Chapter 3

Kagome decided to return home to tell her mother about her pregnancy and to give Inuyasha some time alone. She clutched the jewel in her hand and sighed. Her mom was going to be furious and that was an understatement.

However, she suddenly felt a wave of nausea and rushed to the bathroom. As if on cue, she could hear her mother running up the stairs after her. "Kagome! Where have you been, are you okay?"

She was praying to the porcelain god for what seemed like forever before her mom knocked on the bathroom door. She quickly flushed the toilet and allowed her mom inside.

"Kagome," she gave her daughter a funny look. "What's going on? Are you sick?"

Kagome sighed and sat on the lidded toilet seat. "Mom," she whispered, looking down. "There's something I have to tell you."

"What is it, honey?"

"I'm pregnant."

She almost laughed. "Uh, excuse me? I just thought I heard you say you were pregnant."

"Yeah, you heard right. I'm pregnant," she repeated, bracing herself.

Her mom stood there for what seemed like minutes before she screamed. "KAGOME!"

She held her hands over her ears. "How could you do this? You're only in high school! Is it that Inuyasha boy?"

She nodded slowly. "But mom, I am graduating within the next few months and I have several colleges that look promising to get into."

In a fluid motion, Sota made his way to their mother's side. "What's going on?"

"Uh, your sister is pregnant, dear," she bit out.

"What? Sis, you're having a baby? I can't believe it, you're still a kid too!"

Kagome was about to make a remark before her mother jumped in.

"Enough, Kagome, I forbid you to go down that well or see that boy ever again!"

"But, Mom!"

"No, butt's, young lady. We're going to figure out how to handle this. We should probably go to the clinic tomorrow."


Her mother gasped. "No? Kagome, you are too young to have a baby. If you have this baby, you won't graduate high school or go to a good university."

"Mom, I am having this baby. I have decided. I don't want an abortion and I will go to college. This is Inuyasha's baby too; doesn't he deserve some say as the father?"

Her Mom scowled. "He should have thought about that before he got you pregnant! You're only eighteen!"

"Well, this IS my fault too, but I will do what it takes."

Her mom thought for a moment. "Okay, we will discuss this more later, when I have some time to think, but I don't want you seeing him anymore, understood?"

Kagome nodded sadly. She couldn't make her mom give in to let her keep the baby and continue seeing Inuyasha. She walked to her room and threw herself on the bed and began to cry.

Notes: The age of adulthood begins at 20 in Japan, not 18 as in most other countries. So technically Kagome is still a minor and her parents have ultimate say in what happens to the baby.