Tess is wide awake with Nick sleeping on her shoulder when the captain announces they are descending into London.

Nick stirs as Tess kisses his forehead and whispers " Nick wake up."

He reaches across her and says " But I'm finally comfortable Tess."

She giggles and says. " Alex and Stevie will be waiting for us. Nick think of that lovely bed at the Savoy with your name on it!"

He sits bolt upright and says " Do we have a spa Tess?"

She laughs and says "No but apparently the baths are huge and so are the beds."

Nick grins and says. " I like our room already. "

Tess giggles and kisses him.


In the airport lounge Alex and Stevie are waiting for the flight to land.

" Stevie what do you want to do today?"

Stevie brushes the hair behind her ear and says. " I think we'll wait until Tess and Nick are with us Alex they might want to just rest they've had a long flight."

He leans across the table and grinning says " That sounds like fun Cowgirl."

She chuckles and says " Alex do you ever not think about sex?"

He smiles and whispers " When it comes to thinking about you No."

She leans over and accepts a kiss.

He laughs and says "You always make out like it's me but I'm onto you."

She leans back and folds her arms across her chest and says. "I don't know what you're talking about Alex."

He laughs and says. " Right there you're signature move arms across your chest it's not your folded arms you want me to look at."

She laughs and unfolds her arms and as she leans forward about to speak.

" See you're doing it again leaning forward revealing all to me."

She laughs sits back pushes her hair back behind her ear he says.

" Now you're showing me your neck willing me to nuzzle into it."

She laughs and says " Now you're just making it up Alex."

He laughs and says "Everything you do is a signal Beautiful and I'm good at reading signals."

She laughs and says "Alex Ryan you are full of it."

They both laugh.


Finally Tess and Nick are through customs.

"Oh wow you guys look great!" Tess says hugging them both.

Nick agrees and says " You've spent a lot of time on the beach haven't you."

Before they answer Nick flicks Stevie's singlet top strap and laughs and says " Stevie no tan lines."

Alex smiles and says " Nick European beaches are topless."

Nick grins and says " Nice."

" Very" Alex says laughing.

Tess looks at Stevie and says " No matter how old we get Stevie we'll always have the little boys with us."

Both women laugh.


Alex asks " So what do you want to do today sightseeing or resting?"

Nick pretends to quietly say " Alex how good are the baths and beds."

Alex laughs and says "Well mate we spent our first three days here without leaving our room!"

Nick smiles and says " Nice!"

Alex replies " Very!"

The girls laugh and walk outside to the waiting car.

An hour later they're walking towards Buckingham Palace.


Back on Drover's Matt and Jodie are engaged in a conversation about drenching.

" So whose helping this time?" Matt asks.

" Bull, Jake, Jack , Harry, Ben, Lincoln, Grace, Dan, Clare, Marcus and me and you!" Jodie replies.

" I don't think we need that many and where is Adam?"

Jodie grins and says " Adam's flown to Darwin!"

Matt looks cross and says " And why don't I know that?"

Jodie smiles and says " It was sort of a last minute arrangement. He's only gone for a few days ."

" To see Penny?" Matt asks.

" Yes and to help pack up their belongings."

Matt looks at Jodie and says " Jodes I'd appreciate knowing about these things too."

She reaches over to touch his face and says." I wasn't hiding anything he just made a split second decision when he saw cheap flights and off he went. You should be happy he's actually got the courage to do it. Since he met Penny he's really coming out of his shell it's lovely to watch."

Matt grins and says . " I know he's a bit of a recluse isn't he. Do you think it's because of his early years with us being secretive with everyone?"

Jodie replies " Possibly but I think it's more because he's reserved like you."

He smiles and says " That's not good is it?"

She giggles and says " Well I fell for the strong, silent type."

He grins and reaches over and kisses her.


Belle Ryan is on the phone again.

As Jodie is walking passed she hears Belle's laughter and then " Ok I'll talk to you soon . Yes I will. Bye."

Every couple of days for weeks she's on the phone at this time of night. Jodie walks slower and almost bumps into Belle as she leaves the office. "Oh sorry Aunty Jodie."

Jodie laughs and says " You're right Belle you sound happy."

Belle laughs and says " Yes I am. That was Wade and he's coming to visit for two weeks next month and five at Christmas."

Jodie says " Wade who?"

Belle laughs and says " Wade Taylor, Dan's groomsman."

Jodie grins and says "Oh now I get it the really cute one."

Belle laughs and says " Oh yeah that's him alright."

Jodie chuckles and says " So is he who you've been talking to for weeks?"

Belle nods and says " Yes that's him."

Jodie laughs and says " Sounds serious Belle?"

Belle laughs as she runs upstairs. " God I hope so." Jodie laughs too and moves back out to Matt.


In London Tess, Stevie, Nick and Alex are dressed in after five and are headed out for dinner.

"Early night tonight everyone we leave at seven thirty in the morning without hangovers." Tess says.

They all agree.

Hours later they're in the Coal Hole a local bar having the best time " This pommy beers not bad at all." Alex says.

They all agree.


A couple of hours later they return to the Savoy jackets off and the girls have their shoes in their hands. Not really the most glamorous entrance for such a hotel but they're not really concerned about that.

Donald meets them at the desk smiles and says " I assumed the Ryan's have had a very good evening?"

Alex grins and says . " Always Donald always."

Stevie smiles at him and says. " Donald would you be able to do us all a favour?"

Donald smiles and says " How can I help Mrs Ryan?"

She looks around and whispers " We've all had way more alcohol than we had planned and we have to be up ready to go by seven thirty for our tour. Would you please wake us up early, even if you have to get the skeleton key and throw water on us. Please don't let us miss the coach."

He nods and says " Do not worry Mrs Ryan you will not miss your tour. You have my word."

She smiles and says " Thank you Donald."


Tess and Nick have moved upstairs to their room and Stevie and Alex are on their way to theirs.

Standing waiting for the elevator Alex wraps his arms around Stevie turning her, he kisses her softly and sweetly, she reaches her hands up around his neck and teases him with her tongue, he deepens his kiss and she responds.

Pulling her closer she moves her mouth to his ear and whispers. " I wonder if we can stop the elevator without alarms sounding."

His heart beats thumps at the thought and he grins and whispers 'We could try."

His lips brush against her neck sending shivers down her spine and her skins prickles with goose bumps. He notices her reaction and it excites him.

The elevator opens and an older couple are already in it.

Alex waits as Stevie walks in, he holds his jacket in front of him.

Standing behind her as the elevator rises she runs her hand up the inside of his leg and he tries not to grin.

Throwing his jacket over his shoulder he slides his arms around her, gently brushing her breast with his hand all unseen by their companions.

He leans and whispers something in her ear and again he watches as her skin bubbles with goose bumps. They reach their floor and the doors open.

Alex drops his jacket across his arm so it falls across the front of him and ushers Stevie out with his free arm.

Opening their door they laugh and run for the bedroom slamming the door behind them.


Alex squints at the bright lights. " Mr Ryan it's six o'clock. Mr Ryan are you awake?"

Alex tries to focus on the voice as his eyes adjust to the light and his head pounds.

" Oh Hi Donald!" Alex says

" Mr Ryan wake up." Alex sits up, stretches and yawns.

" Ohhh Good morning Donald."

Donald smiles and says." Good morning Mr Ryan."

While Donald is standing there waiting to make sure he's properly awake before leaving, Alex reaches across Stevie and kisses her very softly and very tenderly and says ." Good Morning Beautiful."

She moans without opening her eyes, smiles and says " Oh Good morning Cowboy."

Alex holds the sheet down knowing she'll push it down and says " Donald has kindly come to wake us up Stevie."

Quickly she grabs the sheet and opens one eye and says " Good morning Donald!"

Donald tries hard not to laugh and says " Good morning Mrs Ryan."

Stevie laughs and Alex does too when Donald quips " Nice save Mr Ryan."


Donald moves out to the living area and is quickly followed by Alex and Stevie in their robes.

" I took the liberty of ordering breakfast for you both and a hangover cure as well."

Alex and Stevie laugh and say " Donald you're a treasure."

He smiles and says. "Your brother and his wife are also awake and are having a similar breakfast."

Alex says " Donald if you ever come to Australia please come and stay with us."

Donald laughs and says " Well Sir that is a first, no one has ever invited me to their country let alone to stay at their home. It has been my absolute pleasure looking after yourself and your wife. As chance would have it I'm actually coming to Australia in December but I'm only going to Melbourne and Adelaide. Do you live anywhere near either of those places?"

Stevie grins and says. " Not too far."

Alex asks. " How long are you in Adelaide?"

Donald smiles and says ." One week in Melbourne then one week in Adelaide on business but then I have four weeks leave."

Alex moves over to the desk and begins writing then walks back to Donald handing him the paper and says. " When you arrive in Adelaide ring us and we'll organize to get you out to Kilarney."

Donald smiles and says "Is Kilarney your village?"

Stevie laughs and says " No it's the name of our farm."

Alex asks " What sort of business are you involved with Donald?'

Donald smiles and says " I've been asked to be a guest speaking on behalf of the Australian Butlers School that is in New South Wales and they are having two recruitment campaigns one in Melbourne and one in Adelaide. I've always wanted to visit Australia so I jumped at the chance."

Alex grins and says " Very impressive Donald ."

Donald smiles and says " Thank you sir I take great pride in my position."

Alex says" Donald please make sure you call us we'd love to have you come and visit us. Can you ride a horse Donald?"

Donald smiles and says " Yes sir I can."

Alex smiles and says " That's brilliant Donald, we can show you around on horseback."

They shake hands and Donald leaves them to eat their breakfast and get ready.


An hour later they're downstairs with Tess and Nick ready to board their coach.

Nick says " How's your head Alex?"

Alex grins and says " Not too bad actually. If it hadn't been for Donald I'm sure I would have felt worse."

Tess says " He was amazing this morning. I think we would have slept through if he hadn't woken us up."

Stevie grins and says. "He's taken such good care of us while we've been here."

Alex says " Right enough of the chatter lets climb aboard, Plymouth here we come."