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February 28th, 2050- 11:59 p.m.

I watched intently, waiting for the clock to strike midnight. When the number read 12:00, I pounced.

February 29th, 2050- 12:00 a.m.

"Happy Horny Day!" I giggled.

Jake turned over the bed with a huge smile plastered on his face. He reached out his arms and I slide easily into them.

"I'm glad you let me take a nap. I've got a pretty big feeling I'm going to be UP ALL NIGHT!" Jake boasted.

And up he was. Thank God for wolf stamina.


This was my seventh Leap Day of not going back. The first Leap Day after Jacob Mason was born I dreaded. It wasn't because I was unhappy with my life, that couldn't be further from the truth. It was because I mourned the loss of Jensen, Lucy, Ava, Journey and Drake. Their loss was as real to me as the death of Nessie and always would be.

By the second Leap Day, my Jacob had figured out a way of helping me cope. We initiated "Operation Horny Day". We'd immerse ourselves in each other so much that I could push those haunting images aside. As with most things, it took time to fully accept and after I'd reached that point in my healing, all those memories brought me joy instead of pain.

Our Leap Days became a time of celebration that started and ended the same way- in bed. Not that I complained. Shortly after Jacob Mason's third birthday and Carlisle's yearly visit, Carlisle contacted Jake and I to inform us that he'd been working on a possible anti-dote for the vampire venom using Jacob Mason's blood as a key ingredient. Since Jacob Mason was part shifter and part vampire, Carlisle surmised that something in his blood must allow the two parts to co-exist within the same body. He asked Jake if he wanted to try it out, but there were no guarantees and it could possibly be harmful. Wanting to be able to live a full life with me, Jake took the risk and met with Carlisle in secret. Thankfully it worked and Jake and I were able to love each other completely and without restraint. It was another miracle bestowed upon us and we were both eternally grateful. Our life was filled with blessings and continued to be on a daily basis.

The first home we made for ourselves was in Bella Coola Valley, BC where we stayed for the first ten years of Jacob Mason's life. We created a magical childhood for him all the while doting on him constantly. He never doubted that he was loved and never wanted for anything, especially affection. Jacob Mason was able to have a relatively normal childhood. Since we lived near both the mountains and the ocean, he and Jake surfed, skied, hunted, fished, and hiked. I even joined them on occasion.

He never showed any sign of blood lust and his growth was only slightly accelerated so we allowed him to go the local school. Jacob Mason was a star in sports, his school work and making friends- much like his father.

Jacob was there for every step along the way, pride beaming in his warm brown eyes. As much as I could, I was by his side. The locals were told I had a rare skin disease that caused me to cover up in the sun. Not that it was all that sunny most of the time, but it was a good cover story.

After a decade, we knew it was time for a change. By now, Jacob Mason towered over his classmates. He was more like a fourteen year old than a ten year old and his maturity was far advanced for his chronological age. When we moved to Coos Bay, Oregon to start the next segment of their life together, Jacob Mason was advanced to high school and we told everyone he was fourteen instead of ten.

Jacob Mason's high school years turned out to be some of our best times so far. He tried out for the football team and easily made first string. His athletic prowess along with his natural good looks and allure made him instantly popular. He was able to have a wonderful high school experience and we were so happy that his shifter nature didn't kick in. His time was filled with only typical high school drama and no supernatural adventures. Jacob and I even took to wearing a little theatrical makeup to appear older to help him fit in better.

Not knowing what his future would hold, Jacob Mason was told of his true nature from an early age. We had no secrets as a family so his decision to forgo college was not unanticipated. What was unexpected was his decision to set out on his own. He was mature beyond his years and felt stifled in a "life" as a third wheel with his never aging parents. As much pain as it caused us both, we understood. We also feared his wolf was growing restless.

Two months after graduation and a visit from Carlisle to give him a clean bill of health, Jacob Mason set out on his new Harley to find his way in the world. Jake and I also took that opportunity to move, this time inland but of course by water. We settled near a little town called Charlie Lake, BC posing once again as a young couple, this time isolating ourselves from much more of the community. With no child in school, our interactions were limited. We estimated we'd stay for five or so years and then move east. Several months after our move, we got an unexpected call that changed our plans.

Jacob Mason had been driving up the coastline along the 101, spending a few weeks here and there, when his life took an unexpected turn.

Unbeknownst to us, he'd taken it upon himself to check out the area where Jacob and I'd lived. A stop at the local Forks coffee shop changed everything. A beautiful doe-eyed girl with black hair and russet skin was working that day and according to the tag on her uniform, Mia was her name. Jacob Mason spent the rest of the afternoon in that coffee shop until Mia informed him it was closing time. Not able to make himself leave, he asked what a good hotel in the area was. Before long, they'd struck up a conversation about how Jacob Mason was exploring some of the places his grandparents were from.

When he told Mia his name, she insisted that the best hotel in area was close to her house. She also revealed that her grandparents ran the place and she could get him a discount. He followed her to the lodge out in La Push and she introduced him to her grandfather, Embry Call. Within three days of being in La Push, the fever set in. That was when I heard Embry Call's voice for the first time in forty or so years.

I immediately gave the phone to Jake and it was decided that we would be going "home". Jake needed to be there and both I and Carlisle were given a pass onto the Rez. Carlisle was brought in because no one knew what effect Jacob Mason's vampire nature would have on him and he needed to be isolated. Four tortuous weeks later, Jacob Mason phased and imprinted on Mia Call, the beta of the La Push Pack.

As far as anyone could tell, the only side effect of his vampire blood was his immunity to venom. Being the son of the true Alpha, Jacob Mason was the biggest, the strongest and by all rights, the rightful Alpha. Several months later, Liam Lahote, Paul and Rachel's grandson, handed over the reins after a traditional fight for dominance.

So that brings me to where I am now. Jacob and I have a cabin in the forest a few hundred miles outside of Forks. We keep to ourselves and Jacob Mason, Embry, and the others visit us. It is too hard to explain how we fit into the tribe anymore. When we need things, we travel to Port Angeles or Seattle to get them.

As far as the futureā€¦ no one knows because the possibilities are endless but we treat every moment together as a gift, because it is and I will spend the rest of my existence happily by Jacob's side. If ever there comes a day when his heart stops beating, rest assured that I will follow shortly after, one way or another.

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