Title: Kagome's Choice

Author: Kyouryoku Senshi

Rating: PG-13

Category: Alternate Universe

Summary: When Kagome finds herself accidentally pregnant, Inu-Yasha's long time secret is unveiled.

The two red lines on the white stick stared dauntingly back up at Kagome and she groaned. This was the fourth test she spent her allowance on and she got the same result not once, not twice and not even three times, but four! She groaned as she sank down on the toilet. She couldn't believe this was happening; she was still in high school!

Before reality could set in, she heard the knocking on the door, "Kagome, Inuyasha's here."

"Coming!" she quickly replied, tossing the pregnancy tests in the trash and covering them. She was lucky she was able to get the tests without being caught by someone and even so she couldn't look in the cashier's eyes when she paid.

Before she could even open the door, Inuyasha was standing there in her doorway. She groaned. "Ugh, don't you have any patience?"

He crossed his arms at the look on her face. "What are you talking about; you've skipped out for several days now. I had to come and get you," his ears twitched.

"Well, I've been trying to catch up on school," she lied. In fact, she'd been home sick the last several days.

Before he could grab her form the bathroom, she felt faint and nearly tumbled over before she could reach the toilet to empty her breakfast. Inuyasha stared at her in confusion. "Are you sick or something?" he took a step towards her.

She looked up at him groggily. "Just the flu."

Her mom suddenly appeared in the doorway. "Kagome, are you sure you want to go out like this? You've been like this for several days, I should call a doctor."

"Several days?" Inuyasha repeated, concern suddenly evident.

"It's okay, I'm fine really you guys."

"I really prefer you stay home, but if you're not better by tomorrow, I'm taking you to a doctor."

Kagome paled and hoped no one noticed. She couldn't keep this a secret forever, but she needed time to think things through. Which is what she should have done before having sex with him, she felt herself blush. He wouldn't have known any such thing about condoms, but she should have. How could she have been so careless? If the child was a hanyo, how would she raise him or her in this day and age, the baby would be an outcast and she didn't want that for Inuyasha. Kagome nodded suddenly as Inuyasha suddenly dragged her off. "Don't worry; I'll take care of her Mrs. Higurashi."

How would Inuyasha react? What if he didn't want a baby because of what his childhood was like? She sighed; there were so many things to consider. An abortion was probably the best option; she was still a minor herself. Aside from that, she never thought of herself as mother material. But he still had the right to know, she though as he clung to her and hopped down the well.

She felt query and felt herself peel over and heave once they reached the other side. When she was done, she found Inuyasha observing her, almost with a concerned look on his face. "Kagome, maybe we really shouldn't have come here," he crunched down on his legs.

He could sense she was hiding something. Kagome looked around to see no one else in sight. "What's wrong?" he pressed. This kind of sympathy was unusual for him. She decided it was probably now or ever.

"I, um, I'm pregnant."

She braced herself for his reaction and she looked over when he didn't bite her head off. He was staring at her, allowing the news to set in. His ears twitched. "Pregnant? Oh, I really thought something was wrong!"

Kagome immediately stood. "Of course something's wrong; I'm only in high school. I'm too young to have a baby!"

"How was I supposed to know that?" he snapped.

"I don't know, I guess I thought you could tell when I was ovulating."


"Never mind, thankfully in my time there are solutions to this."

"What do you mean?"

"Like…abortion," she whispered. "It's probably the best idea."

"Oh," his expression was immediately solemn and his ears drooped. Almost as if he was sad.

"I get it; you don't want a baby with me. I know, a hanyo would have a difficult life."

Before she could respond, he suddenly made a beeline and disappeared into the brush.

"Inuyasha, wait!" he was gone before she could say anything further. There was no mistaking the look on his face. She had hurt his feelings.

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