By Samhoku

I do not own Enchanted.


Giselle went out to the kitchen table the next day and found a note. It was from Mr. Frank.

Jake: You are going to have to take care of the house. Me and mom are leaving because of some stuff. I dont want you kids to be in danger.

Giselle: Can you take over for Mrs. Day? like cook and such.

Cassie: Be a good girl.

Giselle went to Jake's room and knocked on the door timidly.

Jake shouted, "Go away I am suffering from Hangover!"

Giselle glared at the door, "Jake..."

Jake threw something at the door.

Giselle threw opened the door and said loudly, "I dont care if you have hang over your dad left you a note and I want you to read it!"

Jake jumped and covered his ears with a groan.

Then he got up and walked towards her. She backed up until her back hit the wall, "Jake." She handed him the note, "This is from your dad."

Jake snatched it from her and read it. He was very quiet then said, "Great. Hangover and drop out father. Yey."

Giselle said timidly, "I will go get Cassie."