Lean on Me

A/N: This is my very first fan fiction ever. I am currently obsessed with the Leviathan Series and while reading I often fantasized how Deryn's secret would be revealed. This fan fiction is one of the many ways I pictured how the revelation would play out. Part of me just wanted Deryn to tell Alek herself and not find out the way he did in Goliath. Anyways pretty much all reviews will be accepted and I appreciate criticism , as I believe mistakes are what brings the writer out of us. Hope you enjoy!

Dylan led Prince Aleksandar to the machine room. His hand gripped his so tight that his knuckles were white. Alek also noticed that his hand was sweaty with nervousness, he presumed. Well that was to be expected, after all tonight was the night that Dylan would finally tell him his huge family secret.

When they reached the room, Dylan took out his command whistle and blew the notes to call the glowworms to illumination. In the light, Alek realized that Dylan's face was slightly pale than the usual. Whatever this secret was, it surely made the Great Dylan Sharp uneasy, when nothing ever seemed to bother him.

Dylan took and deep breath and whispered, "Alek..I need you to promise me something upon me revealing this secret."

Without skipping a heartbeat Alek replied "Whatever it is, I will never tell, as you've kept mine."



"Okay…Dylan began, "There's something you should know. This secret is a personal one and has little to do with my whole family."

Alek nodded thoughtfully and then said, "Proceed."

Dylan opened his mouth as if he were about to say something, but then he clamped it shut. Dylan obviously needed encouragement, but Alek wasn't sure what to do, so he put an arm around Dylan's shoulder.

"Alek, before I tell you, I want you to know that I'm still the same person that I've always been. I just have a different outlook of the world."

"I understand, Dylan." Alek replied softly as he tried to making eye contact with the boy, but he simply wouldn't look at him. It was almost as if he were ashamed. Alek waited patiently as he always had with Dylan had almost spilled the beans. Finally Dylan lifted his head to meet Alek eyes and he could see the boy was blinking tears back furiously.

"I can't tell you..," He whimpered at last and tried to bolt for the door. But somehow Alek was able to beat him to the door and block him, when normally Dylan was the fastest.

"Dylan, please tell me. Your secret is safe with me." Alek beckoned.

Dylan went and sat on a box full with spare machine parts. He ran his fingers through his hair and sighed.

"Prince Aleksandar of Hohenberg, I ask you for your forgiveness..."

Alek looked puzzled, but gladly replied "I give you my forgiveness, but no need for the fancy titles as we all-"

"I know, I know you daft prince. I just want you to take this seriously and make it all formal." Dylan said irritably.


"My real name is Deryn Sharp. I'm female and fifteen. I joined the Royal Air Service so I could fly again just like I did with my da when I was a wee little bit. I also did this because I believe a woman could be an airman, airwomen, just as any of those bum-rags men out there."

This time it was Alek who looked green. He just stood there, motionless as a statue as he tried to sink all this in and then he smirked.

Finally he spoke. "Very Funny, Dylan...nice one." Alek chuckled.

"I'm not playing, Alek!" Deryn retorted.

"Yeah, like you're actually a girl that snuck into the service. And I suppose Mr. Dylan Sharp has diddies." Alek walked over and grabbed Dylan by the shoulder and pressed a hand to his chest. What he felt there could not be explained for any other reasons other than what Dylan had said. So it was true.

Deryn slapped Alek's hand away, and blushed. "Keep your hands to yourself, mister," she chided.

Alek could not believe this was happening, but the girl was obviously bound. Before he knew it the words were out of his mouth.

"But, why you never told me?" He questioned.

Alek let me-"

"I know, you don't trust a spoil prince, that's it!" He chided, anger rising in his voice.

"No, Alek, it's not that...it was-"

"You should have told me," he growled.

"Barking spiders, Alek! Will you shut-up for one barking minute, you bum-rag!"

"It was never that...I could never bring myself to tell you because...because..." she trailed off.

"Because of What?" Alek prompted as he held his anger in check.

Deryn sighed and said, "Because you're a prince and I'm as common as dirt and we could never be," Deryn said at last.

"But what does that have to do with any..." His voice trailed off, suddenly realization dawning on him. She was a girl, but not just any girl, but a girl in love. With him. A prince and a commoner. A big no-no.

"Dy-Deryn, you know I can't return this. This very whole situation is what started this Great War and I can't afford that to happen again," he said somberly.

"We could try, I mean please Alek, and can you at least try?" She whimpered.

"God wounds, no. How can you expect me? I don't even love you, how could I? I didn't even know you were a girl to begin with."

"Please...Alek, just be my friend, will you? She blinked tears furiously back.

"That...I'm no longer sure if that was even a valid friendship, considering, I didn't even know who you were. My friend I grew to like was Dylan Sharp, not some common girl," he said harshly.

Tears rolled down her sharp, fine girlish features.

"And...,"Alek continued, "as for being your friend now? No thank you. That's just asking for trouble. It would only complicate things more. I don't fancy making you hurt more than I have already."

"Why not, Bum rag?" She questioned with a glare.

Alek simply said, "Because If I did, you would always see it a different way. One that I can't afford." His eyes were blazing and his lips in a thin line, trying to control his anger.

"You promised. You promised ME, Alek!" She shrieked.

"I'm afraid those promises only work when the friendship is mutual," he turned for the door and twisted the knob.

Deryn paled.

"But don't worry...I'll keep your little secret..." he paused and then added as if an afterthought, "For now." His glare was as cold as the green sea below them. And just as he open the door and was about to leave, Deryn yelled "You bum-clart-sniffer!"

A/N: I'm sorry I made Alek look like a class A-jerk, but trust me, it was needed to the story. I'll make it up to you later though. It's just that SW didn't really bring out Alek's feelings in the book. Anyhow, I would like some suggestions. What do you want to happen next? Should I bring Newkirk in the story(As I plan to do, anyways) and have him comfort Deryn upon her revealing her secret to him as well? You just tell me and I'll have it done.