A/N: I do not own the Finder or its character. Part of the dialogue from this is taken from the episode Little Green Men.

It was hours after their meeting with Uncle Shad when Timo knocked on the door to Willa's trailer. Taking a seat at the small table at one end of the trailer, Timo twisted his hat between his hands nervously.

"We'll just have to work harder," he said, finally breaking the silence. "Come up with more money."

"God, Timo," Willa sighed, irritated. She was tired of having the same conversation. "Grow a set. Get the girl. Run away. Get married."

"Defy Uncle Shad?" Willa found it ridiculous that he could still sound so shocked at the suggestion. He looked on the verge of tears. "That's not our way."

"Our way has you and I married within a year. And every time you're with the family, you'll see Magdalena with the husband Uncle Shad chooses for her. How does that sit with you?"

Timo was silent again, considering her words.

"Still, to go against the family…" he trailed off uncertainly and that was the final straw for Willa. She was angry at him for putting her in this position. Angry that she had to push the man she loved towards another woman and encourage him to run away with her thus losing him completely. Worse, Timo was clueless about it.

"Well if she isn't worth going against the family for then maybe you should never have gotten together in the first place," Willa snapped, crossing her arms over her chest tightly. Timo's eyes narrowed.

"Who the hell do you think you're talking to, little girl," he spat, rising to his feet. "It's so easy for you to toss out advice because you have no idea what it's like to be in my position!" Willa sat there stiffly as he yelled. Timo was usually pretty level headed so it was rare that he shouted and even rarer for it to be directed at her. "You act like it's so simple to make a decision when, in reality, my options are run away, turn my back on the family, and be basically alone in the world or I can stay here, watch the woman I love be with someone else while I'm stuck with the kid who caused all my fucking problems in the first place!"

Willa reared back as if he had slapped her. The words hung heavy in the air between them and Timo looked immediately apologetic.

"Willa, I didn't-"

"I think you should go," she cut him off quietly, refusing to look at him. It was Timo's turn to look stricken.

"Willa, please," he pleaded. When Willa was upset, she screamed and lashed out. This quietness scared him. He knew he had really screwed up. "I'm sorry."

"Just go." Willa was seconds away from bursting into tears and the last thing she wanted was for him to see her cry. She was surprised to realize all she wanted at the moment was Leo and Walter. She wanted Leo to hug her and quote some ancient Chinese proverb that he thought fit her situation and for Walter to make a snarky quip and draw her into a battle of wits. She wanted to pretend everything is normal for a while.

Timo heads for the door, hesitating, hoping she'll stop him even though he knows he doesn't deserve it at this point. Willa says nothing and with one last glance at her, he walks out.

Willa waited long enough for Timo to get a decent distance away before she shot out of her seat and headed out the door, barely missing running into Leo. When she realized who was in front of her, she threw herself into his arms. Leo caught her with a confused look.

"Whoa. I just came to ask what you were doing up so early. What's going on? Are you okay?" he asked, gently pushing her away so he could look at her.

"It's Timo," Willa said tearfully, scrubbing at her face in frustration. Leo looked concerned.

"Is he okay?"

"I love him Leo," she admitted, feeling like a weight lifted off her shoulders but it quickly settled back into place as she spoke again. "I'm in love with him and he thinks I'm some kid who ruined his life." For once, Leo seemed at a loss for words as Willa tried to keep the tears at bay. Finally getting his bearings, Leo wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

"Come on. Let's go inside and talk about it." Willa nodded and allowed him to lead her towards the Ends of the Earth, both of them oblivious to the dark haired boy, who never left, standing on the other side of the trailer.

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