Chapter 10

Hey guys! I'm holding a contest, because I love you guys and I want to reward you, so I'm holding a contest. My contest is simple. I want to hear your ideas and I would appreciate anyone who's interested in writing chapter 10, of "Lean on Me"

I know some people who have done this before, and I must admit, the results were impressive. So if you have a fanfiction account, all you have to do is write a chapter, doesn't matter that length of it and submitted to me. In case you don't know how to do this, you can use the Dox thingy and make a connection with me.

(This may help you with the Dox thing)

Use DocX. DocX is this really cool program on . You know how afters you log into your account there is a series of tabs at the top of your screen? The fifth tab from the right says 'DocX.' Click on it. DocX is pretty cool because you can send documents to other authors (users w/accounts) through the site. It's secure and more reliable than email.

Before you can send documents you need to establish a 'connection.' first. Once you click on the 'DocX' tab you'll come to a screen with a box that has four rows in it directly below the tabs. The bottom row has a link called 'Connections.' Click on it. In the middle of your screen will appear a search box. Enter your beta's UserID or PenName or URL and hit search. That person's PenName will then appear in the 'DocX Pending Connections' box. Once you've done this pm your beta that you've sent them a connections invite. They then must go into their account and do the exact same thing. They must go into the DocX tab, click on the 'Connections' link, and enter your UserID, PenName or URL into the search bar. Once they do this you'll have an active connection. Now you need to upload whatever you want to send them through document manager. Make sure you upload it in the .docx format and not the .doc format. Then go back to the 'DocX' tab. Click on the 'Outbox' link. You'll be brought to a page with a box that allows you to select the recipient, select the document, and type a message in. Once you fill all that out click the 'send document' button. Your beta can then go into the DocX tab and click the 'Inbox' link. Your document will be sitting in their inbox. They are free to type in any edits or comments as they please. When they're finished all they have to do is save it to their computer, upload it to document manager, and sent it back to you through 'Outbox.'

It's simpler than it sounds. It's faster than email. It's more secure. AND it allows for betas to type in different colors. You'll feel secure because you didn't have to share your personal email address. And you'll know if your beta viewed or downloaded your document.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or email me at my business email : .

REMEMBER, this is your chance to take over my story, and add whatever you like, so take a chance. Don't be shy!

Thanks! BS