Chloe came in to the loft full head of steam. She gets that this is probably one of the worst days of Clark's life but that's no excuse to leave her locked up in Lex's wine cellar for an hour when she called. She looks around the loft for a couple minutes but Clark's not here. No, he is not hiding in the fortress like a child. Chloe pulls the book out and finds the octagonal key. No he's not in the fortress. Well where is he it's not like Clark Kent has this great social life out there. Maybe he's getting dressed in the house. Chloe enters the house and sees a Met U. course catalog for the fall. Clark is going back to school? Being the ever ready boyscout he got 2 books just to make sure. Must be why she has seen so little of him this week. She sees Shelby come down the stairs and goes to pet the dog.

"Shelby how's my favorite…" The dog runs right past the intrepid reporter and through the now open door she opened. "Blond" Chloe finished.

Chloe heard running water and realized Clark was in the shower. For an hour, maybe he really is the marathon shower man like Lois claims. Chloe goes up and opens the door barging in. "You have superhearing you can't pick up your phone."

"Chloe have you ever heard of knocking?" Clark asked from behind the curtain.

Chloe just smiled. "You got a full view a couple weeks ago turn about is fair play."

"All I got was bones." Clark replied. "So what do you want?"

"I called earlier where were you?" Chloe asked wanting to know where Clark was while she was suffering from early signs of frostbite.

Clark was trying to come up with something but nothing came out. Chloe was tapping her foot waiting for an answer. She looked at his shadow and realized something. Since when does Clark have 3 legs? "Clark…are you in a co ed situation."

At this the shower curtain opens from the other side and a petite blond sticks her head out. "He is."

Chloe is currently trying to get words to form sentences. Why is it always her? Why is she the one that sees Lana running out the farm half naked? Why does she have to see hypno hooker in a towel? Why did she have to see the beginning of the Lex and Lana experiment? And now why does she have to catch Clark Kent in the shower with another woman. "I'll be downstairs." Chloe bolted out of the door at top speed.

Clark just smiled. "I think you scared her away Buffy."

Buffy just laughed if only. "Demons are easy scaring away friends and family that's the challenge. Guess it's time to meet one of your friends."

Clark gets out and turns to her. "How long have we been in there?"

Buffy stared at Clark and was in thought. "We really need a clock between slayer stamina and infinite stamina we keep losing track of time."

Clark nodded in agreement not that he wasn't enjoying it. "I'll go buy you a couple minutes." In a blur Clark was fully dressed and heading downstairs.

Once downstairs Chloe started feeling up Clark his neck his arms it was quickly becoming a search that Clark backed out of.

"Chloe you are about to violate friends territory in a very big way."

"Just making sure you're not taking a walk down the ruby red road." Chloe defended herself.

Clark just pointed at his clothes. "When has Kal ever dressed in plaid?"

Chloe put her hands up point made. "Ok so if it's not red kryptonite and if it was silver K you'd be afraid that she would stab you with a kryptonite shank in the shower. Oh great you're hypnotized again."

Clark was in shock. "Or I met a girl I can trust and she trusts me!"

Chloe looked at Clark with concern. "I know you well enough to know when you're being manipulated considering you know her a week at best."

"I am not manipulating Clark." Buffy says coming down the stairs. "And we've known each other a little over a year and a half now."

Chloe rolls her eyes. "Not likely considering a year and a half ago Cl…What is your name?"

"Buffy Summers"

Chloe felt all the color fade off her face. "S-so you're the girl he and u-up in."

Buffy just nodded. "Yep that would be me."

"I think I need to sit down and maybe breathe a little." Chloe quipped sitting on the couch. At least she hopes she landed on the couch. Clark is the only guy she knows that can meet a girl in heaven find her on earth and convince her to move to Smallville.

Chloe finally got the ability to breathe back and asked. "So do you live in Smallville now?"

Buffy shook her head no. "This guy Giles he is like a father to me he set it up so I'd live in a penthouse in Metropolis."

"I didn't see your car outside?" Chloe wondered being the reporter.

"What's your name?" Buffy asked.

"Chloe Sullivan"

"Then you know how I got here Chloe." Buffy said.

Chloe smirked. "The Clark Kent express."

Chloe rolled her eyes and smiled. She wishes she could take Clark's head off considering she might have freezer burn on her legs but she looks in Clark's eyes and sees legitimate happiness in them when he's with Buffy which isn't surprising since Clark told her everything in heaven according to him and she accepted him. In fact she hasn't seen Clark this happy since his dad was still alive. Chloe looks down at the course catalogs. "So you're both going to Met U?"

Clark nodded. "In the fall assuming Jor El doesn't do anything."

Chloe looked at him. "And the farm?"

"I'm still planning to work the farm." Clark assures her. "Superspeed"

Chloe just nods. "So what are you both going to major in?"

"Appraising antiques I'm sure there's a fancier name for it." Buffy answered it seems interesting and it will give her a reason for the medieval arsenal at her penthouse.

Clark took a minute he wants to say it but as soon as he does Chloe owns him. "Journalism"

Chloe raised her arms in victory. "Yes I knew I got you hooked."

Clark just smiled. "Yes you got me hooked so what can I do for you today?"

Chloe just decides to let it drop with all the crap dropped on Clark recently he deserves a bit of happiness. "Nothing just checking in on you haven't seen you in a week. Hey how about the three of us go to the Talon."

Clark just looked at her. "Don't you have to be at ground zero for the festivities?"

Chloe just glared at Clark and shrugged. "I can blow that off for another hour." She really doesn't want to help Lana marry Lex. How are you supposed to be peppy for a wedding when the groom experimented on you?

Buffy turned to Clark. "Can you get me my coat? I kinda left it at the apartment." Since Clark produces extra heat she never wears coats all that much when she goes out with him. Not to mention it's a welcome change in bed. Buffy is used to freezing her butt off because vampires take her body heat. Clark however warmed her up.

Clark heads to her penthouse apartment and Buffy turns to Chloe. "Let's hear it."

Chloe just smiled. "Thank you"

Buffy was expecting to get yelled at not thanked this has been a bizarre day. "For what?"

"For the first time in a long time it feels like I have my friend back." Chloe explained. "He took his dad's death so hard this is the first sign that I've seen that he is actually moving past it."

Buffy just shrugs. "You're welcome."

Clark comes back with a jacket in hand for Buffy. He looks at the two they girl talked he just knows. "So what did I miss?"

Chloe just shrugs. "Nothing worth mentioning. Come on let's go to the Talon."

At the Talon Clark gets the three coffee and sits down seeing Chloe give Buffy the third degree. Buffy just smiles at the questions Clark already told her what Chloe was like and besides its like Clark has his own Willow.

Chloe was trying to wrap her head around what happened in Sunnydale. The official story was there was a sinkhole that swallowed the town. Clark, Giles, and Willow all had a collective laugh at this. That was the cover story the scoobies tried to use to get rid of Clark. Chloe sat there just smiling hearing everything Clark did to help.

Chloe rolled her eyes when her phone went off. "Yeah, Lana sorry I got kind of distracted." Buffy just smirks that's an understatement if she ever heard one. "Yeah I'm on my way back right now Lana just helping Clark out with something." Chloe hung up her phone and saw the look Clark gave her. "What?"

"Did you have to throw me under the bus?" Clark asked.

Chloe just shrugged her shoulders. "Get over it besides you have no idea how big a tongue lashing Buffy saved you from." Chloe can't believe this turn of events. She honestly believed Clark was still in love with Lana all this time. Seeing him with Buffy finally at peace she sees she was wrong. "Hey Buffy why don't you come to the wedding?"

Buffy almost spat out her coffee. "What?"

Clark wasn't amused either. "I already RSVP'd for just one Chloe." Clark did so before all this he was hoping that if they saw him at the wedding Lex would just stop all the irritating gloating. Now he was planning to blow it off much better way to spend the night.

Chloe knows that but being part of the bridal shower she also knows this. "Yeah but Lex being the scum of the planet wrote you down for two to make sure you had an empty space to drive the point home that he won."

Clark shrugged taking the current girlfriend to your ex's wedding. He wouldn't mind having a whole night with Buffy anyway he can get it but he's afraid it will be awkward for her. "It's not my choice."

Buffy looked to Clark and saw nothing but support from him he'll back whatever choice she makes. Buffy makes a choice. "Yeah I'll go."

Chloe smiled she'll have more people to talk to so she's glad for that. "Well there you have it." She turns to Clark. "Borrowing your truck I'll leave it at the farm."

Clark looked at Buffy. "Kind of amazed you agreed."

Buffy shrugged. "Gives me an opportunity to shop for shoes." It also lets her keep Clark busy tonight so he's not bored out of his skull for hours on end.

Clark had a smirk on his face. "No, I mean I'm surprised you accepted because it means my mother is going to want to meet you tonight."

Buffy gulped at that. "Oh my god, I didn't even think about that. What the hell am I going to say to her?"

"Hi I'm Buffy Summers." Clark deadpans. "Haven't you met parents before?"

"No!" Buffy answers honestly. "Riley's were in Iowa and Spike and Angel ate theirs. What if she hates me? What if she thinks I'm too short?"

Clark smiled at Buffy's rant. "Or she'll meet you, like you, and that will be it. Come on she's going with Lionel Luthor. If that's not seeing the best in everyone I don't know what is."

Buffy just cracked up at that. "Good point, let's go get ready for a wedding."

Clark looked over at Buffy in her blue dress. He can't believe how beautiful she looks and how fast she was able to get ready. Clark starts looking for his mother knowing his seat is right next to hers. Even with Buffy here Clark was right this wedding was going to suck. It's not because Lana was getting married. What Clark had for Lana well Clark doesn't even know what he had with Lana. He knows it wasn't love it was just want and lies that led to the end. Maybe he just doesn't want Lana marrying that psychopath as a friend. But he already played the don't do it as a friend card and Lana ignored it. All he can do now is watch and hope she knows what she's doing. Clark noticed Martha with Nell and Lionel.

Lana entered the chapel in a huff. She thought today would be the day she learned Clark's secret. She had the perfect trap set up and everything. Lock Chloe in the wine cellar and wait for Clark to do his hero thing so she can see what he really is. Lana looked in and saw a sight she would rather do without. Clark was already here so he must have known the wine cellar was a trap. Even worse he was here with someone. A pathetic tiny little blond that is talking with Chloe. Lana decides to go get ready for the wedding, part of her almost feels sorry for the blond girl with the lies Clark must be telling her.

Martha was surprised to see Clark here. Even more surprised that he came here with a date. She figured Clark would stay home today not having any particular interest in Lex Luthor's wedding. Clark hugs her bright side is he's not the only Kent stuck here. Martha breaks the hug she knows she and Jonathon did a good job raising Clark but she's still his mother and she's still curious about the girl he brought with him.

Clark sees the look and knows he can't put this off any longer. "Mom I'd like you to meet someone."

Buffy realized it was time and she's wondering why she is so nervous. She just got done beating the equivalent of Satan last week. With all the bringers smushed under Sunnydale it will be a while before the first pulls itself together. So why is she nervous about meeting one woman?

Martha looks at her and can easily tell that she is nervous. "Are you alright?"

Buffy nods realizing that she's just another person. "Yeah it's just this is new for me. I never did a meet the parents before."

Martha just smiles. "Well I'm Martha Kent and this is Lionel Luthor."

Buffy is at ease and introduces herself. "Buffy Summers"

Martha instantly had a look of concern. "Were you in Tri Psi?" Even though he's fully grown she still worries about Clark.

Buffy shakes her head no. "What's a Tri Psi?"

"The vampire sorority" Clark fills her in looking guilty. "Their leader's name was Buffy Saunders."

Buffy was shocked how he could leave that part out he is so going to pay for that tonight. Later though not around his mother. "Not a vampire not meteor infected just a girl."

Martha smiled "So how long have you and Clark been seeing each other?" Martha knew Clark was seeing someone with how often he was out it's nice to finally have a face after a week.

Buffy shrugged and turned to Clark who had the same look what were they going to say to her?

Buffy started with as much of the truth she was comfortable with giving. "We've been seeing each other for about a week we've known each other for a year and a half."

Martha turned to Clark "Why did it take so long to introduce us?"

"I was nervous." Buffy admitted "I wanted you to like me."

Martha just smiled she already likes her. "Clark has been happier this week than he has been for over a year and I know that's because of you thank you."

"And I got him to go back to school." Buffy added.

Clark winced he didn't tell her that yet. "Surprise! I was going to tell you this week but I kept getting Lionel and assistants on the phone."

Martha had a wide smile on her face. She was so disappointed when Clark dropped out of school but she didn't want to confront him on it because they had just lost Jonathon. Martha just hugs him relieved to have some good news today.

"Congratulations son." Lionel added.

Clark just nodded. He's still not used to compliments from Lionel he's waiting to see where Lionel will put the knife. Chloe chases Buffy off the alter and Lionel turns to Clark.

"Would you like to be the best man?" Lionel offered his position in sarcasm.

"Been there done that...twice." Clark replied as they all took their places.

The wedding was beautiful. The ceremony was beautiful not the actual wedding. Although the Luthors pretty much own Smallville and Metropolis so that should be expected. Lana was upset she was expecting Clark to stand up during the does anyone object part but he just sat there no problem what so ever with what she was doing.

Outside the reception Clark, Chloe, Buffy, and Jimmy are enjoying a bottle. Clark and Chloe are a little under legal but it's a wedding and considering Lana was thick headed enough to actually go through with it they needed a frigging drink. Even if one of them can't get drunk.

Chloe looked over at her boyfriend. "So how did you score an invite to the festivities?"

Jimmy just smiled he's only here on the off chance that he can dance with Chloe. "The prince of darkness needed wedding pictures and I needed $300. So who's the girl CK?"

Clark just smiled. "Jimmy Olsen, Buffy Summers."

The slayer and the photographer shook hands as the drinks pour. Jimmy knows it's petty but he's actually relieved Clark found someone. He was so worried that Chloe would abandon him when Clark finally opened his eyes and realized the wonderful person Chloe is. Looking at the looks Clark and Buffy give each other it's like him and Chloe aren't even here.

The drinks are poured and everyone is set to toast until Chloe realizes. "Guys what are we toasting to?" She's not toasting the 'happy' couple that's for sure.

Buffy was the first to come up with something. "To cookie dough"

Jimmy and Chloe just had matching looks of confusion; Even Clark was startled and not sure how to react.

Buffy sees the confused masses. "What, none of us are cookie us. We're not done becoming whoever the hell it is we're going to be. And when it comes we'll be done we'll be cookie us."

Jimmy caught on. "So we're toasting to our future?"

"Well yeah if you want to get all literal on it." Buffy said. It was nice seeing someone understand the reference she should have known it was a waste of time explaining food references to a vampire.

Clark just raised his glass. "To cookie dough"

Everyone else raised theirs. "To cookie dough"

Chloe and Jimmy went to dance and Clark's mother pulled him away for a moment wanting to know more details about him going back to school and how much Buffy knows. Buffy's left wondering how she ended up alone here. She's not alone for long however as Lana steps out to talk to her. Buffy looks her over knowing this is Lana and although she'd need Willow or Xander for an official rating on how hot she is there is something about her. From the other end Lana looks over Buffy and just can't see what Clark sees in this tiny blond girl. It can't be the blond thing he would have just stolen Chloe from Jimmy. The poor girl, Lana almost feels sorry for her considering that Clark is probably up to his lying like crazy stage by now.

Lana walks over to her. "Hi, I'm Lana Lang."

Buffy shakes her hand. "Buffy Summers" She's officially getting sick of this wedding she has to keep introducing herself.

"So are you and Clark dating?" Lana asks Buffy hoping to have her suspicions confirmed.

Buffy nods. "Yes we are."

"Just a little friendly warning expect to be hurt." Lana warned.

Buffy know Clark has enemies but she's curious. "What do you mean?"

"Clark lies." She says shortly. "He doesn't trust anyone even you."

Buffy just fights off a smile she already knew that from talking in heaven Clarkwas shy about his secret. "He trusts me." Buffy says for certain knowing she was the only one who Clark willingly told his secret to of his own free will in heaven.

Lana just smiled. "I see he's already pulled the wool over your eyes."

Buffy just laughed into her drink. "Wow, can you say bitter ex-girlfriend much. Kind of sad considering you're a married woman now. Keep bad mouthing Clark and I will hurt you."

Lana glared at her and Buffy gave her a stronger one causing Lana to back down and reply. "Don't say I didn't warn you."

Clark walks out and sees Lana storm right past him in a huff.

Clark turns to Buffy and sees she's trying to calm down a bit. "What was that about?"

"Nothing important just confirming me and Lana won't be BFFs." Buffy tells him. "What did you ever see in her?"

Clark just shrugged. "I fell in love with the idea of her. Beautiful wife, nice house, 2.4 kids."

Buffy just realized it from her own desires. "You wanted a normal life."

Clark nods. "Now she hates me I kept it going too long. Part of me wonders if I did this." He says referring to the wedding and pushing her to Lex.

Buffy shakes her head no. "No Clark you didn't. She chose to marry Lex even after everything he did to the two of you. Just like she chose to believe his lies. At the end of the day this is Lana's choice understand."

Clark smiled. "I understand. Do you want to go this is like the saddest wedding ever?"

Buffy couldn't argue with the saddest wedding part. An unhappy maid of honor till Jimmy showed up. Lionel just looked at Lex with disapproval. But there is one thing Buffy wants to do. She grabs Clark by the arm and pulls him to the dance floor.

Clark realizes what she's up to. "Buffy I don't dance. Less people will get hurt by you driving in rush hour."

Buffy playfully rolls her eyes not amused. "Come on Clark one slow dance won't end the world."

The two get on the dance floor for the next slow song followed by Jimmy and Chloe. Buffy rest her head and leans into Clark enjoying being this close to him. After Lana Clark doubted he would ever be this close to anyone again. But being with Buffy someone who knows what it's like to be isolated because you're different. He knows he's not alone anymore. He feels like he's floating with her in his arms. And when Chloe rapidly pulls him down it ends up they were.

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