Somewhere in the Smithsonian, Larry Daley had the tablet, and yet again he was running from Kahmunrah's arm.

Medieval rebels, it said across the top, and a smaller sign, next to a empty stand said, Erma King. A few paces away, a young lady, around twenty raced away from the stands, black pants, knee high light brown boots, she wore a dark purple tank top with a loose fitting black shirt over it, the one sleeve on her shoulder, held up with a small pin, the other had slid down her arm, there was three rips, right across the middle, as if they'd been put there on purpose, showing more of the purple tank top.

Her skin was slightly tanned, as if she'd been in the sun a lot, and her hair was long and straight, and was a bright red with orange and blonde highlights. Her bright green eyes looked around the room, before she took a deep breath, before rushing across the empty space to the next pillar, now she took the time to slid her hand down into her boot until she felt the knife's handle, her other hand checked her pockets, she pulled out a brown leather pouch, which she quickly returned to her pocket, her thumb ran over the next item, a small brown wooden cross, she returned it to her pocket as well, and the last item, a former white strip of leather which Erma herself had dyed a dark blue. Reaching back, using the strip of leather she tied her hair out of her face, before peering back around the pillar, seeing the coast was clear, walked out from behind the pillar, her head held high.

"And where do you think you would be going, Doll face?" Al Capone said as he stepped out of the shadows, his gun slung casually over his shoulder. "It tis none of your business." "When you're in my territory it is." "And how was I suppose to know this is your territory?" asked Erma looking Capone straight in the eyes, "Alright… You've got a point, now get outta here!"

Erma took off for the door, stepping out onto the national mall, see began heading toward one of the other buildings, and as she neared the doors, a man came running out, wearing a night guard uniform, and carrying a golden thing, the Tablet of Ahkmunrah, "Uh.. Hey, do you know where a man is, black and white, wearing a fedora, pinstripe suit, big gun?" "Yeah he's in the castle. Not the most friendly, "Good, thanks…" He rushed back to the side door of the Air and Space museum, and Erma shouted after him, "He's not in there!" "I know, I'm trying to avoid him!" The door opened, and the man slipped inside, Erma quickly grabbed the door before it closed and slipped in behind him.