Chapter 42

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Gibbs sat next to Samantha as she rocked Kelly back to sleep. He watched how motherly the woman he loved was toward this little girl. She was a natural. He mind flashed back to Shannon comforting his Kelly after a bad dream. This was not his Kelly but he loved her very much. He would do anything to protect her and give her the life his Kelly was robbed of. Samantha smiled at him and rubbed her hand down Kelly's sweet face. "Going for coffee," Gibbs signed. Samantha nodded still rocking slowly. "Be right back"

Gibbs left the room and went downstairs to get a cup of coffee. As he poured his coffee he thought about that little girl upstairs and how much he loved her. His Kelly would want him to be her father. She deserved to be loved and to feel safe and cared for. He took a sip of his coffee and made a decision. He had something he wanted to show Samantha. He went back upstairs to find Samantha had laid Kelly back down on the bed and was curled up next to her. First he thought Samantha was sleeping until he saw her using her thumb to twist her engagement ring around her finger. Gibbs sat his coffee down on the dresser and moved over and gently kissed her on the neck. "She asleep" he whispered. Samantha nodded yes. "Feel like coming with me to see something."

Samantha leaned over and kissed Kelly and then pulled up the blanket covering the sleeping princess. Gibbs held out his hand and Samantha grabbed it. Quietly he led her out into the hall. "What do you want to show me Gunny, your etchings," she teased smiling.

"No" Samantha could tell he was not in a mood for her teasing so she hugged his arm and signed "I'm sorry" Gibbs kissed the top of her head and smiled. He led her to the door opposite of her room. That door was always locked and Samantha had respected Gibbs enough never to ask about it. Gibbs reached up to the top of the door frame grabbing the key. He opened the door without a word. The couple stepped inside the musty room. Inside Samantha saw a little girl's room. The room was decorated totally with Strawberry Shortcake toys and things. The bed was still made with a Strawberry Shortcake bed spread and it had stuffed animals sitting in front of the pillow. The room must have belonged to Kelly Gibbs and was almost the same if not the same as it was when its owner had left it 20 years ago. Samantha did not know what to say. Gibbs squeezed her hand and then put his arm around her shoulder. "Got to thinking. Kelly will need a place stay."

Samantha hugged him back. "Are you sure Gibbs? This was your Kelly's room. "

"I really want to give this to her. She needs a place to call home. "

"She is going to love it Jethro. Could we get some of her things from her house?" Samantha reached down and picked up the stuffed raccoon from the bed. "Care Bear and Strawberry Shortcake, my baby sister had some of these. Is there anything you want to remove before I show this to her in the morning."

"Don't think so but if when you are helping her get settled in here and you _"

Samantha interrupted him. "That I think you need to see I will put it away for you." She smiled holding him closer. Gibbs signed "Thanks"

"As for Kelly's personal stuff, I will send an agent over there today."

Samantha went sat down on the double bed and pulled him down to sit next to her. She smiled and then whispered in his ear. "You are a special man Agent Gibbs. I don't know why some many people think you're a bastard."

"Maybe you are the only one I show the real me to. Convinced now that I want Kelly here." Samantha nodded and kissed him once again passionately as his phone rang.


Tony had driven Ziva to his apartment after stopping by her place to pick up a change of clothes. Even though it was late, Tony managed to find a place to get take out. The couple decided to eat and watch a movie on the couch. After eating the two started making out on the couch. Once when they came up for air Ziva whispered. "Tony, we really need to get to bed."

With a smirk Tony eyed his partner. "Why Miss David are you trying to seduce me?"

"Another time Tony. We were ordered to get some rest. What you have on your mind would not provide us any rest. Yes." She smiled kissing him again and then pulling away.

"You tease." Tony picked up and carried her to the bedroom. After tossing her on the bed he smiled. "Then I will take a rain check then. You owe me David."

"And I am sure will collect Tony but we need to be fresh for Kelly." Tony nodded his head. He loved that little girl too and he wanted this to be over so she would be safe. Ziva had already dressed in her sweats and Tony's OSU T-shirt. She got up and crawled in under the covers. Tony went into the bathroom and changed into another OSU shirt and his boxers. Upon returning he climbed into the bed next to her and snuggled next to her warm body.

"You set the alarm, Ziva."

"Yes, "she told him as she snuggled into his arms. "Good night Tony."

"Good night Sweet cheeks." The couple tried to rest. Both finally fell asleep each remembering the night their mothers had died and how alone they felt.


McGee had carefully woken Abby and helped her get up off the floor. "Gibbs told me to take you home."

"Did he catch Joseph?" Abby asked hopefully.

"No. He felt we would be no good to Kelly without some rest. He is taking Sam and Kelly back to his house."

"Of course he's right." The two left the lab and headed toward the parking garage. "So Gibbs told you to take me home." Abby asked in a sing song voice. "Really McGee. Did he tell you to stay with me?"

"Easy Abby, he said get some rest." McGee opened the door of his car for her.

"Oh I know but you realize he just authorized us to break Rule 12."

"He wanted me to guard you Abby. Joseph is after the team not just Sam and Kelly. He wanted me to keep you safe."

"Gibbs knows all." Abby smiled as McGee pulled the car out of the parking lot heading toward Abby's apartment. Abby reached over and grabbed McGee's hand. "Another night we can break Rule 12." Abby giggled and lay her head over on Tim's shoulder.


Gibbs found his phone sitting on the night stand and answered it before it woke Kelly. "Gibbs" he answered looking at the clock on the night stand. It was now 0600. "Where had the night gone?" he thought as he heard McGee's voice on the phone.

"Just got a call, Boss. Got a hit on the BOLO. Williams was spotted near Rock Creek Park. Local LEOs are keeping an eye on him."

"Good going McGee. You at NCIS."

"No Boss, still at Abby's."

"Bring Abby by here. She will be safe with the agents outside. I'll call Tony. "

"Be there in 15 Boss."

Gibbs grabbed some clothes and headed into the bathroom. Samantha came to the hallway door and asked. "What's happening?"

"Local LEO's spotted Joseph near Rock Creek Park. McGee is bringing Abby over here. Then we are heading out." He told her pulling on his clothes. No time for a shower this morning.

"You sure Gibbs. I mean Kelly, Abby and I can go to the Navel Yard."

He came out of the bathroom and smiled at her. "You will be ok with the agents out front but keep you side arm around just in case."

"Planning on it," she came up and kissed him. "Kelly, Abby and I will be working on that room. Wish you could be here to see her face when I show it to her. You realize she has never had a room like that before."

"I know. Maybe you could take a picture. Please stay safe." He kissed her on the lips as he heard the knock on the door. "McGee's here."

The couple when downstairs and Gibbs opened the door to let the two in. "Good Morning Gibbs" Abby said giving him a hug. "Morning Samantha, you look like you had a rough night."

"Morning Abby," Gibbs replied. Gibbs gave Sam a quick kiss and headed out the door.

Samantha looked at Abby. "I hope they catch him. " Abby just nodded in agreement.


Gibbs and McGee raced toward Rock Creek Park neither man saying much. They were halfway there when Gibbs' phone broke the silence. "Gibbs"

"Hey Boss. Got some bad news. We got here and the man LEOS picked up is not Joseph."

"Damn" Gibbs almost slammed the phone against the window. "Wasn't him."

"Sounded like a good lead Boss."

"I know McGee. Might as well head back to the Navel Yard."

The team quickly drove back to the Navel Yard to start again in their pursuit of Joseph Williams. McGee resumed his computer searches, Tony put out feelers with his police contacts, Ziva called Samantha and Abby, and Abby was brought to NCIS by an agent to her a lab to analyze the evidence brought from the house in Silver Springs.

While the team was searching for Kelly's father, the sweet little seven year-old woke up looking for Gibbs. He was always her hero. He was supposed to protect her from the evils of the world. She had lain in the bed for awhile hoping that Gibbs would come in. When neither Samantha nor Gibbs came to check on her she got up to go and look for them. She came down the stairs sleepily looking for them. "Samantha, Gibbs" Kelly called.

"Yes baby. I am in the living room." Samantha called getting up to meet her as she came down the stairs.

"Where's Gibbs?"

"Out looking for your daddy." Samantha hugged her and carried her over to the couch.

"Why are we at Gibbs house? Does he not want us safe anymore?"

"Of course not Kelly. We have agents out front and out back watching the house. He wanted us to be safe but comfortable too."

"I like Abby's lab. Could we go back there after this is over? Maybe when I am not so scared." Kelly asked.

"I love to have you there too." Abby added. Kelly ran over and gave Abby a huge hug. "I heard your tummy growling. Are you getting hungry?"

Kelly smiled, "Could we make pancakes?"

"Absolutely." The three ladies headed into the kitchen. Samantha loved being with Kelly. Samantha got out of the ingredients for the pancakes and they began cooking breakfast. The silliness started when Kelly accidently dropped an egg on the floor and started to cry. Kelly cried and started to run away. Samantha smiled and tossed some flour at the little girl. Abby joined into the fun by tossing some flour at Samantha. One thing led to another and when it was all over, pancakes were made but the kitchen was a mess, flour was everywhere, a few eggs were broken and giggles were all around.


Leroy Jethro Gibbs was on his third coffee run of the morning when his phone rang. "Gibbs" he answered still very angry that they had still did not have Joseph Williams in his interrogation room.

"Sorry to bother you son. You sound a bit angry." Jackson Gibbs replied with a sense of apprehension in his voice.

"Hey Dad. Not angry just frustrated. Got a rough case." Gibbs replied entering the bullpen.

"Then I won't bother you then. Just wondering when you and your lady will be here this weekend."

"Oh Dad. I was meaning to call you. We caught a case yesterday. Pretty tough one."

"So you won't be coming then."

"Don't count on us Dad."

"Well let me know if your plans change son."

"Pretty sure they won't Dad. Even if we can catch this guy early this case has already been pretty tough on us all." Just then Gibbs got the notice of another call. "Got to go Dad another call. Will call later and explain more." Before the switched to the other line Jack heard his son yell at McGee about a bastard.

Jack looked at the phone. He turned to a friend who was sitting at his kitchen table. "Looks like I will be closing up for a couple of days. I need to head to Washington. I have a gut feeling my son needs me."


McGee managed to switch the call over for Gibbs. "Ok, Williams what do you want?"

"Sounds like you are a little frustrated there Jethro."

"Your damn right I am frustrated. Your butt needs to be in my interrogation room or better still on a slab in our morgue."

"My plan is to get my daughter back and make your team pay for taking her away from me."

"How about you be a man and meet me one on one? Let's end this now. All you have managed to do it upset my team as well as your daughter."

"Kelly will be fine as soon as I get her back." McGee was searching for Williams' cell phone.

"Your time will come Jethro. Trust me we will meet soon." Williams hung up and Gibbs threw the phone across the room.

"Tell me you got something McGee."

"Sorry Boss. Looks like now he is using a burn phone."

"Bastard is taunting us McGee. He wants me mad. Mad enough to make a mistake," Gibbs said picking up what was left of his phone. "Get Abby in here. Maybe the two of you can find something from the house. Ziva, go to my house and get Abby. "

"Sure Gibbs on my way"

"DiNozzo, go with her. Tell Sam I will call later to check in." Gibbs looked at the busted phone in his hand. "McGee?"

"Get you a new phone. On it Boss."


Abby received the call from Ziva. "Looks like things were a bust at Rock Creek Park. Ziva and Tony are coming over to pick me up. They need my presence in the lab." Abby still had some flour in her black hair and Samantha had just gotten Kelly out of the shower.

"I understand Abby. Come with me I want to show you and Kelly something." Kelly gave her a questioning look. "Gibbs wanted me to show you something Kel. Something you will really going to love." Samantha led them upstairs into to the now unlocked door across from the guest bedroom. Samantha opened the door. "Gibbs wanted me to show you your new bedroom."

"This is for me." Kelly said as she walked into the room. "When did he have time to do this?"

"Well Kelly, he wants you to have this room for your own but it used to belong to his Kelly, the one who died. Gibbs really loves you kiddo."

"You mean he wants to give me her room."

"Yes sweetheart. He wants you to have a home with us no matter what happens." Samantha's eyes were filled with tears along with Abby's.

"So this is my room for always."

"Always. We need to get busy cleaning it up. Looks like it has been shut up for a long time." Abby heard the door bell ring from downstairs. "Bet that is Tony and Ziva."

Abby was wiping her eyes. "I'll go get it." She was wiping the tears out of her eyes as she went down stairs. She looked through the small window next to the door and after seeing Ziva and Tony she opened the door.

"What's wrong Abbs?" Tony asked seeing her tears.
"Gibbs just did something so special for Kelly."

"Gibbs, how? He is at the Navel Yard."

Just then Kelly came running down the stairs. "Tony, Ziva come see my new room. Gibbs gave it to me."

"New room Princess." Tony inquired.

"Come look." She grabbed Tony's hand and led him up the stairs straight into her new room. "See. Isn't it beautiful?

Ziva and Tony came into the room and both of them looked around. "Kelly Gibbs' room." They both mouthed. Samantha nodded smiling. "It is beautiful Kelly." Ziva managed to say.

"Samantha and I have to clean it up since it used to be Gibbs' Kelly's room."

"Well we will let you two get busy then. Come on Abby we have to go." Tony said. Abby nodded. "Sam, Gibbs wants you to keep alert and he will call you later."

"Thanks Tony."


The rest of their Sunday was spent chasing one bad lead after another. Joseph was constantly running them ragged. Gibbs had been pacing the floor in front of the plasma screen around 1600 when he growled. "Does anybody have anything new?"

McGee jumped up and quickly displayed Williams' financials on the screen. "Well Boss looks like he was planning to grab Kelly and take off. He withdrew all the money from his account on Friday morning. He bought 2 plane tickets to Mexico before he went to Julie's house."

"Good to know McGee but how is that going to find him." Gibbs barked. McGee immediately dropped his head and began to search the computer for something else.

Tony came to his rescue. "Well to Probie's credit Boss. Now we do know that he does not want to hurt Kelly just process her."

"Could be Tony but now that he has killed her mother. Who knows?" Nothing they could say was helping Gibbs get any closer to catching this guy.

The whole team was standing staring at the plasma as in hopes of something jumping out at them. Tony was standing next to Gibbs when his stomach started to growl. Then Ziva's and McGee's chimed in. Gibbs looked at them and smiled. "Maybe you could find something more if you had something to eat. When did you eat last?"

"I had a bagel at Abby's at 0600."

"I had an apple about 1100." Ziva chimed in.

"I hit the snack machine about 1300 but I could eat again Boss." Tony smiled.

"Bet Abby is starving too. " Gibbs replied. "I need another cup of coffee and Kelly needs some things from her house. McGee get Abby to call in Chinese and I will pick it up on the way back."

"On it Boss" McGee picked up the phone and called down to the lab.

Gibbs headed toward the elevator. "Oh and I expect something I can use to catch this bastard when I get back.

Tony and Ziva just shook their heads. "We will try to work our usual brilliance Boss." Tony replied as the elevator doors closed.


Gibbs was driving in his car drinking his coffee. He had just called Samantha and got a list of things Kelly needed. He was just about to the house when he began to feel something bothering him in his gut. As he neared the house, he decided to approach the house with his gun drawn.

He pulled his gun and then started to reach for his key when he saw the door was open. Gibbs paused and questioned himself about back-up. He stepped into the house gun drawn. He made his way into the living room. He turned when he heard the floor squeak. "Williams?"

"So we finally meet Jethro." Williams replied stepping out from behind the screen near the kitchen. "To bad only one of us is leaving here."

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