said smell my perfume."

He blushes and she thinks he's very cute.

She takes a step forward and taking his hand says "Maybe we should try a kiss and see what happens."

He smiles and says "So you like me too?"

She nods.

He leans in and she does as well.

It's just a short , soft kiss.

"How was that?" He asks.

"It was really good." She grins.

He moves closer and as he puts his arms around her shoulders, she slides her arms around his waist.

Beautiful, soft, first kisses, wrapped in innocence and sweetness.

Hearts flipping joyfully no thoughts and no sounds unless your Uncle pretends to cough behind you.

Stepping apart they look at each other as if in slow motion and turn to see who coughed.

Alex is trying not to smile and says. "We need you to move the car John you didn't leave the keys."

Johns hearing is a bit fuzzy as his heart does double time and the blood whooshes through his ears, reaching into his pocket he retrieves the keys and hands them to Alex.

"I'll move it for you shall I?" Alex quips.

John nods.

Alex walks back outside grinning from ear to ear.


Gemma says "He'll tell everyone."

John smiles at her and says "Does it matter if he does?"

"Not to me it doesn't." She says smiling at him.

"Me either." John states.

Gemma says "Now what do we do?"

"Well I better ask your Mum and Dad if I can come and see you." John offers.

"That sounds a bit old fashioned John." Gemma says.

He shrugs his shoulders and says "You know my Mum and Dad, Gem and its how I was brought up."

She giggles and says "Could be embarrassing John."

"Yeah I know but if I don't ask them and Mum and Dad find out I'll be in big trouble." John explains.

"I'll go and do it now and if your Dad says yes I ring you later ok?" He tells her.

She grins and says "Ok."

He leans in and gives her a little, soft, kiss and says "See you later."

Grinning she nods.


Alex has just moved the car when John arrives back to the yards.

"Uncle Marcus can I talk to you for a minute in private please?" John asks.

Alex grins.

Marcus says "Yeah sure John wants up?'

Moving away from the others John says "I really like Gemma and I just want to know how you'd feel about me coming over to visit her and stuff."

Marcus almost laughs with the and stuff part but keeps a straight face and asks "Not sure about the and stuff part John."

John stands looking at him and then looking at the ground says "Well you know hold her hand, kiss her and hug her."

"Right." Marcus says wiping his face with his hand. "So are you going to hug her and kiss her when I'm around?'

John looks at him and says "Maybe."

"Right. Well you'd better come over for dinner tonight and we'll see how it all goes then."Marcus says trying not to laugh.

John smiles broadly and says "Ok what time I better go and get changed?"

"Be here at six." Marcus says.

John yells goodbye to everyone jumps in the car and drives off.


Marcus rejoins the group.

Grace asks. "What was all that about?'

Marcus smiles and says "That was about the cutest conversation I've ever had."

Stevie says "Why cute?"

Marcus smiles and watches as John drives out and says "Young John just asked if he can come over and kiss Gemma."

Grace grins and says "I knew he liked her."

Stevie says "Did he actually say that?"

Marcus chuckles and replies. "No he asked permission to come and see her and stuff."

"Oh that is just so adorable." Stevie says.

Marcus looks at Grace and says "I invited him over for dinner tonight.'

Grace nods and says "Ok I'd better go and cook something impressive."

Alex quips. "Can I come too? I'd love to see him work around you Marcus."